Trump's Miserable in Court, Majority of Men Think He Respects Women & Deranged Governor Shoots Puppy

Jimmy Kimmel Live
29 Apr 202413:40

TLDRIn a biting late-night talk show segment, the host humorously recaps current events, focusing on Donald Trump's hush money trial and his struggles to stay silent in court, leading to a quip about his potential future in prison. The narrative shifts to a bizarre gathering with Ron DeSantis, mocking their political maneuvers. The episode also critiques other politicians, notably South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who shockingly admits to shooting a puppy and a goat, triggering a PR nightmare. The script uses sharp satire to highlight the absurdities of political and celebrity behaviors, intertwining commentary on societal issues with caustic wit.


  • πŸ˜‚ Donald Trump's hush money trial is ongoing, with him allegedly being miserable in court.
  • πŸ˜‚ Trump's friend mentioned that sitting quietly is a horrible experience for him, possibly hinting at future prison time.
  • πŸ˜‚ Trump awkwardly wished his wife Melania a happy birthday outside the courtroom, where he's facing trial for paying off a porn star.
  • πŸ˜‚ Trump met with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, possibly indicating support for his potential 2028 presidential run.
  • πŸ˜‚ Eric Trump's comments about theft at drugstores reveal his disconnect from everyday life.
  • πŸ˜‚ Trump is positioning RFK Jr. as a left-winger to potentially siphon off the anti-vaxxer vote.
  • πŸ˜‚ Boxer Ryan Garcia made an unexpected appearance at Mar-a-Lago, showing support for Trump.
  • πŸ˜‚ South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem faces backlash after admitting to shooting her puppy and goat.
  • πŸ˜‚ Despite speculation, it's unlikely that Trump would choose Noem as his running mate due to her controversial actions.
  • πŸ˜‚ A surprising poll reveals that a majority of men believe Trump respects women, contrasting sharply with public perception.

Q & A

  • Why does the host mention Donald Trump has been miserable in court?

    -The host mentions that Donald Trump has been miserable in court because he dislikes having to sit silently and not be the center of attention, which is contrary to his usual persona.

  • What significant event concerning Trump was mentioned to have occurred outside the court?

    -The host humorously notes that Trump used the opportunity outside the court to wish his wife Melania a happy birthday, which he found oddly timed given the context of a hush money trial related to a payment to a porn star.

  • What did Eric Trump complain about during his appearance on a news channel?

    -Eric Trump complained about theft being so prevalent in New York that items like skin lotion need to be locked behind plexiglass in stores, which he used as a criticism of the local governance and crime rate.

  • How is South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem portrayed in the script?

    -Governor Kristi Noem is portrayed negatively due to a controversial personal anecdote she shared in her memoir about having to shoot her family's aggressive puppy, which is seen as a public relations disaster.

  • What point does the host make about the New York Times poll regarding Trump and women?

    -The host highlights a poll that reveals a disparity in perceptions of Trump's respect for women, where 54% of men think he respects women while only 31% of women agree, suggesting a significant gender gap in perceptions of Trump's behavior towards women.

  • What does the interaction about Beth and respecting women reveal about the speaker?

    -The interaction reveals that the speaker has a personal history with someone named Beth who accused him of misunderstanding what it means to respect women. It's used as a comedic device to critique his claims of being a feminist.

  • Why does the script mention Trump's possible desire for a female running mate?

    -The script suggests Trump might benefit from choosing a female running mate to improve his appeal among female voters, given the low percentage of women who believe he respects women.

  • What critique does the host offer about Governor Noem's team's handling of her memoir's controversial content?

    -The host criticizes Governor Noem's team for failing to prevent her from sharing a sensitive story about shooting a puppy and a goat, questioning the advisability and political wisdom of including such anecdotes in her memoir.

  • What humorous comparison does the host make about a meeting between Trump and Ron DeSantis?

    -The host humorously imagines Ron DeSantis leaving a meeting with Trump covered in body bronzer, playing on the physical comedy of such a scenario and the closeness of their political alignment.

  • How does the host use the theme of 'respecting women' to critique the characters discussed in the script?

    -The host uses the theme as a satirical tool to challenge the sincerity and credibility of the characters' statements about respecting women, highlighting contradictions and absurdities in their public personas and actions.



🎒 Solo Disneyland Adventure and Trump's Court Struggles

The host shares a personal story of visiting Disneyland alone and sending pictures to his children. The conversation shifts to Donald Trump's ongoing hush money trial, highlighting Trump's discomfort with being silent in court and making a humorous connection to how he might handle prison. The script captures Trump wishing his wife a public happy birthday outside the courtroom, drawing attention to the irony of the situation. It also mentions Trump's calls for public support at the trial, juxtaposing his personal challenges with a light-hearted recounting of other events.


🏈 NFL Draft Highlights and Political Memoir Controversies

The paragraph dives into the NFL draft, focusing on standout moments and the personal styles of drafted players. It then transitions to a political controversy involving South Dakota Governor Christy Noem, who wrote a memoir revealing she had shot her aggressive family dog, which sparks outrage and skepticism about her judgment. The script humorously critiques her decision to share such a disturbing story publicly and ponders the potential impact on her political ambitions, especially as a potential vice presidential candidate.


πŸ“– Missteps in Feminism and Personal Scandals in Politics

This paragraph portrays a comedic yet critical view on feminism and respect for women, intertwined with personal scandals and political gaffes. It features a fictitious host's awkward attempts to affirm his respect for women, juxtaposed with misinterpreted gestures and comical references to pop culture and personal anecdotes. The script highlights the complexity and sometimes the absurdity of public figures trying to align with feminist ideals, all while navigating their own flawed personal narratives and public expectations.



πŸ’‘Donald Trump

Donald Trump, a former U.S. President, is a central figure in the video script, particularly highlighted for his ongoing legal troubles and public behavior. The video describes Trump as facing a trial related to hush money payments and portrays his frustration with having to remain silent in court. This scenario underscores the broader theme of the video, which satirizes political figures and their often controversial or ironic situations.


The term 'courtroom' is used to describe the setting where legal proceedings against Donald Trump are taking place. The script emphasizes Trump's discomfort with being quiet and passive in this environment, highlighting a stark contrast to his usual public persona. This setting is crucial as it symbolizes the legal scrutiny and potential consequences that prominent figures like Trump face.

πŸ’‘R trial

The 'R trial' mentioned in the video likely refers to a fictitious or coded term for a real legal proceeding, perhaps used here to avoid direct references to specific legal cases for comedic or legal sensitivity reasons. It's used to satirize the gravity with which political figures sometimes treat relatively mundane or personal issues.

πŸ’‘Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis, mentioned as meeting with Donald Trump, is a political figure whose interactions with Trump are depicted humorously in the script. DeSantis's portrayal as covered in 'Trump's body bronzer' after a meeting is used to illustrate the often-absurd depth of political alliances and the lengths individuals go to secure political favor.

πŸ’‘Eric Trump

Eric Trump is portrayed in the script as being somewhat out of touch with everyday experiences, illustrated by his comments about skin lotion being locked behind plexiglass. This serves to emphasize the perceived disconnect between the Trump family and average citizens, highlighting themes of privilege and isolation.

πŸ’‘skin lotion

In the video, 'skin lotion' is used as a symbol of everyday items that have become inaccessible due to security measures in stores, which Eric Trump complains about. This item is used to satirize the complaints of the wealthy about minor inconveniences, contrasting them with more significant societal issues.

πŸ’‘Christy Noem

Christy Noem is discussed in a controversial context where she admits to having shot a puppy. This narrative in the script is used to critique her judgment and the way political memoirs are sometimes tone-deaf or poorly received by the public, which can lead to PR disasters.


The 'puppy' that Christy Noem admits to shooting represents a shocking element in the script, meant to highlight the extreme and sometimes bizarre actions of political figures. This act is used to question her suitability for higher political roles and satirize the personal stories that politicians choose to share publicly.

πŸ’‘NFL draft

The NFL draft is mentioned as a counterpoint to the political and celebrity narratives, introducing a more relatable and popular cultural event. It's used to juxtapose the personal achievements of athletes with the often less flattering portrayals of politicians, highlighting different types of public figures.

πŸ’‘respect for women

This concept is critically explored in the script through a satirical look at public perceptions of Donald Trump's respect for women, juxtaposed with a fictional character's exaggerated claims of respecting women. It serves to critique the discrepancy between public persona and private actions among political figures.


Trump's hush money trial in New York is in its third week.

Trump's friend says he's miserable in court.

Trump wished Melania a happy birthday outside the courthouse.

Eric Trump complains about the $130,000 payment issue.

Trump met with Ron DeSantis in Miami.

Trump's sons are not helping him much.

Trump criticizes RFK Jr. as a left-winger to siphon antivaxer votes.

Ryan Garcia, a boxer, showed up at Mar-a-Lago.

Christy Gnome, South Dakota Governor, wrote about shooting her dog in her memoir.

A majority of men believe Trump respects women, according to a poll.

Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo discuss respecting women.

Kimmel mentions his ex, Beth, in the conversation.

The conversation drifts to basketball and movies.

Kimmel jokes about respecting women from a distance.

Kimmel humorously mentions his love for Barbie and women's basketball.