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3 Apr 202332:41

TLDRThe script is an extensive guide on utilizing a neural network called 'Midji' for generating high-quality images. It covers the process of accessing the network through a website, connecting via Discord, and personalizing the experience by creating a unique channel for the bot within the platform. The guide delves into the different subscription plans, versions of the neural network, and the evolution of its capabilities over time. It also provides insights on how to craft effective prompts for the AI, including the use of styles, aspects, and additional parameters to refine the image generation process. The script emphasizes the potential of Midji to create realistic and creative images, catering to various user preferences and needs.


  • 🌐 The script discusses the use of a neural network called 'Midji' for generating class images.
  • 💻 To access the network, users need to visit the website midji.com and follow the instructions to join a Discord server.
  • 📸 Midji offers different subscription plans, including a basic, standard, and pro plan, with varying features and prices.
  • 🔗 The neural network allows users to create images by inputting specific prompts, which can be refined with additional parameters for better results.
  • 🎨 Users can select different styles and versions of the neural network to achieve various visual effects in the generated images.
  • 🖼️ The script highlights the evolution of the neural network from version 1 to 5, with each version offering improved image quality and realism.
  • 📝 When creating prompts, users should aim for simplicity and clarity to ensure the neural network understands and executes the request accurately.
  • 🔄 The script mentions the ability to blend multiple images together to create a new, unique image.
  • 🎓 The speaker promotes an AI course for practical use, emphasizing the importance of learning AI skills for future success.
  • 🚀 The script showcases the potential of AI and neural networks in creating realistic and creative images, suggesting a bright future for such technologies.
  • 📈 The speaker encourages users to join the AI course and learn how to integrate AI into their business or personal lives for better outcomes.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is the use of a neural network called Midji (Midgen) for generating class images.

  • How does one access the Midji neural network?

    -To access the Midji neural network, one needs to visit the website midji.com, then follow the instructions to join the Discord server where the network operates.

  • What are the subscription plans offered by Midji?

    -Midji offers three subscription plans: a basic plan at around $1 per month, a standard plan at $4 per month, and a pro plan at $60 per month.

  • What is the significance of the Discord channel in using Midji?

    -The Discord channel is crucial for using Midji as it is the platform where the neural network operates, and users can interact with the AI and generate images through it.

  • How can users create their own channel for Midji within Discord?

    -Users can create their own channel for Midji within Discord by selecting the 'create server' option and following the steps to set up a server dedicated to their use.

  • What is the role of the 'Imagine' command in Midji?

    -The 'Imagine' command is used to initiate the image generation process in Midji. Users type 'Imagine' followed by a description of the image they want to generate.

  • What are the different versions of Midji mentioned in the script and how do they differ?

    -The script mentions versions 1 to 5 of Midji. Each version represents an evolution of the neural network, with version 5 generating more realistic images compared to the earlier versions.

  • What is the 'Fast Mode' and 'Relax Mode' in Midji and how do they differ?

    -Fast Mode and Relax Mode are options in Midji that determine the time it takes to generate an image. Fast Mode processes the request quickly, while Relax Mode takes longer, potentially up to 10 minutes, and is designed to be used when the server load is low.

  • How can users select the style and quality of the images generated by Midji?

    -Users can select the style and quality of the images by choosing different versions of Midji and adjusting parameters such as 'upscale' for higher quality and 'chaos' for creative variations.

  • What is the 'Blend' feature in Midji and how is it used?

    -The 'Blend' feature in Midji allows users to combine two or more images to create a new, unique image. Users can upload multiple images and choose the format and style for the final combined image.

  • How does the 'Helper' service in Midji assist users?

    -The 'Helper' service in Midji is a tool that assists users in crafting the correct 'front' or prompt for image generation. It provides suggestions and examples to help users create effective prompts for the neural network.



🌐 Introduction to the Neural Network and Midji Website

The paragraph introduces the use of a neural network and the process of creating high-quality images through a test office. It explains the need to visit the Midji website to join the network and purchase a subscription plan. The user is guided through the process of navigating the website, joining the Discord server, and accessing the personal cabinet where the latest images are displayed. The paragraph also discusses the different subscription plans available and the transition from a free version to a paid subscription model.


🖌️ Customizing Neural Network Settings and Styles

This section delves into the customization options available within the neural network, including selecting different styles and quality levels for the generated images. It discusses the choice between high-quality, coalesced images for specific uses like printing or posters versus standard quality for general use. The paragraph explains the evolution of the neural network from version 1 to 5, highlighting the significant improvements in image realism. It also covers the selection of styles, the importance of concise and precise prompts, and the use of additional parameters to refine the image generation process.


🎨 Exploring Additional Styles and Image Parameters

The paragraph focuses on the variety of additional styles that can be added to the neural network's image generation process. It mentions the documentation section where users can find and copy preferred styles. The discussion includes the use of specific styles for backgrounds, the inclusion of emotions, and the ability to add color and other elements to the generated images. The paragraph emphasizes the flexibility and creativity enabled by these additional parameters, allowing users to produce highly personalized and detailed images.


🛠️ Adjusting Image Aspect Ratio and Chaos Level

This part of the script discusses the technical aspects of image generation, such as adjusting the aspect ratio and the chaos level. It explains how these settings can influence the creativity and output of the neural network. The paragraph covers the standard aspect ratios used for videos and covers, as well as the option to choose custom ratios in version 5 of the neural network. The chaos level parameter is described as a measure of how creative or literal the network's rendering will be, with the ability to fine-tune it to the user's preference.


📸 Creating and Enhancing Images with Midji

The paragraph describes the process of creating and enhancing images using Midji. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to formulate a prompt, select styles, and generate images. The user is shown how to refine their prompts for better results, including the use of specific styles and the addition of various parameters. The paragraph also touches on the ability to upscale images and the different modes available, such as Fast Mode and Relax Mode, each with its own advantages and use cases.


🎨 Combining Images and Exploring Styles

This section introduces the concept of blending two images to create a third, unique image. It explains the process of uploading multiple images and selecting the desired format for the final output. The paragraph discusses the potential for combining different styles and elements to produce innovative and visually appealing results. It also mentions the ability to use the neural network in different versions and styles, allowing for a wide range of creative possibilities.


🚀 Utilizing AI and Midji for Advanced Image Creation

The final paragraph emphasizes the potential of using AI and Midji for advanced image creation. It discusses the importance of having a clear object or theme for the image generation and the ability to add various parameters to achieve the desired outcome. The paragraph highlights the versatility of the neural network in creating realistic and stylized images, and the potential for users to learn and apply AI in their work and daily life. It concludes with an invitation to join a practical AI course and the benefits of learning to integrate AI into one's business or personal use.



💡Neural Network

A neural network is a series of algorithms that endeavors to recognize underlying relationships in a set of data through a process that mimics the way the human brain operates. In the context of the video, it is used to generate class images, showcasing its ability to produce realistic visual content based on input data, such as creating images of a cat wearing sunglasses driving a yellow car.


Midji appears to be a platform or service that utilizes neural networks for image generation. The video script instructs users to visit midji.com and follow a series of steps to access and use the platform, indicating that it is a user-friendly service for engaging with AI-generated content.


Discord is a communication platform that allows users to connect and interact via voice, video, and text channels. In the video, it is used as a medium through which the neural network service operates, with users directed to join a specific Discord server to access the Midji service.


A subscription in this context refers to a paid membership or access to a service. The video mentions different subscription plans, such as a basic plan, a standard plan, and a pro plan, each with varying costs and benefits, allowing users to choose the level of access and features they require.

💡Image Generation

Image generation is the process of creating visual content using computational methods, such as neural networks. In the video, it is the primary function of the neural network, where users can generate images based on their prompts, such as creating an image of a cat with sunglasses in a yellow car.

💡Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the video, AI is the underlying technology that powers the neural network, enabling it to generate images and understand user inputs.


Imagination is the ability to form new ideas or images in the mind that are not directly related to a person's immediate surroundings. In the video, imagination is crucial for users to create unique prompts that the neural network will use to generate images, demonstrating the creative aspect of AI technology.

💡Styles and Versions

Styles and versions refer to the different artistic styles and iterations of the neural network that users can choose from to generate images. The video mentions various versions of the neural network, each potentially offering different levels of realism and artistic flair.


Parameters are the specific settings or variables that users can adjust to influence the output of the neural network. In the context of the video, parameters might include aspects like image resolution, color schemes, and artistic styles.


Blending is the process of combining two or more images to create a new image. In the video, blending is presented as a feature that allows users to merge different elements or images to produce a unique final product.


A helper, in the context of the video, refers to a service or tool designed to assist users in generating content more efficiently. It may offer features like pre-set styles, templates, or guidance for creating prompts that can be used with the neural network.


The introduction of a neural network called 'Midji' that generates high-quality images.

Instructions on how to access Midji's services through their website and Discord.

Explanation of the subscription plans available for Midji's services.

Demonstration of creating a personal cabinet within Midji's platform to view the latest generated images.

A tutorial on how to purchase a subscription and access the Midji Discord server.

Discussion about the different versions of the neural network and their evolution over time.

Details on how to set up and customize the neural network for image generation.

Explanation of the 'Fast Mode' and 'Relax Mode' for image generation and their respective processing times.

Instructions on creating a personal Discord channel and adding the Midji bot for image generation.

How to use the 'Imagine' command to generate images based on textual prompts.

The ability to upscale images generated by the neural network for higher quality and different use cases.

Discussion on the importance of precise and concise textual prompts for better image generation results.

Demonstration of blending two images using the 'Blend' command to create a new, unique image.

Use of the 'Helper' service to refine and enhance image generation prompts.

The impact of choosing different styles and versions of the neural network on the final image output.

The potential for using generated images in various applications, such as websites and marketing materials.

The importance of learning and utilizing artificial intelligence tools for future success in various fields.