How to Write a Book with AI in 2024 (Full Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Sean Dollwet
6 May 202419:01

TLDRThis video tutorial demonstrates how to utilize an AI tool called Dibbl Crate to write an entire book in less than an hour. The process begins with researching the book topic, 'decluttering,' which is profitable, and understanding customer preferences through Amazon search term analysis. The AI assists in writing the introduction and enriching content. The title and outline for the book are generated using the tool's features, with a focus on SEO and appealing to the target audience of busy adults. The AI generates detailed chapter outlines and content, which the user can then edit and personalize to add their unique input. The final step involves formatting the book for publishing, which can be done within the tool, and exporting the final product. The video emphasizes the importance of not solely relying on AI for the entire content but using it as a time-saving tool to create a high-quality book that still reflects the author's voice.


  • πŸ“š Use AI tools like Dabble to write a book quickly, which can research, write, format, and prepare a book for upload within an hour.
  • πŸ’‘ Choose profitable topics for your book, like decluttering, which can generate daily royalties.
  • πŸ” Conduct thorough research on your topic using features like Amazon search term analysis to understand the market and reader preferences.
  • πŸš€ Utilize AI for grammar correction, content enrichment, and to generate detailed outlines and chapter summaries.
  • πŸ“ˆ Analyze competitor books to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and unique selling points to inform your own book's content.
  • πŸ“ Generate a compelling book title and subtitle using AI-powered title generators with SEO considerations in mind.
  • πŸ“ˆ Create a detailed book outline with AI, including chapter summaries, subpoints, and bullet points to guide your writing.
  • ✍️ Write your book by pasting your chapter outlines into the AI content writer, including sources for the AI to reference and enrich the content.
  • πŸ§‘β€πŸ’Ό Customize the tone and style of your writing to match your target audience, and make sure each chapter is consistent in voice.
  • πŸ”„ Save your work as you go, and use the notes section to keep track of your progress and refer back to your research and outlines.
  • πŸ“– Format your book professionally within the AI tool, including customizing headers, footers, chapter headings, and paragraph styles.
  • πŸ“€ Export your completed book as a polished, professional document, ready for publishing, after thorough editing and personal touches.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI tool mentioned in the video that can help write a book?

    -The AI tool mentioned in the video is called Dibbl Crate.

  • What is a profitable topic suggested for writing a book in the video?

    -Decluttering is suggested as a profitable topic for writing a book.

  • How does the Amazon search term analysis feature in Dibbl Crate help in the research process?

    -The Amazon search term analysis feature helps by providing insights into competitor books, including their strengths, weaknesses, and what users like most about them, which can inform the content creation process.

  • What is the significance of including the keyword 'decluttering' in the book title?

    -Including the keyword 'decluttering' in the book title is important for SEO purposes, helping the book rank better in search results.

  • What is the recommended average number of words for a book according to the video?

    -The recommended average number of words for a book is 30,000 words, which is approximately 150 pages.

  • How does the AI tool assist in generating an outline for the book?

    -The AI tool assists by providing a detailed outline that includes summaries, sub-points, and bullet points for each chapter, making it easy for the user to follow and expand upon.

  • What is the '10-minute decluttering rule' mentioned in the video?

    -The '10-minute decluttering rule' is a strategy where one spends just 10 minutes a day focusing on organizing a specific spot, making the task of decluttering more manageable and less time-intensive.

  • How does Dibbl Crate help in sourcing and referencing content for the book?

    -Dibbl Crate can pull sources from online articles and reference them within the book, which saves time and ensures the content is well-researched and credible.

  • What is the importance of saving the generated content to notes in Dibbl Crate?

    -Saving the generated content to notes allows users to refer back to it easily, ensuring consistency and making the process of compiling the final book more efficient.

  • How does the video suggest using AI to write a book while still making it the author's own?

    -The video suggests using AI to generate a baseline content and then editing, adding personal input, and making changes to ensure the final book is a reflection of the author's voice and style.

  • What is the main goal of using AI for writing a book according to the video?

    -The main goal of using AI for writing a book is to save time and produce a book that is better in quality than what could be written without AI, without sacrificing the author's unique voice and style.

  • Why is Dibbl Crate considered more efficient for book writing compared to other AI tools?

    -Dibbl Crate is considered more efficient because it is specifically designed for book writing and publishing, with a user-friendly interface that requires minimal prompting, making the process faster and more streamlined.



πŸš€ Introducing Dibbl Crate: AI-Powered Book Writing

The video introduces an AI tool called Dibbl Crate that can write an entire book in less than an hour. The speaker shares their experience with various AI writing tools and highlights Dibbl Crate as the fastest, most straightforward option. They plan to use the tool to research a book topic, write, format, and prepare a book for upload within the video. The example topic chosen is 'decluttering,' which is profitable as demonstrated by the daily earnings of existing books on the subject. The process begins with starting a new project in Dibbl Crate, using the AI assistant for writing assistance, and enriching content as needed. The speaker also recommends using templates for outlining and researching the book topic to understand customer preferences and market trends.


πŸ“š Research and Outline Generation with AI

The video demonstrates how to use Dibbl Crate's research features to analyze competitor books, identify strengths and weaknesses, and understand the competitive edge of successful books in the decluttering niche. It also covers keyword analysis and using the Amazon search term analysis for in-depth market research. After gathering research, the speaker uses the title generator to create a compelling title and subtitle for the book. They then proceed to create an outline for the book, specifying the audience, number of chapters, and words. The AI generates a detailed outline, including summaries, subpoints, and bullet points for each chapter. The outline also includes potential reference links for further research and content enrichment.


✍️ Writing the Book with AI Assistance

The speaker outlines the process of writing the book using Dibbl Crate's content writer feature. They show how to input the chapter outline and select options such as tone, writing style, and target audience to generate the text for each chapter. The AI-generated chapter is detailed, and the speaker suggests adding personal input to make the book unique. They also discuss the possibility of rewriting, grammar correction, and changing the point of view or writing style. The process is repeated for each chapter, and the speaker emphasizes the importance of consistency in tone and style throughout the book. Additionally, they show how to save the generated content in the notes section for easy access and later use.


πŸ–¨οΈ Formatting and Exporting the Completed Book

After all chapters are written, the video shows how to format the book for a professional look. This includes adjusting margins, selecting fonts, and deciding on the presentation of chapter headings and paragraph styles. The speaker also discusses creating a table of contents and customizing the title page with the book's title, subtitle, and author name. They highlight the ability to export the book directly from Dibbl Crate with the chosen formatting. The video concludes with the speaker's recommendation to review the entire book for accuracy and personal touches before publishing. They emphasize the goal of AI writing is not to sacrifice quality but to enhance the writing process and produce a better book than could be written without AI assistance. The speaker provides a link to Dibbl Crate and discusses its pricing tiers, comparing it to other AI tools and emphasizing the time-saving benefits of using a tool specifically designed for book publishing.



πŸ’‘AI tool

An AI tool refers to any software or application that uses artificial intelligence to perform tasks. In the context of the video, the AI tool is used to write a book, demonstrating how AI can assist in creative processes. The script mentions 'Dibbly Create' as the specific AI tool that streamlines the book writing process.


Decluttering is the process of organizing and removing unnecessary items from one's living or working space. It is the main topic of the book that the video aims to write using AI. The video discusses how decluttering is a profitable niche and emphasizes the importance of understanding the topic for effective book writing.

πŸ’‘Amazon Search Term Analysis

This is a method used to research keywords related to a specific topic on Amazon. The video uses this analysis to understand what customers are looking for in a book about decluttering. It helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of competitor books and finding a competitive edge for the new book.

πŸ’‘Book Title Generator

A tool that suggests potential titles for a book based on a given topic or description. In the script, the title generator is used to come up with the title 'Decluttering Revolution,' which includes the keyword for SEO purposes and appeals to the target audience.

πŸ’‘Book Outline

An outline is a structured plan that details the content of a book, including chapters and subheadings. The video demonstrates how an AI can generate a detailed book outline, which serves as a blueprint for writing the book. It includes summaries, subpoints, and bullet points for each chapter.

πŸ’‘Content Writer

A feature within the AI tool that generates written content based on a provided outline and parameters. The video shows how the 'Content Writer' function is used to produce text for each chapter of the book, which can then be edited and refined by the user.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of improving a website's visibility on search engines. In the context of the video, having 'decluttering' in the book title is aimed at improving the book's SEO ranking on platforms like Amazon.

πŸ’‘Chapter Headings

These are the titles given to individual chapters in a book. The video discusses formatting chapter headings to enhance the book's layout and readability. It mentions adjusting margins and font styles to present the chapters professionally.

πŸ’‘Paragraph Formatting

This refers to the arrangement and styling of text within paragraphs. The video script describes justifying the text, which aligns both the left and right margins, as a standard formatting technique for books.


Exporting is the process of converting the generated content into a format suitable for publishing or further use. In the video, the final step is exporting the book, which includes customizing the formatting and ensuring the entire book is cohesive and professional.

πŸ’‘AI Writing

AI writing involves using artificial intelligence to assist in the writing process. The video emphasizes that the goal of AI writing is not to sacrifice quality but to enhance the process by generating a baseline content that can be edited and improved upon by the author.


AI tool 'Dibbly Create' can write a whole book in less than an hour.

The AI can help with grammar correction, content enrichment, and more.

Researching the topic using Amazon Search Term Analysis provides insights into customer preferences.

Identifying the 'Competitive Edge' of successful books can inform your own book's unique selling points.

The importance of an easy-to-understand and engaging writing style for reader appeal.

Using a Title Generator to create SEO-friendly and keyword-rich titles.

The creation of a detailed book outline using AI, including chapter summaries and subpoints.

AI-generated content includes potential reference links for further research and credibility.

Customizing the tone and writing style to match the target audience's preferences.

The ability to rewrite and edit AI-generated content to add a personal touch.

Saving generated content to notes for easy access and reference.

Exporting the final book with custom formatting options for a professional look.

The option to use free tier AI tools before upgrading for more features.

Dibbly Create is designed specifically for publishing books, unlike other general AI tools.

Time saved by using AI can lead to significant monetary gains, emphasizing the value of efficiency.

The goal of AI writing is to produce a higher quality book than writing without AI assistance.

Editing and personalizing AI-generated content is crucial to ensure the book feels authentic and author-owned.

Combining AI with human input can lead to impressive results in book writing, enhancing the process without sacrificing quality.