Playground AI Tutorial (Step-by-Step)

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16 Jul 202309:34

TLDRThis tutorial introduces viewers to playground AI, a platform for generating images using AI. Users start by navigating to, creating an account, and accessing the home page. The interface offers tools like import image, move/select, hand, and pan. The core functionality revolves around typing prompts and adjusting prompt guidance values to control the accuracy and creativity of the generated images. Users can generate multiple images with variations by adjusting the seed and the number of images. Additional features include image-to-image generation using a reference image and applying filters for stylistic effects. The platform also allows downloading, editing, and deleting images for customization. The tutorial is a helpful guide for beginners looking to explore the capabilities of playground AI.


  • πŸ“ Start by visiting to access the AI image generation platform.
  • πŸ” Create an account or log in to begin using the service.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Use the 'Import Image' feature to upload images or the various tools to create images from scratch.
  • πŸ“ Utilize 'Prompts' to guide the AI in generating images that match your description.
  • 🎯 Adjust 'Prompt Guidance' to control the accuracy of the generated images to your description.
  • πŸ”„ Experiment with 'Seed' values to produce different variations of the image.
  • 🏹 Select the 'Number of Images' to generate multiple versions of the prompt.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ Move and arrange images using the 'Hand' and 'Pan' tools.
  • 🎨 Apply 'Filters' to enhance or alter the style of your generated images.
  • πŸ–±οΈ Download, delete, or edit images directly on the platform.
  • πŸ› οΈ Use the 'Color' tool to customize the appearance of specific elements in the image.

Q & A

  • What is the first step to start using playground AI?

    -The first step is to visit and either get started by clicking on 'Get Started' or 'Log In' if you already have an account.

  • How do you create an account on playground AI?

    -To create an account, use your email and a password, and you will be led to the home page.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Import Image' feature on playground AI?

    -The 'Import Image' feature allows users to upload an image to use as a reference or inspiration for generating new images.

  • What is the role of the 'Prompt Guidance' setting?

    -The 'Prompt Guidance' setting determines how closely the generated image will match the user's prompt. A higher value makes the image closer to the prompt, while a lower value gives the AI more freedom.

  • How does the 'Seed' value affect the image generation process?

    -The 'Seed' value results in new variations of the image. Different numbers will produce different outcomes, allowing for unique image generation.

  • What is the 'Number of Images' option for on playground AI?

    -The 'Number of Images' option allows users to generate multiple images based on the same prompt and settings, providing a range of options to choose from.

  • How can you adjust the position of the generated images on the screen?

    -By using the 'Hand' tool at the top of the screen, you can drag and position the images as needed.

  • What is the 'Image to Image' feature on playground AI?

    -The 'Image to Image' feature allows users to upload a selected image and generate new images based on that reference image, blending the characteristics of the reference into the generated content.

  • How do filters work on playground AI?

    -Filters can be applied to the generated images to change their appearance. Different filters like 'Delicate Detail', 'Radiant Symmetry', and 'Lash Illumination' create different visual effects.

  • Is it possible to edit the generated images on playground AI?

    -Yes, users can edit the images by painting, deleting parts, or undoing changes to refine the final result.

  • How can you save or delete the generated images on playground AI?

    -To save an image, right-click on it and select 'Download'. To delete an image, click on the image and select 'Delete'.



πŸš€ Getting Started with Playground AI

This paragraph introduces the viewers to a new tutorial on using Playground AI. The host instructs the audience to visit to begin, and provides a brief walkthrough of the website's home page, highlighting features like the import image option, various tools, and the image generation process. The focus is on explaining how to use prompts and adjust the prompt guidance value to achieve desired results. The paragraph also touches on the seed value for creating variations and the option to generate multiple images based on the user's preference.


🎨 Fine-Tuning Image Generation with Prompt Guidance

In this paragraph, the host delves deeper into the nuances of image generation using Playground AI. The discussion centers around the prompt guidance feature, which allows users to fine-tune the generated images based on the value set. The host demonstrates how higher values lead to more accurate images aligned with the prompt, while lower values give the AI more creative freedom. The paragraph also covers the impact of the value on the number of steps and quality of the final image, as well as the use of the seed for new variations. The host provides a practical example by generating images of a squirrel chewing a carrot, showcasing the differences in detail and creativity based on the prompt guidance value.



πŸ’‘Playground AI

Playground AI is an online platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate images based on user input. In the video, it is the central tool being discussed, allowing users to create visual content by typing prompts and adjusting settings to refine the output.

πŸ’‘Get Started

The term 'Get Started' refers to the initial step users take to begin using a service or software, such as creating an account or familiarizing oneself with the interface. In the context of the video, it is the button users click to commence their experience with Playground AI.


Prompts are the textual inputs provided by users to guide the AI in generating images. They serve as a description of the desired output, with the AI using these descriptions to create visual representations. In the video, prompts are crucial for telling the AI what kind of image to generate.

πŸ’‘Prompt Guidance

Prompt Guidance is a feature within Playground AI that allows users to adjust how closely the generated image should match the prompt. A higher value makes the image closely align with the prompt, while a lower value gives the AI more freedom in the interpretation, potentially leading to more creative or varied results.


In the context of AI-generated images, 'Seed' refers to a numerical value that initiates a unique image generation process. Different seed values produce different variations of images, allowing users to explore multiple interpretations of the same prompt.

πŸ’‘Number of Images

This term refers to the quantity of images that the AI generates based on a single prompt. Users can select how many variations they want to receive, which can be useful for comparing different AI interpretations or for gathering a set of options.

πŸ’‘Hand Tool

The Hand Tool is a user interface element that allows individuals to navigate and move images within the Playground AI workspace. It is used for repositioning and organizing the generated images for better viewing or comparison.

πŸ’‘Image to Image

Image to Image is a feature in Playground AI that enables users to upload an existing image as a reference or inspiration for the AI to generate new images. This tool allows for the creation of images that blend the characteristics of the uploaded reference with the user's prompt.


Filters in Playground AI are tools that apply specific visual effects or styles to the generated images. They can alter the appearance of the images, such as color, detail, or symmetry, to create a desired aesthetic or mood.


The Download function allows users to save the AI-generated images to their devices. It is an essential feature for users who wish to keep or use the images outside of the Playground AI platform.


Introduction to playground AI and its website ( for generating images through AI.

Simple sign-up process using email and password to access the platform.

The home page offers various tools like import image, move/select tool, hand and pan tool, and generate image.

Using prompts with AI to generate images, where the user types a message and the AI creates an image based on the description.

Adjusting prompt guidance to control the closeness of the generated image to the description, with a default value of 7.

Equality and details settings to refine the image generation process, with higher values leading to more steps and better images, albeit taking more time.

Seed value changes to produce new variations in the generated images.

Number of images setting to generate multiple images from a single prompt.

Demonstration of generating squirrel images with varying levels of detail and carrot depiction.

Using the hand tool to move and arrange generated images on the screen.

Adjusting prompt guidance to see the effects on image quality and detail.

Image-to-image functionality, where an uploaded image serves as inspiration for the AI to generate a new image.

Using filters to alter the style of generated images, such as delicate detail, radiant symmetry, and lash illumination.

Downloading and saving generated images for personal use.

Editing tools for painting and deleting parts of the image to customize the final product.

The tutorial concludes with encouragement to like, share, and subscribe for more content on using playground AI.