Testing out an Unrestricted & Uncensored LLM!

MattVidPro AI
17 Nov 202314:15

TLDRThe video introduces Freedom GPT, an AI model that emphasizes uncensored and unbiased interaction. It offers various platforms, including web and desktop applications for Windows and Mac. The model provides seamless switching between different AI models, and while it may not match the quality of larger companies like OpenAI, it delivers on its promise of being fully uncensored. The video also explores the user interface, features, and the pay-as-you-go credit system, highlighting the potential of Freedom GPT as an alternative for those seeking an unrestricted AI experience.


  • πŸš€ Introduction of Freedom GPT, an AI model aiming for uncensored and unbiased interaction.
  • πŸ“ˆ Comparison with popular AI models like OpenAI's GPT, highlighting limitations and censorship in existing models.
  • πŸ’‘ Freedom GPT offers both an internet-based version and downloadable apps for Windows and Mac.
  • πŸ”“ The Liberty model within Freedom GPT is noted for being uncensored, unlike other AI models.
  • 🎭 The platform includes a variety of AI models, such as GPT 3.5, GPT 4, Dolly 3, and Medusa, an uncensored image model.
  • πŸ”§ Custom instructions and an 'Infinite Mode' in beta are features that enhance user interaction and context.
  • 🎀 A unique feature of the Freedom GPT UI is the ability to interact with the AI using a microphone for voice input.
  • πŸ“Œ The user interface is considered by the speaker to be superior to OpenAI's, with added features like chat searching and folder organization.
  • πŸ’° Freedom GPT uses a credit system for its services, with different costs associated with different models and the option to earn credits.
  • πŸ’» The Windows app version runs independently on the user's machine, bypassing the need for internet access and allowing for unlimited generation.
  • πŸ”‘ The video script provides a comprehensive overview of Freedom GPT's capabilities, positioning it as a strong alternative for users seeking an uncensored AI experience.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video?

    -The main focus of the video is to introduce and discuss Freedom GPT, an uncensored AI model that aims to provide the power of AI to everyone without biases.

  • How does the video compare Freedom GPT to OpenAI's chat GPT?

    -The video compares Freedom GPT to chat GPT by highlighting that while chat GPT has inherent limitations and biases set by OpenAI to prevent malicious use, Freedom GPT is nearly fully uncensored and unbiased.

  • What are some of the unique features of Freedom GPT?

    -Unique features of Freedom GPT include an uncensored and unbiased Liberty model, the ability to write swear words in a rhyming rap song, seamless model switching within the same chat, and the availability of various AI models through an AI model store.

  • How does Freedom GPT handle requests that would typically be censored by OpenAI's chat GPT?

    -Freedom GPT handles such requests by allowing them without censorship, as demonstrated when it generated a list of swear words and a rhyming rap song involving swear words.

  • What are the different ways to access Freedom GPT as mentioned in the video?

    -The different ways to access Freedom GPT mentioned in the video include the internet access version, Windows download, and Mac download.

  • How does the video describe the user interface of Freedom GPT?

    -The user interface of Freedom GPT is described as familiar, with features like custom instructions, infinite mode for extended context, and the ability to use a microphone for voice input. It also includes an AI model store for accessing various AI models.

  • What are the limitations of the Liberty model as demonstrated in the video?

    -The limitations of the Liberty model demonstrated in the video include occasional hallucinations and lower quality in certain tasks like rhyming, compared to higher-level models from big companies like OpenAI.

  • How does the video address the cost of using Freedom GPT?

    -The video addresses the cost by explaining the pay-as-you-go method with credits system, where users can buy credits and the cost per generation varies depending on the model used. It also mentions the possibility of earning credits by advertising Freedom GPT.

  • What is the significance of the offline version of Freedom GPT for Windows and Mac?

    -The offline version of Freedom GPT allows users to run the AI models on their own machines without internet access, providing faster generation speeds and unlimited usage based on the machine's capabilities.

  • How does the video evaluate the overall quality and potential of Freedom GPT?

    -The video evaluates Freedom GPT as a valuable option for those in need of an uncensored model, with a nice user interface and access to various AI models. It acknowledges some limitations in quality compared to larger companies but appreciates the uncensored aspect and potential for growth.



πŸ€– Introduction to Matt's AI Channel and Freedom GPT

The video begins with a welcome to Matt's AI-focused YouTube channel, where he discusses the latest in AI technology. The main topic of the video is Freedom GPT, an AI model that aims to be nearly fully uncensored and unbiased. Matt contrasts this with popular AI models like OpenAI's chat GPT, which have limitations and biases due to safety features. He demonstrates the restrictions of chat GPT with an example of it refusing to provide a list of swear words. Matt then introduces Freedom GPT, which allows for such unrestricted responses and is available as a web service and downloadable apps for Windows and Mac. He notes that Freedom GPT reached out to sponsor the video, but assures viewers that his opinions are his own.


🎀 Exploring Freedom GPT's Features and Limitations

In this paragraph, Matt delves into the features of Freedom GPT, highlighting its uncensored and unbiased nature. He tests the AI's ability to write a rhyming rap song with swear words, which chat GPT cannot do due to censorship. Matt also discusses the user interface of Freedom GPT, pointing out the microphone feature for voice input, which is not available in the chat GPT web app. He explores the AI's capability to create dialogues, such as one between Mario and Bowser, and notes that while the AI is uncensored, it may lack the refinement of larger models like OpenAI's. Matt also touches on the search and organization features of the interface, as well as the AI model store that offers various models to use within the platform.


πŸ’» Downloading and Using Freedom GPT's Desktop Application

Matt discusses the desktop application for Freedom GPT, which can be downloaded for Windows and Mac with specific hardware requirements. He shares his experience with the installation process and emphasizes the safety of the software. The desktop app allows for offline use and unlimited generation based on the user's machine capabilities. Matt interacts with the llamo 7B model and explores its features, such as generating images of characters and scenes. He notes the app's simplicity and potential for future expansion with more models. Matt also mentions the pay-as-you-go system for the online version of Freedom GPT and the option to earn credits by advertising the platform.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is the central theme, with the discussion revolving around various AI models and their capabilities, particularly focusing on an uncensored AI model called Freedom GPT.

πŸ’‘Uncensored AI

Uncensored AI refers to AI models that are not restricted or limited by built-in filters or censorship mechanisms, allowing them to generate content without any biases or restrictions. In the video, the creator introduces Freedom GPT as an example of an uncensored AI, which is designed to provide the power of AI without any inherent biases or censorship.


Bias, in the context of AI, refers to the倾向 or inclination of an AI system to favor certain outcomes over others, often due to the data it was trained on or the algorithms used in its design. The video emphasizes the importance of minimizing such biases to achieve a more neutral and fair AI.

πŸ’‘Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI language model developed by Open AI, known for its ability to generate human-like text based on the prompts given to it. The video uses Chat GPT as a reference point to introduce and compare with the Freedom GPT model.

πŸ’‘Freedom GPT

Freedom GPT is an AI model mentioned in the video that prides itself on being uncensored and unbiased. It is presented as an alternative to more popular but censored AI models like Chat GPT.


Sponsorship refers to the support or endorsement of a particular project, event, or product by a sponsor, often in exchange for promotional consideration. In the video, the creator discloses that Freedom GPT sponsored the video but maintains that their opinions are their own.

πŸ’‘Web Access

Web access refers to the ability to connect to and use the internet and its services. In the context of the video, web access is a requirement for using the online version of Freedom GPT, which is an AI model that can be accessed via the internet.

πŸ’‘User Interface

User Interface (UI) is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur, encompassing the design and layout of the elements that allow users to interact with a system. In the video, the user interface of Freedom GPT is discussed in terms of its features and ease of use.


Censorship refers to the practice of suppressing or restricting access to certain information, media, or speech. In the context of AI, it often involves programming the AI to avoid generating or promoting certain types of content. The video discusses the levels of censorship in different AI models, with a focus on the uncensored nature of Freedom GPT.

πŸ’‘AI Models

AI Models refer to the different versions or types of artificial intelligence systems that are designed for specific tasks or capabilities. The video introduces various AI models, including Liberty model, GPT 3.5, GPT 4, Dolly 3, and Medusa.

πŸ’‘Credits System

The credits system in the context of the video refers to the pricing model used by Freedom GPT, where users purchase credits to generate responses from the AI. The cost per generation varies depending on the model used and the number of credits bought at once.


Introduction of a nearly fully uncensored AI model that aims to empower everyone without biases.

Discussion on the limitations of popular AI models like OpenAI's ChatGPT, which are intentionally restricted to prevent malicious activities.

Comparison of the new AI model with existing models, highlighting the lack of censorship and bias in the new model.

Introduction to Freedom GPT, an AI model that prides itself on being uncensored and unbiased, and its sponsorship of the video.

Explanation of the different ways to use Freedom GPT, including its internet-based version and downloadable apps for Windows and Mac.

Overview of the user interface and features of Freedom GPT, including the credits system and the ability to use it privately without data sharing.

Demonstration of the AI's ability to generate content that is typically censored in other platforms, showcasing its uncensored nature.

Discussion on the AI's political neutrality and its commitment to promoting equal opportunities and access to basic necessities.

Presentation of the AI's capability to create content in different formats, such as writing a dialogue between fictional characters in a more adult context.

Explanation of the AI's voice interaction feature, which allows users to speak to the AI using a microphone for a more interactive experience.

Discussion on the AI model store, which provides access to a variety of AI models with different levels of censorship and pricing.

Demonstration of the seamless switching between different AI models within the same chat, highlighting the flexibility and adaptability of the platform.

Review of the basic settings available in the AI, such as dark mode and light mode, and the pay-as-you-go credit system for the online version.

Explanation of the downloadable app for Windows and Mac, its system requirements, and the benefits of running the AI off your own machine.

Showcase of the AI's ability to generate images using uncensored models, despite limitations in certain areas like character recognition.

Conclusion on the value of Freedom GPT as an uncensored AI model, its user interface advantages, and its potential as a research tool.