4 EASIEST AI Side Hustles To Start In 2024 (Work From Home)

Joshua Mayo
7 Apr 202311:00

TLDRThis video outlines four easy AI-driven side hustles that can be started from home in 2024, potentially earning up to $34,000 per month. The first business involves selling stickers, with a case study of a seller on Etsy who has made over $1.1 million in three years. The process includes using AI tools like Mid-Journey for design and Chat GPT for ideas, followed by printing and shipping strategies. The second business is selling wedding invitations, which are simple to create with AI and can be customized in Photoshop or Photopea. The third is selling bookmarks, where AI designs are used and then printed on cardstock, with options for lamination and tassels as premium features. Lastly, selling planners can be a lucrative business, with AI-generated patterns used for print-on-demand services. The video encourages viewers to leverage free AI tools to start these businesses and change their financial situation.


  • πŸ’° You can potentially earn up to $34,000 per month by starting a simple AI-based business from home.
  • 🎨 Use a free AI program like 'mid-journey' to create unlimited copyright-free sticker designs from text descriptions.
  • πŸ“ˆ AI tool 'Chat GPT' can provide descriptive ideas for sticker designs when you're unsure of what to create.
  • πŸ›οΈ Sell your stickers through platforms like Etsy, either by printing and shipping them yourself or using a print-on-demand service.
  • πŸ–¨οΈ To print stickers at home, you'll need a regular printer, an electronic cutting machine, and sticker paper.
  • πŸ“¦ For shipping, use rigid mailers and print labels with Etsy's shipping label tool for a professional finish.
  • πŸ’Œ Include a packing slip with each order to maintain good customer service practices.
  • πŸ’’ AI can also create designs for wedding invitations, which can be a lucrative market on platforms like Etsy.
  • πŸ“š Bookmarks and planners are other high-potential items to sell online, with AI assistance in design making the process straightforward.
  • πŸ“ˆ Utilize print-on-demand services for larger products like planners to save time and effort, even if it means a smaller profit margin.
  • 🌟 Customization is key; allow customers to input personal details like names for invitations, ensuring a personal touch in your products.
  • πŸš€ Starting an AI side hustle requires creativity and the right tools, but with the right approach, it can lead to significant income.

Q & A

  • How much money can one potentially make per month by starting a simple AI-based business from home?

    -One can potentially make as much as thirty-four thousand dollars per month by starting a simple AI-based business from home.

  • What is the first business idea presented in the video, and what is the AI tool used for creating designs?

    -The first business idea presented is selling stickers. The AI tool used for creating sticker designs is called mid-journey, a text-to-image generator.

  • How many stickers has the mentioned Celeron Etsy seller sold since 2020, and what is their total earnings over the past three years?

    -The Celeron Etsy seller has sold over 196,000 stickers since 2020 and has earned over 1.1 million dollars in the past three years.

  • What is the AI tool that can provide descriptive ideas for sticker designs?

    -The AI tool that can provide descriptive ideas for sticker designs is called chat GPT.

  • How can one sell the designed stickers, and what are the two different ways mentioned in the video?

    -One can sell the designed stickers by using a print-on-demand company to print and ship the stickers, or by printing the stickers at home and shipping them personally.

  • What are the tools and materials needed to print and create stickers at home?

    -To print and create stickers at home, one needs a regular printer, an electronic cutting machine, and some cheap sticker paper.

  • What is the recommended method for shipping stickers to customers to ensure they don't bend during transit?

    -The recommended method for shipping stickers is using a rigid mailer, which can be purchased on Amazon for about 27 cents per mailer.

  • How much has a seller on Etsy earned by selling wedding invitations?

    -A seller on Etsy has earned over 1.5 million dollars by selling wedding invitations.

  • What is the AI tool that can be used to create custom wedding invitation designs?

    -The AI tool that can be used to create custom wedding invitation designs is mid-journey.

  • What is the process for editing out the AI-generated text on the wedding invitations to customize them for customers?

    -The process involves using Photoshop or a free alternative called Photopea to edit out the AI-generated text using the content-aware fill tool and then adding the customer's names using Canva.

  • How much has a seller on Etsy made by selling bookmarks, and what is the significance of this figure?

    -A seller on Etsy has made nearly eighty thousand dollars by selling bookmarks. This figure is significant as it represents a substantial income, especially if considered as a side hustle.

  • What is the potential of selling planners as a business, and how much has one seller earned from it?

    -Selling planners can potentially be a million-dollar business. One seller has earned close to one million dollars from selling planners on Etsy.

  • Why is using a print-on-demand service recommended for the planner business, despite the need to sacrifice some revenue?

    -Using a print-on-demand service is recommended for the planner business because it saves a significant amount of time and effort, making the process more efficient and manageable.



πŸ’Ό Starting a Profitable AI-Driven Sticker Business from Home

The video introduces the concept of starting a lucrative home-based business by selling stickers, which can generate substantial income. The speaker shares a success story of a seller on Etsy who made over $1.1 million in three years by selling stickers. To start this business, one needs to create sticker designs using a free AI program called mid-journey, which converts text prompts into images. The speaker demonstrates how to use mid-journey with prompts like 'cat playing video games' to generate unique designs. They also suggest using another AI, chat GPT, to generate ideas for sticker designs. Once designs are ready, the stickers can be sold either by printing them at home using a printer, an electronic cutting machine, and sticker paper, or by using a print-on-demand service. The video also covers the process of shipping the stickers to customers, including using a rigid mailer for protection and Etsy's shipping label tool for labels.


πŸ’ AI-Powered Wedding Invitations: A Successful Etsy Business Model

The second paragraph focuses on the potential of selling wedding invitations on Etsy, another profitable niche. The speaker cites an example of a seller who made over $1.5 million from this business. They explain how to use AI to create wedding invitation designs with mid-journey, which generates high-quality images from text prompts. The AI-generated designs can be edited in a program like Photoshop or a free alternative, photo P, to customize the text for individual customers. The speaker details the process of preparing the invitations for printing, suggesting the use of card stock from Amazon and a high-quality printer like the Epson ecotank Pro for professional results. They also discuss the importance of efficient printing for shipping labels and packing slips to manage a high volume of orders effectively.


πŸ“š Selling Bookmarks: A Creative and Profitable Side Hustle

The third paragraph explores the idea of selling bookmarks as a side hustle. The speaker highlights an Etsy seller who has made nearly $80,000 from selling bookmarks. They guide viewers on how to use mid-journey to create abstract bookmark designs and then use photo P to lay out the bookmarks on an A4 page for printing. The bookmarks can be made from textured cardstock or regular printing paper with lamination for a premium feel. The speaker also suggests enhancing the bookmarks with tassels and offering additional features like lamination to increase profits. They also touch on the possibility of offering these enhancements as upgrades to maximize revenue.

πŸ“’ Million-Dollar Planner Business Using AI and Print-on-Demand

The final paragraph discusses the lucrative business of selling planners, with an example of a seller who has made close to a million dollars. The speaker recommends using a print-on-demand service for this business to save time, despite the trade-off in revenue. They emphasize the importance of using AI to create appealing patterns for the planners, such as floral designs, which can be done by providing prompts to mid-journey. The speaker suggests that the process of turning AI-generated designs into actual planners would require a dedicated video, inviting viewers to request more information if interested. The video concludes with an encouraging message, expressing belief in the audience's ability to start any of the discussed businesses with the aid of AI.



πŸ’‘AI Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools refer to software or platforms that utilize machine learning and other AI techniques to accomplish specific tasks. In this video, 'MidJourney' and 'ChatGPT' are highlighted as free AI tools that can help individuals start businesses by generating creative content, like sticker designs and wedding invitations, based on simple prompts.


MidJourney is a free AI program that uses text-to-image generation to create visuals based on text descriptions. In this video, it's used to design stickers, wedding invitations, bookmarks, and planner patterns by typing in descriptive prompts like 'cat playing video games' or 'floral wedding invitations.'


ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that generates natural language responses. In the video, it's used to brainstorm ideas for sticker designs by prompting it with 'give me descriptive ideas for sticker designs,' enabling creators to come up with unique and varied sticker themes.


Stickers are small adhesive graphics that can be used for decoration or labeling. The video explains how to design and sell stickers using AI tools like MidJourney for design generation and ChatGPT for brainstorming, with examples such as 'cat playing video games' and 'fox reading a book.'


Print-on-demand refers to a business model where products like stickers and planners are only printed when an order is placed. This minimizes inventory costs. In the video, it's suggested as a way to handle production and shipping, particularly for those looking to sell stickers and planners.

πŸ’‘Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are custom cards that invite guests to a wedding. The video illustrates how to use MidJourney to create floral designs and then edit them in tools like Photopea and Canva to customize the text for each client.


Photopea is a free web-based photo editing tool, similar to Photoshop. In the video, it's used to remove randomly generated text from wedding invitations created by MidJourney and replace it with custom names provided by customers.


Bookmarks are thin markers used to keep one's place in a book. The video shows how to design and sell bookmarks using MidJourney to generate themes like 'abstract' and 'animals reading books,' and then print and cut them either manually or using an electronic cutting machine.


Planners are organizational tools that help people manage their time and tasks. The video describes how to create planners using floral or abstract patterns generated by MidJourney and suggests using print-on-demand services to handle production and shipping.

πŸ’‘Electronic Cutting Machine

An electronic cutting machine is a device that cuts paper, vinyl, or other materials automatically based on digital designs. In the video, it's recommended for efficiently cutting out stickers and bookmarks, though manual cutting is also presented as an option.


Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods. The video showcases how several sellers on Etsy have made substantial profits by selling stickers, wedding invitations, bookmarks, and planners using AI tools for design.


You can potentially earn up to $34,000 per month by starting a simple AI-based business from home.

AI tools can assist in creating and selling unique sticker designs, with one example earning over $1.1 million in three years.

Mid-journey, a free AI program, can convert text descriptions into images for sticker designs.

Chat GPT can provide descriptive ideas for sticker designs when prompted.

Selling stickers online, either through print-on-demand services or self-printing and shipping, can be a profitable venture.

An electronic cutting machine or manual cutting can be used to produce physical stickers from AI-generated designs.

Rigid mailers and proper labeling are recommended for shipping stickers to maintain their quality during transit.

Etsy is a popular platform for selling custom stickers, with the potential for significant profit.

Wedding invitations are another high-demand product on Etsy, with one seller earning over $1.5 million.

AI can simplify the creation of wedding invitation designs, which can then be edited and customized in Photoshop or similar software.

Bookmarks can be a lucrative side hustle with over $80,000 earned by one seller on Etsy alone.

AI-generated designs can be used to create unique bookmarks, which can be enhanced with lamination or tassels for added value.

Selling planners can be a million-dollar business, with one seller earning close to $1 million from planner sales on Etsy.

AI can help create intricate patterns for planners, which can then be produced through print-on-demand services.

Using print-on-demand services for planner production saves time and, despite reduced margins, can be worth it for the efficiency gains.

The Epson ecotank Pro printer is recommended for its fast warm-up time and high-quality prints, ideal for businesses with high-volume printing needs.

AI tools can significantly reduce the barrier to entry for starting a home-based business, enabling anyone to create and sell unique products.