Can My Boyfriend Decorate a CAKE Better Than ME? | Mystery Cake-off!

The Icing Artist
18 Feb 202216:29

TLDRIn a playful and competitive atmosphere, the video features a 'Mystery Cake-off' where a couple challenges each other to decorate cakes better than the other. The contest is divided into three categories: food coloring, decoration, and topper, with each participant making strategic picks to enhance their cake. Despite the fun and banter, the challenge proves to be more difficult than anticipated, with both participants facing unexpected hurdles in their cake-decorating journey. The video is filled with humor, creative attempts, and a dash of friendly rivalry, ultimately showcasing the joy and frustration that comes with trying something new and pushing one's limits in a light-hearted competition.


  • 🎨 The challenge involves decorating a cake with a limited set of decorations and tools.
  • πŸ” The participants have to choose their decorations in categories such as food coloring, cake toppers, and chocolate molds.
  • πŸ•’ There is a time constraint of one hour to complete the cake decoration.
  • πŸ€” The participants struggle with color mixing and the use of certain decorations, like the honeycomb cutters and chocolate.
  • πŸ˜„ There is a playful banter and friendly competition between the participants, with some light-hearted trash-talking.
  • 🍫 The use of chocolate in decorating proves to be challenging due to its melting and handling properties.
  • 🌈 The participants experiment with different color combinations and techniques, such as making their own food coloring from dust.
  • πŸŽ‰ Despite the difficulties, both participants manage to complete their cake decorations with unique and creative designs.
  • πŸ“ˆ The video includes a promotion for Kamikoto kitchen knives, highlighting their quality and the offer for a discount using a specific code.
  • πŸ˜… There are moments of frustration and self-doubt as the participants face the pressure of the time limit and the complexity of the task.
  • πŸ† At the end, there is a reveal of the finished cakes, with both participants expressing satisfaction and surprise at the results of their efforts.

Q & A

  • What is the first category of the cake decoration challenge?

    -The first category is food coloring, where each participant gets to pick three colors.

  • What are some of the items included in the second category of decoration?

    -The second category includes cake chips, sprinkles, gold leaf, and various tools like spatulas and piping tips.

  • How many picks does each participant get in the third category of topper?

    -In the third category of topper, each participant gets to pick two items.

  • What is the time limit for decorating the cakes in this challenge?

    -The time limit for decorating the cakes is one hour.

  • What does the participant express concern about regarding their cake's color?

    -The participant is concerned that their cake's color is not turning out to be the emerald green they wanted, and it's more of a 'GI Joe green'.

  • What kind of cake board issue does one participant face?

    -One participant faces an issue with cleaning up their cake board, which is mentioned as something they need to do.

  • What does the participant mean by 'out of your comfort zone' in the context of the cake design?

    -The phrase 'out of your comfort zone' refers to attempting a cake design or decoration technique that the participant has not tried before, hence it's a new challenge for them.

  • What is the participant's strategy for decorating the cake?

    -The participant admits to not having a clear strategy for decorating the cake and seems to be improvising as they go along.

  • What does the participant express about their feelings during the cake decoration process?

    -The participant expresses feeling nervous, stressed, and acknowledges being on an emotional roller coaster with their confidence level during the cake decoration process.

  • What does the participant mean when they say they feel like a 'goat'?

    -In the context, 'goat' is a colloquial term that stands for 'Greatest of All Time.' The participant is humorously suggesting that they are highly skilled or experienced in cake decorating.

  • What is the participant's final verdict on their cake decoration?

    -The participant is not entirely satisfied with the color and some elements of their cake decoration but is happy with the concept and overall outcome, considering the limitations and the challenge.



🎨 The Cake Decorating Challenge Begins

The video starts with a description of the first category, which is food coloring. Each participant gets to pick three colors, leading to a playful banter about the choices made. The second category involves decoration picks like cake chips, sprinkles, and tools like spatulas and piping tips, with each person getting five picks. There's a humorous exchange about the picks, with a focus on the tools and color choices that don't seem to match well. The participants also discuss their strategies and the rules of the game, with a competitive yet friendly atmosphere.


🍰 The Emotional Rollercoaster of Icing

The second paragraph delves into the challenges faced while icing the cake. The participants discuss their confidence levels, with one feeling like they are on an emotional roller coaster. There's a humorous moment where one participant feels like a child finger painting due to the difficulty they are facing. The dialogue reveals their struggle with techniques they thought they had mastered, and there's a light-hearted jab at the other participant's skills. The paragraph ends with a reminder of the time constraint and a reflection on the difficulty of the task.


🍫 Ambitious Chocolate Decorations

In the third paragraph, the focus shifts to the use of chocolate in the cake decoration. One participant expresses regret and frustration with their decision to use chocolate, which they find difficult to work with. There's a moment of tension as they attempt to create a chocolate decoration that doesn't go as planned. The participant also experiments with color dust to achieve the desired shades and contemplates whether to use additional decorations like flowers. There's a sense of urgency as they try to complete their cake within the given time limit, with a bit of self-doubt and a lot of humor.


πŸ† The Reveal and Reflection on the Challenge

The final paragraph is about the reveal of the decorated cakes and the participants' reflections on the challenge. There's a sense of accomplishment and surprise at how well the cakes turned out, especially considering the initial lack of confidence and the limitations of the supplies. The participants express their satisfaction with their creations and a bit of rivalry, with playful banter about who might be considered the 'good goat' or the 'old goat.' The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to engage with the content and a thank you note to the sponsors.



πŸ’‘Food coloring

Food coloring refers to the dyes used in the culinary arts to give food a vivid color. In the video, the participants are given three picks of food coloring, which is a crucial part of their cake decoration challenge. It's used to create visually appealing colors for the cake, with one participant expressing a desire for black food coloring.


Decoration in this context refers to the act of enhancing the appearance of the cake using various tools and edible items. The script mentions cake chips, sprinkles, gold leaf, and spatulas as part of the decoration category. These elements are essential for creating a cake that not only tastes good but also looks impressive.


Toppers are items that are placed on top of the cake to add a finishing touch or to convey a specific theme or message. In the video, the participants are limited in their choice of toppers, which mostly include flowers or chocolate molds. Toppers can significantly elevate the presentation of a cake and are a key aspect of the cake-off challenge.

πŸ’‘Crumb coating

Crumb coating is a layer of icing applied to a cake before the final layer of frosting. It helps to seal in the crumbs, providing a smooth surface for the final layer. In the video, both cakes are mentioned as being crumb coated and ready for further decoration, indicating that they are at an intermediate stage of the cake-decorating process.

πŸ’‘Honeycomb cutters

Honeycomb cutters are tools used in baking to create honeycomb patterns on the surface of cakes or cookies. In the video, one participant expresses excitement about obtaining honeycomb cutters, suggesting they plan to use them to create a unique and visually appealing pattern on their cake.

πŸ’‘Chocolate drip

A chocolate drip is a decorative technique where melted chocolate is drizzled over a cake to create a dripping effect. It adds a professional and indulgent look to the cake. The script mentions one participant's intention to use a chocolate drip as part of their cake decoration strategy.


Icing refers to the sweet, often creamy topping that is applied to cakes and other baked goods. In the video, the participants discuss their strategies for using icing, including the challenge of achieving the right color and consistency. Icing plays a central role in the cake-decorating process, both for taste and appearance.

πŸ’‘Cake-decorating challenge

A cake-decorating challenge is a competition where participants are tasked with decorating a cake in a limited amount of time, often with specific themes or restrictions. The video revolves around such a challenge, where the boyfriend and the host are trying to outdo each other in cake decoration skills, making it the central theme of the content.

πŸ’‘Emerald green

Emerald green is a vibrant, rich shade of green that resembles the color of an emerald gemstone. In the video, one participant attempts to create an emerald green color for their cake but is disappointed with the result, comparing it to a less desirable 'GI Joe green.' The pursuit of the right color is a significant part of the decorating process.

πŸ’‘Geode cake

A geode cake is a type of decorated cake that mimics the appearance of a geode, a mineral-filled cavity in a rock where the inner surface is lined with crystals. The video features one participant's attempt to create a geode effect on their cake using white crystals and color dust, which is a creative and challenging aspect of their decoration strategy.

πŸ’‘Time constraint

A time constraint refers to a limitation on the amount of time available to complete a task. In the video, the participants have an hour to decorate their cakes, which adds pressure and a sense of urgency to their efforts. Time constraints are a common element in challenges and competitions, testing the participants' ability to work efficiently under pressure.


In a fun and competitive cake-decorating challenge, the participants are given random supplies to create their own unique cake designs.

The first category involves choosing food coloring, where both contestants express a desire for black, leading to a humorous exchange.

The second round focuses on decoration, where cake chips, sprinkles, and gold leaf are among the items available for selection.

A disagreement over the rules leads to a playful banter about cheating, adding a light-hearted tone to the competition.

The third category is about selecting cake toppers, with each participant choosing two options to adorn the top of their cake.

The contestants discuss their design ideas, with one considering a geode-inspired cake and the other planning a honeycomb pattern with chocolate.

A humorous moment occurs when one contestant accidentally gets icing on the other and then playfully accuses them of cheating.

The challenge is revealed to be timed, with only an hour to decorate the cakes, which adds pressure to the already creative process.

One contestant expresses frustration with their color choices, leading to a comical attempt to create a unique 'leprechaun green'.

Amidst the decorating, there's a call-to-action for viewers to comment on who they think will win the cake-off, fostering engagement.

The use of high-quality tools like offset spatulas is highlighted, emphasizing the importance of good equipment in the cake-decorating process.

A product placement for Kamikoto knives is seamlessly integrated, showcasing the value of quality kitchen tools for food enthusiasts.

One contestant's ambitious use of chocolate in their design leads to both triumphant and disastrous moments, keeping the viewer entertained.

The emotional roller coaster of the decorating process is captured, with the contestants experiencing highs and lows in confidence.

A creative solution is attempted by making homemade food coloring from dust, showing the contestants' willingness to think outside the box.

The reveal of the finished cakes showcases the contrasting styles and outcomes of the two contestants, with surprising results.

The video concludes with a reflection on the experience and an invitation for viewers to share their thoughts on the challenge.