04/20/24 Part Two Video Future Boggy Blanket Wips & More

She’z got Yarn 2
21 Apr 202464:23

TLDRIn this video, Nany shares her recent crocheting progress and upcoming plans. She has completed a boggy blanket and is working on assembling granny squares from last year's drive. Nany discusses the yarns she used, including Soft Snuggle by Village Yarn and others, and her experience with their texture and affordability. She also talks about her participation in the 'Hookers versus Hookers' competition, where she is crocheting an octopus named Octavia with specific color requirements. Nany mentions her various other ongoing projects, including a cardigan and a vintage knit top. She expresses her intention to start doing more giveaways as a way to give back to her supportive subscribers. The video is a testament to Nany's passion for crocheting and her desire to share her journey and creations with her audience.


  • 🎉 The speaker has completed a boggy blanket and is working on assembling squares made during last year's boggy blanket drive.
  • 🌟 There was an apology for a previous video where the audience couldn't see what was being done for most of it.
  • 🏠 The speaker tidied up their room and changed the voice sheets on the couch, which is usually done every Wednesday night.
  • 🍽 The speaker mentioned an improvement in their health, being able to eat without getting sick.
  • 🧶 The yarn used for the blanket is Soft Snuggle by Village Yarn, which is a soft, thin number four yarn.
  • 🛍️ The speaker bought a large amount of yarn for a dollar per skein and intends to continue working on various projects, including blankets.
  • 🐙 A project called 'hookers versus hookers' is being participated in, which involves making an amigurumi named Octavia with specific color requirements.
  • 🎨 The speaker has a variety of eyes and materials to embellish their projects, including iridescent eyes and animal-shaped eyes.
  • 🧵 The process of winding yarn into cakes using a ball winder was described, and the speaker has a variety of yarns to work with.
  • 🎽 The speaker mentioned a past project of a top they want to finish and shared their experience with knitting wearables.
  • 🎁 Giveaways are planned as a way to give back to the subscribers for their support, with the first giveaway offering a choice of yarn or hooks.

Q & A

  • What has the speaker been doing recently?

    -The speaker has been tidying up their room, managing their health as they have been unwell, and working on various crochet projects including a boggy blanket and an octopus amigurumi named Octavia.

  • What is the purpose of the boggy blanket project?

    -The boggy blanket project is a charitable initiative where the speaker and others create blankets to be sent to Boggy Creek, likely a reference to a community or an organization in need.

  • What yarn did the speaker use for the boggy blanket?

    -The speaker used Village Yarn's Soft Snuggle in various colors, including green, white, and a pastel multi. They also mentioned using a thinner yarn called Baby Puzzle, which they doubled up with a solid color.

  • Why did the speaker stop working on the amigurumi project?

    -The speaker stopped working on the amigurumi project because they fell sick and found it challenging to follow the pattern due to their condition.

  • What is the name and color of the octopus amigurumi?

    -The octopus amigurumi is named Octavia and its primary color is orange.

  • What are the mandatory colors for the amigurumi project?

    -The mandatory colors for the amigurumi project are pink, blue, green, orange, and tan.

  • What is the speaker's plan for future content?

    -The speaker plans to continue crocheting and bagging yarn but also wants to introduce different content as per subscriber requests. They also plan to participate in the 'Hookers versus Hookers' competition and work on a project called 'Amagami Roomi'.

  • What is the name of the pattern the speaker is using for the octopus amigurumi?

    -The pattern for the octopus amigurumi is called 'Octavian the Octopus' and it is a free pattern available on Yarnspirations.

  • What does the speaker plan to do with their leftover yarn from various projects?

    -The speaker plans to put the leftover yarn into a 'Mystery Box' which will be used for future giveaways, providing enough yarn for at least a nice-sized project.

  • What is the speaker's stance on negativity and hateful comments on their channel?

    -The speaker maintains a positive environment on their channel and will delete negative or nasty comments. They emphasize that their channel is for fun, making friends, and they do not tolerate uncalled-for negativity.

  • What is the speaker's intention with the giveaways?

    -The speaker's intention with the giveaways is to give back to their subscribers and show appreciation for their support. It is not aimed at gaining more subscribers or for monetary gain.



🧶 Personal Update and Crafting Progress

The speaker, Nany, greets the audience and shares a personal update. She discusses tidying up her room, her improved health allowing her to eat without issues, and an apology for a previous video's lack of visibility. Nany talks about her completed projects, including a boggy blanket and assembling granny squares from the previous year's drive. She also mentions her plans to continue working on her craft and asks for feedback on whether to add more squares to her project.


🎨 Yarn Selection and Project Details

Nany delves into the specifics of the yarns she has used in her projects, including the Soft Snuggle by Village Yarn and other brands. She talks about the colors, materials, and her experience working with them. Additionally, she shares her participation in a project called 'Hookers versus Hookers,' where she is working on an amagar roomi with specific color requirements. She discusses the progress on her octopus named Octavia and her plans for its design.


👀 Crafting Embellishments and Eye Options

The speaker shares her thoughts on choosing eyes for her amagar roomi project, contemplating different colors and materials. She also discusses her collection of eyes made from various materials and in different styles, which she has purchased for her crafting projects. Nany expresses her intention to finish her current project and participate in the 'Hookers versus Hookers' competition.


🧵 Yarn Preparation and Future Projects

Nany demonstrates how she cakes up her yarn for her projects, mentioning the different yarns she has used, including Baby Puzzle and solid colors from Village Yarn. She talks about her technique of holding multiple strands together and her plans for future projects, including finishing her octopus and a purple blanket. She also mentions her intentions to work on wearables and other squares.


🎽 Discussing a Knitting Project and Yarn Sources

The speaker discusses a knitting project she has started, inspired by a pattern from Yester Yarn's Etsy shop. She talks about the yarn she has chosen for the project and her plans to use leftover yarn in future projects. Nany also mentions her sources for yarn, including YY Shop and Wildflower Yarns, and her commitment to supporting small businesses within the yarn community.


🎁 Planning Giveaways as a Thank You

Nany expresses her gratitude for her subscribers' support and shares her plans to start doing more giveaways as a way of giving back. She talks about her channel's monetization and her intentions to reinvest the earnings into the channel for the benefit of her subscribers. She also addresses negative comments and emphasizes her desire to maintain a positive and supportive community.


🎉 Announcing Giveaway Details and Options

The speaker announces the details of her upcoming giveaways, including the prizes and the process for selecting winners. She presents options for the first and second place winners, which include yarn and crochet hooks with a stand. Nany emphasizes the worldwide availability of the giveaways and her excitement to share her love for crocheting with her audience.


📦 Future Giveaway Preview and Personal Crafting Style

Nany provides a preview of the yarn she plans to include in future giveaways and discusses her personal crafting style, which involves frequently changing colors and projects to maintain her interest and inspiration. She acknowledges her ADHD and the way it influences her crafting habits. The speaker also addresses any potential misunderstandings about her channel and her intentions, inviting feedback and promising to show more projects in upcoming videos.




Yarn is a general term for continuous lengths of fibers used in various forms of textile art, including knitting, weaving, and crochet. In the video, the creator frequently refers to yarn as the primary material for her craft projects, such as blankets and amigurumi (crocheted stuffed toys). The choice of yarn, its texture, and color play a significant role in the aesthetics and feel of the finished items.


Crochet is a craft technique that involves using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials. The video's creator discusses her crochet projects, including a boggy blanket and an octopus amigurumi named Octavia, demonstrating the process and sharing her progress.


A blanket is a large piece of fabric, often used for warmth or as a decorative item. In the context of the video, the creator mentions 'boggy blankets,' which are likely to be cozy and thick, made through crocheting squares together. The blankets are a central part of her crafting narrative, showcasing her skills and the results of her labor.


Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures or figures. The video's creator is working on an amigurumi octopus, which she refers to as an 'ammagar roomi,' indicating a playful twist in the pronunciation. This project is part of a challenge and requires specific colors and a free pattern from Yarnspirations.

💡Granny Squares

Granny squares are a popular pattern in crochet, consisting of a series of connected 'V' stitches that form a square. They are often used to create larger items like blankets by joining multiple squares together. The creator mentions putting together granny squares she made during a previous year's blanket drive.


Yarnspirations is a website that offers free knitting and crochet patterns. The video's creator refers to using a pattern from Yarnspirations for her amigurumi octopus project, indicating that the site is a resource for crafters looking for new project ideas.


A giveaway is a contest or event where goods or prizes are given away for free, often to promote engagement or as a gesture of appreciation. The creator announces her intention to hold giveaways as a way to thank her subscribers for their support, offering yarn and crochet hooks as prizes.

💡Village Yarn

Village Yarn is a brand mentioned in the video that produces 'Soft Snuggle' yarn, which the creator uses in her projects. She describes it as a soft, acrylic yarn that she enjoys working with and has used in multiple blankets.


A skein is a specific shape of yarn, wound into a loose, hank that can be easily wound into a ball or 'cake' for easier use. The creator discusses buying yarn by the skein, often doubling up thin skeins to achieve the desired thickness for her projects.


Octavia is the name given to the amigurumi octopus project that the creator is working on. This personalized touch indicates the creator's emotional investment in her craft and her inclination to赋予 (endow) her creations with unique identities.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by distractibility, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. The creator self-identifies as having ADHD and explains how it influences her crafting process, such as frequently changing between projects and colors to maintain focus and inspiration.


Nany shares her progress on tidying up her room and feeling better after a recent illness.

Apologizes for the previous video's lack of visibility and promises to be more mindful.

Completed a boggy blanket and is working on assembling granny squares from the past year's drive.

Discusses the process of putting granny squares together and her brief memory lapse.

Measures the blanket's dimensions and decides to add one more square.

Introduces the Village yarn and its characteristics, including the Soft Snuggle brand.

Mentions the colors and yarns used in the blanket, including a pastel multi and party yarn.

Shares her participation in the 'Hookers versus Hookers' project and her progress on an amagar roomi.

Details the mandatory colors for the amagar roomi project and introduces her octopus named Octavia.

Talks about the yarn and eyes she plans to use for the octopus project.

Discusses her various eye options for the octopus, including iridescent and animal-shaped eyes.

Shows her method of winding yarn and the different yarns she's using for her projects.

Nany expresses her desire to change up her content and include more variety for her subscribers.

Plans to work on a cardigan called Stamford pullover and a vintage suntop knitting pattern.

Talks about her inspirations for knitting and crocheting, crediting Debbie from the Canadian Crocheter.

Announces her intention to start doing more giveaways as a way to give back to her subscribers.

Describes the prizes for the upcoming giveaways, including yarn and crochet hooks.

Addresses negative comments about her channel and explains her philosophy on positivity and support.

Encourages viewers to share their preferences for the timing of future giveaways.