Mckenna Faith Breinholt Both Sides Now Full Performance Top 20 | American Idol 2024

14 Apr 202404:43

TLDRMcKenna Faith Breinholt's performance on American Idol 2024 has captivated audiences, with her audition garnering tens of millions of views. Adopted, she expresses gratitude for the support of her birth family and the growth in self-love and confidence that has come from knowing them. Her rendition of 'Both Sides Now' by Joni Mitchell is praised by the judges for its emotional depth and connection, with one judge even calling her a 'pro' and a potential winner. The performance is described as a powerful interpretation that resonates with the audience, leaving a lasting impression.


  • πŸŽ‰ McKenna's audition has received tens of millions of views, indicating her popularity and the impact of her performance.
  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€ McKenna was adopted and has found a sense of belonging and confidence through connecting with her birth family.
  • 🎢 Dolly Parton and Zach Williams reacted to McKenna's audition, showcasing the reach of her talent and the attention it has garnered.
  • 🌈 McKenna feels blessed to have the support of her loved ones and is grateful for their presence and encouragement.
  • 🎀 Her performance of 'Both Sides Now' resonated deeply with the audience and judges, demonstrating her vocal and emotional range.
  • πŸ’¬ The judges praised McKenna for taking Joan Baez's song and making it her own, which is a significant accomplishment.
  • πŸ‘ McKenna's rendition of the song was described as believable and touching, which left a lasting impression on the judges.
  • 🎢 The performance was so powerful that it made the judges feel the song in a new, adult perspective, highlighting McKenna's ability to convey depth.
  • πŸ† The judges believe McKenna has what it takes to win the competition, as indicated by their comments and reactions.
  • πŸ€” McKenna's performance left the judges in a state of confusion, not knowing how to categorize her talent, which is a testament to her uniqueness.
  • πŸ˜„ The judges' playful comment about needing a nap after her performance signifies that she left a strong impact, to the point of being overwhelming.

Q & A

  • What was McKenna's reaction to her audition getting tens of millions of views?

    -McKenna was surprised and expressed excitement by screaming out loud when she saw the reaction video by Dolly Parton and Zach Williams.

  • Is McKenna's family involved in music?

    -No, McKenna was adopted and her family is not involved in music.

  • How has McKenna's confidence grown since meeting her birth family?

    -McKenna's confidence and self-love have grown significantly after getting to know her birth mother, which has helped her love herself more.

  • What song did McKenna perform on American Idol 2024?

    -McKenna performed 'Both Sides Now' by Joni Mitchell.

  • What was the judges' reaction to McKenna's performance?

    -The judges were highly impressed, with one judge stating that McKenna made the song her own and another judge indicating that she could potentially win the competition.

  • How did the judges describe McKenna's performance in terms of her connection with the audience?

    -The judges felt that McKenna made a strong connection with the audience, which was evident in her performance.

  • What did the judges say about the moment when McKenna pushed her performance?

    -The judges mentioned that McKenna's push at the right moment in the song was very impactful and gave the audience the feeling they were all wanting.

  • How did the judges perceive McKenna's potential in the competition?

    -The judges perceived McKenna as a strong contender, with one judge even writing 'winner' on their notes after her performance.

  • What was the significance of McKenna performing 'Both Sides Now'?

    -The song 'Both Sides Now' is significant because it was originally by Joni Mitchell, and the judges felt that McKenna did justice to the song, making it her own.

  • What was the judges' advice for McKenna after her performance?

    -The judges did not provide specific advice but expressed their approval and indicated that McKenna's performance was a standout moment that made them feel she could win.

  • How did McKenna's performance make the judges feel about the competition?

    -The judges felt that McKenna's performance added a layer of complexity to the competition, making it more exciting and difficult to predict the winner.

  • What was the judges' consensus on McKenna's talent?

    -The judges were in consensus that McKenna is highly talented, with one judge even suggesting that she has already won in their eyes with her performance.



πŸŽ‰ Surprise Audition Success

The speaker expresses astonishment at the massive viewership of their audition video, which has garnered tens of millions of views. They reveal that they were adopted and mention that Dolly Parton and Zach Williams have reacted to their audition. The speaker is overwhelmed with gratitude and describes their experience as being in a 'rainbow.' They also share that their confidence and self-love have grown significantly since meeting their birth family, which has helped them to love themselves more.




In the context of the video, 'adopted' refers to the fact that McKenna was not raised by her biological parents but was taken in and raised by a different family. This personal detail adds an emotional layer to her story and could potentially influence her journey on 'American Idol.' For instance, the script mentions, 'no I actually was, adopted.'

πŸ’‘Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is a renowned country singer, songwriter, and actress. In the video, she is mentioned as someone who reacted to McKenna's audition, indicating the significance of McKenna's performance and the impact it had on established figures in the music industry. The script includes, 'Dolly Parton and Zach Williams, did a reaction video to my, audition.'


Confidence is a belief in one's own abilities and is often a key factor in performance-based contexts like 'American Idol.' McKenna's confidence is highlighted as having grown since meeting her birth family, suggesting a transformational journey and personal development. The script states, 'my confidence has grown my self-, Lov has grown so much.'

πŸ’‘Birth Mom

The term 'birth mom' refers to McKenna's biological mother. The video script reveals that getting to know her birth mom has contributed to McKenna's increased self-love and personal growth, which is a central theme in her story. The script mentions, 'so much of that is because of my birth mom getting to know who she was.'


In the song 'Both Sides Now,' which McKenna performs, 'clouds' are used metaphorically to represent the obstacles and perspectives that can obscure one's view of life. The lyrics 'I've looked at clouds from both sides now...' are a pivotal part of the song that reflects on the complexities and illusions of life.

πŸ’‘Life Illusions

The phrase 'life illusions' encapsulates the theme of the song 'Both Sides Now,' suggesting that life is full of deceptive appearances and that one's understanding of it can change with different perspectives. McKenna's performance of the song conveys this theme, as shown in the lyrics 'it's life, Illusions I, recall.'

πŸ’‘Top 20

The 'Top 20' refers to the stage of the competition in 'American Idol' where McKenna currently stands. It signifies that she is among the top contestants and is a strong contender in the competition. The script includes encouragement from a judge, 'you belong in the top 20.'


The term 'winner' is used to denote the ultimate victor of the competition. In the context of the video, it is suggested that McKenna has what it takes to potentially win 'American Idol,' as evidenced by the judge's comments, 'I mean winner on on other, page and now I'm telling her she may, winner.'


In the video, 'talent' refers to the natural ability or skill required for performing at a high level in a competition like 'American Idol.' The script highlights the strength of the contestants this year, with a judge noting, 'the talent this year is just...'


A 'performance' in this context is McKenna's rendition of the song 'Both Sides Now.' It is a central aspect of the video as it showcases her vocal abilities and stage presence. The judges' feedback indicates that her performance was powerful and memorable, as seen in the comment, 'it was a performance that, really um puts you in a category of, really going after and winning this, thing.'


The 'song' in question is 'Both Sides Now,' originally by Joni Mitchell. McKenna's interpretation of this song is a key element of the video, as it demonstrates her vocal talent and emotional depth. The song is also praised by the judges for its impact and the way McKenna has made it her own, as mentioned in 'Joanie mitell a, long time and she would be so proud that, you took her song, and made it into your song.'


McKenna's audition has garnered tens of millions of views, indicating her popularity and impact.

McKenna was adopted, and her family's support is evident in her performance.

Dolly Parton and Zach Williams reacted to McKenna's audition, highlighting her reach and influence.

McKenna's connection with her birth family has significantly boosted her confidence and self-love.

The song 'Both Sides Now' by Joni Mitchell is transformed by McKenna, making it her own.

Judges praised McKenna for making a strong connection with the audience during her performance.

The performance was so powerful that it made the judges consider McKenna as a potential winner.

McKenna's rendition of 'Both Sides Now' was described as believable and touching.

The judges felt that McKenna's performance was a standout, setting her apart from other contestants.

McKenna's performance was so impactful that it made the judges speechless.

The judges felt the need to take a moment after McKenna's performance, indicating its depth.

McKenna's barefoot performance on stage added a personal and intimate touch to her rendition.

The judges were unanimous in their praise for McKenna's talent and potential to win the competition.

McKenna's performance was so compelling that it made the judges want to watch it again.

The judges noted McKenna's professional approach and her ability to engage with the song's material.

McKenna's performance was so moving that it brought a new understanding of the song to the audience.

The judges were impressed by McKenna's ability to convey the song's emotional depth and complexity.

McKenna's performance was a highlight of the show, earning her a place in the top 20.