Urban Street Style Hoodie Design with Graffiti Art

дизайн худи

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дизайн худи
Model: superAnime
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Glossy 4k airbrush oil ink painting of an Indonesian guy wearing a backward ball cap in hip-hop style, cargo trousers, Nike Jordan 6 shoes, standing in the middle with his hands folded against a background filled with neon graffiti. The graffiti contains eye-catching words such as "PROMPT AI" and "OWEN" in a spray-painted font. confident and cool attitude. perfectly capturing the essence of urban graffiti art.
A design of Hoodie with detached Hijab.
design hoodie with a drawn snarling bear
Write "Kacey" in street art style and air brush art on a black background with paint dripping sticker
Long black hair, white skin, black hoodie zip open, black sports bikini, sunny day, black cap, graffiti corridor
anime 2d art style, girl, long brown hair, ponytail, purple tomboy clothes, purple hoodie, pants and cap, being cute
anime 2d art style, girl, short white hair, ponytail, black tomboy clothes, black hoodie, pants, trying to hide large breasts
Prompt  A captivating abstract and conceptual work of art of a vibrant hot girl , with colors that mix from front to back. The girls face is a dynamic representation and in layers of colors, starting with a mixture of intense orange and cyan on the front. The colors change to a cold gray and finally warm up until it becomes a mixture of orange and pink on the back. The painting incorporates graffiti-inspired brushstrokes, creating an energetic and lively atmosphere. The general atmosphere of painting is conceptual art, with a touch of urban street art.

Prompt Analyze

  • Subject: The subject of the image is a hoodie design, which suggests a focus on clothing and fashion. Setting: The setting is an urban street scene, characterized by graffiti-covered walls and a gritty atmosphere. This setting adds an edgy and contemporary vibe to the hoodie design. Style/Coloring: The style of the hoodie design is urban and modern, with bold and vibrant colors. The graffiti art on the hoodie adds an element of street culture and individuality. Action/Items: The main action is showcasing the hoodie design, with perhaps a model or mannequin wearing it. Additional items could include spray paint cans or other street art tools to enhance the urban theme. Costume/Appearance: The appearance of the hoodie design is casual and streetwear-inspired, with a relaxed fit and comfortable fabric. It may feature unique design elements such as oversized pockets or hood details. Accessories: Accessories could include urban-inspired jewelry or sunglasses to complement the hoodie design and complete the street style look.