Midjourney Image Editing is Finally here - Vary Region Tutorial

23 Aug 202304:48

TLDRThe video introduces a groundbreaking update for Mid-Journey, a tool that now allows users to edit images post-creation. With the new 'Very Region' feature, users can make precise alterations and additions to their images using text prompts. The tutorial walks through the process in Discord, demonstrating how to upscale images, select specific areas for editing, and add new elements like a boat on a beach. This powerful feature greatly enhances the creative possibilities within Mid-Journey.


  • πŸš€ Mid-Journey has introduced a highly anticipated update called 'Very Region', a new feature for image editing post-creation.
  • πŸ“ Users can now edit portions of their images by selecting areas and typing new text prompts to alter specific parts.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ The 'Very Region' feature is accessible within the Discord platform where Mid-Journey operates.
  • πŸ“Ή A beginner's guide to Mid-Journey is available for newcomers to understand the basics.
  • 🎨 To upscale an image, users can type 'u3' and select the desired image from the generated options.
  • πŸ” After upscaling, a new option 'Very Region' appears, allowing further image manipulation.
  • πŸ› οΈ Two selection tools are provided: rectangular selection and lasso tool, for precise editing.
  • πŸ”„ Text prompts can be altered or new ones added to change selected areas of the image, with the ability to submit and receive variations.
  • πŸ“ˆ Upscaling a selected image (e.g., 'u4') and using 'Very Region' selection opens an editing window for additional modifications.
  • πŸ–οΈ Users can add new elements to an image by selecting an area and typing a descriptive text prompt, generating variations with theζ–°ε’žε…ƒη΄ .
  • 🎭 The 'Very Region' feature is considered a powerful tool for image editing, offering both specific alterations and the addition of new elements.

Q & A

  • What is the main feature of the Mid-Journey update discussed in the transcript?

    -The main feature of the Mid-Journey update is 'Very Region,' which allows users to edit their images by selecting portions of the image and adding elements using text prompts after Mid-Journey has created the image.

  • How does the user interface work for inputting text prompts in Mid-Journey?

    -Users type their text prompts into a designated box within the Mid-Journey interface, such as Discord. The example given in the script is 'Imagine retro inspired outfit, featuring a polka dot dress.'

  • What is the purpose of the 'upscale' command in Mid-Journey?

    -The 'upscale' command, denoted by 'u' followed by a number (e.g., u3), is used to enlarge the selected image, which can then lead to further editing options like 'Very Region.'

  • What is the 'Very Region' option and how does it enhance image editing?

    -The 'Very Region' option is an advanced editing feature that opens a new window, allowing users to make specific alterations to their image by selecting areas and typing in new text prompts to change or add elements within the selected portion.

  • How can users select different parts of the image for editing in 'Very Region' mode?

    -Users can select different parts of the image using either the rectangular selection tool or the lasso tool. These tools allow for precise selection of areas within the image for further editing.

  • What happens when a user submits a new text prompt while using 'Very Region'?

    -Upon submitting a new text prompt in 'Very Region' mode, the system generates multiple variations (usually four) of the edited image, applying the changes only to the selected area as specified by the user's prompt.

  • Can users add elements to an image using 'Very Region'?

    -Yes, users can use the 'Very Region' feature to select an area within the image and type in a text prompt to add new elements, such as objects or different backgrounds, to the image.

  • How does the 'Very Region' selection tool differ from other image editing tools?

    -The 'Very Region' tool differs by allowing users to make edits and add elements to images using only text prompts after the initial image creation. It provides a unique way to modify images by selecting areas and inputting specific textual descriptions to alter the image content.

  • What is the significance of the 'painting' term used in other apps for the 'Very Region' feature?

    -The term 'painting' in other apps might refer to a similar feature that allows users to edit or add elements to an image by 'painting' with text prompts, essentially providing a comparable functionality to Mid-Journey's 'Very Region'.

  • How can users refine their image editing process using 'Very Region'?

    -Users can refine their image editing by carefully selecting the areas to edit, using precise and detailed text prompts, and iteratively applying changes through the 'Very Region' feature until they achieve the desired result.

  • What is the role of the 'Arrow' button in the 'Very Region' editing process?

    -The 'Arrow' button is used to submit the new text prompt and generate variations of the edited image. It allows users to apply their changes and see how the AI interprets and executes the new instructions.



🎨 Introducing Mid-Journey's Very Region Image Editing Feature

This paragraph introduces the new 'Very Region' feature of Mid-Journey, an innovative tool that allows users to edit images post-creation. The feature is accessible through Discord, and users can modify their images by selecting portions and adding elements using text prompts. The process is demonstrated by typing in a prompt, selecting an image, upscaling it with 'u3', and then utilizing the 'Very Region' option for further customization. This feature offers users a more interactive and detailed editing experience, enabling them to refine specific parts of their images or add new elements, such as changing a dress color or adding objects like boats to a beach scene, by using precise text inputs.




Mid-Journey refers to a platform or software that is being discussed in the video. It is the central subject of the video, as it is the tool that the speaker is using to create and edit images. The term is used to describe the service that generates images based on text prompts and offers various editing features.

πŸ’‘Image Editing

Image editing is the process of altering images, which is the primary activity being discussed in the video. It involves the use of tools and features within Mid-Journey to modify and enhance digital images according to the user's preferences.

πŸ’‘Text Prompts

Text prompts are pieces of textual input used to guide the Mid-Journey tool in generating or editing images. They are essential for communicating the user's desired outcome to the software, which then produces or modifies images based on the given prompts.


Upscaling refers to the process of increasing the size or resolution of an image without losing quality. In the context of the video, it is one of the editing options available within Mid-Journey that allows users to enlarge their images for better detail or for further editing.

πŸ’‘Very Region

Very Region is a feature of Mid-Journey that enables users to edit specific areas of an image through selection and text input. It provides a more precise and targeted way of altering images, allowing for greater control over the final result.

πŸ’‘Rectangular Selection

Rectangular Selection is a tool within the Mid-Journey platform that allows users to select a rectangular portion of an image for editing purposes. This tool is used to isolate specific areas of an image for targeted modifications.

πŸ’‘Lasso Tool

The Lasso Tool is an editing feature that enables users to make freeform selections on an image. It provides more flexibility than the rectangular selection tool, allowing users to trace around and select complex shapes or areas.

πŸ’‘Altering Prompts

Altering Prompts refers to the act of changing the text prompts used in Mid-Journey to modify the generated or edited images. This process allows users to refine their images by providing new or additional textual instructions to the software.


Variations in this context refer to the different versions or outcomes of an image that can be generated by altering the text prompts or editing selections within Mid-Journey. These variations provide users with multiple options to choose from, allowing them to find the most suitable result.


Upres is a shorthand term used in the video to refer to the upscaling process within Mid-Journey. It denotes the action of enlarging an image, which can lead to the creation of higher resolution versions suitable for further editing or final presentation.

πŸ’‘Adding Elements

Adding elements refers to the capability of introducing new objects or features into an image using Mid-Journey's editing tools. This is done by selecting an area of the image and inputting a new text prompt that describes the desired addition.


Mid-Journey introduces a highly anticipated update called 'Very Region'.

The 'Very Region' feature allows users to edit images post-creation by Mid-Journey.

Users can change portions of the image by selecting and using text prompts.

The demonstration takes place within Discord, where Mid-Journey is accessible.

A beginner's guide to Mid-Journey is available for new users.

The process starts by typing a text prompt, such as 'Imagine illustrator retro inspired outfit, featuring a polka dot dress'.

Users can upscale images by pressing 'u3' for a 3x upscaling.

The 'Very Region' option becomes available after upscaling, offering further editing capabilities.

Two selection tools are provided: rectangular selection and lasso tool.

The lasso tool is particularly useful for making precise selections.

Selected portions of the image can be altered by typing in new text prompts.

Altering a selected portion only changes that specific area, leaving the rest of the image intact.

Users can submit new prompts to receive different variations of the selected portion.

The 'Very Region' feature also enables adding elements to an image by selecting an area and typing a prompt.

Specificity in prompts is encouraged for achieving desired outcomes.

The 'Very Region' option, also found in other apps as 'painting', is a powerful and long-awaited tool.