Full Kittl + Printify + Etsy Tutorial: How To Find A Niche, Make A Design, and List Your Product

27 Jul 202316:39

TLDRThis tutorial guides viewers through the process of finding a niche market on Etsy, creating designs using Kittle, and fulfilling orders through Printify. The presenter uses e-rank to identify a best-selling topic and sub-niche within it, then demonstrates how to design a product similar to top sellers on Etsy. The video also covers selecting the right product type, setting up the file for Printify, and ordering a proof of the design. The presenter shares tips on listing the product on Etsy, including crafting an SEO-friendly title, writing a detailed description, and setting a reasonable profit margin. The video concludes with a look at the actual sweater proof from Printify and how to use it for mock-ups on Etsy.


  • πŸ” Use e-rank to find a best-selling topic and sub-niche on Etsy.
  • 🎨 Utilize Kittle to create designs similar to best sellers on Etsy.
  • πŸ“¦ Fulfill products with Printify, a print-on-demand service.
  • πŸ’‘ Start with a broad niche and narrow it down to a specific sub-niche using keyword tools.
  • πŸ›οΈ Look at successful listings on Etsy and e-rank to understand what sells well.
  • πŸ“ˆ Consider the listing age and sales volume to identify profitable niches.
  • 🌟 Choose a product type that fits your design, such as a sweater or t-shirt.
  • 🎨 Customize your design in Kittle using templates or create from scratch.
  • πŸ“ Include relevant tags and keywords in your product title and description for SEO.
  • πŸ“¦ Set up your product file correctly for Printify, ensuring it's ready for print.
  • πŸ“Έ Take or use mock-up photos to showcase your product on Etsy.

Q & A

  • What is the primary focus of the tutorial video?

    -The primary focus of the tutorial video is to guide viewers on how to find best-selling niches on Etsy, create designs using Kittle, and fulfill products using Printify.

  • Which tool is mentioned for finding a best-selling topic and sub-niche on Etsy?

    -The tool mentioned for finding a best-selling topic and sub-niche on Etsy is e-rank.

  • What is the general niche that the presenter decides to start with?

    -The general niche that the presenter decides to start with is 'psychedelic shirt'.

  • How does the presenter refine the niche from 'psychedelic shirt' to a more specific sub-niche?

    -The presenter refines the niche by using the e-rank keyword tool to find specific sub-niches related to 'psychedelic shirt', eventually focusing on 'mushroom sweater' as a more specific and less competitive sub-niche.

  • What is the importance of analyzing the listing age and estimated sales when selecting a niche?

    -Analyzing the listing age and estimated sales helps to identify products that are new enough to compete with but have already demonstrated the potential for sales, indicating a viable market.

  • How does the presenter use Kittle to create a design for a 'mushroom sweater'?

    -The presenter uses Kittle by selecting a T-shirt preset suitable for Printify, searching for mushroom styles in the elements panel, arranging them in a desired layout, choosing a background color, and adding text with a suitable font style to create the design.

  • Why is it recommended to order a proof of the designed sweater before listing it?

    -Ordering a proof of the designed sweater allows the creator to see the actual print quality and how the design looks on the physical product, which can be used for creating accurate mock-ups and listing photos on Etsy.

  • What is the recommended approach for setting the profit margin when listing a new product on Etsy?

    -The recommended approach is to set a moderate profit margin, not aiming for high profits initially. The focus should be on gaining reviews and establishing a presence in the market.

  • How does the presenter use e-rank to formulate a compelling title for the Etsy listing?

    -The presenter uses e-rank to look at successful listings in the chosen niche, collects keywords from those listings, and then formulates a title that incorporates those keywords in a sentence format, making it appealing and SEO-friendly.

  • What are the steps to set up a product listing on Printify?

    -The steps include selecting a product type, choosing a print provider, uploading the design, selecting colors, and entering listing information that will be connected directly to the Etsy store.

  • Why is it important to include a size guide and shipping/returns information in the Etsy listing?

    -Including a size guide and shipping/returns information helps provide transparency and necessary details to potential buyers, which can reduce inquiries and increase customer satisfaction.

  • How does the presenter suggest using tags in the Etsy listing?

    -The presenter suggests copying tags from e-rank, pasting them into the Etsy listing description, and creating sentences out of them for SEO purposes. Using all 13 tags allowed by Etsy can improve the listing's visibility in searches.



πŸ” Finding Best-Selling Niches on Etsy

The video begins with the host explaining the process of identifying profitable niches for Etsy. They plan to use a tool called e-rank to discover a top-selling topic and then to drill down into the most lucrative sub-niches within that topic. The host also intends to demonstrate how to create designs similar to best-sellers on Etsy using Kittle and how to fulfill orders through Printify. They emphasize the importance of narrowing down a broad niche, such as 'psychedelic shirt,' to a more specific one, like 'mushroom sweater,' to reduce competition and increase the chances of making a sale. The host guides viewers on how to use e-rank's keyword tool to find specific sub-niches with high search volumes and low competition on Etsy.


🎨 Designing with Kittle and Printify

The host moves on to the design phase, where they use Kittle to create a unique design for a 'mushroom sweater.' They explore various mushroom styles and opt for a botanical, vintage look. The design process involves arranging mushrooms and leaves in a visually appealing pattern, selecting a suitable background color, and adding text with a message that resonates with the theme. The host also discusses the importance of choosing the right font style to match the psychedelic vibe of the design. They then use Kittle's mock-up feature to visualize how the design will appear on different apparel, such as a hoodie or a sweater, and decide to proceed with a dark Heather color for its appeal and marketability.


πŸ“ Listing Creation and SEO Optimization

After designing the product, the host focuses on listing creation and SEO optimization on Etsy. They discuss the importance of crafting a compelling title using keywords found in successful listings, which can be identified using e-rank. The title should be descriptive and include who the product is for, such as 'mushroom lovers' or 'nature lovers.' The host also covers the necessity of providing facts about the product, care instructions, and a shipping and returns policy. They emphasize the importance of setting reasonable profit margins, especially for initial sales, to attract buyers and generate reviews. The host then guides viewers on how to create a sample order to assess the product's quality before officially listing it on Etsy.


πŸ›οΈ Finalizing the Etsy Listing

The host presents the final steps in setting up the Etsy listing, including adding high-quality photos of the product, preferably featuring both a flat lay and a model wearing it. They recommend including a size guide and possibly a shipping or returns information slide or video. The host details how to select appropriate categories and tags for the listing, which can be sourced from e-rank, and how to add a production partner, in this case, Printify. They also provide instructions on how to input the production partner's information into Etsy and ensure that the listing is connected correctly. The video concludes with the host encouraging viewers to subscribe for more tutorials and share their Etsy journey in the comments.




Etsy is an online marketplace that focuses on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. It is a platform where sellers can list their unique products for sale, and buyers can search for and purchase these items. In the video, the creator discusses how to find a niche and list products on Etsy to sell successfully.


Kittl is a design tool that allows users to create custom designs for various products, such as t-shirts and sweaters. In the context of the video, the speaker uses Kittl to design a 'mushroom sweater' which is intended to be sold on Etsy. The tool is mentioned as a resource for making best-selling designs.


Printify is a print-on-demand dropshipping platform that integrates with online selling channels, such as Etsy. It enables creators to add custom products to their store without the need for inventory. The video explains how to use Printify to fulfill orders for the designed products.


e-rank is a tool used for keyword research and finding niche markets. In the video, the presenter uses e-rank to find a best-selling topic and sub-niche within that topic on Etsy. It helps in identifying trends and competition levels for potential products.

πŸ’‘Psychedelic Shirt

A 'psychedelic shirt' is identified as the broad niche that the video's creator initially explores. It refers to shirts with designs that are characteristic of the psychedelic art style, often associated with vibrant colors and patterns. The term is used to illustrate the starting point for niche research.


In the context of the video, a niche refers to a specific market segment that has a high demand for certain products but faces less competition. The creator discusses finding a niche on Etsy for selling well-designed products, such as 'mushroom sweaters'.

πŸ’‘Sub Niche

A sub-niche is a more specific segment within a broader niche market. The video script mentions finding a sub-niche within the 'psychedelic shirt' category, which leads to the discovery of 'shroom shirt' and eventually 'mushroom sweater' as more focused and potentially profitable segments.

πŸ’‘Design Mock-ups

Design mock-ups are visual representations of how the final product will look. In the video, the creator uses mock-ups to showcase what the designed mushroom sweater would look like on different types of apparel, which aids in the product listing and marketing process on Etsy.


DPI stands for 'dots per inch' and is a measure of print resolution. The video mentions ensuring that the design is at 300 DPI, which is a high resolution that ensures the print quality will be clear and sharp on the final product.


Tags are keywords used in online marketplaces like Etsy to help customers find products through search. The video emphasizes the importance of using relevant tags, extracted from e-rank and the product title, to improve the product's visibility and SEO.

πŸ’‘Profit Margin

The profit margin in the context of the video refers to the amount of money made from selling a product after deducting the costs. The speaker advises setting a reasonable profit margin, not aiming for high profits initially, to attract buyers and generate reviews.


The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to find best-selling niches on Etsy and create designs using Kittle.

Utilizes e-rank to identify a best-selling topic and its sub-niches for targeting on Etsy.

Demonstrates how to make a design similar to top sellers on Etsy using Kittle's design tools.

Explains the process of selecting the right product type and setting up the file for print fulfillment via Printify.

Orders a proof of a sweater design to showcase the end-product quality from Printify.

Uses the psychedelic shirt niche as an example and narrows it down to a more specific sub-niche using e-rank's keyword tool.

Identifies 'mushroom sweater' as a potential money-maker with monthly Google searches and low competition on Etsy.

Shows how to create a design from scratch in Kittle with a focus on a botanical, vintage mushroom style.

Discusses the importance of aligning design elements and choosing the right background color for various clothing types.

Selects and incorporates text that complements the mushroom theme with phrases like 'stay wild' and 'keep growing'.

Uses mock-up features in Kittle to visualize how the design will appear on different types of apparel.

Details the process of setting up the product in Printify, including selecting a print provider and customizing product options.

Provides tips on creating an effective title and description for an Etsy listing using keywords from e-rank.

Advises on setting a reasonable profit margin and focusing on gaining reviews and sales initially rather than high profits.

Demonstrates how to create mock-ups using photos of the actual product received from Printify.

Includes a size guide and shipping/returns information in the listing to enhance buyer confidence.

Recommends using tags effectively in the Etsy listing to improve searchability and SEO.

Shows how to add a production partner to the Etsy listing, following Printify's guidelines for seamless integration.

Encourages continuous improvement of the listing based on feedback and performance to increase sales.