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17 Oct 202312:41

TLDRIn this video, the creator explores Melody Studio, an AI-based tool that generates melodies for songs. Starting with the lyrics, the video demonstrates how to input genre, mood, and topic into the tool to receive lyrics that can be used in a song. The creator then moves on to the melody section, selecting chords and adjusting the key to E flat minor. The AI generates melodies based on these chords, which are then combined with the lyrics to create a unique song. The process is iterative, with the creator refining the melody and lyrics until a final product is achieved. The video concludes with the creator encouraging viewers to embrace AI for music creation and to try out Melody Studio for themselves.


  • 🎼 The video introduces Melody Studio, an AI-based tool for generating melodies for songs.
  • πŸ“ The user can input genre, topic, mood, and other parameters to generate lyrics with Lyric Studio, which are then used in Melody Studio.
  • 🎢 Melody Studio can generate melodies based on chords provided by the user or create them autonomously.
  • 🎹 The process involves selecting chords, setting the key, and adjusting the tempo to match the desired song structure.
  • πŸ”„ The user can export MIDI files from Lyric Studio and import them into a session for further development.
  • 🎢 AI generates melodies that are then combined with lyrics to create a cohesive song structure.
  • 🎧 The user finds the generated melodies to be surprisingly good and inspiring, breaking away from their usual style.
  • πŸš€ The video demonstrates how AI can be used as an inspiration generator to assist in the songwriting process.
  • πŸ’‘ The user appreciates the tool for breaking the monotony and providing a new direction for their melodies.
  • πŸ”— The video provides a link in the description for viewers to try out Melody Studio themselves.
  • πŸ€– The user encourages embracing AI and modern tools to create contemporary music, highlighting the positive impact of technology on creativity.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI-based tool that the speaker used to generate lyrics?

    -The AI-based tool used for generating lyrics is called Lyric Studio.

  • How does Melody Studio help in the song creation process?

    -Melody Studio assists in the song creation process by generating melodies based on chords that the user can input or allowing the tool to create them automatically.

  • What mood does the speaker initially select for their song in Melody Studio?

    -The speaker initially selects an R&B mood for their song in Melody Studio.

  • What is the significance of the phrase 'I think you got it all wrong' in the lyrics?

    -The phrase 'I think you got it all wrong' is used as the first line of the lyrics and serves as a starting point for the song's theme and narrative.

  • How does the speaker decide on the key for their song?

    -The speaker decides on the key for their song by changing it to E flat minor, although they admit to not knowing why they picked that specific key.

  • What does the speaker do after generating the chords in Melody Studio?

    -After generating the chords, the speaker exports them to Lyric Studio, where they use the MIDI to create a session and further develop the song.

  • How does the AI assist in creating melodies for the lyrics?

    -The AI in Melody Studio generates melodies based on the chords and lyrics provided by the user, offering different musical options to fit the words.

  • What is the role of the tempo in the song creation process described by the speaker?

    -The tempo plays a crucial role as it sets the pace of the song. The speaker adjusts the tempo in Lyric Studio to match their session and uses it to influence the melody creation.

  • How does the speaker use the AI to help with the song's hook?

    -The speaker uses the AI to generate suggestions for the hook based on the line 'I'll give you my heart' and a desire to rhyme it with words like 'start' or 'heart', then selects phrases that resonate with them.

  • What is the speaker's final verdict on using AI tools like Melody Studio and Lyric Studio for songwriting?

    -The speaker finds the AI tools to be very helpful, providing inspiration and breaking up the monotony of their usual songwriting process. They encourage embracing AI and using modern tools to create modern music.

  • What does the speaker suggest for songwriters who are skeptical about using AI tools?

    -The speaker suggests viewing AI tools as inspiration generators that can help songwriters break out of their usual patterns and explore new directions in their music.

  • How does the speaker describe the overall experience of using Melody Studio and Lyric Studio?

    -The speaker describes the experience as seamless and engaging, with no downtime, and the tools kept them motivated throughout the songwriting process.



🎼 Exploring Melody Studio with Lyrics Studio 🎼

The speaker begins by referencing a previous video where they introduced an AI-based tool called Lyrics Studio. They then introduce a new tool from the same company, Melody Studio, which generates melodies for songs. The speaker decides to create a song using both tools, starting with Lyrics Studio to set the mood and topic. They input 'rebellious with memories' and receive lyrics, selecting 'I think you got it all wrong' as the first line. The speaker then moves to Melody Studio, choosing chords and setting the key to E flat minor. They generate a melody for their lyrics and combine it with the chords, creating a unique and engaging musical piece.


🎢 Crafting a Song with AI Assistance 🎢

The speaker continues to develop the song, focusing on creating a melody that rhymes with 'wrong'. They use Melody Studio to generate a melody for the line 'show me who you are' and make adjustments to refine the song's structure. The speaker emphasizes the AI's role in helping them break out of their usual style and explore new directions in melody. They then add drums to the mix and consider creating a hook, using the line 'I'll give you my heart' as a starting point. The AI suggests rhyming words and the speaker selects 'start', further developing the song's emotional depth and complexity.


🌟 Embracing AI in Music Creation 🌟

The speaker concludes by reflecting on the creative process facilitated by AI tools like Melody Studio and Lyrics Studio. They express appreciation for the inspiration these tools provide, breaking up the monotony of their usual creative patterns. The speaker encourages viewers to embrace AI and modern tools for music creation, providing a link for those interested in trying Melody Studio. They invite feedback and engagement from the audience, emphasizing the continuous and enjoyable nature of the creative process with AI assistance.




MelodyStudio is an AI-based tool that generates melodies for songs. In the video, the creator uses MelodyStudio to produce melodies based on chords they input or entirely by itself. It is a significant part of the video's theme, as it showcases how AI can aid in the creative process of songwriting. The tool is used to create melodies for the lyrics generated by another AI tool, Lyric Studio, thus combining two AI functionalities to produce a complete song.


AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is harnessed to create both lyrics and melodies for a song, demonstrating its potential in the field of music composition. The video's narrative is centered around the creative possibilities AI offers to artists and songwriters.

πŸ’‘Lyrics Studio

Lyrics Studio is an AI tool mentioned in the video that generates lyrics based on various parameters such as genre, topic, mood, syllable count, and rhyme scheme. It is used in conjunction with MelodyStudio to create a song. The tool is significant as it automates the process of lyric creation, allowing the creator to focus on other aspects of songwriting, such as melody and composition.


Chords are combinations of different musical notes played together, creating a harmony. In the video, chords are used as a foundation for generating melodies with MelodyStudio. The creator selects chords they like and changes the key to E flat minor to generate melodies that align with the mood and theme of the song they are crafting.


R&B, which stands for Rhythm and Blues, is a genre of music that originated in African American communities. The video's creator expresses an R&B mood when generating lyrics, indicating the desired style and emotional tone of the song. R&B is characterized by a strong rhythmic beat and soulful melodies, which are elements the AI tools are used to create in the video.


In the context of the video, 'rebellious' is used to describe the mood or theme the creator wants to convey in their song. It is one of the parameters input into the Lyric Studio AI tool to generate lyrics that reflect a sense of defiance or challenge to the status quo. This keyword helps set the tone for the overall song and the emotions the creator wants to evoke in the listener.


Memories play a significant role in the video as a topic for the lyrics. The creator uses the concept of memories to generate lyrics that are emotionally resonant and relatable. Memories are a common theme in songwriting, often used to evoke nostalgia or reflect on past experiences, which is evident in the lyrics generated by the AI tool.


Tempo refers to the speed or pace of a piece of music, typically measured in beats per minute (BPM). In the video, the creator adjusts the tempo to match the energy and feel they want for their song. The tempo is a crucial element in setting the mood and is used in conjunction with the melody and chords to create a cohesive musical piece.


The musical key is a group of notes that forms the basis of a music composition. In the video, the creator changes the key to E flat minor to influence the melody's tonality and emotional character. The choice of key can greatly affect the overall sound and feel of a song, making it a critical decision in the songwriting process.


Songwriting is the process of creating a song, which includes composing the music, lyrics, and often the arrangement. The video demonstrates the use of AI tools to aid in the songwriting process, particularly in generating lyrics and melodies. It highlights how technology can be integrated into traditional creative practices to inspire and facilitate the creation of new music.


Inspiration in the video refers to the creative ideas or concepts that motivate the creation of the song. The AI tools, MelodyStudio and Lyric Studio, serve as sources of inspiration by generating lyrics and melodies that the creator can build upon. The video emphasizes the value of these tools in breaking the monotony and providing new directions for the songwriter's creative process.


Melody Studio is an AI-based tool that generates melodies for songs.

The user can input chords or allow Melody Studio to create them automatically.

The AI generates lyrics based on the chosen genre, topic, mood, syllable count, and rhyme scheme.

The process begins with selecting an R&B mood and a rebellious theme.

Lyrics Studio is used to analyze the topic and generate lyrics.

Melody Studio can generate melodies based on user-inputted chords.

The user selects chords and changes the key to E flat minor for a unique sound.

The tempo of the melody is adjusted to match the session.

Melody Studio combines chords and lyrics to generate song melodies.

The user exports chords from Lyric Studio to Melody Studio for further development.

AI-generated melodies are recorded and refined to fit the lyrics.

The user shortens and adjusts the melody for better flow and breathing space in the song.

Melody Studio helps to inspire new directions in the user's songwriting style.

Drums and additional instruments are added to the song for a fuller sound.

The user creates a hook for the song using the line 'I'll give you my heart'.

The topic is changed to 'missing you' for a new set of lyrics and melody.

The AI suggests emotional and compelling lyrics, such as 'you're the light in the dark'.

The user finds a bassline that adds character to the song.

The final song is a complete creation inspired by AI and Melody Studio.

The user encourages embracing AI for modern music creation and using it as an inspiration tool.