A Beginner's Guide to Using MidJourney for AI-Generated Image Creation

Author: Vedant Singh ThakurTime: 2023-12-28 09:40:00

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Introduction to MidJourney: A New AI Art Generation Tool

MidJourney is an exciting new AI art generation tool that allows users to create original images simply by entering text prompts. With advanced neural networks, MidJourney can generate photorealistic scenes, illustrations, logos, textures, and more based on the descriptions provided.

In just the past year since its launch, MidJourney has exploded in popularity within creative and tech circles for its impressive image generation capabilities. The AI models powering MidJourney have been trained on millions of images and pieces of artwork, allowing it to render striking visuals that match a wide range of artistic styles and themes.

In this article, we'll provide an in-depth walkthrough of MidJourney covering how to sign up, navigate the interface, generate custom AI artworks, and leverage resources to create the best images possible.

What is MidJourney?

MidJourney is an artificial intelligence system focused solely on image generation. Developed by researchers and engineers at Anthropic, it utilizes a type of AI model called a diffusion model to create images. Diffusion models work by starting with random noise and gradually transforming that noise into an image through hundreds of processing steps. This allows the model to render increasingly coherent and realistic images over time based on the text prompt provided by the user. MidJourney has been trained on a massive dataset of both text captions and images scraped from the internet. As a result, it has learned deep connections between language and visual concepts. When prompted with a text description, MidJourney can now generate corresponding images that match the provided details.

How to Sign Up for MidJourney

Getting access to MidJourney is simple. Just go to the MidJourney website and click on “Get Started.” You'll then be prompted to connect your Discord account. After logging into your Discord, you can choose one of the pricing plans to subscribe to MidJourney. Options range from $10 per month for basic access up to $600 per month for the Pro plan. That’s all it takes to gain access! Once subscribed, you’ll get an invite to the MidJourney Discord server where the magic happens. So let’s explore what you can do inside that server.

Navigating the MidJourney Discord Server

The MidJourney interface exists entirely within Discord. After subscribing and getting access to the server, you’ll see different channels for various purposes.

For new users, focus on the #newbies and #showcase-your-work channels. #newbies is where you’ll generate your first images. #showcase-your-work is where MidJourney posts examples of images people have created to spark inspiration.

Other channels cover specific themes like philosophy and support. Spend some time browsing different channels to understand how the community uses MidJourney and gets value from the platform.

Generating Images with MidJourney

Entering Image Prompts

To generate an image with MidJourney, type /imagine followed by a detailed text description of what you want the AI to render. For example: /imagine a fantastical landscape with rainbow waterfalls and flying islands, trending on artstation. That will cue MidJourney to create a magical landscape scene. You can prompt it to generate nearly any type of image like characters, animals, logos, textures, diagrams, and more. The key is providing enough descriptive details so the AI understands exactly what to depict. Under your prompt, MidJourney will show a progress bar as four images labeled U1, U2, U3, and V1 are generated. U stands for upscaled variants while V stands for additional variations. This gives you multiple image options to choose from to find the visualization you like best.

Upscaling and Varying Images

If you like one of the images MidJourney generates, you can upscale it to create a larger, higher resolution version with more detail. Simply click the U1, U2, or U3 label below that image. MidJourney will then re-render the image at a larger size. You can upscale multiple times, though each upscaling pass takes longer to process. Alternatively, click the V1 label to have MidJourney generate new variations on that image while keeping the overall theme and composition similar. This allows you to iterate rapidly to fine-tune the final visuals.

Regenerating Images

Don’t worry if your initial images don’t quite match what you envisioned. You can always trigger MidJourney to generate completely new images from scratch. Simply type /imagine again with an edited prompt. Change the wording to better describe the visuals you want. Or add/remove details to steer the AI in a different direction. With experimentation, you’ll get a feel for how to craft prompts that produce images closely matching what you intended. Expect an iterative process – but when it works, MidJourney can produce breathtaking images.

Finding Your Previously Created Images

Using the Inbox and Mentions

With so much activity happening inside the MidJourney Discord, you may struggle to find images you previously generated, especially if you didn’t save them immediately. Fortunately, there are tools to track down your past MidJourney creations. Start by looking under the Inbox and Mentions tabs in Discord. MidJourney automatically saves all images you generate or interact with here. So if you upscaled an image a week ago but forgot to save it, check your Inbox and Mentions history. You should be able find that upscaled version and this time save it so it doesn’t get lost again.

Leveraging Resources to Improve Prompts

Crafting the perfect text prompt is critical for MidJourney to generate what you actually imagined. Fortunately, there are resources to help formulate better prompts.

One invaluable resource is the Prompt Book which contains hundreds of prompt templates organized by genres like landscapes, anime, sci-fi, textures, famous artists, and more. You can mix and match elements from multiple templates to describe exactly what you want MidJourney to create.

The MidJourney channel itself is another great resource for prompt inspiration. Look at what detailed descriptions other users provide for stunning images. Note how adding constraints around styles, composition, mood etc. leads to more targeted results.

With some research into prompting best practices, you'll be able to reliably create professional-grade custom images showcasing your creative vision.

Conclusion and Next Steps

As this walkthrough demonstrated, MidJourney is a phenomenally powerful platform for generating custom AI artworks. With thoughtful prompting and some experimentation, you can produce photorealistic scenes, stunning illustrations, creative designs, and much more.

We only scratched the surface of what’s possible with MidJourney here. To fully appreciate its capabilities, spend time in the Discord playing with different prompts and upscaling techniques. React to images others have posted to spark new ideas you can recreate.

Finally, consider upgrading to a paid subscription tier. The additional generation capacity and features like 4K upscaling unlock MidJourney’s full potential for creating professional graphics and artwork well-suited for blogs, videos, presentations, NFTs, merchandising, and beyond. The possibilities are endless!


Q: How much does MidJourney cost to use?
A: MidJourney offers subscription tiers ranging from $10 per month up to $60 per month, depending on usage needs.

Q: What devices and apps do I need to use MidJourney?
A: You need a device with Discord installed to access MidJourney, as it is Discord-based. No other special apps are required.

Q: Can I reuse MidJourney images elsewhere?
A: You own any images you generate with MidJourney and can reuse them for personal or commercial use per MidJourney's terms.

Q: What happens if I lose track of images I've created?
A: You can find previously created images in your Discord inbox under the mentions tab even if you lose track of them elsewhere.

Q: How do I improve the quality of my MidJourney prompts?
A: Resources like prompt style guides can help you craft better prompts that yield improved images from MidJourney.

Q: Can MidJourney violate copyright with its images?
A: No, the AI generates fully new images so there is no copyright issue with anything produced by MidJourney.

Q: What concepts is MidJourney best at depicting?
A: MidJourney excels at creative, fictional depictions ranging from sci-fi to anime and more abstract artsy styles of imagery.

Q: Does MidJourney have size or format limitations on images?
A: No strict limits - you can upscale images to increase resolution and size. Any standard image format like JPG, PNG, etc. is supported.

Q: Can I sell items featuring images made with MidJourney?
A: Yes, you retain commercial rights over MidJourney-generated images and can sell items featuring them if you choose.

Q: Will MidJourney eventually offer mobile app access?
A: While mobile access is still in beta, MidJourney has indicated plans to launch mobile apps in the future for iOS and Android.

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