Catbird AI: The Hot New Free AI Art Generator with 16 Unique Models

Author: Curtis PykeTime: 2023-12-28 12:00:01

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Introducing Catbird AI: A Brand New AI Image Generator

Catbird AI ( is an exciting new AI image generator that allows you to get creative results from 16 different AI models at once. Despite being brand new and not even showing up on Google yet, Catbird AI generates high-quality images across a diverse range of styles, from anime to Disney to deliberate diffusion and more.

The best part? Catbird AI is completely free to use with no account required, making it extremely accessible for anyone to start creating AI art right away.

Completely Free to Use

Unlike many other AI image generators, Catbird AI does not require any kind of paid subscription or credits to generate images. You can use all 16 integrated AI models as much as you want without spending a dime. This makes Catbird AI a uniquely budget-friendly option compared to alternatives. Whether you just want to casually experiment with AI art or generate lots of images for projects, you won't be limited by any fees or caps on usage.

Run 16 AI Models at Once for Diverse Results

Catbird AI's standout feature is its ability to run 16 different AI models simultaneously per image prompt. So every time you enter a prompt, you'll get back a wide range of creative styles to choose from. For example, when prompted with "a happy French Bulldog reading a book under a lamp", Catbird AI generated interpretations spanning anime, Disney, Stable Diffusion 2.1, and more. This level of built-in variety can inspire more ideas and save you time compared to selectively testing one model at a time.

Generating Images with Catbird AI

Using Catbird AI to generate images is quick and intuitive. Simply head to, type your desired prompt into the text box, and click "Run". Within seconds, you'll have 16 unique AI-generated images to view and download.

If you want to further expand on a particular style, you can click on any of the 16 images to generate another set catered to that model. So with just a few clicks, you can easily explore a wide range of AI art styles and creatively build upon the outputs.

Comparing Catbird AI to Other AI Art Platforms

How does Catbird AI stack up against existing AI image generators on the market? While popular services like Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and Stable Diffusion sites have paved the way, Catbird AI brings some uniquely powerful capabilities to the table.

More Flexible Than Popular Alternatives

Unlike DALL-E 2 and Midjourney which offer limited free trials before paid tiers, Catbird AI gives you unrestricted access to all its features for free. And while stable diffusion sites let you choose between AI models, you can only run them individually rather than in parallel like Catbird AI. This means more flexibility to experiment and iterate without artificial limits imposed by business models or technical constraints. For the price conscious yet creatively ambitious, Catbird AI removes many typical barriers in AI art platforms.

Save Time By Seeing Multiple Outputs Simultaneously

Manually testing different AI models with a fixed prompt can be time-consuming. With Catbird AI instantly generating 16 images covering a wide style range, you save precious time while benefiting from the creative surprises. Seeing diverse outputs side-by-side can reveal fresh perspectives and help zone in on suitable styles faster. The ability to then further expand on certain outputs makes it easy to take an iterative approach without constantly re-entering prompts.

Downloading and Using Catbird AI Images

Catbird AI makes downloading your favorite images simple. Every generated image has a download button for saving that individual file. There are no restrictions, caps, or watermarks imposed.

The downloaded images can then be used for both personal and commercial purposes (subject to the platform's fair use policy). This gives you a lot of creative freedom to utilize the AI art in flyers, merchandise, videos, NFTs, and more with proper attribution.

Final Verdict: A Uniquely Powerful New Option

In an increasingly crowded field of AI image generators, Catbird AI manages to stand out with its unmatched versatility and accessibility. By providing 16 style options per prompt for free without limiting usage or downloads, it lowers barriers for creators to experiment.

If you're looking for an AI art platform that can stimulate ideas, enhance workflows, and reduce repetition without heavy restrictions or costs, Catbird AI checks all the boxes. It's absolutely worth trying out for your next creative project involving AI-generated images or art.


Q: Is Catbird AI free to use?
A: Yes, Catbird AI is completely free with no limits on generations.

Q: How many AI models does Catbird AI run at once?
A: Catbird AI runs 16 different AI image generation models simultaneously.

Q: Can I download images from Catbird AI?
A: Yes, you can easily download any images you generate to use as you wish.

Q: How does Catbird AI compare to other AI art platforms?
A: Catbird AI is more flexible since it runs multiple models at once, saving you time compared to alternatives.

Q: What makes Catbird AI unique?
A: Its ability to run 16 models simultaneously and view diverse outputs is a unique advantage.

Q: What AI models does Catbird use?
A: Catbird uses leading models like Stable Diffusion 2.1 and Diffusion 1.5 for state-of-the-art results.

Q: Can I generate unlimited images on Catbird?
A: Yes, Catbird has no limits on the number of images you can generate.

Q: Is there a mobile app for Catbird?
A: Not currently, but the mobile-friendly website provides full functionality.

Q: Do I need an account to use Catbird?
A: No, you can use Catbird completely anonymously without creating an account.

Q: What types of images can I generate with Catbird?
A: Anything you describe with text prompts - people, animals, landscapes and more!

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