DROP SHADOWS Using Only OBS Studio! (Also Outlines & Glows)

15 Dec 202314:34

TLDRIn this video, the presenter shares tips on enhancing visual appeal in OBS Studio by using drop shadows, outlines, and glows. They introduce the 'Stroke Glow Shadow' plugin, which allows users to add these effects directly within OBS for free. The tutorial covers how to apply drop shadows to sources like the camera, adjusting settings for size, distance, and angle, and using the Dual kaash blur type for efficiency. It also explains the importance of filter order when using green screens or masks. The presenter then demonstrates how to create dynamic outlines with the stroke filter, using colors, offsets, and even incorporating images or gradients. They also show how to make outlines react to audio with the 'audio move' plugin, making them dance to music or intensify with voice. Lastly, they touch on glow effects, which are similar to drop shadows but customizable with different colors. The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to share their creative ideas using these effects.


  • 🎨 **Adding Drop Shadows**: Enhance the visual appeal by adding drop shadows to elements like text and images to create depth and separation.
  • πŸ“Ή **Green Screen Compatibility**: Drop shadows work well with green screens, helping to mask imperfections and blend elements seamlessly.
  • πŸ†“ **Free OBS Plugin**: Use the free OBS plugin 'Stroke Glow Shadow' to add drop shadows, outlines, and glows directly within OBS Studio.
  • 🌟 **Creative Effects**: Experiment with animated effects, like making outlines dance to music or pulsate with the sound of your voice for a dynamic stream.
  • πŸ’» **VIP SD Keys Promotion**: Save on Windows 11 Pro keys and get discounts using the provided code for a limited time.
  • πŸ”— **Plugin Installation**: Download and install the necessary OBS plugins to access features for drop shadows, outlines, and glows.
  • πŸ“ **Crop Padding**: Use a crop pad filter to adjust the boundary of your camera source if the drop shadow appears outside the frame.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ **Source Cloning**: Utilize the Source Clone plugin to apply filters to a copy of your camera source without affecting the original.
  • 🌈 **Customizable Outlines**: Create custom outlines by changing the stroke size, color, and using different fill types like gradients.
  • 🎢 **Audio Reactive Effects**: Make outlines and glows react to audio input, such as music or voice, for interactive and engaging visuals.
  • πŸ“‘ **Order of Filters**: Be mindful of the order in which you apply filters, as it can affect how they interact with each other, especially with green screen and masks.

Q & A

  • What is one of the easiest ways to improve the visual appeal of a design according to the video?

    -Adding drop shadows to elements such as text or camera feeds can create a sense of depth and separation, enhancing the overall design.

  • How does using a green screen benefit the addition of drop shadows in OBS Studio?

    -A green screen helps to mask out imperfections around the edges, making the addition of drop shadows more effective and visually appealing.

  • What OBS plugin is recommended for adding drop shadows, outlines, and glows to a source?

    -The recommended plugin is called 'Stroke Glow Shadow', which can be downloaded and used directly in OBS Studio.

  • Why is the Dual Kaash blur type option preferred when adding drop shadows?

    -The Dual Kaash blur type is more efficient on the GPU, resulting in less impact on performance, especially during GPU-intensive tasks like gaming.

  • How can the order of filters affect the outcome when using a green screen in OBS Studio?

    -The order of filters is crucial; placing the green screen filter before the shadow filter prevents the shadow from being cut out. Similarly, masks should be applied before the shadow for the same reason.

  • What is the purpose of the Source Clone plugin in the context of applying filters in OBS Studio?

    -The Source Clone plugin allows for a copy of the original camera source to be created, enabling the application of filters to the clone without affecting the original source. This is useful for applying effects to specific scenes without altering the base camera feed.

  • How can the Stroke filter be used to create a dynamic outline effect around a subject?

    -By changing the fill type to 'Source' and selecting a dynamic source like a gradient with an added rotating shader, the outline can spin and create a dynamic visual effect.

  • What is the difference between the drop shadow and glow filters in OBS Studio?

    -While both filters add visual effects to a source, the glow filter allows for different colors to be set, creating a colored halo around the source, whereas the drop shadow typically implies a shadow with a more subdued color palette.

  • How can the audio move plugin be utilized to make the outline of a subject react to sound?

    -By linking the audio move plugin to the offset of the stroke filter, the outline can be made to 'dance' or move based on the volume of the music or the sound from the microphone, creating a reactive visual effect.

  • What is the benefit of adding a glow effect that intensifies when someone speaks into the microphone?

    -This creates a visual indicator that can be used in video calls or live streams to show when a person is speaking, enhancing viewer engagement and providing a clear signal for active participation.

  • How can the described effects be used to enhance a live stream or video presentation?

    -The effects can add a layer of professionalism and visual interest to a stream or presentation. They can also be used creatively to respond to audio cues, such as music or voice, making the content more dynamic and interactive.

  • What is the importance of testing different settings when applying visual effects in OBS Studio?

    -Testing different settings allows for the fine-tuning of effects to achieve the desired visual outcome. It helps to avoid overdoing the effects, which can be distracting or negatively impact the performance of the stream or presentation.



🎨 Enhancing Visual Appeal with Drop Shadows

The first paragraph discusses the use of drop shadows to improve the visual design of a camera feed or text overlay. It explains how adding a drop shadow can give a sense of depth and separation, making the overall presentation look more professional. The video also touches on the benefits of using a green screen in conjunction with drop shadows to hide imperfections. The OBS software is highlighted as a free tool that allows for the addition of drop shadows, outlines, and glows directly to any source, with the option to customize colors. The video promises to delve into creative ideas and animated effects later on.


πŸ› οΈ Customizing OBS with Plugins for Advanced Effects

The second paragraph provides a step-by-step guide on how to add drop shadows and other effects to a camera source in OBS using the 'Stroke Glow Shadow' plugin. It covers the installation process, how to apply the plugin to the camera source, and the importance of the order of filters when using a green screen. The paragraph also explains how to adjust various settings such as shadow size, distance, angle, and blur type for optimal performance and visual appeal. Additionally, it introduces the 'Source Clone' plugin for applying filters to a copy of the camera source without affecting the original, and demonstrates how to create dynamic effects using the 'Gradient' and 'OBS Shader Filter' plugins.


🌟 Creating Dynamic and Interactive Visual Effects

The third paragraph explores more advanced and creative uses of the plugins discussed, focusing on the 'Stroke' and 'Glow' filters. It describes how to create an outline around the camera or other sources and make it a separate source for further customization. The paragraph also introduces the concept of making the visual effects react to sound, using the 'Audio Move' plugin to link the movement or intensity of the effects to the audio input. This allows for dynamic effects that change in response to music or voice, creating an interactive and engaging viewer experience. The video concludes by encouraging viewers to experiment with the plugins and share their creative ideas on social media.



πŸ’‘Drop Shadows

Drop shadows are visual effects that give the illusion of depth to objects by creating a shadow that appears to be cast behind them. In the video, the creator discusses how adding drop shadows to elements like the camera or text can enhance the visual appeal and create a sense of separation between different components of the stream.

πŸ’‘OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming. It is the primary tool discussed in the video for adding visual effects like drop shadows, outlines, and glows to enhance the production value of a stream or video.

πŸ’‘Green Screen

A green screen is a technology used in film and video production where a green-colored screen is placed behind the subject. This allows for the background to be replaced with other images or video during post-production. In the context of the video, it is mentioned as a tool that can help mask imperfections and integrate drop shadows more seamlessly.


Outlines refer to the border or edge around an object or text, which can be emphasized for visual effect. The video explains how to add outlines to sources in OBS Studio to create a more defined and professional look, especially when using a green screen.


Glows are luminous effects that can be added to elements to make them stand out or to create a specific mood. The script discusses adding glows to sources in OBS Studio, which can be customized in color and intensity to suit the aesthetic of the stream.

πŸ’‘Stroke Glow Shadow Plugin

This is a specific OBS plugin mentioned in the video that allows users to add stroke, glow, and shadow effects to their video sources. It is used to demonstrate how to achieve more complex and creative visual effects directly within OBS Studio.

πŸ’‘Source Clone Plugin

The Source Clone plugin in OBS Studio enables users to create a duplicate of a video source, allowing for separate filtering effects to be applied to the clone without altering the original source. This is particularly useful for applying effects like drop shadows to a camera feed without affecting other scenes in the stream.

πŸ’‘Audio Move Plugin

The Audio Move plugin is used to create dynamic visual effects that react to the audio input. As explained in the video, this plugin can adjust the offset of an outline or the intensity of a glow based on the volume of the music or microphone input, creating interactive and engaging visual effects.

πŸ’‘GPU Intensive Games

GPU intensive games refer to video games that require a significant amount of processing power from the graphics processing unit (GPU) of a computer. The video mentions the importance of using efficient settings in OBS Studio to minimize the impact on the GPU when adding visual effects, ensuring smooth gameplay.

πŸ’‘Dual Kaash Blur Type

Dual Kaash is mentioned as an efficient algorithm for applying blur effects, such as drop shadows, in OBS Studio. It is highlighted for its low impact on the GPU, making it suitable for use during gameplay or when running other GPU-intensive applications.

πŸ’‘VIP SD Keys

VIP SD Keys is mentioned as a sponsor of the video, offering discounted keys for Windows operating systems. The script includes a promotion for Windows 11 Pro keys and a discount code for viewers, demonstrating the inclusion of sponsorship and promotion within the video's content.


Adding drop shadows to elements can significantly enhance the visual appeal and create a sense of depth.

Drop shadows work well with green screens by masking imperfections and adding a professional touch.

OBS Studio allows for the direct addition of drop shadows, outlines, and glows without the need for additional software.

The Stroke Glow Shadow plugin for OBS Studio enables customization of visual effects for various sources.

Drop shadows can be adjusted for size, distance, and angle to achieve the desired visual effect.

The Dual Kaash blur type in OBS Studio is more efficient and less taxing on the GPU.

The order of filters matters, especially when using green screens or masks, to ensure shadows are not inadvertently removed.

Source Clone plugin allows for applying filters to a copy of the camera source without affecting the original.

Stroke filter can be used to create outlines around elements, which can be customized for size, color, and offset.

Creative use of the gradient plugin and OBS Shader filter can produce dynamic and visually appealing outlines.

Glow filters function similarly to drop shadows but allow for color customization and can be applied to various sources.

Each effect can be made into an individual source, enabling further customization and creative applications.

Audio Move plugin can make outlines and glows react to sound or voice, creating interactive visual effects.

Adjusting the offset and easing in the Audio Move plugin allows for control over the movement and intensity of visual effects.

The potential for creative effects with these plugins is vast, from mimicking crime scene outlines to creating trippy rainbow camera effects.

The tutorial showcases how to integrate various OBS Studio plugins for a customized and engaging streaming experience.

VIP SD Keys is mentioned as a sponsor, offering discounts on Windows 11 Pro keys with the code 'nutty'.

The presenter encourages viewers to share their creative ideas using these plugins on social media platforms like Twitter.