NEVER buy a goat

William Osman 2
20 Apr 202409:30

TLDRThe video features a humorous and chaotic series of events where the host receives a fake award from YouTube, which he humorously accepts while driving a car. The host also discusses his dissatisfaction with goats and sheep on his property, as they don't eat the grass and instead cause a mess. He contemplates various ways to deal with the animals, including making goat or sheep sausage. The video also includes an AI-generated image of sauce spilled over a computer and a discussion about the ethics of wasting food. The host ends with a plan to create a real-life messy scene to compare with the AI image, hinting at a potential disaster.


  • πŸ† The speaker received a 'fake award' from YouTube, which is a novelty award that resembles a light bulb with an etched filament.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ They plan to create a billboard for 'sauce' by covering a computer with spaghetti, inspired by an AI-generated image.
  • 🐐 The speaker expresses frustration with goats and sheep, describing them as useless and causing a mess with their waste.
  • 🌱 Despite the tall grass, the goats and sheep are not eating it, leading to a discussion about their dietary habits and behavior.
  • 🏠 The speaker mentions that the animals have been eating the siding off the house, causing damage and creating a mess.
  • πŸ”ͺ In a humorous and hypothetical tone, the speaker asks for brutal ways to kill a goat or sheep in the comments section.
  • πŸš— The speaker humorously accepts a YouTube award for 'outstanding achievement in the loss of a driver's license' while pretending to drive a car.
  • πŸš— There's a mention of a 2005 Acura TL, which the speaker owns and attempts to jump-start using a 12-volt lithium battery.
  • πŸš— The car, despite being old and seemingly in poor condition, surprisingly starts after being left unused for a long time.
  • 🍝 The speaker ends up with a large mess after a can of sauce explodes, covering the car and creating a humorous situation.
  • πŸŽ₯ The video concludes with a teaser for an event at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, featuring groundbreaking technology and creators.

Q & A

  • What was the nature of the award sent by YouTube?

    -The award sent by YouTube was a fake award, not a real one. It was described as a light bulb with the filament etched into the middle, made entirely of glass.

  • What is the speaker planning to do with the billboard for sauce?

    -The speaker plans to cover a computer with spaghetti and create an AI photo of 'sauce all over a computer' for the billboard.

  • What is the speaker's opinion about goats and sheep?

    -The speaker finds goats and sheep to be useless, as they do not eat the grass and instead defecate and fart all over the place, which the speaker finds disgusting.

  • Why does the speaker believe the real image might be worse than the AI-generated one?

    -The speaker believes that the real image might be worse because the process of creating it can be messy and not as clean or ideal as the AI-generated version.

  • What is the speaker's plan for accepting the fake award?

    -The speaker plans to accept the fake award while driving a car, specifically a 2005 Acura TL, which is the fastest car he owns.

  • What is the speaker's concern about the car used for accepting the award?

    -The speaker is concerned about the car's transmission, which he believes is only partially functional, and the risk of being hit by an airbag while driving it.

  • What is the speaker's reaction to the AI-generated image of sauce on a computer?

    -The speaker is excited about the AI-generated image but also expresses concern that making it a reality might be a messy process and potentially less effective than the AI version.

  • What is the speaker's view on the ethics of wasting food for the sake of an image?

    -The speaker questions the ethics of wasting food, suggesting that it might be better to stick with AI-generated images rather than creating a real-life mess.

  • What is the speaker's approach to brainstorming humorous ideas?

    -The speaker's approach involves thinking of exaggerated scenarios, such as covering everything in socks or sauce, and then considering the practicality and humor of making those scenarios real.

  • What is the significance of the inventi award mentioned in the script?

    -The inventi award is a humorous, made-up award for outstanding achievement in the loss of a driver's license, which the speaker finds to be the coolest award he has ever seen.

  • What is the event described as 'better than expected' in the script?

    -The event is an unofficial award show for inventors on YouTube, which the speaker suggests was successful and not a disaster, despite the chaotic nature of the activities described.



πŸ† Receiving a Fake YouTube Award and a Billboard Plan

The speaker begins by mentioning two tasks for the day: first, they need to create an acceptance speech for a fake award sent by YouTube, which is described as a light bulb with an etched filament. The second task involves buying a billboard for 'sauce' with an AI-generated image of sauce spilled over a computer, which the speaker believes might not turn out as well as the AI version. They also discuss their dissatisfaction with their goats and sheep, which they find useless and messy, not eating the grass and damaging the house siding. The speaker humorously asks for the most brutal ways to kill a goat or sheep in the comments and talks about their participation in an unofficial award show for inventors on YouTube, where they received an award for losing their driver's license. They plan to accept this award while driving a 2005 Acura TL, which they acknowledge has been sitting unused for over a year.


πŸš— Filming a Car Stunt for the Acceptance Speech and a Messy Cleanup

The speaker recounts their plan to film an acceptance speech while driving, which leads to a discussion about a car stunt involving a Toyota RAV4 and a tractor. They describe an elaborate setup where the RAV4, placed on neutral with a rock under a wheel, is hit by the tractor from a distance to simulate a crash while ensuring the speaker's safety by not being in the car during the stunt. The segment ends with the cleanup of a large mess caused by a can of sauce that exploded everywhere during the filming of the acceptance speech. The speaker receives an actual award from YouTube, which they describe as the 'inventi award' for outstanding achievement in losing a driver's license. They also mention an upcoming event at the Cow Palace in San Francisco featuring groundbreaking technology and creators.



πŸ’‘Fake Award

A 'fake award' is a non-genuine or mock prize given as a joke or for entertainment purposes, rather than as a formal recognition of achievement. In the video, the creator humorously discusses receiving a 'fake award' from YouTube, which serves as a central theme and running gag throughout the video.

πŸ’‘Acceptance Speech

An 'acceptance speech' is a formal address delivered by someone who has been given an award or recognition. The video script includes the creator's humorous intention to make an acceptance speech for the 'fake award,' which adds to the comedic tone of the content.

πŸ’‘AI Photo

An 'AI photo' refers to an image generated by artificial intelligence, often used to create visual content quickly and efficiently. The script mentions an AI-generated photo of sauce covering a computer, which is part of the creator's plan to execute a real-life version of the concept.

πŸ’‘Goat and Sheep Update

A 'goat and sheep update' likely refers to a segment in the video where the creator discusses the status or recent events related to goats and sheep that he may have on his property. It is used to provide viewers with an update on the animals, which is a recurring theme in the video.

πŸ’‘Siding of the House

The 'siding of the house' is the exterior material that covers the walls of a house. In the context of the video, the creator humorously accuses the goats and sheep of eating the siding, which is an example of the exaggerated and comedic storytelling present throughout the script.

πŸ’‘Inventi Award

The 'Inventi Award' is a made-up award mentioned in the video, which is supposedly for outstanding achievements in innovation. The award is part of a fabricated narrative where the creator is awarded for losing his driver's license, adding to the video's humor.

πŸ’‘Driver's License

A 'driver's license' is an official document permitting a person to operate a motor vehicle. In the video, the creator jokes about losing his driver's license and receiving an award for this loss, which is used to create a humorous scenario.

πŸ’‘2005 Acura TL

The '2005 Acura TL' is a specific model of car manufactured by Acura. In the video, the creator mentions this car as the fastest one he owns and uses it in a comedic scenario where he pretends to accept an award while driving.

πŸ’‘Jump a Tractor

To 'jump a tractor' refers to the act of using jumper cables to start a vehicle with a dead battery. In the video, the creator discusses using a 12-volt battery to jump-start a tractor, which is part of the humorous and exaggerated content.

πŸ’‘Cow Palace

The 'Cow Palace' is an event venue in San Francisco. The video script mentions it as the location for an event described as better than expected, which is likely a part of the fictional narrative created for the video's storyline.

πŸ’‘Groundbreaking Technology

Refers to innovative and pioneering technological advancements. In the video, the term is used to humorously describe the event at the Cow Palace, suggesting that it features new and impressive tech, which is part of the video's playful and satirical tone.


Received a fake award from YouTube and is preparing an acceptance speech.

The award is a unique, etched light bulb made entirely of glass.

Plans to buy a billboard for 'sauce' and cover a computer with spaghetti in an AI-generated photo.

Expresses dissatisfaction with goats and sheep for not eating grass and making a mess.

Mentions that goats and sheep have been eating the siding off the house.

Questions the ethics of wasting food in the process of creating a mess for a video.

Received a 'loss of driver's license' award and plans to accept it while driving a car.

Successfully starts a 2005 Acura TL that had been sitting for over a year.

Considers the transmission of the Acura to be faulty, only working in certain gears.

Discusses the rarity of a red color RAV4 and the idea of purchasing one for $500.

Contemplates the idea of using a tractor to push a car for a video effect.

Concerned about the safety of using an airbag in the video scenario.

Regrets turning a computer image joke into a real-life messy problem.

Awards received for an old video about a car designed to make people sick.

Plans to film an acceptance speech for the award while driving the Acura TL.

Leaked sauce from a can causes a mess and raises questions about the content's quality.

A humorous take on receiving a fake award and the creative chaos that ensues.

Mentions an upcoming event at Cow Palace featuring groundbreaking technology and top YouTube creators.