The BEST AI Upscaler I've Seen to Date!

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18 Dec 202318:18

TLDRThe video discusses the AI upscalers, Magnific AI and Korea AI, which can transform low-resolution images into high-quality, realistic ones. The comparison highlights the detail enhancement and accuracy of the upscaled images to the original, with a focus on the features and pricing of both platforms. While Magnific AI offers impressive results, Korea AI provides a free alternative that delivers nearly comparable quality, making it an attractive option for users.


  • 🌟 The script discusses the popularity of AI upscalers, specifically one used to enhance old video game images to look realistic.
  • πŸš€ The impressive aspect of AI upscalers is not just creating realistic images, but also accurately capturing elements from the original.
  • πŸ’‘ The challenge in AI image enhancement has been to maintain the original's essence and details, such as color and positioning.
  • 🎨 The video presents a comparison between two AI upscalers: Magnific AI and Korea AI, highlighting their similarities and differences.
  • πŸ†“ Korea AI offers a free alternative to Magnific AI, which has a subscription model, making it more accessible to a wider audience.
  • πŸ”Ž The video includes side-by-side comparisons to evaluate the quality and accuracy of the upscaled images produced by both AI tools.
  • πŸ€– Both AI upscalers have different settings and features that allow users to customize the upscaling process.
  • πŸ“ˆ The script mentions the potential of using AI upscalers with other AI-generated content, such as art created with Dolly 3 and Stable Diffusion.
  • πŸŽ₯ There's an interest in seeing how AI upscalers could be applied to video, by enhancing every frame of a video repeatedly.
  • πŸ’° The pricing model of Magnific AI is criticized as being expensive compared to the free offering of Korea AI.
  • πŸ“Š The video concludes that while Magnific AI might have a slight edge in quality, Korea AI's free service makes it a compelling choice.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is the discussion and comparison of two AI upscaling tools, Magnific AI and Korea AI, which are used to enhance and upscale images and videos.

  • What is the key feature that the speaker appreciates about the AI upscalers?

    -The speaker appreciates that the AI upscalers not only create realistic-looking images but also accurately capture and reflect the original elements and details from the source material.

  • What is the major difference between Magnific AI and Korea AI in terms of pricing?

    -Magnific AI requires a subscription fee of $40 per month for the lowest plan, while Korea AI offers its upscaling tool completely free of charge.

  • What are the three main creative controls available in Magnific AI's image upscaler?

    -The three main creative controls in Magnific AI's image upscaler are the Creativity slider, HDR (High Dynamic Range), and Resemblance slider.

  • How does the speaker describe the results of upscaling a low-resolution photo of their dog using the AI tools?

    -The speaker is impressed with the results, noting that while not perfect, the AI tools managed to capture a lot of detail and sharpness from the original low-resolution photo.

  • What is the main advantage of Korea AI over Magnific AI according to the speaker?

    -The main advantage of Korea AI, as mentioned by the speaker, is that it is completely free to use, which is a significant point in its favor over Magnific AI, which has a subscription fee.

  • What is the speaker's verdict on which AI upscaling tool is better between Magnific AI and Korea AI?

    -The speaker concludes that while Magnific AI might have produced slightly better results in some tests, Korea AI is a very close competitor and offers its services for free, making it an attractive option.

  • What additional feature does Korea AI offer besides the upscaling tool?

    -Besides the upscaling tool, Korea AI offers real-time AI generation, unlimited image and video generations, and five AI trainings per month with their plans.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on the pricing of Magnific AI's services?

    -The speaker finds the pricing of Magnific AI's services to be absurd and not worth the cost, especially considering the availability of free alternatives like Korea AI.

  • How does the speaker suggest one could improve the results from the AI upscalers?

    -The speaker suggests that with some fine-tuning and the use of photo editing software like Adobe Generative Phil and Photoshop, one could easily fix minor issues and improve the results from the AI upscalers.

  • What is the speaker's final verdict on the performance of AI upscaling technology?

    -The speaker is impressed by the capabilities of AI upscaling technology but acknowledges that there is still a long way to go before it can perfectly replicate high-resolution images from low-resolution sources.



🌟 Introduction to AI Upscaling

The paragraph introduces the concept of AI upscaling, specifically focusing on a popular AI upscaler that has gone viral on platforms like Twitter. It discusses how this technology can transform old video game images into realistic-looking ones. The key point emphasized is the AI's ability to accurately capture and enhance the original elements of the image, which has been a long-standing desire in the field of image enhancement. The paragraph also mentions the work of Rowan Chung on Twitter and introduces a free competitor to the mentioned AI upscaler, setting the stage for a comparison between the two technologies.


πŸš€ Comparison of AI Upscaling Technologies

This paragraph delves into the comparison between two AI upscaling technologies, highlighting the features and capabilities of each. It discusses the different settings available for upscaling, such as the creativity slider, HDR, and resemblance options. The paragraph also touches on the potential applications of AI upscaling, such as enhancing AI-generated art and upscaling video frames. The speaker shares their excitement about testing these technologies and provides a brief overview of their initial experiences and observations.


πŸ” Detailed Analysis of Upscaling Results

The paragraph provides a detailed analysis of the upscaling results obtained from using the two different AI technologies. It compares the output of both magnific AI and Korea AI, focusing on the texture, detail, and faithfulness to the original image. The speaker shares their observations on the quality of the upscaled images, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each technology. The paragraph also discusses the practical aspects of using these upscalers, such as the time taken for generation and the potential for further refinement using other software.


πŸ’° Pricing and Accessibility of AI Upscaling Services

In this paragraph, the discussion shifts towards the pricing and accessibility of the AI upscaling services. The speaker expresses their opinion on the cost of magnific AI, finding it to be quite high for the offered plans. In contrast, Korea AI is praised for being completely free, which is seen as a significant advantage. The paragraph outlines the features included in Korea AI's plans and emphasizes the value for money it provides compared to magnific AI. The speaker concludes by sharing their overall impressions of the upscaling technologies and encourages viewers to explore the world of AI.



πŸ’‘AI Upscale

AI Upscale refers to the process of using artificial intelligence to enhance the resolution and quality of an image or video. In the context of the video, this technology is demonstrated through the use of specific AI tools, such as Magnific AI and Korea AI, which are capable of transforming low-resolution images into high-definition, realistic-looking visuals. The video showcases the effectiveness of these upscalers by comparing their outputs, highlighting the level of detail and accuracy in replicating the original subjects.

πŸ’‘Realistic Rendering

Realistic rendering is the process of creating images or visuals that closely resemble real-life objects or scenes. In the video, the AI upscalers are evaluated based on their ability to render images in a way that maintains the original's essence while adding details to make it look more lifelike. The goal is to achieve a high level of detail and accuracy that makes the upscaled image or video appear as if it could exist in the real world.

πŸ’‘Image Enhancement

Image enhancement involves improving the quality of an image to make it more visually appealing or to bring out certain details. In the context of the video, AI upscalers are used to enhance images by increasing their resolution and adding details that were not present in the original, low-resolution version. This process is not just about making the image bigger, but also about improving its overall quality and fidelity to the original subject.

πŸ’‘AI Website Generator

An AI website generator is a tool that leverages artificial intelligence to automate the process of creating websites. It uses generative AI to craft personalized websites based on the information provided by the user, making the website creation process faster and more efficient. These generators often come with no-code tools, allowing users to tweak and optimize their websites without needing to write any code.


Sponsorship in the context of the video refers to the financial or material support provided by a company or individual to a content creator, in this case, the video producer. This support often takes the form of funding or product placement in exchange for promotion within the content. Sponsors play a crucial role in enabling content creators to produce and share their work, and in this video, the sponsor is acknowledged for their contribution to the channel's existence.

πŸ’‘Dolly 2

Dolly 2, as mentioned in the video, is a reference to a specific AI-generated art style or tool. It is likely a generative AI model that can create images, possibly with a distinctive aesthetic or level of detail. The video suggests that Dolly 2 is capable of producing high-quality visuals that can then be further enhanced or upscaled using AI upscalers.

πŸ’‘Creativity Slider

The creativity slider is a feature within AI upscaling tools that allows users to adjust the level of additional details or 'creativity' the AI adds to the upscaled image. By moving the slider, users can control how much the AI 'hallucinates' or generates new details beyond what is present in the original image. This feature is essential for achieving a balance between maintaining the original's essence and adding enhancements that improve the visual appeal.


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, a term used in imaging to refer to a higher contrast ratio between the darkest and brightest parts of an image. In the context of AI upscaling, HDR is used to increase the overall definition and detail in the image, making it more vivid and lifelike. The video mentions the use of an HDR slider to control the level of detail and dynamic range in the upscaled images.


Resemblance refers to how closely an upscaled or edited image matches the original in terms of content, details, and overall appearance. In the context of AI upscaling, maintaining a high level of resemblance is crucial to ensure that the enhanced image stays true to its source while benefiting from the added details and improvements.

πŸ’‘Korea AI

Korea AI is mentioned as a competitor to Magnific AI in the video, offering a free AI upscaling service. It is highlighted as a cost-effective alternative to Magnific AI, which has a subscription fee. Korea AI is noted for its real-time generation capabilities and its upscaling feature, which, despite taking longer to generate, provides results that are often comparable to those of Magnific AI.


Pricing in this context refers to the cost associated with using AI upscaling services. The video discusses the subscription model of Magnific AI, which charges a monthly fee for access to their upscaling tools. The pricing is a significant factor for users considering the use of these services, and the video compares the cost of Magnific AI with the free offering of Korea AI, highlighting the value proposition of the latter.


The AI upscaler is creating a buzz, especially for its ability to transform old video game images into realistic-looking ones.

Rowan Chung on Twitter showcased this AI upscaler, emphasizing its ability to capture all elements from the original image.

The challenge in AI image enhancement has been not just creating a good-looking image, but one that accurately reflects the original's meaning and details.

Korea AI introduced a free competitor to Magnific AI, prompting a side-by-side comparison to determine the best upscaler.

The AI upscaler respects the original image's color, clothing specifics, and background patterns, enhancing without losing the essence.

HubSpot's AI website generator leverages generative AI to create entire websites with ease, impressing with its simplicity and no-code tools.

Magnific AI's technology is praised for its ability to add details and reimagine graphics, showing respect for the original creative work.

An example of upscaling an image of Zuckerberg in the metaverse sparked a humorous debate about the future of metaverse appearances.

The AI upscaler's ability to maintain straight lines and add fine details like eyelashes and facial shadows is highlighted.

The discussion includes an exploration of upscaling videos by enhancing each frame, indicating an exciting direction for AI enhancement.

Magnific AI's homepage offers comparisons and showcases its capacity as more than an upscaler, but a detail adder and re-creator.

The practical application of AI upscaling is tested with high-resolution images and the results are analyzed for faithfulness and sharpness.

Korea AI's upscaling process is noted for its real-time generation feature and its competitive edge against Magnific AI, despite being free.

A direct comparison between Magnific and Korea AI upscaling reveals differences in texture, sharpness, and faithfulness to the original image.

The ultimate test involves upscaling a low-resolution photo of a dog, with Magnific AI showing a slightly better performance in capturing sharpness and details.

The pricing of Magnific AI is critiqued as potentially prohibitive for many users, especially when compared to the free offering of Korea AI.

Korea AI's plans offer more features for a lower cost, making it an attractive option despite sometimes slightly less accurate upscaling results.

The video concludes with a recommendation for viewers to explore the current state of AI upscaling and to consider subscribing for more insights into AI advancements.