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13 Apr 202419:36

TLDRIn this video, the creator embarks on a custom doll project inspired by the fan art of G3 Lagoona Blue in a gyaru fashion style, a popular Japanese youth subculture. The video begins with a discussion about the criticism and fan love for the character's new pink design in Generation 3 of Monster High. The custom doll process involves removing factory paint with acetone, sketching the face, and applying makeup with watercolor pencils and acrylic paints to achieve the gyaru look characterized by bold eyes and nose contour. Attention is given to intricate details like tiny tattoos, a glittery eyeshadow, and even fake doll nails crafted from packaging material. The doll's outfit is sewn from fabric, including a tube top, skirt, and scrunchie. A custom stand is created using a Cricut machine and vinyl, featuring a monera leaf and hibiscus flower design. The video concludes with a shoutout to the artists and sponsors who contributed to the project, promising more exciting custom dolls in the future.


  • 🎨 The video discusses the transformation of Monster High's Lagoona Blue into Generation 3, which has received mixed reactions from fans.
  • πŸ’– Despite criticism, there is a significant fan base that appreciates the new design of Generation 3 Lagoona, especially her shift to pink from blue.
  • 🌊 A prominent form of fan art showcases Lagoona in the Gyaru subculture fashion, which has become more popular with Generation 3.
  • 🎭 The creator was inspired by 'mackini art's' fan art of G3 Lagoona Blue in a Gyaru style, leading to the decision to create a custom doll based on this art.
  • 🧽 The customizing process involves removing the factory paint with acetone and sketching the new design with a mechanical pencil.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ Acrylic paints are used to create the Gyaru makeup style, including bold eyes, nose contour, and lip color.
  • πŸ‘€ Special attention is given to the eyes, with multiple layers of paint to achieve the desired opacity and details.
  • πŸ’ The doll's accessories are also customized, including painting them with pearlescent paint to match the art reference.
  • πŸ‘— The doll's outfit is created from simple materials like fabric for a tube top and skirt, along with a scrunchie.
  • 🌺 The custom doll includes intricate details like a water pattern on the hands, tiny tattoos, and a glittery eyeshadow to align with the fan art.
  • πŸ›οΈ The video ends with a shoutout to 'xtool' for providing a laser engraver that helps create personalized doll stands, enhancing the customization process.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video?

    -The main focus of the video is to create a custom doll of Generation 3 Lagoona Blue from Monster High in the Gyaru subculture fashion style.

  • Why has Generation 3 Lagoona Blue received criticism online?

    -Generation 3 Lagoona Blue has received criticism primarily from G1 Fanboys who are unhappy with the significant design change, which includes her color changing from blue to pink.

  • What is the inspiration behind the custom doll's design?

    -The inspiration behind the custom doll's design comes from a fan art created by McKini Art, which depicted G3 Lagoona Blue in a Gyaru fashion style.

  • What materials are used to remove the factory paint from the doll?

    -100% acetone and Q-tips are used to remove the factory paint from the doll.

  • What is the typical makeup style depicted for the Gyaru fashion in the video?

    -The typical Gyaru makeup style depicted includes white pigment eyeshadow or eyeliner underneath the eyes, strong bold nose contour, and glossy lips.

  • How does the artist ensure the acrylic paints blend well on the doll's face?

    -The artist ensures the acrylic paints blend well by slightly watering down the paints and using a lot of water during the blending process.

  • What is the process for creating the doll's outfit?

    -The process for creating the doll's outfit involves making a tube top and a skirt, as well as a scrunchie. The skirt is made with light blue fabric, with pleats and a waistband, and the top is created from a piece of fabric from the doll's original clothing.

  • How does the artist add details to the doll's eyes?

    -The artist adds details to the doll's eyes by painting the iris in black, filling it with light brown acrylic paint, adding a shadow with dark blue, and including a hint of blue to mimic the character's original eye color.

  • What is the purpose of the X Tool F1 machine mentioned in the video?

    -The X Tool F1 machine is a laser engraver used to create high-quality custom doll stands that are personalized for each custom doll.

  • What is the final step in creating the custom doll stand?

    -The final step in creating the custom doll stand is to weed the vinyl, iron it onto the wood, and apply the outlines to complete the design.

  • How does the artist add a personal touch to the doll's outfit?

    -The artist adds a personal touch to the doll's outfit by embroidering details onto the fabric and customizing the shorts with additional design elements.

  • What is the next custom doll project teased in the video?

    -The next custom doll project teased in the video is the customization of Generation 3 Venus McFlytrap into a Gyaru style doll.



🎨 Customizing G3 Laguna Blue - Fan Art Inspiration

The video script begins with a discussion about the rebranding of Monster High into Generation 3, focusing on the character Laguna Blue. The change in her design, particularly her color from blue to pink, has sparked criticism from G1 fans. However, there is also a significant amount of love for G3 Laguna, with a surge in fan art and custom dolls, especially in the guaru subculture style. The video promises a series on creating custom dolls in this style, starting with Laguna. The artist shares their inspiration from a fan art by mackini art and proceeds to prep Laguna for customization, including removing factory paint and preserving her scale details. The process involves using 100% acetone, mechanical pencils, watercolor pencils, and acrylic paints to achieve the desired aesthetic, including a bold nose contour and white pigment under the eyes.


πŸ‘€ Detailing Laguna's Face and Adding Glitter

The second paragraph delves into the intricate process of painting Laguna's face, emphasizing the meticulous work of painting around each eyelash and building up the right opacity for the eyeshadow. The artist adds details like a water pattern on her hands, a glittery eyeshadow effect using dragonfly glaze paint, and different colored glitters to match each eyeshadow color. The eyes are carefully outlined and filled with paint to match the original fan art. The lips are also carefully detailed, with a hot pink outline and light pink fill, and the artist ensures the lips have a glossy finish. Additional steps include painting tiny tattoos on her arm and creating fake tiny doll nails using the packaging material, which was a new experiment for the artist.


πŸ‘š Creating Laguna's Outfit and Accessories

The third paragraph describes the process of making Laguna's outfit, which consists of a tube top and a skirt, along with a scrunchie. The skirt is made from light blue fabric with pleats and a waistband, secured with Velcro for easy wear. The shorts are repurposed from the original doll's clothing, and the top is embroidered and scrunched for a unique look. The scrunchie is made from a rectangular piece of fabric and elastic. The artist also discusses using a laser engraver from xtool to create high-quality custom doll stands, which will come personalized for each custom doll sold in the future.


🌿 Weeding and Applying Vinyl for the Custom Stand

The final paragraph focuses on the creation of a custom stand for the dolls, using a design inspired by a Monera Leaf and a hibiscus flower. The artist finds weeding vinyl to be a relaxing process, despite the waste of material it involves. Care is taken around the circular parts of the design during the weeding process to avoid tears. Once the design is weeded, it is carefully ironed onto the wood, ensuring even pressure to prevent bubbles. The stand is then personalized with additional details, and the artist expresses excitement for the upcoming custom dolls and thanks various individuals and sponsors for their contributions and support.




Gyaru is a Japanese street fashion style characterized by heavily bleached or dyed hair, highly decorated nails, and dramatic makeup. The style is often associated with a rebellious attitude and a departure from traditional Japanese cultural aesthetics. In the context of the video, the term 'Gyaru' is used to describe a specific fashion transformation applied to the doll Lagoona Blue from the Monster High series, reflecting a distinct and bold fashion statement that aligns with the Gyaru subculture.

πŸ’‘Generation 3

Generation 3 refers to the third iteration or release series of Monster High dolls. Each generation typically features changes in character design, aesthetics, and themes to appeal to new audiences or reflect evolving fashion trends. In the video, the Generation 3 version of Lagoona Blue is discussed, highlighting how her design shift, particularly her color change to pink from blue, has stirred different reactions among fans.

πŸ’‘Custom Doll

A custom doll involves modifying a standard, mass-produced doll to create a unique appearance through various techniques such as repainting, restyling, and sometimes reshaping its parts. The video describes the process of creating a custom doll version of Lagoona Blue in a Gyaru style, showcasing the artistic transformation that includes makeup, outfit, and accessories customization to achieve a desired aesthetic.


Acetone is a solvent widely used to remove paint and other finishes. In the context of doll customization, acetone is employed to remove the factory-applied paint from the doll's face to prepare it for a new custom face-up. This step is crucial for achieving a clean slate for detailed custom painting as described in the video.

πŸ’‘Mr. Super Clear

Mr. Super Clear is a popular sealant among doll customizers. It is sprayed onto the doll's face to provide a protective coating that prepares the surface for painting by adding a 'tooth' or texture. This allows for better adhesion and durability of subsequent layers of paint and detailing, as illustrated in the video during the customization process.

πŸ’‘Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor pencils are a versatile art medium that combines properties of watercolors and colored pencils. They are particularly favored in doll customization for sketching fine details such as facial features before applying permanent paint. The video mentions using these pencils to delicately sketch out Lagoona's new facial features, emphasizing precision and control in the custom design.

πŸ’‘Fan Art

Fan art involves artworks created by fans of a particular media franchise that reimagine characters or themes in a new style or setting. In the video, fan art inspired the Gyaru style makeover of the Lagoona doll. A specific piece of fan art by an artist named McKin Art is cited as the main inspiration for the customization, demonstrating the influence of fan communities on creative projects.

πŸ’‘Chalk Pastels

Chalk pastels are used in doll customization for adding soft, blended colors to the doll's face, such as blush on cheeks or shadows for contouring. The video describes using chalk pastels to add subtle color gradients before sealing them with Mr. Super Clear, showcasing the layering techniques essential for achieving a natural-looking skin tone on the custom doll.


In the context of doll customization, eyeshadow refers to painting the doll's eyelids to enhance the eyes' appearance, often using vivid and varying colors to create depth and expression. The video elaborates on painting eyeshadow on Lagoona's eyes, using different colors and even glitter to align with the Gyaru aesthetic, highlighting meticulous detail work in the custom.


Vinyl is the plastic material commonly used to manufacture dolls. It is chosen for its durability and ease of manipulation. In the video, the narrator mentions the color of Lagoona's vinyl affecting how certain colors of watercolor pencils show up during the customization process, reflecting the practical considerations in doll artistry.


Monster High's Generation 3 introduces a significant design change for Lagoona Blue, turning her from blue to pink, which has sparked both criticism and love among fans.

G3 Lagoona has become a prominent subject for fan art, especially within the gyaru subculture fashion style.

The video is part of a series that will also feature a gyaru style customization of G3 Venus McFlyTrap.

The customization process begins with removing all clothing pieces and accessories, and preparing the doll for a face-up.

The main inspiration for the custom comes from a fan art by McKini Art, which is being recreated on a G3 Lagoona doll.

The artist obtained permission from McKini Art to use the fan art as a reference for the custom doll.

The customization includes careful removal of factory paint with acetone, preserving the scale detailing on Lagoona's forehead.

Gyaru makeup is characterized by white pigment under the eyes, bold nose contour, and strong eyeshadow, which are recreated on the doll.

The doll's eyes are given a glittery finish using dragonfly glaze paint and different colored glitters to match the eyeshadow colors.

Laguna's outfit is crafted from light blue fabric, including a tube top, skirt, and scrunchie, making it a beginner-friendly project.

The doll's eyes are carefully outlined and filled with acrylic paint to match the original fan art's aesthetic.

Tiny tattoos are painted on the doll's arm, and a hibiscus flower and dolphin tattoo are added to her left leg.

The doll's nails are created from the packaging material, cut and curved to resemble natural acrylic nails.

The doll's accessories are painted with a white pearlescent paint to give them a pearly finish.

A custom doll stand is created using a laser engraver, adding a personalized touch to the doll's presentation.

The video concludes with a shout out to patrons and the artist McKini Art, emphasizing the collaborative nature of the custom doll creation.

The final custom doll is one of the artist's favorites this year, showcasing the successful translation of fan art into a physical custom doll.