Our New AI Generator Is INSANE! 🤯 (Watch Me Put It To The Test!)

25 Jan 202411:40

TLDRExplore the innovative features of KD AI's version 2.0 image generator in this exciting video! The upgraded AI boasts capabilities for interpreting detailed prompts to produce highly detailed images, support for text within images, new aspect ratios, and fresh styles. Watch real-time demonstrations ranging from a girl shopping with a black cat to breathtaking Icelandic landscapes, and discover the enhanced precision in creating digital art for various applications like social media and print products. Learn how you can access and utilize these new features to boost your creative projects.


  • 🚀 Upgraded Features: KD AI's image generator has been upgraded to version 2.0 with highly detailed images, better understanding of long prompts, text support, new aspect ratios, and new styles.
  • 📈 Enhanced Performance: The new version works better with longer and more detailed prompts, providing more accurate and consistent results.
  • 🎨 Customization Options: Users can now create images with various styles, such as anime, photography presets, and even vintage scrolls with text support.
  • 🌟 Detailed Imagery: The AI interprets complex descriptions to generate images with intricate details, such as hanging lights, mossy green landscapes, and acanthus leaves.
  • 🖼️ Aspect Ratio Control: The new version allows users to select different aspect ratios for their images, providing more flexibility in image composition.
  • 🔍 Image Clarity: A 'blur slider' feature can be used to adjust the clarity and crispness of the generated images.
  • 🎭 New Preset Styles: KD AI introduces new preset styles like retro mascot clip art, watercolor, and vector styles for a variety of artistic outcomes.
  • 📚 Versatile Use Cases: The upgraded AI can be used for print-on-demand products, digital products, social media graphics, and digital assets creation.
  • 🔄 Model Selection: Users can switch between the new V2 and the previous V1 model based on their preferences.
  • 📈 Efficiency and Consistency: The new model is designed to be more efficient and consistent, allowing for faster creation of themed product sets.
  • 🌐 Community Engagement: The creators encourage user feedback and participation in their Discord server for AI tips and support.

Q & A

  • What major upgrades were made to the KD AI's image generator in version 2.0?

    -KD AI's version 2.0 image generator includes highly detailed images, supports longer and more complex prompts, and offers new aspect ratios and styles called 'KD Styles.' It has improved its text integration within images, allowing for more precise and contextual generation based on the given prompts.

  • How does the new KD AI interpret prompts differently compared to the previous version?

    -The upgraded KD AI version 2.0 can interpret longer and more detailed prompts, which is a significant improvement over the previous version that worked best with shorter and simpler prompts. This allows for more complex and nuanced image creations.

  • What are some examples of the image styles available in KD AI version 2.0?

    -KD AI version 2.0 offers a variety of image styles, including anime, photography, and retro styles. It also introduces specific presets for creating images like vintage scrolls, mountain landscapes, and scenes with detailed environmental elements like fog and specific lighting conditions.

  • Can KD AI version 2.0 integrate text within images accurately?

    -Yes, KD AI version 2.0 can integrate text within images, maintaining correct spelling and context as per the prompts provided. This allows for more accurate and visually appropriate text representation in the generated images.

  • What is the purpose of the aspect ratio feature in KD AI?

    -The aspect ratio feature in KD AI allows users to select different image sizes and proportions to suit specific needs, such as social media posts, banners, or other formats. This flexibility helps create more tailored and effective visual content.

  • How does KD AI version 2.0 handle complex image prompts like landscapes with specific features?

    -KD AI version 2.0 can handle complex image prompts by accurately interpreting detailed descriptions, such as landscapes with lush greenery, snowy mountain caps, giant waterfalls, and specific atmospheric conditions like fog and overcast skies.

  • What are the new use cases enabled by the upgraded features of KD AI version 2.0?

    -The upgraded features of KD AI version 2.0 enable new use cases such as creating highly detailed print media products, digital backgrounds for devices, and custom content for social media. It enhances possibilities for generating unique digital assets, improving the production of consistent and visually appealing designs across various media.

  • How can users access the new version 2.0 of KD AI?

    -Users can access KD AI version 2.0 by logging into their accounts, where version 2.0 has been set as the default engine. New users can sign up and possibly use a promo code for a Pro subscription as mentioned in the video description links.

  • What options are available if users prefer the previous model of KD AI?

    -If users prefer the previous AI model, they can switch back to image gen V1 by navigating to the settings (cogwheel icon) and selecting the appropriate option. This allows users to utilize the older features and styles available in the first version.

  • What feedback mechanisms are available for users of KD AI?

    -KD AI users can provide feedback and receive support through the Discord server linked in the video description. The server includes channels dedicated to AI tips, tricks, and a support channel for additional help, enhancing user engagement and troubleshooting.



🆕 KD.ai Version 2.0 Image Generator Overview

This video script begins with an introduction to the upgraded features of KD.ai's Version 2.0 image generator, which includes enhancements like highly detailed images, improved text support within images, new aspect ratios, and new styles specific to KD.ai. The narrator tests various prompts to demonstrate the generator’s ability to interpret complex, detailed prompts effectively. Examples include creating images of a girl with a black cat in a street market during golden hour, landscapes of Iceland with specific natural details, and a vintage scroll with a banner saying 'Made in 1921'. Each example showcases the AI’s enhanced capabilities to generate images that closely match the given descriptions.


🏄 Skeleton's Unique Adventures and Image Flexibility

The second paragraph showcases additional capabilities of KD.ai's Version 2.0 through creative image generation scenarios. The narrator describes testing the AI with a complex scene involving a skeleton skateboarding near the ocean and eating an ice cream cone, with a Ferris wheel in the background. The script highlights how the AI impressively handles detailed scenarios, even adding realistic touches like ice cream in the skeleton’s mouth. Furthermore, the script explores the image generator’s flexibility in adjusting aspect ratios and applying stylistic effects, like the creation of a grainy, pastel rainbow background suitable for social media posts or screensavers.


🌈 Expanding Creative Horizons with KD.ai

The final paragraph of the script discusses the broadened application possibilities with the upgraded KD.ai image generator. It suggests potential use cases like print-on-demand products, digital products, and social media graphics, emphasizing the AI’s consistency and speed. Additionally, the script invites users to explore and experiment with the new presets and styles, noting that these features allow for even more tailored and creative outputs. The narrator encourages engagement with KD.ai’s community through comments or joining a Discord server for further discussion and tips on using the AI effectively.



💡AI Generator

An AI Generator refers to a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to create content, such as images, based on user input. In the video, the AI Generator is used to create detailed images from textual prompts, showcasing its ability to interpret complex instructions and generate corresponding visuals.

💡Image Generator 2.0

Image Generator 2.0 is the upgraded version of the AI's image creation tool. It is highlighted for its enhanced capabilities like understanding long prompts, generating highly detailed images, and supporting text within images. The video demonstrates how this tool has improved from its previous version.

💡Long Detailed Prompts

Long Detailed Prompts are extensive textual descriptions provided to the AI Generator to guide the creation of specific images. The video emphasizes that the new version of the AI can handle and interpret these longer, more complex instructions better than before, leading to more accurate and detailed image outputs.

💡Text Support

Text Support in the context of the AI Generator refers to the feature that allows text to be included within the generated images. The video shows examples where the AI correctly incorporates text as part of the image, such as 'Made in 1921' on a vintage scroll, demonstrating the tool's ability to handle text accurately.

💡New Aspect Ratios

New Aspect Ratios are different dimensions for the generated images, allowing for a variety of shapes and sizes. The video script mentions the ability to change the aspect ratio to suit different applications, such as a vertical style for social media posts or a standard format for general use.

💡KD Styles

KD Styles refer to the pre-selected stylistic options within the AI Generator that users can choose from to influence the style of the generated images. The video discusses new KD Styles that have been added to the tool, offering users more creative options for their image generation.

💡Blur Slider

The Blur Slider is a feature within the AI Generator that allows users to adjust the level of blur in the generated images. The video demonstrates how using the Blur Slider can enhance image quality, making them appear crisper and more defined.

💡Predefined Styles

Predefined Styles are preset options within the AI Generator that apply specific visual styles to the generated images. The video mentions several new and efficient styles, such as 'retro mascot clip art' and 'watercolor', which are designed to quickly achieve a particular aesthetic.

💡Print on Demand

Print on Demand is a business model where products are only produced when a customer orders them, minimizing the need for inventory. The video suggests that the improved image quality from the AI Generator can be utilized for print on demand products like phone cases and mouse pads.

💡Digital Products

Digital Products are intangible goods that can be distributed electronically. The video discusses how the AI Generator can be used to create digital products such as custom backgrounds for sale on online marketplaces or unique graphics for social media posts.

💡Digital Assets

Digital Assets are online resources like images, videos, or documents used for various purposes like marketing, content creation, or website design. The video highlights the AI Generator's ability to create consistent and styled digital assets, which can be used for social media, websites, or even in e-books.


KD AI's image generator has undergone a massive upgrade to version 2.0, offering highly detailed images and new capabilities.

The new version can understand long detailed prompts, which improves the quality of the generated images.

Text support within images is now available, with the AI correctly spelling and incorporating text into the generated scenes.

New aspect ratios and KD Styles have been introduced, allowing for more creative flexibility.

The AI now works better with longer, more detailed prompts, enhancing the overall image generation process.

An example prompt generated a detailed image of a girl shopping in a street market with a black cat and hanging lights.

The AI accurately depicted a scene with Iceland style mountains, lush green moss, snowy caps, a giant waterfall, and black stone at the bottom.

A vintage scroll with a banner style, made in 1921, was created with acanthus leaves and dark brown and orange colors, demonstrating the AI's attention to detail.

The AI generated a complex image of a cute fox holding a 'Happy Birthday' banner with retro style letters and rich fall season colors.

A new feature allows users to adjust the aspect ratio of the generated images, creating different sizes for various applications.

An example of a skeleton skateboarding near an ocean with a Ferris wheel in the background showcases the AI's ability to handle complex and detailed prompts.

A grainy rainbow background in pastel colors was created, demonstrating the AI's ability to generate textured and artistic images.

The AI's consistency and accuracy make it easier to create specific sets of products in the same style, such as for print on demand services.

Digital products, such as custom backgrounds for sale on online marketplaces, are now more feasible due to the improved image quality.

The upgraded AI can be used to create digital assets for social media posts, website banners, and other online graphics.

The AI's capabilities can be utilized to create custom scenes for digital products like printable coloring books for children.

KD AI's new presets are highly efficient and can depict styles from old cartoon mascots to elegant high-end style animal paintings.

Access to the new image generator is available by logging into KD, with V2 set as the default engine for improved performance.

Users can still choose to use the previous AI model if they prefer, by selecting 'Image Gen V1' through the settings.

The upgraded version of KD AI is expected to make the design process more efficient and expand the possibilities for creators.