Tensor Art AI Tutorial (Step By Step ) β”‚Ai Hipe

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22 Oct 202308:29

TLDRThis tutorial introduces Tensor Art AI, a tool that transforms text into unique images. It guides users through creating an account, selecting styles, crafting descriptions, adjusting settings, and sharing their AI-generated art. The platform's social features allow for community engagement and feedback, while the potential to monetize creations on freelance sites is also highlighted. The video emphasizes the importance of clear instructions and resourceful usage to achieve desired image outcomes.


  • πŸ˜€ Tensor Art AI is a tool for creating images from textual descriptions, offering various styles for diverse artistic expressions.
  • 🌐 You can access Tensor Art AI by visiting their official website, as mentioned in the tutorial, to begin creating AI-generated art.
  • πŸ”‘ Signing up is straightforward, with options to use Google, Discord accounts, or email, and agreeing to the platform's terms is required.
  • 🎨 After signing up, users can personalize their account with a profile picture, name, and bio, enhancing their social presence within the Tensor Art community.
  • πŸ“ˆ The platform functions like a social network, allowing users to share their creations, follow others, and engage with a community of artists.
  • πŸ”‹ Users are allocated daily energy credits for image creation, with options to refresh or increase these through inviting new users or hosting models.
  • βš™οΈ The tutorial covers adjusting settings for optimal image results, including using reference images and tweaking aspect ratios and scales.
  • ✏️ Clear instructions in the prompt section are crucial for achieving desired outcomes, with the option to specify unwanted elements in the negative prompt.
  • πŸ”„ Features like remixing, upscaling, and publishing offer further creative control and opportunities to refine or share images.
  • πŸ’‘ The platform not only facilitates art creation but also suggests potential for monetization by selling AI-generated images on freelance platforms.
  • πŸ“š The tutorial emphasizes the importance of community engagement, clear instructions, and resource management for successful use of Tensor Art AI.

Q & A

  • What is Tensor Art AI?

    -Tensor Art AI is a special AI tool that creates images based on the words or descriptions you provide. It offers a variety of styles to choose from, allowing users to generate a wide range of pictures.

  • How can you access Tensor Art AI?

    -You can access Tensor Art AI by visiting their official website through the link provided in the video description.

  • What are the sign-up options available on Tensor Art AI?

    -Users can sign up for a Tensor Art AI account using their Google account, Discord account, or email.

  • How can you personalize your Tensor Art AI account?

    -After signing up, you can personalize your account by adding a profile picture, creating a username, writing a brief bio, and entering an invitation code if you have one.

  • What features does the Tensor Art AI dashboard offer?

    -The dashboard offers features like a search bar for finding models and users, access to the pro version, app usage, tutorials, Discord connection, language settings, notifications management, workspace setup, and account customization.

  • How does the social network feature of Tensor Art AI work?

    -Tensor Art AI has a social network-like feature that allows users to share their created images within the platform, follow other creators, engage with content, and build a community of followers who appreciate their work.

  • What is daily energy in Tensor Art AI, and how can you earn more of it?

    -Daily energy is used to create images on Tensor Art AI. You start with 100 daily energy that refreshes upon daily sign-in. You can earn more energy by inviting new users or by hosting an original model and running it once.

  • How do you create an image using Tensor Art AI?

    -To create an image, you select a model, write a prompt detailing what you want in your photo, and a negative prompt listing what you don't want. You can also adjust settings like aspect ratio, steps, and CFG scales to achieve the desired outcome.

  • What options are available after generating an image with Tensor Art AI?

    -After generating an image, you can view it in detail, remix it, send it to an image upscaler, use the after detailer in paint, publish it, or download it.

  • How can you monetize the images created with Tensor Art AI?

    -You can sell the AI-generated images on freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, offering custom picture creation services to clients and charging for your work.

  • What community aspects does Tensor Art AI support?

    -Tensor Art AI supports community aspects by allowing users to share their creations, create projects, import images, and engage with other users' content, fostering a network of artists who can exchange ideas and feedback.



🎨 Introduction to Tensor Art AI

This paragraph introduces the viewer to Tensor Art AI, a tool that transforms text into images. The guide walks through the process of creating an account, selecting styles, writing descriptions, adjusting settings, and sharing AI-generated art. It highlights the ease of use for beginners and the potential to earn money by creating images for others. The tutorial encourages users to start by visiting the official website and signing in with various account options, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the platform's rules.


πŸ–ŒοΈ Creating and Customizing Your Tensor Art Profile

The second paragraph delves into the process of personalizing the user's Tensor Art account. It covers the dashboard features, including search functionality, subscription options, app access, and language settings. The social networking aspect of Tensor Art is emphasized, allowing users to share their creations, follow other creators, and engage with content. The paragraph also discusses managing account settings, daily energy for image creation, and the ability to earn more energy through various activities. The user interface options, such as dark mode and sign-out, are briefly touched upon.



πŸ’‘Tensor Art AI

Tensor Art AI is an artificial intelligence tool that transforms textual descriptions into visual art. It is the central focus of the video, which guides users on how to utilize this tool to create unique images. The platform offers various styles and settings, allowing users to experiment and generate art according to their preferences.

πŸ’‘Account Creation

Account Creation is the initial step in using Tensor Art AI, where users sign up with their Google, Discord, or email accounts. This process involves agreeing to the platform's rules and personalizing the account with a profile picture, name, and bio. It is essential for users to gain access to the features and services provided by Tensor Art AI.


In the context of Tensor Art AI, Styles refer to the different artistic themes or visual aesthetics available for users to choose from when creating their images. These styles influence the overall look and feel of the generated art, allowing users to produce a diverse range of images that match their creative vision.


Descriptions are the textual inputs provided by users to guide the AI in generating specific images. They include positive prompts to specify what should appear in the image and negative prompts to indicate what should be excluded. Effective descriptions are crucial for achieving desired outcomes in the art creation process.


Settings in Tensor Art AI refer to the adjustable parameters that users can manipulate to influence the output of the generated images. These may include aspects like aspect ratio, steps, CFG scales, and the choice of models. By adjusting settings, users can fine-tune their creations to achieve a particular look or style.

πŸ’‘Social Network Features

Tensor Art AI incorporates social network features that allow users to share their creations, follow other creators, and engage with content within the platform. This functionality enables users to build a community, receive feedback, and connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment for artists.

πŸ’‘Daily Energy

Daily Energy is a resource within Tensor Art AI that users consume to create images. It is a measure that limits the number of images that can be generated in a day, encouraging users to sign in regularly to refresh their energy and continue creating. Users can also earn additional energy by inviting new users or hosting original models.

πŸ’‘Image Generation

Image Generation is the process by which Tensor Art AI translates textual descriptions into visual images based on the user's chosen style and settings. This is the core functionality of the platform, where users see their textual prompts come to life as AI-generated art.

πŸ’‘Freelance Selling

Freelance Selling refers to the opportunity for users to monetize their AI-generated images by offering them as services on freelance platforms. This allows creators to capitalize on their skills in using AI tools like Tensor Art AI to produce custom images for clients and earn income.

πŸ’‘Community Feedback

Community Feedback is the exchange of critiques, suggestions, and encouragement among users within the Tensor Art AI platform's community. This interaction is vital for artists to improve their skills, gain new ideas, and refine their creative process.


Tensor Art AI is a tool that transforms words into images, offering a variety of styles to choose from.

Users can sign up with a Google, Discord, or email account and must agree to the platform's rules.

The platform has a dashboard-like interface with features such as search bar, pro version subscription, app access, and language settings.

Social network-like features allow users to share creations, follow other creators, and engage with content within the platform.

Daily energy is required to create images, with 100 provided daily and additional energy earned through activities.

Users can select different models and write prompts to guide the AI in creating the desired images.

The negative prompt helps specify what elements should be excluded from the generated images.

The image-to-image feature allows users to import a reference image for the AI to emulate or incorporate into the new creation.

Adjusting steps and CFG scales can alter the types of photos generated.

Users have the option to remix, upscale, or use detail-enhancing tools on their generated images.

The platform offers a range of models, each with its own set of trigger words and features.

Tensor Art can be used to generate income by selling AI-created images on freelance platforms.

The tutorial covers the process of setting up an account, choosing styles, writing descriptions, adjusting settings, and sharing art.

Joining the Tensor Art community can provide ideas, feedback, and networking opportunities.

The video provides a comprehensive guide on utilizing Tensor Art AI for creating and selling digital art.

The platform's interface includes options for dark mode, notifications, workspace management, and account setup.

The tutorial encourages users to experiment with different models and settings to achieve the perfect look.