30 Nov 202310:28

TLDRThe video script discusses the potential of AI in generating income through image creation and various side hustles. It highlights the ease of earning with AI and introduces four monetization strategies, including utilizing cloud sourcing sites, AI image generation services, selling AI-generated illustrations, and operating AI character-based social media accounts. The speaker shares personal success with AI side hustles, emphasizing the simplicity and trendiness of AI-based income generation, and encourages viewers to explore these opportunities for a successful and liberated future.


  • 🚀 AI image generation is a simple and trending way to earn money, with potential monthly incomes exceeding 10,000 yen.
  • 🌐 Using cloud sourcing sites like Cocona and CloudWorks can provide opportunities to work on projects that utilize AI image generation capabilities.
  • 🎨 AI-generated illustrations are in high demand, leading to a decrease in traditional illustrator jobs, presenting a new opportunity for creators.
  • 🖼️ High-quality AI-generated images can be monetized by selling them on platforms like Coconala, with a significant market for custom images.
  • 📈 AI image generation services, such as DALL-E, Journey, and Tebidify, are popular and can be used to create content for various monetization strategies.
  • 💡 AI can be utilized to start a side business, even for beginners, by leveraging AI tools and platforms for image generation and content creation.
  • 🎓 The speaker, an AI marketing expert and developer, emphasizes the importance of using AI to generate high-quality images for monetization purposes.
  • 🌟 AI-generated images can be used to create social media content, especially on platforms like TikTok, to gain followers and impressions for potential affiliate marketing.
  • 📊 The market for AI-generated content is vast, with opportunities in advertising creatives, illustration sales, and social media engagement.
  • 🎥 AI can be used to create short videos for platforms like TikTok, which have recently introduced revenue generation based on views and engagement.
  • 💼 The speaker offers free AI tools and resources to help viewers start their AI side hustle journey and provides support for monetizing on TikTok.

Q & A

  • How does AI image generation monetization work?

    -AI image generation can be monetized by creating high-quality images using AI tools and selling them on platforms like NFTs or stock image websites. The key is to generate images that are in demand and of high quality to attract buyers.

  • What are some popular AI image generation services mentioned in the script?

    -The script mentions services like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Artbreeder as popular AI image generation tools that can be used to create a variety of images for different purposes.

  • How can one utilize cloud sourcing sites for AI image generation?

    -Cloud sourcing sites like Cocona and Crowdworks can be used to find jobs related to AI image generation. These platforms often have projects related to creating images for advertisements, social media content, and other creative works, which can be undertaken to earn money.

  • What is the potential earning from selling AI-generated illustrations?

    -The potential earning from selling AI-generated illustrations can be significant. The script mentions that a single illustration can be sold for around 2000 to 5000 yen, depending on the quality and uniqueness of the image.

  • How can AI-generated images be used for social media growth?

    -AI-generated images, especially of attractive characters or 'AI beauties', can be used to attract followers and impressions on social media platforms. By posting these images regularly, one can grow their social media presence and potentially monetize it through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or fan clubs.

  • What is the role of AI in TikTok monetization?

    -AI can be used to create engaging content for TikTok, which can then be monetized through the platform's revenue-sharing program. The script mentions that one can earn from 0.05NH per view, and with consistent high-quality content, it's possible to achieve significant earnings.

  • What are the benefits of using AI for content creation?

    -Using AI for content creation is efficient and accessible, allowing even beginners to produce high-quality images and videos. It saves time and effort, and with the right prompts, AI can generate content that matches specific requirements or trends.

  • How does the script suggest one can improve their AI-generated image quality?

    -The script suggests using 'Order Made AI' prompt makers, which provide high-quality prompts tailored to the user's needs. By inputting these prompts into AI image generation tools, users can create better images without needing extensive knowledge of the technical aspects.

  • What are the future possibilities for AI-generated content monetization?

    -The future possibilities for AI-generated content monetization are vast. As AI technology continues to improve, it's expected that more opportunities will arise for creating and selling digital content, including images, videos, and even virtual products.

  • How can AI be used as a support tool for side hustles?

    -AI can serve as a support tool for side hustles by automating tasks, generating content, and providing insights based on data analysis. This can help individuals manage their side businesses more efficiently and effectively, leading to increased productivity and potential earnings.

  • What additional resources are offered in the script for those interested in AI side hustles?

    -The script offers additional resources such as free AI tools for side hustles, a large volume of AI-generated monetization video courses, and an invitation to a free, limited support community focused on TikTok monetization.



🎨 Mastering AI-Generated Art for Side Income

The speaker from AI Marketing University, who remains unnamed, introduces a guide to earning substantial income using AI-generated images, potentially over a million yen per month. The discussion includes a personal introduction highlighting the speaker's background in AI marketing research, use of AI tools like @GPT, and development of generative AI tools, while also being a father. Four methods to monetize AI-generated images are explored: leveraging crowdsourcing platforms like Cocona Cloud and Lancers; creating advertising creatives seen on platforms like X9 and Twitter; offering high-quality AI image generation services; and selling illustrations. Key services mentioned for image creation include DI, 3M Journey, Teb Diffusion, and Canva, emphasizing the importance of quality in monetization. The speaker motivates viewers to embrace AI for secondary income, highlighting the ease of generating quality images and the potential to significantly impact one’s financial freedom and lifestyle.


💼 Advanced Monetization Strategies with AI-Generated Content

The narrative shifts to more advanced techniques for monetizing AI-generated content, particularly focusing on creating attractive AI-generated 'beautiful girl' images for social media engagement and sales. The speaker discusses the potential of AI characters to boost followers and impressions, particularly on X (likely a stand-in for a social platform) and TikTok, linking such engagement to affiliate marketing opportunities. Specific applications mentioned include fan clubs, beauty products, diet supplements, and cautiously, adult affiliate marketing. A significant achievement shared is selling over a thousand diet supplement packages through a strategic use of AI-generated images on social media. Additionally, the recent monetization opportunities on TikTok are highlighted, with personal success stories from the speaker's experience in creating AI-generated content for the platform, emphasizing the low barrier to entry and high potential for revenue. The section concludes with advice on starting early due to potential tightening of monetization criteria and offers insights into leveraging AI for script and image creation, proposing the use of an AI prompt maker to ease the creation process.


🚀 Launching into AI Side Hustles

In the closing segment, the speaker encourages viewers to start an AI side hustle, emphasizing the simplicity and accessibility of earning with AI despite common perceptions of its complexity. Mentioning the potential to change one’s life through action, the speaker provides a hopeful outlook for viewers seeking financial independence or a shift from their current situation. Additionally, the speaker offers free AI tools specialized for side hustles through their official LINE account, promising a substantial AI monetization tutorial as a bonus. The call to action includes an invitation to a support community for those looking to monetize TikTok using AI, outlining the benefits of joining for personalized guidance. The video ends with thanks to the viewers and a reminder of the power of AI in transforming side hustles and earning potential, urging engagement through comments and likes for further updates.




AI画像生成 refers to the process of creating images using artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, it is a method to generate high-quality images for monetization purposes. The video mentions using AI to create illustrations and other visual content, which is a powerful tool for those who wish to start a side business or enhance their marketing efforts. The term is used to illustrate the potential of AI in creating content that can be sold or used for advertising, thus generating income.


副業, or side business, refers to an additional job or activity that is done alongside one's main job to earn extra income. In the video, the presenter talks about using AI-generated images as a side business to achieve financial success and a freer lifestyle. The concept is central to the video's theme of leveraging AI technology to create new income streams and opportunities for individuals looking for flexible work options.


クラウドソーシング, or cloud sourcing, is a method of obtaining services or completing work by soliciting a group of people, typically via the internet. In the video, it is mentioned as a way to utilize AI image generation capabilities for various projects. This approach allows individuals to tap into a large pool of resources and talents to complete tasks that require specific skills, such as creating high-quality images or illustrations, which can then be monetized.


NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of a specific item or piece of content, often used for digital art or collectibles. In the context of the video, NFT is mentioned as a potential method for monetizing AI-generated images. By turning the generated images into NFTs, individuals can sell them on various marketplaces, creating a new revenue stream from their AI-generated content.


マネタリズム, or monetization, refers to the process of generating revenue from a product, service, or asset. In the video, the focus is on how to monetize AI-generated images through various methods such as selling them, using them in advertising, or creating social media content that attracts followers and generates affiliate income. The video presents monetization as a key strategy for individuals looking to earn money from AI-generated content.


AIマーケティング, or AI marketing, involves the use of artificial intelligence technologies to improve and optimize marketing efforts. In the video, the presenter shares their expertise in using AI for marketing purposes, including generating images and content that can be used for advertising and brand promotion. AI marketing is presented as a powerful tool that can help businesses and individuals stand out in the competitive digital landscape.


AI美少女, or AI-generated beautiful girls, refers to the creation of virtual characters or avatars that resemble attractive young women using AI technology. In the video, these AI-generated characters are used to attract followers and engagement on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The concept is tied to the idea of leveraging the visual appeal of AI-generated images to build an audience and generate income through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and other monetization strategies.


SNS運用, or social media management, involves the strategic use of social networking services to promote a brand, product, or individual. In the video, the presenter discusses using AI-generated images and characters to manage social media accounts, attract followers, and ultimately monetize the platform through various means such as affiliate marketing and sponsored content. Effective social media management can significantly increase visibility and revenue.


AIツール, or AI tools, refer to software applications and platforms that utilize artificial intelligence to perform tasks or provide services. In the video, the presenter mentions several AI tools that can be used for image generation, such as DI, 3M, and Journey. These tools are essential for individuals looking to enter the field of AI-generated content creation and monetization, as they simplify the process and make it accessible to people without extensive technical skills.


オーダーメイドAI, or custom AI, refers to AI services that are tailored to specific user needs, often allowing for customization of the output based on user input. In the video, the concept is used to describe AI platforms that can generate high-quality images based on prompts provided by the user. This allows individuals to create unique and personalized content without the need for advanced artistic skills or technical expertise.


収益化, or monetization, is the process of turning a non-profitable entity or activity into a profitable one. In the context of the video, it refers to strategies for generating income from AI-generated content, such as selling images, using them in advertising, or leveraging them on social media to earn affiliate income. The video emphasizes the importance of monetization in the pursuit of financial success through AI-generated content.


TikTok収益, or TikTok monetization, refers to the process of earning income from content created and posted on the TikTok platform. In the video, the presenter discusses how to leverage AI-generated images and videos to create content that can attract views and engagement, leading to monetization opportunities such as ad revenue and affiliate marketing. The video highlights the potential of TikTok as a platform for monetizing AI-generated content and achieving financial success.


AI image generation can be a simple way to earn money, with the potential to achieve a monthly income of over 10,000 yen through AI side jobs.

The choice between a future of successful side hustles and a life of enduring the status quo is up to the individual.

The speaker is an expert in AI marketing, utilizing tools like @GPT to generate income and also develops AI tools as an engineer.

AI-generated images are so powerful that they have caused a decrease in demand for traditional illustrators.

Representative services for AI image generation include DI, 3M Journey, and Tebdy Fusion, which can be used to create high-quality images for monetization.

Using cloud sourcing sites like Cocona and Works兰サー to take on projects that leverage the capabilities of AI image generation is a viable monetization strategy.

Creating advertisement creatives with AI is a sought-after service, as many companies are now outsourcing this work.

AI image generation can be outsourced as a service, meeting the needs of those who cannot create AI images themselves.

Selling AI-generated illustrations is a profitable method, with platforms like Cocona offering opportunities to sell at high prices.

AI-generated SNS operation, especially with AI beautiful girl illustrations, can attract followers and impressions, leading to potential affiliate marketing opportunities.

TikTok has recently introduced a monetization model based on video views, allowing creators to earn from their content.

The speaker has successfully achieved monetization on TikTok with AI-generated content, earning significant revenue within the first month.

AI-generated videos and images can be created efficiently without the need for human models or dancers, representing a smart monetization strategy.

The criteria for monetization on platforms like TikTok may become stricter in the future, so it is beneficial to start as early as possible.

AI can be used to create custom prompts for high-quality image generation, making it accessible even for beginners.

The speaker offers free AI tools and video courses to assist with AI side hustles, encouraging practical application of the knowledge shared.

AI is a supportive tool that can assist in various side hustles and has the potential to change one's life for the better.

The speaker invites those interested in learning more about TikTok monetization through AI to join a free, limited support community.