Paige Bueckers & Azzi Fudd Slam Interview!!

30 Nov 202110:15

TLDRPaige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd, two talented basketball players, share their journey from their first encounter at USA Basketball U16s to becoming close friends. They discuss their strong bond, built on trust and loyalty, and how they support each other through personal and professional challenges. Paige's family has embraced Azzi, and they both value the importance of being there for each other during both good times and bad. They also talk about their competitive spirit and how they push each other to improve on and off the court. Azzi's decision to join Paige at UConn was a significant moment for both, marked by emotion and support. Their dynamic on the court is highlighted by their natural chemistry and Paige's exceptional ability to find Azzi and other open teammates. Off the court, they share a unique friendship that is both similar and different, likened to yin and yang. They look forward to the NCAA championships and the excitement of playing in front of fans.


  • πŸ€ Paige and Azzi first met and clicked at USA Basketball U16s, showcasing their on-court chemistry despite minimal off-court interaction.
  • 🀝 Trust and loyalty are paramount for both, with Azzi feeling embraced by Paige's family and appreciating their selfless support.
  • 🏠 The concept of family extends to their friendship, with both being there for each other through the highs and lows, signifying a deep bond.
  • 😒 Azzi was deeply affected when Paige got injured, showing the emotional depth in their relationship as they supported each other through tough times.
  • πŸ’ͺ Paige's mental strength during her injury was bolstered by the support from her family and Azzi, highlighting the importance of emotional support.
  • 🀝 Azzi describes their friendship as 'ride or die,' with both willing to do anything for each other, showing the strength of their alliance.
  • 🏫 When Azzi decided to join UConn, she broke the news to Paige over dinner, leading to an emotional and memorable moment between them.
  • πŸ“ˆ Paige is praised for her solid approach to the game, with textbook form and a strong, controlled playing style that brings energy and effort.
  • 🎯 Azzi admires Paige's selfless playing style, her ability to find open teammates, and her high basketball IQ.
  • πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Despite differences and a competitive nature, their friendship is described as 'insane' and 'crazy,' with a unique balance of similarities and differences.
  • 🀩 Both are excited for the upcoming NCAA championships, looking forward to pushing each other to improve and make each other stronger.

Q & A

  • How did Paige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd first meet?

    -Paige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd first met at USA Basketball the U16s. They were on the same team right before the final cuts were made.

  • What was Azzi Fudd's initial impression of Paige Bueckers?

    -Azzi Fudd's initial impression of Paige was that she thought Paige, being a white girl, had nothing on her and she didn't need to worry about her as a competitor.

  • How would you describe the chemistry between Paige and Azzi on the court?

    -The chemistry between Paige and Azzi on the court was described as 'crazy' and 'kind of magical', as they clicked well together even though they barely talked to each other off the court.

  • What values are most important to Azzi Fudd in a friendship?

    -Trust and loyalty are the biggest values that Azzi Fudd finds important in a friendship.

  • How has Paige's family treated Azzi Fudd?

    -Paige's family has taken Azzi in and taken care of her, without asking for anything in return, which Azzi finds extremely thankful for.

  • What did Azzi Fudd feel when Paige Bueckers got injured?

    -Azzi Fudd was heartbroken when Paige Bueckers got injured. She was in tears and was very emotionally affected by the situation.

  • How did Azzi Fudd support Paige Bueckers during her recovery from an ACL injury?

    -Azzi Fudd supported Paige Bueckers by visiting her before and after surgery, being the first one to call, texting, and checking up on her to make sure her spirits were high throughout the recovery process.

  • What did Paige Bueckers do when Azzi Fudd told her she was coming to UConn?

    -Paige Bueckers got very emotional, started tearing up, and initially didn't believe Azzi. She asked for proof, and when Azzi showed her a video of her conversation with the coaches, Paige was convinced and they both shared an emotional moment.

  • How would you describe Paige Bueckers' playing style according to Azzi Fudd?

    -Paige Bueckers is described as a solid player with excellent footwork, a textbook jump shot, and a strong guard. She is also noted for her selfless playstyle, often passing to teammates, and having a keen sense of where her teammates are on the court.

  • What is the nature of the friendship between Paige and Azzi?

    -Their friendship is described as 'insane' and 'crazy', with many similarities and differences. They connect on many levels but also meet halfway on their disconnections, likened to the concept of yin and yang.

  • What did Azzi Fudd say about Paige Bueckers' ability to find her on the court?

    -Azzi Fudd mentioned that Paige has a unique ability to find her on the court, and that she doesn't play favorites, ensuring that any open player gets the ball.

  • How do Paige and Azzi describe their dynamic when they are not playing seriously?

    -They describe a playful dynamic where they engage in light-hearted competition and teasing, with Azzi claiming that Paige is more 'annoying' than scary during their non-serious interactions.



πŸ€ Basketball Beginnings and Friendship

The first paragraph introduces the context of the relationship between the speakers, who first met at the USA Basketball U16s. Initially, there was a sense of competition and lack of concern for each other's abilities. However, they discovered a strong on-court chemistry despite minimal off-court interaction. Their friendship grew after returning to Minnesota, with a focus on trust, loyalty, and family values. The speakers discuss the importance of being there for each other through both good times and bad, highlighting the emotional support they provide one another.


🀝 Commitment to UConn and On-Court Dynamics

The second paragraph delves into the emotional moment when one of the speakers committed to joining UConn, leading to a heartfelt reaction from her friend. It continues to describe the basketball skills and attributes of Paige, emphasizing her controlled playing style, textbook jump shot, and strong defensive abilities. The paragraph also touches on Paige's selfless playing style and her ability to find open teammates on the court. The friendship between the two is characterized as intense and multifaceted, comparing their dynamic to the concept of yin and yang. The paragraph concludes with a playful interaction regarding a game they play and their excitement for the upcoming basketball season and national championship.



πŸ’‘USA Basketball U16s

USA Basketball U16s refers to the under-16 national basketball team of the United States. It is a developmental team that identifies and trains young basketball talents. In the video, it is where Paige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd first met and played together, which marked the beginning of their friendship and basketball partnership.


In the context of sports, chemistry refers to the compatibility and mutual understanding between team members, which can enhance their performance. Paige and Azzi mention their chemistry on the court, which is evident in how well they play together despite not talking much off the court.

πŸ’‘Trust and Loyalty

Trust and loyalty are fundamental values in any relationship, including friendships. Paige emphasizes these as important aspects of her relationship with Azzi and her family, noting that they have taken care of her without expecting anything in return, which has built a strong bond between them.

πŸ’‘ACL Injury

An ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury is a severe knee injury common in sports that can require surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Azzi Fudd discusses the emotional support Paige provided her during her recovery from such an injury, highlighting the depth of their friendship.


Mentality in sports refers to an athlete's psychological approach, including their mindset, focus, and resilience. Paige talks about the mental challenges she faced during her recovery and how having Azzi and her family's support was crucial in maintaining a positive outlook.

πŸ’‘Selfless Play

Selfless play in basketball is when a player prioritizes the team's success over personal achievements, often by passing the ball to teammates in better positions to score. Azzi describes Paige as a selfless player who has a knack for finding open teammates, including Azzi herself.


Awareness in basketball is the ability to be conscious of the game's flow and the positions of all players on the court. Paige is noted for her exceptional awareness, particularly her ability to find Azzi and pass her the ball effectively.


Yin-Yang is a concept that represents the duality and interconnectedness of seemingly opposite forces. The term is used to describe the dynamic between Paige and Azzi, highlighting how their similarities and differences complement each other, creating a balanced and strong friendship.

πŸ’‘National Championship

The National Championship is the ultimate goal for college basketball teams in the United States, representing the highest level of competition and achievement. Paige and Azzi express their excitement and determination to compete at this level, indicating their commitment and ambition.

πŸ’‘Work Ethic

Work ethic refers to an individual's attitude and approach towards their work or, in this case, their sport. Azzi praises Paige's work ethic, noting her strength, energy, and the effort she puts into the game, which are key factors in her success.

πŸ’‘Slam Cover

A 'Slam Cover' likely refers to the cover of 'SLAM Magazine,' a popular basketball publication. The mention of 'our Slam cover' suggests that Paige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd have been featured on the cover of the magazine, which is a significant recognition of their status in the basketball world.


Paige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd first met at USA Basketball U16s and quickly developed chemistry on the court.

Despite initial impressions, they found they clicked on the court even though they barely talked off it.

Paige's family took Azzi in, showing trust and loyalty without asking for anything in return.

Azzi appreciates Paige's family for their unconditional support and inclusion.

Both players value the concept of family, which includes being there for each other through ups and downs.

Azzi was heartbroken when Paige tore her ACL and was deeply emotionally affected.

Paige was the first to call and text Azzi after her surgery, showing continuous support.

Paige found the mental challenge of recovery the hardest, but Azzi's support was crucial.

Azzi has always confided in Paige, who was a source of emotional support during tough times.

Paige is known for her selfless playstyle, often passing to teammates in the best position to score.

Azzi admires Paige's ability to find open players on the court, including her unique sense of where Azzi is.

Paige's jump shot and footwork are described as textbook and she plays with great control.

Azzi is recognized as one of the best shooters in the country, with a high efficiency rate.

Both players are committed to pushing each other to improve in practice and the weight room.

Azzi's decision to join UConn was emotional for both her and Paige, with a memorable dinner revealing the commitment.

Paige is described as a solid player with a strong work ethic, able to score at all three levels.

Their friendship is characterized as intense and unique, with both similarities and differences.

Azzi and Paige have a playful dynamic, with Azzi claiming to be winning in their 'scare game'.

Both players express excitement for the upcoming NCAA championships and the support of fans.