Bard can now Generate Images + new Google ImageFX AI

2 Feb 202407:02

TLDRThe video introduces a new feature in Google's Bard AI, which now enables image generation similar to Chat GPT. The host compares Bard's image generation capabilities with Google Search and Google's ImageFX AI, formerly known as image effects. Bard generates two images by default, with the option to create more, and provides high-quality images up to 1536x1536 pixels. Google Search also generates images but with the ability to edit prompts for further customization. However, Bard outperforms Google Search in image quality. The video also mentions that Bard can generate human images, which was not previously possible with Google Search. Lastly, the host explores ImageFX AI, which specializes in image generation with various styles and settings, but it does not allow the creation of human images. The video concludes with an invitation for viewers to comment with questions or suggestions, fostering engagement.


  • πŸ†• Google's Bard AI has a new feature that allows it to generate images, similar to chat gpts.
  • πŸ” Google Search also has the capability to generate images, which can be compared with Bard's image generation.
  • 🎨 There is another Google tool called Image Effects, which includes text effects and music effects for image and music generation.
  • 🐱 An example given is an image of a cat riding a bike, which is generated by Bard, showcasing its image generation capabilities.
  • πŸ“ˆ By default, Bard generates two images at a time, but more can be generated upon request.
  • πŸ“ Bard's generated images start at a smaller size but can be downloaded in full size, such as 1536 by 1536 pixels.
  • πŸ€– Google Search might offer better image quality compared to Bard, with three times the quality in some cases.
  • βœ‚οΈ Google Search allows users to edit prompts and generate more images through an 'edit' feature.
  • 🚫 Google Search previously had an issue where it couldn't generate human faces, but this has been resolved in recent updates.
  • 🎭 Image Effects is a dedicated tool for image generation, separate from search and Bard, and is considered one of the best for this purpose.
  • πŸŽ‰ The Image Effects tool also includes features for generating music and text, suggesting its versatility in creative content production.

Q & A

  • What is the new feature in Google's Bard AI that is being discussed in the video?

    -The new feature in Google's Bard AI is its ability to generate images, similar to how chat gpts can.

  • How does Bard's image generation compare to Google Search's image generation?

    -Bard's image generation initially provides two images, which can be less realistic. However, it can produce more realistic images upon further generation. Google Search, on the other hand, allows for editing prompts to generate different styles of images and has recently been updated to provide higher quality images and the ability to generate human faces.

  • What is Image Effects and how does it differ from Bard and Google Search in terms of image generation?

    -Image Effects is a separate tool from Google where users can generate images using various templates and settings. It is specifically designed for image generation and does not include search or chat functionalities like Bard and Google Search.

  • What is the default image size generated by Bard?

    -The default image size generated by Bard is 1536 by 1536 pixels.

  • Can Bard generate images of human faces?

    -Yes, Bard can generate images of human faces, which was confirmed in the video with a specific example.

  • What is the 'create yours' feature in Google Search?

    -The 'create yours' feature in Google Search allows users to edit the prompts and generate more images based on those edits. However, it seems that this feature has been removed or limited in the current version of Google Search.

  • How has the quality of image generation in Google Search changed recently?

    -The quality of image generation in Google Search has improved, now providing images that are three times better in quality compared to Bard. It also now includes the ability to generate human images.

  • What are the other features available in Image Effects besides image generation?

    -Besides image generation, Image Effects also offers music effects for creating music and text effects for various text-related functionalities.

  • What is the process for generating images in Google Search?

    -In Google Search, users can generate images by using prompts and then edit those prompts to create different styles of images. There is also an option to open a new web page dedicated to image generation.

  • What was the issue encountered when trying to generate images of humans in Image Effects?

    -Initially, there was a policy restriction that prevented Image Effects from generating images of humans. However, it was later shown that it can generate human images with the right prompt.

  • How does the video script suggest engaging with the creator for further questions or suggestions?

    -The video script encourages viewers to leave comments with any questions or suggestions they might have, and also to engage in discussions in the comment section.



πŸ–ΌοΈ Bard AI's Image Generation Feature

The video introduces Bard AI's new capability to generate images, comparing it with Google Search's image generation capabilities. Bard AI, like Chat GPT, can now produce images, and the video demonstrates how it works with a cat riding a bike example. The default setting generates two images, which can be increased to more. The quality of Bard's images is noted to be high, with a full-size resolution of 1536 by 1536. However, Google Search is mentioned to potentially provide better image quality. The video also explores the 'edit' feature in Google Search, which allows for the generation of more images by modifying the prompts. It is noted that Bard AI can generate human faces, a feature that was previously missing in Google Search but has now been updated. Lastly, the video briefly mentions another Google tool called 'Image Effects' for generating images, which is suggested to be superior due to its focus on image generation alone.


🎨 Exploring Image Effects and Other Google Tools

The second paragraph delves into the 'Image Effects' tool, which is designed specifically for image generation. The video provides a demonstration of the tool using a default template prompt. It highlights the ability to apply 'seeds' for variations in the generated images. Initially, there is a mention of a policy restriction against generating images of humans, but it is clarified that this is not the case. The video creator chooses an anime style for the image generation and is pleased with the results, showing off a couple of examples including one that resembles the Joker. The video also mentions other effects tools by Google, such as 'Music Effects' for generating music and 'Text Effects' for learning code. The video concludes with an invitation for viewers to comment with questions or suggestions and to engage in a discussion in the comment section.



πŸ’‘Bard AI

Bard AI refers to an artificial intelligence system developed by Google that is capable of generating text and, as mentioned in the video, now images as well. It is compared to other Google services in the video to demonstrate its image-generating capabilities. Bard AI is significant as it represents the advancement in AI technology where text-based AI models are expanding their functionalities to include visual content creation.

πŸ’‘Image Generation

Image generation is the process by which an AI system creates visual content based on textual prompts or descriptions. In the context of the video, it is a new feature of Bard AI that allows it to produce images similar to how it generates text. The video discusses the quality and capabilities of image generation in Bard AI and compares it with Google Search's image generation feature.

πŸ’‘Google Search

Google Search is a web search engine developed by Google, which is also capable of generating images based on user queries. The video script highlights a comparison between Bard AI's image generation and Google Search's ability to create images, noting the differences in quality and functionality.

πŸ’‘Image Effects

Image Effects is a feature or tool within Google that allows users to generate images with various effects, including text and music effects. The video mentions Image Effects as another avenue within Google for image generation, suggesting it offers a specialized platform for creating images, distinct from search and Bard AI.

πŸ’‘Text Effects

Text Effects is a sub-feature within the Image Effects tool that enables the creation of images with specific textual elements or styles. The video script briefly touches on this feature, indicating it as one of the many ways users can manipulate and generate images through Google's tools.

πŸ’‘Music Effects

Music Effects is another sub-feature similar to Text Effects but focused on generating music or music-related visuals. While not the main focus of the video, it is mentioned as part of the broader set of creative tools available within Google's Image Effects.

πŸ’‘Template Prompt

A template prompt in the context of AI image generation is a pre-defined textual description or scenario that serves as a starting point for the AI to create an image. The video script refers to using a default template prompt in Image Effects to generate images, emphasizing the customizable nature of the process.


In the context of AI and image generation, a seed is a value that initializes the random number generator, ensuring that the results produced by the AI are reproducible. The video mentions applying seeds in Image Effects to control and recreate specific image outcomes.


πŸ’‘Image Quality

Image quality refers to the clarity, detail, and overall aesthetic appeal of a generated image. The video discusses the differences in image quality between Bard AI, Google Search, and Image Effects, with a focus on how Bard AI provides higher quality images compared to Google Search.

πŸ’‘Human Faces

The generation of human faces by AI is a specific challenge due to the complexity and variability of human features. The video script notes that Bard AI is capable of generating images of human faces, which was an update to its capabilities and a point of comparison with Google Search's previous limitations.

πŸ’‘Edit Button

The edit button in the context of the video is a feature within Google Search that allows users to modify the prompts used for image generation, thereby creating new images based on the adjusted input. The video highlights this feature as a way to interact with the image generation process and produce a variety of image outcomes.

πŸ’‘Gemini Pro

Gemini Pro is mentioned in the video as a possible model or technology used by Google for image generation. It suggests an advanced or professional version of the underlying AI technology that powers the image generation capabilities across different Google services.


Bard AI now has the ability to generate images, similar to chat gpts.

Google's image generation feature is compared with Bard AI's new feature.

Google Search also has the capability to generate images.

Image Effects is another Google tool that can generate images with text and music effects.

Bard AI generates two images by default, which can be more or less realistic.

The full-size image generated by Bard AI is 1536 by 1536 pixels.

Google Search can generate higher quality images compared to Bard AI.

Users can edit prompts in Google Search to generate more images.

Google Search has removed the feature to edit prompts for image generation.

Google Search does not generate human faces in its image generation.

Bard AI can generate images of human faces.

Google's Image Effects tool has been updated to version two, offering improved image generation.

Image Effects is specifically designed for image generation and may provide better quality than Bard or Search.

Image Effects allows for the application of seeds to influence the image generation process.

Image Effects cannot generate images of humans due to policy restrictions.

Google's Image Effects tool also includes music and text effects for additional creative options.

The video provides a demonstration of the Image Effects tool on Twitter.

The presenter invites viewers to comment with questions or suggestions for further discussion.