Leverage AI to Generate Realistic Images for Free

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Introduction to AI Image Generators - DALL-E and Simplify Overview

AI image generators like DALL-E and Simplify are revolutionizing creative workflows by allowing users to generate realistic images from text descriptions. These tools utilize cutting-edge generative AI models to create images that can be used for marketing campaigns, NFT projects, commercial applications, and more.

DALL-E is an AI system created by OpenAI that can create realistic images and art from natural language text descriptions. The results are often photorealistic and highly creative. However, access to DALL-E is currently limited.

Simplify is an alternative AI image generator that offers similar functionality to DALL-E, with the ability for users to generate AI art and images through free and paid plans. The advantage of Simplify is that it's more accessible to everyone.

DALL-E Overview

DALL-E stands for 'DALL-E: Creating Images from Text'. It utilizes a novel AI system created by OpenAI that can generate realistic images from text captions. Users can describe nearly anything and DALL-E will generate creative visual interpretations in the form of images. It builds on top of CLIP (Contrastive Language–Image Pre-training), which is a neural network trained on image caption pairs. DALL-E takes the text input from users, analyzes it to extract semantic information, and generates an appropriate image that matches the text description.

Simplify Overview

Simplify is an AI image generator created by Anthropic that offers similar functionality to DALL-E. Users can describe what they want to generate using natural language, and Simplify will output creative visual interpretations as images. Compared to DALL-E, Simplify is more accessible with free and paid plans available. It utilizes diffusion models like DALL-E but the underlying model architecture may differ.

Generate Images with Simplify for Free

Simplify offers a free plan that allows users to get started with AI image generation at no cost. While image outputs are partially watermarked, it provides enough free credits to validate the technology and see if it aligns with your needs.

To start using Simplify's image generation capabilities for free, you simply need to sign up for an account which only requires an email address. Once registered, you gain access to the text-to-image interface to start creating.

Accessing the Image Generator

After registering for a free Simplify account, the image generation interface is accessible from the 'Bring ideas to life' page rather than your main dashboard view. Navigate to 'Create realistic images & art from a description in natural language' to access the text-to-image generator. This is where you can input prompt text and generate AI images.

Using the Text-to-Image Feature

To generate an image, simply type or paste a text description into the main text field labeled 'I have a dream...'. Describe the image you want to create using natural language prompts. Make sure the 'DALL-E' toggle is enabled, then click the blue 'Generate' button. Simplify will automatically start processing your text prompt to output an AI-generated image.

Downloading and Using Generated Images

Once your image has finished generating, click the download icon to save it to your device. The images from a free Simplify account will have a small partial watermark. The images you generate on free plans can be used for commercial purposes without worrying about copyrights or attribution requirements. This makes it easy to leverage AI art in your projects.

AI Image Generator Use Cases and Applications

AI image generators open up new possibilities across many industries and use cases. The technology makes it fast and affordable to generate custom visual content.

Some of the most popular uses cases and applications of tools like DALL-E and Simplify include:

Online Campaigns and Marketing

Generate unique images, illustrations, and designs for digital marketing campaigns, social media posts, advertisements, ebooks covers, and other promotional materials. Create consistent visuals tailored for your brand across various content types at scale.

NFT Image Generation

Design custom NFT artwork and profile picture collections by describing traits like clothes, facial features, and more for generative NFT avatar projects. Experiment with new NFT art styles quickly by iterating on text prompts.

Commercial Projects

Integrate AI image generation into commercial applications like graphic design, 3D modeling, video production, and gaming to boost workflows. Automate repetitive design tasks and unlock new levels of speed and creativity.


AI image generators like DALL-E and Simplify are opening new opportunities for marketers, designers, artists and more. The ability to create custom visual content from text alone saves time and money.

While DALL-E leads in raw output quality, Simplify makes the core capabilities more accessible through free and paid plans. Easy access allows anyone to start testing AI image generation for their unique needs.


Q: What is DALL-E?
A: DALL-E is an advanced AI system that can generate realistic images from text descriptions. However, it is not free to use.

Q: Is Simplify free to use?
A: Yes, Simplify offers free access to some of its AI image generation capabilities.

Q: Do I have rights to use the generated images?
A: Yes, Simplify allows commercial use of the AI-generated images with no licensing fees.

Q: What types of images can these AIs generate?
A: They can generate varied realistic images of people, objects, scenes and more based on text prompts.

Q: How good is the image quality?
A: The image quality is quite realistic and detailed thanks to advancements in AI technology.

Q: Are there any copyright issues?
A: No, the images are randomly generated by AI so there are no copyright issues with using them commercially.

Q: What are some use cases for AI image generation?
A: Online marketing campaigns, NFT projects, commercial design projects, social media posts, presentations and more.

Q: Can I make money with these AI-generated images?
A: Yes, you have full commercial rights to monetize the images in your own projects if generated through Simplify.

Q: Do I need design skills to use these AIs?
A: No, you simply provide a text description and the AI will generate a corresponding image automatically.

Q: Are there any costs involved in using Simplify?
A: No, accessing the image generator capabilities on Simplify is completely free.

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