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14 Jul 202307:43

TLDRThis video tutorial demonstrates how to use AI tools like 'MJ' application and Discord bots to change your face to any desired avatar, bringing a virtual transformation to life. It guides through setting up a server, adding bots, uploading high-quality photos, and generating images with personalized avatars. The video also showcases advanced features like 'Zoom Out and Zoom In' for detailed adjustments and encourages users to explore the creative possibilities of these tools.


  • 🎥 The video introduces a method to change any face to any avatar using AI tools, akin to the game 'The Sims'.
  • 🤖 The 'MJ' application is a popular AI tool that now features a new 'face replacement' capability.
  • 🔗 Setup begins by creating a Discord server and adding the 'InsightFaceSwap' bot to the server for face recognition and swapping.
  • 📸 High-quality photos are crucial for the success of face swapping to ensure the bot accurately recognizes and uses the user's face.
  • 👾 After adding the 'InsightFaceBot', the 'MJ Bot' is also added to generate pictures based on prompts.
  • 📝 Users can input various prompts to generate images, with the face replacement occurring through the 'INSwapper' application.
  • 🎨 The 'MJ' application favors generating portraits where the eyes are not directly facing the camera for more realistic results.
  • 🔄 If the initial photo is unsatisfactory, users can upload a new photo by using the 'saveid' command and selecting the new image.
  • 🌐 The video also showcases additional features in 'MJ', such as 'Zoom Out' and 'Zoom In', to adjust the focus and distance of the image.
  • 📹 The process enables users to change their avatars quickly and easily, offering a new level of personalization in virtual life.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is teaching viewers how to change any face to any avatar using AI tools, specifically the 'MJ' application and its face replacement feature.

  • What is the 'MJ' application mentioned in the video?

    -The 'MJ' application is a popular AI tool that includes a new 'face replacement' feature, allowing users to put their own face on any character or image.

  • How does the video mention the process of setting up the 'MJ' application?

    -To set up the 'MJ' application, the video instructs viewers to go to Discord, create their own server, add the 'InsightFaceSwap' bot to the server, and upload a high-quality photo of their face.

  • Why is the quality of the uploaded photo important?

    -The quality of the uploaded photo is crucial because a low-quality image may not be recognized or processed correctly by the AI bot, resulting in a poor face replacement outcome.

  • What is the 'InsightFaceBot' and how is it used in the process?

    -'InsightFaceBot' is a bot that replaces faces in images. It is added to the server and used in conjunction with the 'MJ' bot to generate pictures with the user's face on various avatars.

  • What is the significance of the 'Zoom Out and Zoom In' feature in the 'MJ' application?

    -The 'Zoom Out and Zoom In' feature allows users to adjust the focus of the generated image, either bringing a subject closer or moving it further away, providing more control over the final composition.

  • How can users update or change the face used in the 'MJ' application?

    -To update or change the face, users need to use the '/saveid' command again and upload a new high-quality photo of their face, which will then be used for subsequent face replacements.

  • What kind of results can be achieved with the 'MJ' application?

    -The 'MJ' application can produce realistic and hyperrealistic avatars, where the user's face can be placed on various characters or images, such as portraits, cinematic scenes, or even astronaut and girl avatars.

  • How does the video suggest using the 'MJ' application to explore different avatars?

    -The video suggests using the 'MJ' application to generate different avatars by providing various prompts and using the 'INSwapper' to replace the face in the images with the user's own, allowing for daily changes and experimentation.

  • What is the final recommendation the video makes to viewers?

    -The video recommends that viewers share the knowledge and techniques they've learned with friends, so they too can enjoy the capabilities of the 'MJ' application and change their avatars as desired.



🎨 Avatar Transformation with AI Tools

This paragraph introduces the concept of using AI tools to change one's face to any desired avatar, akin to the video game 'The Sims'. The video aims to teach viewers how to personalize their virtual appearance daily. It begins by mentioning the necessity of the 'MJ' application, a popular AI tool with a new 'face replacement' feature. The setup process involves using Discord to create a server and add a bot from 'InsightFaceSwap'. The importance of photo quality is emphasized for accurate face recognition and replacement. The paragraph concludes with a demonstration of how the bot works by uploading a photo and showing the bot's capability to remember and replace faces in images.


🌟 Enhancing Realism and Customization

This paragraph delves into the nuances of using the AI tools for realistic avatar transformation. It explains how the tools can adapt to different scenarios, such as turning the face sideways, and the impact of photo quality on the outcome. The paragraph also discusses the process of changing the reference photo if the initial one is not satisfactory. Furthermore, it explores the option of superimposing one's face onto existing images or internet-found photos. The section concludes with an introduction to new 'MJ' features like 'Zoom Out' and 'Zoom In' for additional customization and control over the generated images, enhancing the user's ability to create and modify avatars as desired.



💡face replacement

The term 'face replacement' refers to the process of digitally substituting a person's face with another in a photograph or video. In the context of the video, this technology is used to superimpose the user's face onto various avatars or characters, allowing for personalized and creative expression in a virtual environment. The script describes using the 'MJ' application and 'InsightFaceSwap' bot to facilitate this process, with an emphasis on the importance of high-quality photos for accurate face replacement.


An 'avatar' is a digital representation of a person, often used as a profile picture or character in virtual environments. In the video, avatars are the characters or templates that the user can customize with their own face using the face replacement technology. The concept of avatars is central to the video's theme of personalizing one's virtual identity and exploring different appearances and personas.

💡MJ application

The 'MJ' application is an AI tool mentioned in the video that enables users to generate images and manipulate visual content. Specifically, it has a 'face replacement' feature that is integral to the process of changing one's face in different avatars. The application is used in conjunction with other tools, such as the 'InsightFaceSwap' bot, to achieve the desired outcome.


Discord is a communication platform that allows users to create and join servers for various purposes, including gaming, communities, and more. In the video, Discord is used as a platform to add and manage bots, such as the 'InsightFaceSwap' bot and the 'MJ' bot, which are necessary for the face replacement process.


InsightFaceSwap is a bot or tool mentioned in the video that specializes in face-swapping technology. It is added to the Discord server and used in combination with the 'MJ' application to replace faces in images with the user's own face. This tool is crucial for the face replacement process, as it recognizes and processes the user's face for subsequent image manipulation.


Web3nity, as mentioned in the video, seems to be a concept or platform related to the future of the internet, possibly involving blockchain or decentralized technologies. While not explicitly defined in the script, it could be a play on words combining 'web' and 'unity', suggesting a unified digital environment. The term is used to frame the video's content within a broader context of technological advancement and innovation.


In the context of the video, a 'prompt' refers to the input or description given to the 'MJ' application to generate a specific image or avatar. The prompt guides the AI in creating the desired visual output, such as a 'Barbie woman' or a 'cinematic' portrait. The effectiveness of the prompt directly influences the quality and accuracy of the generated images.


The term 'upscale' in the video refers to the process of enhancing the quality or resolution of an image. In the context of the 'MJ' application, 'upscaling' is used to improve the selected image options, making them clearer and more detailed. This is important for achieving a realistic face replacement, as higher quality images allow for better detail and accuracy in the final result.

💡Zoom Out and Zoom In

These terms refer to the functionalities that allow users to adjust the focus or view of an image, either by getting closer (zooming in) or moving further away (zooming out) from the subject. In the video, 'Zoom Out' and 'Zoom In' are new features added to the 'MJ' application, enabling users to manipulate the perspective and composition of their generated images, creating different visual effects and focal points.


The term 'realistic' in the video describes the quality of the generated images or avatars, indicating how closely they resemble real-life appearances. The goal is to create avatars that look convincingly lifelike, which requires careful selection of prompts, image quality, and manipulation of the generated content. Achieving a realistic look is central to the video's theme of merging one's identity with various virtual characters.


The 'saveid' command is a function used within the Discord server to store the user's face data after uploading a photo. This command is essential for the face replacement process, as it allows the 'InsightFaceSwap' bot to recognize and use the user's face in subsequent image manipulations. The 'saveid' command is a critical step in setting up the face replacement, ensuring that the user's face is accurately captured and can be applied to different avatars.


The video teaches how to change any face to any avatar, offering a versatile and personalized experience.

The process is compared to the popular game 'The Sims', where users can customize their characters.

The video introduces the 'MJ' application, an AI tool with a new 'face replacement' feature.

Setting up the 'MJ' application involves creating a server on Discord for personalized use.

The 'InsightFaceSwap' site is used to add a bot that facilitates face replacement in the server.

High-quality photos are crucial for the bot to accurately replace faces in images.

The 'MJ Bot' is added to generate pictures based on user input and preferences.

Users can generate images with various prompts and modify them with 'upscale' options.

The 'INSwapper' tool is used to swap the user's face onto the generated images.

The video demonstrates the realistic results of face replacement with different avatars.

Users have the option to adjust the generated images with 'Zoom Out' and 'Zoom In' features for better focus.

The process allows for quick and easy daily changes of avatars to match personal preferences.

The video encourages sharing the technique with friends to explore the creative possibilities.

The 'MJ' application has been updated with additional features to enhance user experience.

The tutorial showcases the potential of AI in creating personalized and immersive virtual experiences.

The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to use the AI tools effectively.

The innovative method allows for experimentation with different avatar styles and settings.

The tutorial emphasizes the importance of photo quality for achieving realistic avatar customization.