How To Use Dall-e 3 For Logo Design (Best Prompts)

Arek Dvornechuck
26 Oct 202303:22

TLDRIn this informative video, Arek demonstrates the versatile capabilities of Dall-e 3 for logo design, showcasing various logo types he created. He introduces the accessibility of Dall-e 3 through ChatGPT with a subscription and offers an alternative via Arek breaks down the logo design process into five distinct parts, covering logo types, the influence of artistic genres and movements, and specific design techniques like outlines and gradients. He even explores the impact of incorporating famous designers' styles into logo creation. Highlighting differences between outputs from ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing, Arek offers insights into enhancing designs in Illustrator and concludes with a guide on modifying logos with simple instructions. The video also teases Arek's book of prompts for further inspiration, promising more AI creativity tips in future videos.


  • πŸ˜€ Dall-e 3 can be accessed through ChatGPT with a subscription or for free via for logo design.
  • πŸ“ The script outlines a structured approach to creating logos with Dall-e 3, including choosing a logo type and describing it in natural language.
  • πŸ’» Examples include creating letter mark logos, mascot logos, and emblems, demonstrating Dall-e 3's versatility.
  • πŸ“Έ Showcases different outcomes between using Dall-e 3 on ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing, highlighting variations in design results.
  • πŸ“š Offers a link to a book of prompts for logo design, indicating a comprehensive resource for users.
  • πŸ–Œ Emphasizes the importance of the prompt structure for achieving desired results, like specifying 'simple vector, white background'.
  • 🎨 Suggests referring to artistic genres or movements (e.g., abstract expressionism, crystal cubism) for more creative designs.
  • πŸ”₯ Highlights the use of specific artistic techniques (e.g., outline, gradients) and famous designers (e.g., Piet Mondrian) to influence logo styles.
  • πŸ”§ Discusses the potential for customization and iteration, such as inverting colors of a logo for different looks.
  • πŸ“± Notes the observation that Dall-e 3's performance on text in logos can be improved with external tools like Illustrator.

Q & A

  • How can you access Dall-e 3 for creating logos?

    -You can access Dall-e 3 for logo creation through ChatGPT with a subscription or alternatively, you can use it by going to, which also provides access to Dall-e 3.

  • What types of logos does the video suggest you can create with Dall-e 3?

    -The video suggests creating various types of logos with Dall-e 3, including letter marks, mascot logos, and emblems.

  • What is the general structure of a prompt for creating a logo with Dall-e 3 as described in the video?

    -The general prompt structure for creating a logo with Dall-e 3 involves describing the logo in natural language, such as 'a simple flat vector logo of an eagle on a white background'.

  • Are there any differences between the results of Dall-e 3 on ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing according to the video?

    -Yes, according to the video, some people say that Dall-e 3 on ChatGPT is a little different than Dall-e 3 on Microsoft Bing, suggesting variations in the output between the two platforms.

  • Can Dall-e 3 handle text in logos well according to the video?

    -According to the video, Dall-e 3 is not really good with text in logos, but the issue can be fixed by using software like Illustrator.

  • What artistic genres or movements does the video recommend experimenting with for logo design using Dall-e 3?

    -The video recommends experimenting with various artistic genres or movements for logo design, including abstract expressionism, crystal cubism, and pop art.

  • How does Dall-e 3 handle requests for logos with specific artistic techniques or styles, according to the video?

    -Dall-e 3 can generate logos based on specific artistic techniques or styles, such as outlines, gradients, or the distinctive styles of famous designers like Piet Mondrian, although its adherence to complex artistic genres like abstract expressionism may not be precise.

  • What final adjustments does the video mention you can make with Dall-e 3 generated logos?

    -The video mentions that you can make final adjustments to Dall-e 3 generated logos, such as inverting the colors, to retain the concept while altering the visual appearance.

  • What resource does the video creator offer for those interested in more logo design prompts for Dall-e 3?

    -The video creator offers a book of 50 styles for logo design prompts for Dall-e 3, with a link provided in the video description for those interested.

  • What is the purpose of the video according to its creator?

    -The purpose of the video is to show viewers how to use Dall-e 3 for logo design, including tips on AI for creatives, and to encourage following the channel for more related tips.



🎨 How to Use Dall-e 3 for Logo Design

In this video, Arek demonstrates the process of using Dall-e 3 for creating various types of logos, including letter marks, mascot logos, and emblems. He starts by explaining the need for a subscription to access Dall-e 3 through ChatGPT, but offers an alternative through Bing's platform. The video is structured into five parts, each exploring different aspects of logo design using Dall-e 3. Arek shows the audience how to craft prompts for Dall-e 3 to generate logos, discusses the differences in results between Dall-e 3 on ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing, and introduces the concept of incorporating artistic genres or movements like abstract expressionism and crystal cubism into the design process. He also highlights the effectiveness of Dall-e 3 in creating unique logos based on famous designers like Piet Mondrian and provides tips on how to refine the generated logos, such as inverting colors. Throughout the video, Arek encourages viewers to experiment with various prompts and styles, and concludes by promoting his book of prompts for logo design.



πŸ’‘Dall-e 3

Dall-e 3 refers to a version of OpenAI's AI-driven image generation model capable of creating images based on textual descriptions. In the video, Dall-e 3 is highlighted as a tool for logo design, showing its ability to interpret and visualize creative prompts into distinct logos. The script suggests accessing Dall-e 3 through ChatGPT or Bing, emphasizing its utility in generating various types of logos such as mascots, emblems, and letter marks, showcasing its versatility and creativity in graphic design.

πŸ’‘Logo Design

Logo design is the process of creating a unique symbol or graphic mark that represents a company, brand, or product. The video script emphasizes using Dall-e 3 for logo design, demonstrating the AI's capability to produce a wide range of logo types including letter marks, mascot logos, and emblems. This showcases the integration of AI technology in creative processes, offering designers a novel approach to generate diverse and innovative design ideas.


The term 'subscription' in the video script refers to the requirement of having a paid subscription to access certain features of ChatGPT, including the use of Dall-e 3 for logo design. This highlights a barrier to entry for using advanced AI tools, suggesting that while powerful, access to these technologies may be gated behind a subscription model.


In the context of the video, 'alternative' refers to another option for accessing Dall-e 3 without a subscription, specifically through This offers viewers a workaround to utilize Dall-e 3's capabilities, emphasizing the script's aim to provide accessible tips and tricks for leveraging AI in creative endeavors.

πŸ’‘Prompt Structure

Prompt structure refers to the way in which a request is formulated to Dall-e 3 to generate images. The video script explains the importance of describing the desired logo in natural language, specifying attributes like type, style, and background. This underlines the importance of clear and effective communication with AI to achieve desired outcomes, particularly in creative tasks like logo design.

πŸ’‘Mascot Logo

A mascot logo involves a character or mascot representing the brand, often imbued with personality and brand values. The video mentions creating mascot logos with Dall-e 3, illustrating the AI's capability to craft visually appealing and character-driven logos. This reflects on the diverse range of creative requests Dall-e 3 can accommodate, from simple designs to more complex character-based logos.


An emblem is a type of logo that includes symbols or icons often accompanied by text, representing a brand or organization. In the video, the creation of emblems for a motorcycle club using Dall-e 3 is discussed, showcasing the AI's ability to handle detailed and themed logo requests, demonstrating its versatility in logo design.

πŸ’‘Artistic Genres

Artistic genres or movements, such as abstract expressionism or pop art, are mentioned in the video as prompts for Dall-e 3 to inspire logo design. This suggests leveraging historical and cultural art movements to inform modern logo designs, illustrating the AI's potential to interpret and incorporate complex artistic concepts into visual creations.


Illustrator refers to Adobe Illustrator, a vector graphics software used widely in graphic design. The script mentions using Illustrator to refine logos generated by Dall-e 3, highlighting a common workflow where AI-generated concepts are further polished using professional design tools. This reflects the collaborative relationship between AI and human designers, where AI offers creative starting points that are refined by human expertise.

πŸ’‘Prompt Book

The 'prompt book' mentioned towards the end of the video appears to be a collection of effective prompts for generating logo designs with Dall-e 3. This resource likely compiles various successful prompts and styles explored in the video, serving as a guide for designers to harness AI in creative processes. It exemplifies the idea of sharing knowledge and techniques for optimizing interactions with AI for creative endeavors.


The video demonstrates the use of Dall-e 3 for logo design.

Dall-e 3 can be accessed through ChatGPT with a subscription.

An alternative access point for Dall-e 3 is through

The general prompt structure for Dall-e 3 involves a simple description of the desired logo.

The video is divided into five parts, starting with choosing a type of logo.

Examples of logo types include letter marks, mascot logos, and emblems.

The results from Dall-e 3 are quite diverse, even when using the same prompts.

There are differences in the output between Dall-e 3 on ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing.

Dall-e 3 can generate logos based on artistic genres or movements, such as abstract expressionism or pop art.

Artistic techniques like outlines and gradients can be specified in the prompts.

Famous designers' styles, like Piet Mondrian, can be referenced for logo design.

Dall-e 3 may struggle with text, but issues can be fixed in design software like Illustrator.

The creator has developed 50 styles for logo design using Dall-e 3.

A book of prompts for logo design is available for those interested.

The video provides tips on using AI for creative purposes.

The video concludes with an encouragement to follow for more AI creative tips.