How To Install And Use Applio RVC v3 A.I Voice clone

3 Feb 202406:40

TLDRThis video tutorial guides viewers through the process of downloading and installing AO RVC version 3, an AI application. It starts with a Google search for the app, followed by instructions on downloading the latest version, unzipping the file, and running the application. The video then explains how to add voice models and audio files for text-to-speech functionality, including a tip on splitting audio for better results. It also mentions upcoming features like water Fusion and scene selectors, concluding with a thank you note for watching.


  • 🌐 The process begins with searching for the Apollo Hugging Face app (Cleo hug face) on Google.
  • πŸ”— Users are instructed to click on the first link, then navigate to the 'Files and Versions' section.
  • πŸ“₯ The installation involves downloading the 'V3 compiled' version, specifically version 3.0.5 at the time of the recording.
  • πŸ“‚ Following the download, users need to unzip the downloaded file, which the instructor had already done for demonstration.
  • πŸš€ To start the application, users must click on 'run appio'. The initial run may take about 30 seconds.
  • πŸ” In case of loading issues, the script advises clicking a certain link for troubleshooting.
  • πŸ“ˆ The newly installed version does not include any pre-loaded models or indexes, which are necessary for text-to-speech and inference functionalities.
  • 🌟 The script guides users to 'Waits' for downloading desired voice models, with the option to preview them before downloading.
  • πŸ”§ After downloading models, users should navigate back to the AIO folder, create a new folder in 'logs', and transfer the downloaded files there.
  • πŸ”„ The application requires refreshing to recognize new models and indexes, and users can then test the audio quality.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the process of downloading and installing AO RVC version 3.

  • Where should one go to start the download process?

    -To start the download process, one should go to Google and search for 'Apollo hugging face app'.

  • What is the first step in the installation process?

    -The first step in the installation process is to navigate to the 'files and versions' section of the Apollo app page.

  • Which version of the software does the video refer to?

    -The video refers to version 3.0.5 of the software.

  • What is the initial step after downloading the software?

    -After downloading the software, the next step is to unzip the file.

  • How long does it typically take for the software to run for the first time?

    -It takes about 30 seconds for the software to run for the first time.

  • What happens if the software doesn't load?

    -If the software doesn't load, the user should click on the provided link in the command box.

  • What is the purpose of downloading voice models?

    -The purpose of downloading voice models is to have options for text to speech in the inference process.

  • How does one add a downloaded model to the software?

    -To add a downloaded model, one should go to the AIO folder, then to the 'logs' folder, create a new folder, copy the downloaded files into it, and rename them.

  • What is the recommendation for handling audio files in the software?

    -It is recommended to split audio files for better results, although it can result in larger file sizes.

  • What feature is mentioned as not working in the software?

    -The 'water Fusion' feature is mentioned as not working in the software.

  • Are there any upcoming features for the software?

    -The video mentions that scene selectors will be an upcoming feature.



πŸ”§ Installing AO RVC Version 3

The paragraph outlines the process of downloading and installing AO RVC version 3. It begins with instructions to navigate to Google and search for the Apollo Hugging Face app, specifically looking for the Cleo Hugging Face link. The user is guided to select the first link, go to files and versions, and choose the easy install option, which is version 3.0.5 at the time of recording. The script mentions that the installer has already downloaded the file to save time and has unzipped it. The next steps involve running the app, which may take about 30 seconds on the first run. If the app doesn't load, the user is advised to click on a provided link. Once loaded, the command box will display information, and the user is informed that the new version will not have any models or indexes for training or text-to-speech in inference. The user is then directed to search for models and download them, placing them in the appropriate folders within the AIO directory. The process of refreshing the app to load the model and index is also described. Finally, the script explains how to add and process audio for better results by splitting the audio and converting it.


🎧 Audio Processing and Downloading

This paragraph discusses the next steps after installing AO RVC version 3, focusing on audio processing. It mentions that while it's possible to download the entire audio without splitting it, doing so will result in a larger file that may not sound as clean. The speaker shares their preference for splitting the audio for better results. The paragraph concludes by reiterating that there are no upcoming features like water Fusion and mentions that scene selectors will be introduced soon. The paragraph ends with a thank you note for watching the tutorial on installing AIO i b free.



πŸ’‘AO RVC version 3

AO RVC version 3 refers to the third version of an application or software being discussed in the video. It is the main subject of the installation guide provided in the video, indicating that the tutorial is focused on downloading and installing this specific version of the software.


Google is mentioned as the search engine to be used for finding the Apollo Hugging Face app. It is a widely recognized search engine that the user will access to locate the necessary resources for the software installation process.

πŸ’‘Apollo Hugging Face

Apollo Hugging Face is likely a platform or application related to AI and machine learning, which is the focus of the video. It is where the user is directed to find the AO RVC version 3 software for download.

πŸ’‘Files and Versions

Files and Versions is a term used in the context of software installation, referring to the different versions of a file or software that are available for download. In the video, it is where the user is guided to select the easy install option for AO RVC version 3.


Unzip refers to the process of extracting the contents of a compressed file archive, which is a common step in software installation. In the video, it is mentioned as a step the user must perform after downloading the software.

πŸ’‘Run AIO

Run AIO is an action mentioned in the script that refers to executing the installed software. It is a crucial step in the installation process, as it initiates the software's functionality.


In the context of the video, a model refers to the voice models used in AI applications for text-to-speech functionality. The user is guided to download models to enable this feature in the software.


Waits is mentioned as a platform or service where users can search for and download voice models for their AI applications. It is related to the customization of the software's text-to-speech feature.

πŸ’‘AIO folder

AIO folder refers to the directory where the Apollo Hugging Face software is installed. It is the location where the user is instructed to place downloaded models and other necessary files for the software to function correctly.


Audio in this context refers to the sound files that the user can input into the software for processing, such as text-to-speech conversion. The script mentions managing audio files as part of using the software effectively.


Convert in the video refers to the process of transforming input data, such as text or audio files, into another format or output, like a synthesized voice. It is a key function of the software being discussed.

πŸ’‘Scene Selectors

Scene Selectors, as mentioned in the script, seem to be a feature or tool within the software that allows users to choose or customize specific scenes or settings for their projects. It is part of the software's capabilities that the user can look forward to using.


Downloading and installing AO RVC version 3.

Go to Google and search for Apollo Hugging Face app.

Click on the first link in the search results.

Navigate to Files and Versions for easy installation.

Select the free compiled version, currently 3.0.5.

Unzip the downloaded file to a designated location.

Run the app for the first time, which may take around 30 seconds.

If the app doesn't load, click on the provided link in the command box.

The new version of Hao will be free but without any models.

Models are needed for training and text-to-speech in inference.

Search for voice models on the platform and download preferred ones.

Place downloaded models into the AIO folder under the logs directory.

Refresh the app to load the model and index automatically.

Guiding audio for better results by splitting the audio files.

Convert the split audio for processing, monitoring the progress.

Listen to the converted audio and download it if satisfied.

Not splitting audio results in a larger file but less clean sound.

Features like water Fusion are not available in the current version.

Settings will introduce scene selectors in an upcoming update.

This tutorial demonstrates how to install AIO iB for free.