These ChatGPT, DALL-E Prompts Create AWESOME Logos with Words

20 Oct 202309:55

TLDRThe video script introduces the capability of Chat GPT and Dolly to generate full-word company logos, a feature previously unavailable. The video shares various prompts that viewers can use to create logos, including prompt generators for additional options. It demonstrates the process of refining prompts for better results and offers tips on how to use Dolly to improve image generation. Despite high demand and slow service, the video showcases the potential of these tools for designing logos and encourages viewers to experiment with the provided prompts.


  • 💻 The integration of ChatGPT and DALL·E has made it possible to generate logos with accompanying text, a capability not widely available in previous apps.
  • 💡 Several prompts are shared for generating visually appealing logos with text using ChatGPT and DALL·E, along with prompt generators for further customization.
  • 📖 The video contains exclusive prompts not available through linked resources, encouraging viewers to experiment and find what works best for them.
  • 🔎 A specific example provided includes creating an eSports neon logo of a mule with purple headphones, demonstrating the detailed and customized outcomes possible.
  • 🖊 The process involves iterative refinement, where viewers can use additional suggested prompts if initial results don’t meet expectations.
  • 📚 Logo prompt generators are introduced, enabling viewers to input desired subjects and styles for personalized logo creation.
  • 📝 Tips are given on how to adjust prompts to improve results, such as removing or changing certain words for better accuracy in the generated images.
  • 📌 A method is shown for querying ChatGPT with an image generated by DALL·E to understand the prompt used, aiding in further customization and refinement.
  • 📷 The script emphasizes the capability of generating logos with text directly underneath, a specific request that has seen improved success rates.
  • 👨‍💻 For troubleshooting and enhancing outputs, viewers are encouraged to manually adjust and re-input prompts based on DALL·E's performance and the high demand it experiences.
  • 📢 The video concludes by showcasing a wide variety of successful logo prompts and the corresponding images, inviting viewers to try them and share their favorites.

Q & A

  • What was the main challenge in generating company logos with full words before the advent of chat GPT and Dolly?

    -The main challenge was that there were very few apps that could generate full words, making it difficult to create company logos with the actual company name beneath the logo.

  • How does the video demonstrate the capability of chat GPT and Dolly in generating logos?

    -The video shows various prompts that can be used with chat GPT and Dolly to generate impressive-looking logos, including examples of Esports neon logos and futuristic style neon elements.

  • What is the purpose of the prompt generators shared in the video?

    -The prompt generators are designed to provide users with a variety of prompts that can be used to create specific AI images with Dolly, allowing for customization and experimentation to achieve desired results.

  • How can users refine the prompts to get better logo results?

    -Users can refine the prompts by changing certain words or characteristics, removing or adding elements as needed, and experimenting with different combinations until they achieve the desired logo.

  • What is the significance of the 'Apologize for the inconvenience' message experienced during the video?

    -The message indicates that chat GPT and Dolly are experiencing high demand, which may slow down the generation process but does not prevent the users from generating and sharing prompts and images.

  • How can users utilize the generated images further?

    -Users can download the generated images and use them for various purposes, such as company logos or stickers. They can also use image editing tools like Photoshop or Canva to refine the images further.

  • What is the process for generating a similar image to a previously created one?

    -Users can upload the previously created image and ask chat GPT to generate prompts that would create a similar image. They can then use these prompts with Dolly to generate new variations.

  • How does the video suggest improving the text generation aspect of the logos?

    -The video suggests that if the text is not generated correctly, users can simply remove or change the problematic words in the prompt and try generating the image again for better results.

  • What is the role of Dolly in the logo generation process?

    -Dolly plays a crucial role in the logo generation process by interpreting the prompts and creating the visual images based on the user's instructions and desired style.

  • How can users ensure they get the best results from chat GPT and Dolly?

    -Users can ensure the best results by experimenting with different prompts, adjusting the style and subject matter, and utilizing the provided generators and editing tools to refine the logos to their liking.



🌟 Introducing Advanced Logo Generation with AI

This paragraph introduces the capability of AI, specifically chat GPT and Dolly, to generate company logos with full words. It highlights the innovation in logo creation and mentions a video showcasing various prompts that can be used. The speaker shares their experience with the AI's performance and provides a method for viewers to try these prompts and share their feedback. The paragraph emphasizes the practical application of AI in designing logos and offers a resource through clickable links in the description for more prompts.


📝 Exploring Prompts and Techniques for Logo Design

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of using AI-generated prompts for designing logos. It discusses the process of refining prompts, testing different options, and achieving desired results. The speaker demonstrates how to use a generated image to create a similar prompt and iterates on the process to improve outcomes. This section also touches on the challenges of high demand and slow response times due to the popularity of the AI tools, but remains optimistic about their potential for creating customized logos.



💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI language model mentioned in the video that can generate text based on given prompts. It is used to create company logos with full words, as demonstrated in the video. The term is central to the video's theme of using AI for design purposes.


Dolly is an AI tool that works in conjunction with Chat GPT to generate images based on textual prompts. It is highlighted in the video as a means to produce visual content, such as logos, that incorporate text elements. Dolly is integral to the video's demonstration of AI-assisted logo creation.

💡Company Logo

A company logo is a graphical representation or symbol of a company's identity, often including the company's name in a stylized form. In the context of the video, logos are created using AI tools like Chat GPT and Dolly, combining text and imagery to represent a brand.


Prompts are input text or statements given to AI models like Chat GPT to generate specific outputs, such as text or images. In the video, prompts are used to instruct the AI to create particular types of logos with associated text.


Esports refers to competitive video gaming, where players participate in organized tournaments and events. In the video, esports is used as a theme for logo generation, showcasing how AI can cater to specific industry needs.

💡Neon Logo

A neon logo is a visual design that mimics the glowing effect of neon lights, often used for a modern and futuristic aesthetic. The video demonstrates the creation of neon-style logos using AI, indicating a trend in logo design.

💡Logo Prompt Generator

A logo prompt generator is a tool or method that helps create textual prompts for AI to generate logos. The video introduces the concept of using such generators to produce a variety of logo designs by changing the subject and style in the prompt.

💡Image Generation

Image generation is the process of creating visual content using AI, where the AI produces images based on textual descriptions or prompts. The video focuses on image generation for logo design, showcasing the capabilities of AI in this domain.

💡Textual Prompt

A textual prompt is a written input provided to an AI system to guide its output. In the context of the video, textual prompts are used to instruct AI in creating logos with specific text and design elements.

💡AI Image Creation

AI image creation refers to the process where artificial intelligence is used to generate visual content. The video showcases AI image creation in the context of designing logos, highlighting the technology's potential in the creative field.


The emergence of apps capable of generating full words in logos, marking a significant advancement in logo design technology.

The combination of chat GPT and Dolly enabling the creation of visually appealing logos with full words, which was not possible before.

The video shares a multitude of prompts that can be used to generate various logos, providing a resource for viewers to explore.

The importance of experimenting with different prompts to find the best results in logo generation.

The example of an Esports neon logo of a mule with purple headphones, showcasing the capabilities of the technology.

The concept of using prompt generators to create customized logo designs by replacing certain words in the prompt.

The ability to refine and improve logo designs by iterating through different prompts and variations.

The use of Dolly to enhance and modify existing images to better fit the desired outcome.

The strategy of uploading a generated image to chat GPT to receive a prompt that can recreate a similar image.

The potential of AI in providing a series of prompts to improve upon an initial design, allowing for a more tailored and personalized final product.

The example of a futuristic style neon logo for a cutting-edge company, demonstrating the versatility of the technology in creating different styles.

The effectiveness of simple and segmented prompts in achieving high success rates in logo generation.

The practical application of the technology in creating stickers with intricate designs, such as mythical dragons and flaming swords.

The acknowledgment of high demand and traffic on chat GPT and Dolly, indicating the popularity and widespread interest in this technology.

The video's aim to provide viewers with the tools and knowledge to explore and utilize the technology on their own, encouraging personal experimentation and creativity.