How To Avoid Getting Banned On Etsy 😱 (Especially For New Sellers)

9 Apr 202416:24

TLDRIn this video, Drew discusses strategies to avoid getting banned on Etsy, particularly for new sellers. He outlines six practical tips, including avoiding intellectual property infringement, ensuring listings are clear and honest, updating personal information regularly, adding new listings to maintain activity, participating in Etsy's community, and providing excellent customer support. Drew also addresses issues faced by sellers outside the US, emphasizing the importance of understanding local selling laws and Etsy's terms and policies. He provides advice on what to do if an account gets banned or suspended, including the appeal process and potential alternatives like Amazon or setting up an independent website. The video is a valuable resource for Etsy sellers looking to prevent account issues and for those seeking solutions if they've already encountered them.


  • 🚫 Avoid intellectual property infringement: Ensure all listings are unique and you have the rights to sell them.
  • πŸ“ Be extremely clear and honest in your listings: Titles, descriptions, and tags should accurately represent your product to avoid confusion.
  • πŸ“† Update your personal information regularly: Keep your name, address, and banking information accurate to maintain account integrity.
  • πŸ›οΈ Add new listings consistently: Inactivity can trigger suspicion, so keep your shop updated and active.
  • 🀝 Engage in Etsy's community: Participation in forums shows commitment and can help avoid suspicion of being a bot.
  • πŸ’¬ Provide excellent and fast customer support: Quick responses to customer interactions can improve your seller rating.
  • 🌐 For non-US sellers, verify your country's eligibility and payment methods: Ensure you comply with local laws and Etsy's policies.
  • πŸ” Research thoroughly: Understand your local tax laws and how they apply to selling on Etsy.
  • πŸ“ˆ Maintain a professional approach: Create a business entity and acquire an EIN if necessary for your region.
  • βœ‰οΈ If banned or suspended, use the appeal process: Provide documentation and be persistent in communication with Etsy support.
  • πŸ—οΈ Consider alternatives if permanently banned: Platforms like Amazon or setting up your own website can offer wider reach and more control.

Q & A

  • What are the six practical steps to avoid getting banned on Etsy?

    -The six practical steps are: 1) Avoid intellectual property infringement, ensuring all listings are unique and you have the rights to sell them. 2) Be extremely clear and honest in your listings. 3) Update your personal information monthly or as needed. 4) Regularly add listings to your shop to show activity. 5) Participate in Etsy's community forums. 6) Provide excellent and fast customer support.

  • Why is it important to customize templates from KD?

    -Customizing templates is important to create a unique design that fits your niche, brand, or business style, which helps to cater to your audience on Etsy. Using the same template as downloaded by many others can lead to flagged listings and is not the intended use of the template.

  • What should you do if your shop gets temporarily banned on Etsy?

    -You should check your email and dashboard for a notice explaining the issue. Usually, it will tell you what the problem is and how to fix it. You can also reach out to Etsy support for more information on the specific issue during the suspension period.

  • How can international sellers avoid issues with their Etsy accounts?

    -International sellers should ensure their country is allowed to sign up for Etsy, understand local and national selling laws, and ensure they have the necessary business licenses and tax identification numbers. They should also regularly update their personal and banking information and follow Etsy's terms and policies.

  • What are some alternatives to selling on Etsy if you get permanently banned?

    -Alternatives include selling through Amazon, which has its own merch on demand option and allows for creating an Amazon Seller Central account. Another option is to use your own website, such as a Shopify, Squarespace, or Wix store, and utilize social media shops to drive traffic to your personal store.

  • Why is it crucial to disclose the print on demand process in your Etsy listings?

    -Disclosing the print on demand process is important for transparency and to avoid customer confusion or dissatisfaction. Etsy also requires this information in the backend data of the listing to ensure compliance with their policies.

  • How can using mockups in your listings lead to issues with your Etsy shop?

    -Using mockups can lead to issues if they do not accurately depict the product, brand style, color, and design. This can result in bad reviews or flags on your shop if customers purchase a product based on a misleading mockup.

  • What is the appeal process for a permanently banned Etsy account?

    -The appeal process involves submitting a request to Etsy with any relevant documents or screenshots that support your case. Before submitting the appeal, it's recommended to check Etsy's guidelines and ensure all required information is in order to increase the chances of getting the suspension lifted.

  • Why is it advised to respond quickly to customer interactions on Etsy?

    -Quick responses to customer interactions, such as messages or order updates, lead to better ratings and a healthier Etsy account. It also contributes to achieving a star seller status, which can happen faster if all the required boxes are checked, including excellent customer support.

  • What is the significance of regularly updating personal information on Etsy?

    -Regularly updating personal information, including name, address, banking, and tax identification numbers, is crucial for Etsy to verify your account's legitimacy. Inaccurate or outdated information can lead to account suspension or other issues.

  • How can engaging in Etsy's community forums benefit a seller?

    -Engaging in community forums shows Etsy that you are an active and serious seller. It also allows you to stay updated, informed, ask questions, and get support about common issues, which can help in troubleshooting and avoiding potential account issues.

  • What should a seller do if they suspect their account has been flagged due to inactivity?

    -To avoid being flagged for inactivity, a seller should regularly add new listings, edit existing ones to keep them fresh, and maintain a level of engagement on the platform. This shows Etsy that the shop is active and not a dormant account.



🚫 Avoiding Bans on Etsy: Practical Steps

The video begins by addressing the issue of getting banned on Etsy, particularly for those using Knockout Design (KD) for their products. Drew, the presenter, outlines six practical steps to avoid such bans, discusses the increased risk for non-US sellers, and provides tips for those who have been banned or suspended. He also suggests alternatives to Etsy for those who cannot reopen their shops. The first tip focuses on avoiding intellectual property infringement by ensuring all designs are unique and legally permissible to sell, stressing the importance of not using trademarked material without permission.


🌐 Clear Listings and Accurate Information

The second paragraph emphasizes the necessity of having extremely clear and honest listings to prevent customer confusion and potential bans. Drew advises sellers to be transparent about their production process, especially if they use print on demand. He also warns against using misleading mockups or irrelevant keywords and tags that could harm the shop's algorithmic standing on Etsy. The summary includes a mention of a past issue with mockups leading to shop closures and the importance of accurate depictions of products in listings.


πŸ“ Updating Information and Engaging with the Etsy Community

The third paragraph covers the importance of updating personal information regularly to maintain a good standing with Etsy, particularly for non-US sellers. Drew shares a personal experience where a minor oversight led to a temporary suspension. He also stresses the importance of activity within the shop, such as adding new listings, to avoid being flagged by Etsy's algorithms. Engaging with Etsy's community forums is encouraged as a way to demonstrate commitment and seriousness as a seller. Providing excellent and fast customer support is also highlighted as a key factor in maintaining a healthy Etsy account.


πŸ› Etsy Bans and International Seller Considerations

The fourth paragraph delves into the challenges faced by international sellers on Etsy, including the need to verify whether one's country is supported on the platform. Drew discusses the importance of understanding local and national selling laws, which may require a sales tax permit or business license. He also recommends that sellers familiarize themselves with Etsy's terms and policies, including information on VAT and seller fees for different countries. In the event of a ban or suspension, Drew outlines the appeal process and provides tips on how to increase the chances of a successful appeal.

πŸ›οΈ Post-Etsy Options and Building Your Own Brand

The final paragraph offers advice for sellers who have been permanently banned from Etsy, suggesting alternative platforms such as Amazon or setting up a personal website with e-commerce capabilities. Drew explains that while setting up an independent online store requires more initial effort, it can be highly rewarding and provides more control over the business. He encourages viewers to share their experiences and tips regarding Etsy bans in the comments section and to like and subscribe for further updates.




Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. It is a platform where creative individuals and small businesses can list their unique products for sale. In the video, the primary concern is how to avoid getting banned from this platform, which is crucial for sellers relying on it for their business.

πŸ’‘Intellectual Property Infringement

This refers to the unauthorized use of intellectual propertyβ€”such as designs, logos, slogans, and copyrighted materialβ€”without the permission of the owner. The video emphasizes the importance of avoiding such infringement to prevent being flagged or banned by Etsy, as it is a common reason for seller accounts to be penalized.

πŸ’‘Print on Demand (POD)

Print on Demand is a business model where products are not manufactured until a customer places an order. This allows sellers to offer a wide range of customizable products without the upfront costs of inventory. The video mentions the necessity of being transparent about using POD services in listings to maintain clear communication with customers.


Mockups are visual representations of how a product will look, often used in marketing and listing images. The video discusses the controversy around using mockups on Etsy, stressing that they should accurately represent the product to prevent misleading customers and receiving negative reviews or flags on the shop.

πŸ’‘Customer Support

Providing excellent and fast customer support is highlighted as a key factor in maintaining a healthy Etsy account. Responding promptly to messages and inquiries can lead to better ratings and a higher chance of becoming a 'star seller' on the platform.

πŸ’‘Community Engagement

Participating in Etsy's community forums is suggested as a way to show commitment and seriousness as a seller. Engaging with other sellers can provide support, updates, and solutions to common issues, which can also demonstrate activity to Etsy's algorithms.

πŸ’‘Personal Information Update

Keeping personal information, such as name, address, banking, and tax identification numbers, up-to-date on Etsy is crucial. The video shares a personal experience where outdated banking information led to a temporary suspension of the shop, emphasizing the importance of accurate backend information.


Inactivity in terms of not adding new listings or making updates to the shop can lead Etsy's algorithm to flag a shop as suspicious or a bot. The video advises regular updates and new listings to maintain account health and avoid being perceived as inactive.

πŸ’‘Digital Products

Digital products, such as templates, digital planners, or printable wall posters, are a type of listing on Etsy that comes with specific guidelines. The video stresses the importance of clear and accurate listing information for these products to prevent confusion and maintain account standing.

πŸ’‘Appeal Process

If an Etsy seller's account is banned or suspended, there is an appeal process that can be followed. The video provides a link to this process and advises sellers to include any relevant documents or screenshots to support their appeal and rectify the issues that led to the ban.

πŸ’‘Alternative Platforms

The video discusses alternatives to Etsy for sellers who have been permanently banned or are seeking to diversify their sales channels. Mentioned platforms include Amazon, which offers its own print-on-demand services, and creating a personal website using platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, or Wix.


Avoid intellectual property infringement by ensuring all listings are unique and you have the rights to sell them.

Do not use trademarked names, logos, slogans, or copyrighted material without permission.

Customize templates to create unique designs and avoid using the same template as others.

Ensure listings are extremely clear and honest to avoid customer confusion and negative reviews.

Disclose print on demand information in the listing description and backend data.

Avoid using mockups that inaccurately represent the product to prevent negative feedback and shop flags.

Do not use irrelevant keywords or tags that do not pertain to the product being sold.

Update personal information monthly to maintain account verification and avoid suspension.

Regularly add new listings to the shop to show activity and avoid being flagged as inactive.

Participate in Etsy's community forums to demonstrate engagement and commitment to the platform.

Provide excellent and fast customer support to improve your seller rating and account health.

For non-US sellers, verify your country's eligibility to sell on Etsy and understand local selling laws.

Ensure banking and tax identification numbers are accurate and up-to-date to avoid account issues.

If banned or suspended, utilize Etsy's appeal process and provide any necessary documentation.

In the case of a permanent ban, consider alternatives like Amazon or setting up your own online store.

Amazon offers a merch on demand option and the ability to integrate your own print on demand suppliers.

Creating your own website provides more control, allows building an audience, and offers custom promotion opportunities.

Engaging with the Etsy community and following their terms and policies can prevent account deactivation.

If facing a ban, persistence in contacting support and providing evidence of compliance can help resolve the issue.