The Magic of AI Photo Editing: Luminar Neo!

Sightseeing Stan
30 Apr 202311:34

TLDRIn this video, the creator introduces Luminar Neo, a software that simplifies photo editing with AI-enhanced tools. They demonstrate its capabilities by transforming ordinary photos into atmospheric masterpieces using various features like the Enhance AI slider, Sky Enhancer, and relight AI tool. The software's ability to adjust lighting, remove dust spots, and apply creative effects makes it a valuable addition to any photographer's toolkit, regardless of their experience level.


  • 🎨 Luminar Neo is a user-friendly software designed to transform ordinary photos into atmospheric masterpieces without requiring professional editing skills.
  • 🤖 The software features an AI-powered enhancer that improves detail, color, contrast, and depth with a single slider.
  • 🌄 A dedicated sky enhancer tool can bring out more detail in the sky, particularly useful for sunset or moody skies.
  • 🌳 The landscape tool includes a dehaze slider for increasing contrast and reducing haze, as well as a golden hour slider for adding a warm glow to images.
  • 🌿 The foliage enhancer increases the luminance and saturation of foliage, with advanced settings allowing for hue adjustments.
  • 🌅 Creative tools like mood tools and glow tools offer various LUTs (color grading presets) and effects to add atmosphere and depth to images.
  • ✨ The sun rays tool can create realistic sun rays and manipulate the light in an image with various customizable options.
  • 🖌️ Luminar Neo's relight AI tool can adjust lighting in a photo to naturally wrap light around subjects, enhancing the image's three-dimensionality.
  • 🛠️ The software also includes a handy function for automatically removing dust spots from photos, saving significant time in post-processing.
  • 🌟 Luminar Neo offers a range of AI tools that can be beneficial for various types of photography, from portraits to landscapes.
  • 💡 The software simplifies editing tasks that would typically be more time-consuming and complex in other programs like Photoshop, making it ideal for beginners, hobbyists, and professionals looking to streamline their workflow.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the software Luminar Neo discussed in the video?

    -The main purpose of Luminar Neo is to simplify the photo editing process, allowing users without professional editing skills to transform ordinary photos into atmospheric masterpieces.

  • What was the initial impression of the presenter towards Luminar Neo?

    -The presenter was initially skeptical about Luminar Neo when they were first approached to test the software.

  • What feature of Luminar Neo impressed the presenter and why?

    -The presenter was impressed by the 'Enhance AI' slider, as it improves detail, color, contrast, and depth all in one go without overdoing it.

  • How does the 'Sky Enhancer' tool in Luminar Neo work?

    -The 'Sky Enhancer' tool specifically enhances the sky in an image, bringing out more detail and improving the overall appearance of the sky.

  • What does the 'Golden Hour' slider do in Luminar Neo?

    -The 'Golden Hour' slider produces a realistic, beautiful warm glow, simulating the lighting conditions of the golden hour, which can enhance the overall look of the image.

  • How does Luminar Neo's 'Foliage Enhancer' tool affect the image?

    -The 'Foliage Enhancer' tool increases the luminance and saturation of the foliage in the image, adding vibrance to the colors.

  • What is the 'Relight AI' tool in Luminar Neo and how does it function?

    -The 'Relight AI' tool uses artificial intelligence to understand the three-dimensionality of the image and re-light the scene in a natural way, adjusting the light in the image to better suit the subject and scene.

  • What is the 'Remove Dust Spots' function in Luminar Neo and how does it save time?

    -The 'Remove Dust Spots' function automatically detects and removes dust spots in an image, saving a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent manually cloning out each spot.

  • How does the 'Atmosphere AI' tool in Luminar Neo contribute to the image editing process?

    -The 'Atmosphere AI' tool allows users to add and adjust different atmospheric effects like fog, layered fog, mist, and haze, creating a realistic look that enhances the depth and mood of the image.

  • What is the 'Mood' tool in Luminar Neo and how can it be used?

    -The 'Mood' tool provides a variety of LUTs (color grading presets) that can instantly change the look of an image. Users can adjust the amount of the LUT applied and modify contrast and saturation to achieve the desired aesthetic.

  • What is the 'Sun Rays' tool in Luminar Neo and how can it be used effectively?

    -The 'Sun Rays' tool allows users to add and adjust sun rays in an image, enhancing the effect of sunlight. It can be used with good taste and careful adjustment to create a dramatic effect without overdoing it.

  • How does Luminar Neo make photo editing more accessible for beginners and hobbyists?

    -Luminar Neo simplifies photo editing by providing AI-powered tools that automate complex tasks, making it easier for beginners and hobbyists to achieve professional-looking results without spending a lot of time learning more complicated software.



🎨 Introducing Luminar Neo and Its Capabilities

The paragraph introduces the Luminar Neo software, a tool designed to enhance and edit photos with ease, even for non-professionals. The speaker shares their initial skepticism but then expresses their pleasant surprise at the software's capabilities. They demonstrate how Luminar Neo can improve image quality with its AI-enhancing features, such as the Enhance AI slider for detail, color, contrast, and depth; the Sky Enhancer; and the Landscape tool for adjusting haze and applying a golden hour glow. The speaker also mentions the availability of a discount code for those interested in trying Luminar Neo.


🌄 Advanced Editing Techniques with Luminar Neo

This paragraph delves into more advanced editing features of Luminar Neo. The speaker demonstrates the software's ability to correct lighting issues using the relight AI tool, which can adjust the light in an image in a natural way. They also show how to remove dust spots and unwanted objects from photos using the erase tool. The paragraph highlights the software's potential for creative editing, including the use of atmosphere-enhancing tools like Haze and the mood tool for applying LUTs (Look-Up Tables). The speaker emphasizes the software's versatility for different types of photography and its potential to streamline editing workflows for both beginners and professionals.


🚀 Transforming Photos with Luminar Neo's AI Tools

The final paragraph showcases Luminar Neo's ability to transform ordinary photos into dramatic and atmospheric pieces of art. The speaker uses a variety of tools to enhance a landscape photo, including the Accent AI for overall improvement, the Sky Enhancer for adjusting the sky, and the Eraser tool for removing dust spots. They also employ the relight AI tool to adjust the brightness and direct light towards the subject. The Atmosphere AI is used to add haze for depth, and the Mood tool to apply a smoky LUT for a dramatic effect. The paragraph concludes with the speaker's admiration for Luminar Neo's ease of use and powerful AI features, which can significantly reduce editing time and complexity compared to traditional software like Photoshop.



💡atmospheric masterpieces

The term 'atmospheric masterpieces' refers to photographs that have been transformed into works of art with a unique and captivating mood or atmosphere. In the context of the video, this is the end goal of using the software Luminar Neo, where ordinary photos are enhanced to create visually stunning and emotionally evocative images. The video demonstrates how the software can help users achieve this effect through various editing tools and AI enhancements, such as the enhance AI slider and the golden hour slider.

💡Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is a photo editing software that utilizes artificial intelligence to simplify and enhance the editing process. It is designed to help users, regardless of their expertise level, to create high-quality, visually appealing images. The software offers a range of tools and sliders that can adjust various aspects of a photo, such as detail, color, contrast, and more, with the aim of boosting the creative process and making photo editing more accessible.

💡AI enhancements

AI enhancements refer to the use of artificial intelligence to improve or modify aspects of a photograph. In Luminar Neo, AI is utilized to automatically adjust and optimize elements such as color, contrast, and detail, as well as to detect and remove dust spots. These enhancements are designed to make the editing process more efficient and to produce high-quality results with less manual effort.

💡editing tasks

Editing tasks are the various activities involved in altering and improving a photograph's appearance using photo editing software. These tasks can range from basic adjustments like changing brightness and contrast to more complex actions like color grading and compositing. In the context of the video, editing tasks are simplified with Luminar Neo's AI-powered tools, making it easier for users to achieve their desired outcomes.

💡creative process

The creative process refers to the series of steps taken to produce an original work, such as a photograph or a piece of art. In the context of photo editing, this involves using tools and techniques to transform an image into a visually appealing piece that conveys a certain mood or message. Luminar Neo aims to boost this process by providing users with AI-powered tools that can enhance and refine images in innovative ways, thus inspiring and facilitating creativity.

💡enhance AI slider

The enhance AI slider is a feature within Luminar Neo that uses artificial intelligence to automatically improve the overall quality of an image. It adjusts elements such as detail, color, contrast, and depth in a balanced manner, aiming to enhance the image without overdoing any single aspect. This tool is designed to simplify the editing process and help users achieve a more polished look with minimal effort.

💡sky enhancer

The sky enhancer is a tool in Luminar Neo that specifically targets the sky portion of an image to improve its appearance. It may adjust aspects such as color saturation, contrast, and clarity to make the sky more visually striking and to better complement the rest of the image. This tool is useful for photographers who want to emphasize the beauty of the sky in their landscape or outdoor photographs.

💡golden hour slider

The golden hour slider is a feature within Luminar Neo that simulates the warm, soft light typically found during the golden hour— the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset. This tool allows users to apply a realistic warm glow to their images, enhancing the overall mood and aesthetic appeal. The golden hour slider is particularly useful for outdoor or landscape photography, where the quality of light can greatly impact the final result.

💡landscape tool

The landscape tool in Luminar Neo is a specialized feature designed to enhance landscape photographs by improving specific elements such as contrast, clarity, and color saturation. This tool may include sliders for dehazing, adjusting the warmth of light, and enhancing the vibrancy of foliage, all aimed at making the landscape more visually appealing and realistic.

💡mood tool

The mood tool in Luminar Neo is a feature that allows users to alter the overall mood or atmosphere of an image through the use of LUTs (Look-Up Tables), which are like color grading presets. These LUTs can instantly change the look of an image, adding a certain stylistic quality or emotional tone. The mood tool also includes options to adjust contrast and saturation, giving users greater control over the final aesthetic of their photos.

💡sun rays tool

The sun rays tool is a feature in Luminar Neo that enables users to manipulate the appearance of sunlight in an image. This tool can enhance or create sun rays, adjust their intensity, and control the direction and focus of the light. It is particularly useful for adding a dramatic effect to images where the sun is a prominent element, but it should be used with good taste to avoid making the image look unnatural.

💡relight AI tool

The relight AI tool is a feature within Luminar Neo that uses artificial intelligence to adjust the lighting within an image. It can analyze the three-dimensionality of the image and re-light the scene in a natural way, allowing users to modify the brightness and shadows without affecting the overall image quality. This tool is particularly useful for correcting lighting issues or creating more dynamic lighting effects in photographs.


The introduction of a new software, Luminar Neo, designed to enhance photos without the need for professional editing skills.

Luminar Neo's Enhance AI slider that improves detail, color, contrast, and depth in a single adjustment.

The Sky Enhancer tool that specifically improves the appearance of the sky in an image.

The Dehaze slider in the Landscape tool that increases contrast and reduces haze.

The Golden Hour slider that adds a realistic warm glow to images.

The Foliage Enhancer tool that increases the luminance and saturation of foliage.

The use of LUTs (Look-Up Tables) in the Mood tool for instant color grading presets.

The Glow tool that adds a soft highlight effect to images.

The Sun Rays tool that allows for the manipulation of sunlight effects in an image.

The Relight AI tool that adjusts lighting in a photo by understanding the image's three-dimensionality.

The automatic removal of dust spots in an image using Luminar Neo's erase tool.

The adjustment of light in different areas of an image using the Relight AI tool to enhance subject focus.

The Atmosphere AI tool that introduces fog, haze, or mist into an image with adjustable depth.

The Sky AI tool that replaces the sky in an image while adjusting overall lighting and reflections.

The versatility of Luminar Neo for various types of photography, including portraits, weddings, and landscapes.

The potential of Luminar Neo to simplify editing tasks and improve workflow for both beginners and professionals.

A discount code 'stand 10' is available for a 10% off annual subscription to Luminar Neo.