Demo of using Hotpot AI Art Maker

Jennifer Gano
2 May 202205:45

TLDRThe video introduces an innovative art project that blends traditional art with AI technology using the website 'hot pot, dot a i slash art maker'. Users can input an art style, add descriptive words, upload their own artwork, and then generate a new piece by selecting a style option. The AI combines the uploaded image with online data and user inputs to create a unique artwork. The process is demonstrated with examples of Roman sculpture and Egyptian tomb painting styles, showcasing how the AI integrates elements from the user's original sketch into the final creation.


  • 🎨 The assignment involves combining art and AI through an online tool called 'hot pot, dot a i slash art maker'.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ Users begin by typing in a style of art they've learned about, and can add extra descriptive words for further customization.
  • πŸ“„ The second step is to upload an image of the user's own drawing, painting, or sculpture to influence the AI's creation.
  • πŸ› οΈ Choosing a style option is the third step, which can be selected from the available art styles provided on the platform.
  • πŸš€ Clicking 'create' initiates the AI's art-making process, which may take a few minutes or require a page refresh if it gets stuck.
  • πŸ“Έ The AI generates art that is a combination of the user's input and its own database, resulting in a unique piece.
  • πŸ“ˆ The process can be repeated with different styles and images to produce varied outcomes.
  • πŸ’‘ Suggestions were made for using specific art styles like 'Egyptian art' and incorporating elements like 'a cat' for creative exploration.
  • 🌐 The AI also uses information from the internet in addition to the user's input to create the artwork.
  • 🎭 The final artwork can be downloaded and shared, showcasing the blend of user's original input and the AI's interpretation.
  • πŸ“ Encouragement is given to try again if the first result is not satisfactory, emphasizing the experimental and fun nature of the assignment.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the website mentioned in the transcript?

    -The main purpose of the website,, is to allow users to create art by combining their own drawings with AI-generated styles based on different art techniques they have learned about.

  • How does the AI use the uploaded image in the art creation process?

    -The AI uses the uploaded image as a reference for its features and elements, combining them with the chosen art style to generate a new piece of artwork.

  • What was the first style of art the speaker chose for their demonstration?

    -The first style of art the speaker chose for their demonstration was 'Roman sculpture'.

  • What issue did the speaker encounter while using the website previously?

    -The speaker encountered an issue where the website got stuck and did not generate the artwork after a couple of minutes, requiring a page refresh to try again.

  • What is the second art style the speaker decides to use in their example?

    -The second art style the speaker decides to use is 'Egyptian art', specifically mentioning 'tomb painting'.

  • What type of drawing did the speaker upload for the second art style?

    -The speaker uploaded a computer drawing they had previously made for the second art style.

  • How many attempts did the speaker mention making before getting a satisfactory result?

    -The speaker mentioned that they might have to refresh the page and try again if the AI does not create something after a couple of minutes, implying at least two attempts.

  • What does the speaker suggest users do if they are not satisfied with their first result?

    -The speaker suggests that users can always try again and try something new if they are not satisfied with their first result.

  • How does the speaker save the generated artwork?

    -The speaker saves the generated artwork by clicking the 'share' button, then right-clicking on the image and selecting 'save image as' to save it on their device.

  • What advice does the speaker give for choosing an art style?

    -The speaker advises users to choose an art style that they have been learning about, which could range from modern art to surreal art, and encourages them to experiment with different styles.

  • What is the significance of the extra descriptive words in the art creation process?

    -The extra descriptive words provide additional information to the AI, helping it to generate an artwork that is more in line with the user's vision and preferences.



🎨 Introducing AI-Art Fusion

This paragraph introduces an innovative activity that blends art and artificial intelligence. The speaker explains the process of using a website called 'hot pot dot a i slash art maker' to create art by typing in a specific art style and optionally adding descriptive words. Users can upload their own artwork to influence the AI's creation, select a style option, and generate a new piece of art. The speaker shares their experience with the platform, mentioning occasional glitches but overall positive results. They demonstrate the process by creating an art piece with a Roman sculpture style using their own sketch and then attempting another with Egyptian art and a cat theme.


πŸ–ΌοΈ Downloading and Sharing AI-Art Creations

In this paragraph, the speaker guides the audience on how to save and share the AI-generated art. They detail the steps to download the created image by right-clicking and selecting 'save image as' on their device. The speaker encourages users to experiment with different styles and not be discouraged if the first attempt is not to their liking, emphasizing that the process can be repeated for different outcomes. The speaker concludes by sharing their satisfaction with the second AI-art piece they created, highlighting the platform's ability to combine user inputs with AI-generated elements.



πŸ’‘experimental assignment

The term 'experimental assignment' refers to a creative and non-traditional task that combines art with artificial intelligence, as described in the video script. This project encourages individuals to explore and engage with technology in a novel way, pushing the boundaries of their artistic expression. In the context of the video, the assignment involves using an AI-based platform called 'hot pot, dot a i slash art maker' to generate unique pieces of art.

πŸ’‘art and AI

Art and AI refers to the intersection of artistic creativity and artificial intelligence technology. In the video, this concept is exemplified by the use of an AI platform that assists users in creating art by analyzing input such as style preferences and uploaded images. The integration of AI in the art-making process can lead to innovative and unexpected outcomes, expanding the possibilities of artistic expression.

πŸ’‘style of art

A 'style of art' refers to a distinctive and characteristic way in which visual art is made, which can include specific techniques, colors, subjects, or aesthetics. In the context of the video, users are encouraged to input a style of art that they have been learning about, such as Roman sculpture or Egyptian tomb painting, to guide the AI in creating their artwork.

πŸ’‘extra descriptive words

Extra descriptive words are additional terms or phrases that provide more information or detail about a subject. In the video, these words are used to further specify the characteristics of the art style or subject that the AI should consider when generating the artwork. This can help the AI to create a more accurate or nuanced representation of the desired art style.

πŸ’‘upload an image

To 'upload an image' refers to the process of transferring a digital file, in this case, a piece of the user's own artwork, from a local device to a server or online platform. In the context of the video, uploading an image is a crucial step in the AI art-making process, as the AI uses the image as a reference to generate a new piece of art that combines the user's style and input.

πŸ’‘style options

Style options refer to the various artistic styles or visual languages that are available for selection in the AI art-making platform. These options allow users to guide the AI in the direction of a specific aesthetic or historical art movement, which the AI will then attempt to replicate or be inspired by in creating the new artwork.


The term 'create' in the context of the video refers to the action of generating or producing a new piece of art using the AI platform. After inputting the desired art style and uploading an image, users click the 'create' button to initiate the AI's artistic process, which results in a unique piece of artwork.

πŸ’‘download results

To 'download results' means to transfer a file, in this case, the AI-generated artwork, from the online platform to the user's local device for saving or further use. This is the final step in the AI art-making process described in the video, allowing users to keep a digital copy of the artwork they have co-created with the AI.


An 'assignment' is a task or piece of work given to someone with the expectation that it will be completed and handed in or presented. In the context of the video, the assignment involves using an AI platform to create art, which students or participants are expected to complete and share as part of their learning or creative exploration.

πŸ’‘Egyptian art

Egyptian art refers to the visual arts produced in ancient Egypt, known for its distinctive styles and themes, such as hieroglyphics, tomb paintings, and sculptures. In the video, Egyptian art is mentioned as one of the potential styles that users can choose for the AI to emulate when creating their artwork.

πŸ’‘modern art

Modern art refers to artistic works and movements that emerged from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century, characterized by a departure from traditional techniques and a focus on new forms of expression. In the video, modern art is one of the styles that users can select for the AI to create a piece of artwork that reflects the aesthetics of this period.


An experimental assignment combining art and AI is introduced.

The website 'hot pot, dot a i slash art maker' is used for the assignment.

Users can type in a style of art they've learned about.

Extra descriptive words can be added to the art style.

An image of the user's own artwork can be uploaded for AI reference.

A style option can be chosen from the available selections.

The AI creates art based on the user's inputs and uploaded image.

The creation process may require refreshing the page if it gets stuck.

Results can be downloaded and posted as part of the assignment.

The presenter has already completed one assignment.

A second example is demonstrated using 'Egyptian art' and 'tomb painting'.

The AI may use elements from the uploaded image in the final creation.

Different art styles like 'modern art' or 'surreal art' can be experimented with.

The AI's output can vary in speed and may require multiple attempts.

The final art piece is a combination of the user's input and AI's interpretation.

Users are encouraged to try again if the first result is not satisfactory.