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17 Mar 202404:21

TLDRThe video script discusses a popular trend of creating and sharing images on social media. It guides viewers on how to use a specific tool to generate personalized images with their names written on them. The video also addresses a common issue of not being able to find the 'face change' feature on the app and offers a solution by instructing viewers to look within the video for the answer. Additionally, it provides tips on how to generate images for both boys and girls using different prompts and how to save these images in high quality. The script also shares a method to earn free credits daily by logging in, which can be used to unlock more features and create more personalized images.


  • 🎨 The script discusses a method to create personalized images with one's name using a specific tool.
  • 🖼️ The tool allows users to generate images with various themes and styles, including those for boys and girls.
  • 📸 Users can save the generated images in full HD quality for use on platforms like Instagram.
  • 💡 The script mentions a solution for an issue where faces were not changing in a certain feature, with instructions on how to access and use a new tool.
  • 🔍 The video provides a detailed tutorial on how to use the image creation tool, including steps like copying and pasting prompts.
  • 👥 The script highlights the importance of waiting for the image creation process to avoid rushing and ensure quality.
  • 🌐 The video instructs viewers on where to find the image creation tool and how to navigate to it.
  • 🎁 It mentions that users can earn free credits daily by logging in, which can be used to generate more images.
  • 💸 The script explains the cost of using the face swap feature, with additional credits required for multiple faces.
  • 📈 The video encourages viewers to like and subscribe to the channel for more content and to look forward to the next amazing video.
  • 📌 The script emphasizes the need to follow the instructions carefully to successfully generate and save the desired images.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is about creating personalized images using an image creation tool and addressing a solution for the issue of faces not being detected properly in certain tools.

  • How can one personalize the images created with the tool?

    -To personalize the images, one needs to replace the default name in the tool with their own and press the 'Create' button. This will generate an image with the user's name on it.

  • What is the issue mentioned in the video regarding the 'Face, Swipe' tool?

    -The issue mentioned is that the 'Face, Swipe' tool is not detecting faces as it used to, leading to difficulties in using the tool effectively.

  • Where can one find the solution to the 'Face, Swipe' tool issue?

    -The solution to the 'Face, Swipe' tool issue can be found within the video itself. By watching the video till the end, the viewer will learn how to address the problem.

  • How long does it take for the image creation process to complete?

    -The image creation process takes a few seconds, during which the user needs to wait before the image is ready.

  • What are the options available after the image is generated?

    -After the image is generated, the user has the option to save it in full HD quality and directly use it for their purposes, such as posting on social media platforms.

  • Can the image generation tool create images for both boys and girls?

    -Yes, the image generation tool can create images for both boys and girls. There are separate prompts for each, and the user can choose based on their requirement.

  • How can one access the image creation tool?

    -To access the image creation tool, the user needs to open a web browser, search for 'Holi Special Images' or a similar term, and open the first website from the search results. The tool will be available on that website.

  • What is the process to change the face in the generated image?

    -To change the face in the generated image, the user needs to press the 'plus' icon, go to the photo library, select their photo, and then press the 'swap' button. The tool will then replace the existing face with the selected one.

  • How can one obtain more credits for using the face swap tool?

    -The user can obtain more credits by logging in daily to receive five free credits. If more credits are needed, the user can log in with a different email to get an additional 25 to 30 free credits.

  • What are the costs associated with using the face swap tool?

    -Using the face swap tool costs credits. However, for multiple face swaps, four credits are deducted. It is advised to ensure that the user has enough credits to avoid any interruptions in using the tool.



🌟 Creating Personalized Images with AI

This paragraph discusses the increasing popularity of AI-generated images on social media and introduces a method for viewers to create their own personalized images. It explains that by following the steps in the video, viewers can generate images with their names and comments, and addresses a common issue with face swap tools. The solution is provided within the video, encouraging viewers to watch carefully for instructions on how to use the face change and image generation tool effectively.



💡Image Creation

Image creation refers to the process of generating visual content, as discussed in the video. It involves using specific tools or software to produce images that can be customized with one's name or other desired elements. In the context of the video, the creator is explaining how viewers can generate personalized images for their use, particularly for social media platforms.

💡Social Media

Social media refers to the collection of online platforms that enable users to create and share content or participate in social networking. In the video, the focus is on using image creation tools to enhance one's social media presence by generating unique and personalized images that can go viral and attract attention.

💡Face Swap

Face swap is a technique that involves replacing the face of a person in a photo or video with another face. In the context of the video, the creator discusses a solution for users who are unable to find their face matches in certain tools and provides a method to generate images where the face can be swapped or changed as per the user's preference.


Promotions refer to any kind of marketing communication used to promote or sell something. In the video, the creator mentions different promotions that can be used to generate images. These promotions might offer special deals or discounts to users who want to create and download personalized images.

💡Image Quality

Image quality refers to the clarity and resolution of a visual representation. High-quality images are sharp, clear, and have a greater level of detail. In the video, the creator emphasizes the importance of generating images in full HD quality to ensure that the final product is visually appealing and suitable for sharing on social media platforms.

💡Video Comments

Video comments are messages left by users on a video platform in response to the content of the video. In the context of the video, the creator is addressing comments from the audience that express a need for a solution to face matching issues in image creation tools.

💡Browser Search

Browser search is the act of using a web browser's search function to find specific information or content on the internet. In the video, the creator instructs viewers on how to use browser search to find image creation tools and promotions.

💡Image Templates

Image templates are pre-designed visual formats that can be customized with personal information or branding elements. In the video, the creator talks about using image templates to generate personalized images quickly and easily.


Credits, in the context of the video, refer to a form of virtual currency used within certain online platforms or tools. Users may need credits to access certain features, like face swap tools, or to download high-quality images. The video discusses how users can earn free credits and use them for their image creation activities.

💡Multi-Face Swap

Multi-face swap is a feature that allows users to change or swap multiple faces in an image or a series of images. The video discusses the cost of using this feature, indicating that it may require more credits compared to a single face swap.

💡Image Saving

Image saving refers to the process of storing a created image in a device or online storage for future use. In the video, the creator explains how users can save the images they generate in full HD quality and use them for their social media profiles.


Creating personalized images with text using a simple online tool.

The process of image creation involves removing a name and replacing it with the user's own.

Images can be previewed and saved in high definition quality.

The tool allows for the generation of multiple images, providing options to choose from.

The video demonstrates how to use the tool effectively, including pausing for image creation.

The solution for not being able to find faces in images is provided within the video.

The video showcases the generation of images with different names, like 'Sonu' and 'Neha'.

The tool enables the user to generate images for both boys and girls with separate prompts.

Instructions on how to access and use the image generation tool are detailed in the video.

The video provides a link to access the image generation tool and additional resources.

The process of image generation involves waiting for a few seconds and then selecting the desired image.

The video explains how to change the face in the generated image using a face swap tool.

The video mentions the option to earn free credits daily by logging in and using a gift icon.

The video provides a method to use the face swap tool without using up credits.

The video concludes with a call to action to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more amazing content.