How to Write the Most Accurate Midjourney Prompts - /describe Beginner Tutorial

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9 Jun 202307:16

TLDRThe video script discusses the process of utilizing the 'describe' feature in Discord's Mid-Journey to generate prompts for images. It explains how to upload an image, select prompts, and refine results by adding the original image as a reference, adjusting weights, and modifying stylize and chaos values for more creative freedom. The video also mentions the creation of a prompt pack for purchase and addresses some quirks of the describe feature, such as its handling of artist names and aspect ratios.


  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Utilize the 'describe' feature in Discord to generate prompts for an image by typing 'forward slash describe' and uploading the image.
  • 🎨 The describe feature offers four different options for image prompts based on the uploaded picture.
  • πŸ”„ If unsatisfied with the initial prompts, add the original image as a reference by uploading it and copying the image address into the prompt.
  • πŸ“ˆ Adjusting the 'stylize' or 'chaos' values can influence how closely the generated images follow the prompt or allow for creative freedom.
  • πŸ”„ Using the 're-roll' option on the describe feature can yield additional variations of the prompts.
  • 🌐 Hyperlinks attached to artist names in the describe feature may not always lead to real artists, as the model can interpret made-up names.
  • πŸ“Š Aspect ratios may not be exact due to Mid-journey output rounding to the nearest 32 pixel value.
  • 🚫 The describe feature's ability to interpret an image does not guarantee that Mid-journey can accurately recreate it.
  • πŸ“š Experimenting with the describe feature can lead to a better understanding of how to craft effective prompts.
  • πŸ’‘ The video provides a comprehensive guide on maximizing the use of the describe feature for generating images.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is about using the 'describe' feature in Discord to generate prompts for an image and how to refine the results by using various techniques.

  • How does one use the 'describe' feature in Discord?

    -To use the 'describe' feature in Discord, you type 'forward slash describe' in the chat, which then allows you to upload an image and receive different prompt options based on the image.

  • What are the initial options provided by the 'describe' feature?

    -The initial options provided by the 'describe' feature include a pink and gold robotic person, a futuristic person in metallic pink makeup, a futuristic female portrait in pink and blue colors, and cyberpunk artwork of a cyber man looking directly at a blue sky.

  • How can you improve the relevance of the generated prompts to the original image?

    -To improve the relevance of the generated prompts, you can add the original image as an image prompt in Discord, which gives the AI a foundational picture to base the prompts on.

  • What is the purpose of adding a weight to the reference picture?

    -Adding a weight to the reference picture increases its importance in the prompt generation process. A higher weight means the reference picture will have a greater influence on the generated prompts.

  • What are 'stylize' and 'chaos' values, and how do they affect the generated prompts?

    -The 'stylize' value determines how closely Mid-journey follows the prompt, with lower values leading to more literal interpretations. The 'chaos' value introduces variety into the generated grid, with higher values resulting in more diverse outputs.

  • What is the maximum value for 'chaos'?

    -The maximum value for 'chaos' is 100, which results in each generated image being completely different from each other.

  • How can you obtain more prompt options?

    -You can obtain more prompt options by using the 're-roll' feature on the describe prompt, which generates four additional, though similar, prompt options.

  • What is the significance of aspect ratios in the 'describe' feature?

    -Aspect ratios in the 'describe' feature affect the dimensions of the output images. However, they may not always result in the exact ratio due to Mid-journey outputting to the nearest 32-pixel value.

  • Why might the 'describe' feature recognize a made-up artist name?

    -The 'describe' feature might recognize a made-up artist name as a leftover from its capacity to interpret fictional names, showcasing its adaptability but also highlighting that it doesn't have a perfect understanding of all references.

  • What is the video creator's stance on sponsors?

    -The video creator is not interested in having sponsors on their channel but has created a prompt pack for purchase as a way to keep their content creation viable.



πŸ–ŒοΈ Utilizing the Describe Feature in Image Prompts

This paragraph discusses the process of generating prompts for an image using the describe feature in Discord. It explains that one can ask mid-journey to describe a saved image on the computer by using the command 'forward slash describe'. The user is then presented with four different options based on the image. The paragraph further elaborates on the importance of adding the original reference picture as an image prompt to improve the accuracy of the generated images. It also introduces the concept of adjusting the weight of the reference picture using the '--IW' parameter to increase its influence on the outcome. Additionally, the paragraph touches on the adjustment of stylize and chaos values to control the creativity and variety in the generated images.


🎨 Enhancing Image Prompts with Additional Techniques

The second paragraph continues the discussion on refining image prompts. It suggests using the 're-roll' feature on the describe function to obtain more variations of prompts. The paragraph also highlights the contributions of Squire Zed from Discord in pointing out certain aspects of the describe feature. It addresses the occasional mention of non-existent artist names and the aspect ratio discrepancies in mid-journey outputs. Furthermore, the paragraph clarifies that the describe model used by mid-journey is not inherently native, meaning it can describe an image but may not accurately recreate it, especially if the image contains text. The paragraph concludes with a call to action for viewers to like and share the video for wider reach.



πŸ’‘Describe Feature

The 'Describe Feature' in the context of the video refers to a tool within the Discord platform that analyzes and interprets images. It is used to generate prompts based on the visual content of an image. This feature is pivotal to the video's theme, as it is the primary method discussed for creating art prompts from images. An example from the script is when the user uploads an image and the 'Describe Feature' provides various prompt options like 'a pink and gold robotic person' or 'a futuristic person in metallic pink makeup'.


Discord is a communication platform where users can create and join communities, chat, and share images or files. In the video, Discord is used as the medium to access the 'Describe Feature' for generating art prompts. It is central to the video's content as it is the platform where the described process takes place, and the user interacts with it by uploading images and receiving generated prompts.

πŸ’‘Image Prompts

Image prompts are textual descriptions generated by the 'Describe Feature' based on the visual elements of an image. These prompts serve as a foundation for creating art in the video's narrative. They are essential because they translate the visual information into a format that can be used to generate new images or art pieces. For instance, the script mentions that the 'Describe Feature' provides options like 'futuristic female portrait in pink and blue colors' or 'cyberpunk artwork of a cyber man looking directly at a blue sky'.

πŸ’‘Reference Picture

A reference picture is an original image that a user uploads to serve as a guide for generating art prompts. It is crucial in the video's theme as it allows the 'Describe Feature' to create more accurate and relevant prompts. The script illustrates this by explaining that adding a reference picture improves the alignment of the generated prompts with the original image, as seen when the user copies the image address and submits it along with the prompts.


In the context of the video, 'weight' refers to the importance assigned to the reference picture when generating art prompts. Adjusting the weight influences how closely the generated prompts match the reference image. The script provides an example of how setting the weight to 0.5 makes the reference picture less important, while setting it to 2 increases its influence on the resulting prompts, leading to a closer resemblance to the original image.

πŸ’‘Stylize Value

The 'Stylize Value' is a parameter that controls the level of adherence to the prompt in the generated art. A lower stylize value means the generated art will follow the prompt more closely, while a higher value allows for more creative freedom and artistic interpretation. In the video, the user adjusts the stylize value to achieve different levels of literalness or creativity in the generated art, with the value ranging from 0 to 1000.

πŸ’‘Chaos Value

The 'Chaos Value' is a parameter that introduces variety and randomness to the generated art. It is set to zero by default, but can be increased up to 100 to create more diverse results. In the video, the user adjusts the chaos value to introduce variety, with higher values leading to more distinct differences between the generated images. This concept is used to explore different creative possibilities within the art generation process.


The term 'Re-roll' in the video refers to the action of generating additional prompts based on the same image or prompt. This provides the user with more options to refine their desired outcome and explore different interpretations of the original image. The script mentions using the 'Re-roll' feature to get four more prompts, offering a broader range of creative possibilities.

πŸ’‘Prompt Pack

A 'Prompt Pack' is a collection of pre-made art prompts and example images created by the video's author. It is a resource designed to save time for users and provide inspiration for generating art. In the video, the author offers a Prompt Pack containing 51 favorite prompts with 69 total example images for purchase on their website, as a way to support their channel without relying on sponsors.

πŸ’‘Aspect Ratios

Aspect ratios in the video refer to the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image. The script mentions that aspect ratios might seem odd, like 91 by 51, because the 'Describe Feature' outputs round to the nearest 32-pixel value. This concept is important as it affects how the generated art will look and the accuracy of the aspect ratio when running it through the describe feature.


In the context of the video, 'Mid-Journey' appears to be the name of the AI system or platform that generates art based on prompts. It is central to the video's theme as it is the tool that the 'Describe Feature' and other discussed features are designed to support. The script discusses how 'Mid-Journey' interprets and generates images from the prompts, highlighting its capabilities and limitations.


The process of creating prompts for images using the describe feature in Discord.

Using the describe feature by typing 'forward slash describe' to get image upload options.

Selecting one of the four generated prompts and submitting it for image generation.

Adding the original reference picture as an image prompt to improve resemblance.

Copying the image address and submitting it with the describe prompts for better results.

Adjusting the weight of the reference picture with 'dash dash IW' and a number between 0.5 and 2.

The impact of weight on the reference picture's influence on the generated images.

Adjusting the stylize or chaos value for more control over the generated images.

The highest stylized value is 1000 and the highest chaos value is 100.

Using both a reference picture and adjusting the stylize and chaos values for maximum variation.

Announcement of a prompt pack with 51 favorite prompts and 69 total exam examples available for purchase.

The describe feature sometimes mentions artists with hyperlinks and sometimes without, indicating made-up names.

Aspect ratios in the describe feature may not be exact due to rounding to the nearest 32 pixel value.

Despite the describe feature's accuracy in reading images, Mid-journey may not accurately recreate certain elements like text.

The describe feature uses a separate model that isn't inherently native to Mid-journey, which can lead to discrepancies in image generation.

The importance of re-rolling the describe feature to refine the style and get more accurate results.