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Peter McKinnon
22 Dec 202014:22

TLDRIn this sponsored video by Skylum Luminar, Peter McKinnon explores the software for the first time, intrigued by its AI-powered photo editing capabilities. He tests various features like sky replacement, templates, and editing tools, noting the software's user-friendly nature, especially for those new to photo editing. McKinnon赞赏Luminar的直观性和强大的功能,如智能对比度、天空增强器和细节增强,这些功能可以显著提升照片效果而无需复杂的操作。他还尝试了肖像模式下的AI功能,包括面部塑形、眼睛颜色改变和皮肤平滑等,对这些效果印象深刻。虽然他认为对于专业人士来说,Luminar可能过于基础,但对于快速编辑和风格化照片,它是一个非常有用的工具。McKinnon认为Luminar是任何希望快速提高照片编辑技能的人的优秀选择,并提供了一个折扣码mckinnon15供观众使用。


  • 🎥 Peter McKinnon introduces Luminar AI as a photo editing software that he has never used before, making the video an experiment for both him and the viewers.
  • 🔍 The software uses AI to suggest editing options for a photo, such as 'Blockbuster' and 'Big Screen', which can be easily applied with a click.
  • 🌄 Luminar AI features a 'Sky Replacement' tool that has garnered a lot of attention, allowing users to change the sky in their photos with ease.
  • 📈 The 'Edit' tab offers a variety of sliders for adjusting composition, light, structure, and color, making fine-tuning photos straightforward.
  • 🖌 The 'Erase' feature allows users to remove unwanted elements from photos, such as erasing a person's head, with a simple painting-over motion.
  • 🌈 'Smart Contrast' and 'Enhance Sky' are tools that go beyond basic sliders, adjusting details and saturation in a more nuanced way.
  • 🔍 'Accent' is a new clarity slider that affects the entire photo, while 'Remove Color Cast' can eliminate unwanted color tones from specific areas.
  • 👁️ The 'Portrait' section includes AI-powered tools for adjusting facial features, such as slimming the face, changing eye color, and enhancing iris visibility.
  • 📈 Users can apply quick stylization to their photos using presets without delving into detailed editing, which is ideal for beginners or those looking for speed.
  • 🛠️ While Luminar AI is user-friendly and suitable for quick edits, professional users might find it too basic and prefer to use it as a plugin for more advanced software like Photoshop or Lightroom.
  • ⚙️ The software is a powerful tool for those who want to enhance their photos without extensive knowledge of photo editing, offering a range of quick and easy adjustments.

Q & A

  • What is the main feature of Luminar AI that Peter McKinnon is testing in the video?

    -Peter McKinnon tests several features of Luminar AI, but the main feature he focuses on is the sky replacement tool, which allows users to change the sky in their photos with artificial intelligence.

  • Why does Peter decide to do a sponsored video for software he has never used before?

    -Peter explains that he thought it would be an interesting and fun experiment to explore the software together with his audience, experiencing Luminar AI for the first time as if they were using it themselves.

  • What are some of the quick options available in Luminar AI for photo editing?

    -Luminar AI offers quick options such as blockbuster, big screen, urban style, teal and orange, and soft atmospheric photos. These options use AI to suggest and apply styles suitable for the photo being edited.

  • How does Luminar AI facilitate the process of photo editing for beginners?

    -Luminar AI makes photo editing easy for beginners by providing straightforward, user-friendly interfaces and automated tools like composition, erase, light enhance, structure, and color adjustments that don't require prior photo editing knowledge.

  • What unique tools does Luminar AI provide for editing portraits?

    -For portrait editing, Luminar AI includes tools like face AI, which adjusts facial lighting without masks, slim face options, eye color changes, iris flare enhancements, and automatic dark circle removal.

  • Can Luminar AI be used by professional photographers?

    -Yes, Luminar AI is suitable for professionals as well. It offers a plug-in version for use with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, allowing professionals to integrate its features into their existing workflows.

  • How does Peter McKinnon assess the reality and authenticity of photos edited with Luminar AI?

    -Peter expresses concerns about how easy it is to alter images significantly using Luminar AI, noting that features like slimming faces and changing eye color can lead to photos that look unrealistic, which can be a slippery slope towards producing overly manipulated images.

  • What potential risks does Peter identify with using Luminar AI?

    -Peter identifies risks such as the ease of making significant changes to images, such as face slimming and eye color alterations, which could lead to ethical concerns and the propagation of unrealistic beauty standards.

  • What advantages does Peter see in using Luminar AI for photo editing?

    -Peter appreciates the speed and simplicity that Luminar AI offers, allowing quick stylization and adjustments without the need for detailed manual editing. He highlights its potential as a time-saving tool that still offers powerful editing capabilities.

  • Does Peter recommend Luminar AI for people new to photo editing?

    -Yes, Peter recommends Luminar AI for beginners or those who feel intimidated by more complex photo editing software. He praises its straightforwardness and the ability to quickly achieve impressive results without prior editing experience.



🎥 Introduction to Skylum Luminar AI Software

Peter McKinnon introduces the video and the sponsored software, Skylum Luminar, which he has never used before. He views this as an experiment to explore the capabilities of AI in photo editing. Starting with the software, he loads a few images and tests the sky replacement feature, which is popular among users. He goes through various templates and options like 'blockbuster' and 'big screen', and appreciates the ease of use, especially for beginners. The software's interface is straightforward, allowing Peter to erase elements from a photo with simple brush strokes. He also explores features like 'smart contrast' and 'sky enhancer', which affect the overall look of the image beyond just contrast adjustments.


🌄 Advanced Editing Features and Portrait Mode

The video continues with Peter experimenting with more advanced editing features within Luminar. He discusses the ability to add fog and sun rays to a landscape photo, and how the software handles complex elements like gradients and fog. He also touches on the 'sky selection' tool and its effectiveness. Moving on to portrait editing, Peter is impressed by the AI's ability to make quick adjustments to facial features without needing manual masks. He explores options to change eye color, remove dark circles, and enhance eyebrows and teeth. He expresses concerns about the potential for photos to look unrealistic with some of these features but acknowledges the software's power for quick and easy edits.


🛠️ Luminar's Impact on Photo Editing and Conclusion

Peter reflects on the implications of software like Luminar on the future of photo editing. He considers the speed and ease of making significant changes to photos, such as altering the sky, facial features, and colors, without prior experience. He addresses his stance as a photographer, appreciating the efficiency and time-saving aspects of the software while also valuing the traditional learning process and other tools. He mentions that Luminar is not only for beginners but can be a massive time-saver for professionals as well, especially when used as a plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom. Peter concludes by encouraging viewers to check out Luminar, especially with a provided discount code, and shares his overall positive yet cautious impression of the software's capabilities.



💡Luminar AI

Luminar AI is a photo editing software that utilizes artificial intelligence to simplify and enhance the process of photo manipulation. In the video, Peter McKinnon explores the capabilities of Luminar AI, highlighting its user-friendly interface and the ease with which it allows for sophisticated edits, such as sky replacement and facial feature adjustments, without requiring prior knowledge of photo editing.

💡Sky Replacement

Sky replacement is a feature within photo editing software that allows users to change the sky in a photo with another, often more dramatic or aesthetically pleasing, sky. Peter McKinnon specifically mentions wanting to see this feature in action, indicating its popularity and the excitement around the ability to transform the mood of a photo with a simple edit.

💡Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is used within Luminar to automate complex editing tasks, making them accessible to users without professional editing experience. Peter demonstrates how AI-driven suggestions can quickly enhance photos.

💡Edit Tab

The Edit Tab is a section within the Luminar AI software where users can access a variety of editing tools to adjust specific aspects of their photos, such as composition, light, color, and structure. Peter navigates through the Edit Tab to explore different features, emphasizing the software's ability to make detailed adjustments with minimal effort.

💡Portrait Editing

Portrait editing involves the manipulation of a photo that features a person or people to enhance their appearance or alter specific facial features. In the video, Peter uses Luminar AI's portrait editing tools to adjust the subject's face shape, eye color, and remove blemishes, showcasing the software's advanced capabilities in creating professional-looking portraits with ease.

💡AI Presets

AI Presets are pre-defined settings within Luminar AI that apply a specific look or style to a photo automatically, using the software's artificial intelligence to determine the best adjustments. Peter mentions these presets as a quick way for users to stylize their photos without delving into complex editing processes, making them ideal for beginners or those looking for a fast editing solution.

💡Smart Contrast

Smart Contrast is a feature within photo editing software that intelligently adjusts the contrast of an image, often affecting the brightness and detail of various elements within the photo. Peter discusses how Luminar AI's Smart Contrast not only changes the contrast but also enhances the sky and trees in the image, providing a more nuanced and professional result.

💡Erase Tool

The Erase Tool is a function in photo editing software that allows users to remove or 'erase' parts of an image. Peter uses this tool to demonstrate the ease with which one can remove unwanted elements, such as a person's head, from a photo, highlighting the straightforward nature of the software's interface.

💡Sky Enhancer

Sky Enhancer is a tool within Luminar AI that allows users to modify the appearance of the sky in their photos, making it more vibrant or adjusting its color saturation. Peter uses this feature to add more depth and visual interest to the sky in one of the photos, illustrating the software's ability to create dramatic effects with simple adjustments.

💡Face AI

Face AI is a feature in Luminar AI that uses artificial intelligence to detect and enhance facial features in portraits. Peter uses this tool to adjust facial elements such as the face shape, eye color, and to remove dark circles, showcasing the level of detail and control the software offers for portrait editing.

💡Social Media

Social Media refers to online platforms that allow users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. In the video, Peter mentions the ease with which users can post edited photos to social media, indicating that Luminar AI is designed with the needs of social media users in mind, allowing for quick and impactful edits that are suitable for online sharing.


Peter McKinnon explores Luminar AI for the first time in a sponsored video.

Luminar AI offers a sky replacement feature that has been a hot topic.

The software utilizes AI to suggest editing styles for photos.

Templates like 'Blockbuster' provide quick editing options.

The 'Edit' tab contains various options for adjusting composition, light, and color.

Erasing elements from a photo is made simple with a straightforward painting tool.

Smart Contrast adjusts the contrast and details in a photo, beyond a basic slider.

Sky Enhancer can alter the saturation and color of the sky.

Accent is a new clarity slider that affects the overall image.

Remove Color Cast feature can eliminate unwanted color tones from a photo.

The software can detect and sharpen small details without the need for manual masking.

Users can easily add or modify elements in a photo, such as mountains or an eagle.

Luminar AI provides pre-keyed assets for quick and easy editing.

The software includes portrait editing features that can adjust facial features and skin tones.

AI Face AI technology allows for quick and easy adjustments to facial elements.

The software can add dramatic effects like fog and sun rays, which can be customized.

Luminar AI is suitable for users with no prior photo editing experience, offering a fast learning curve.

Professionals can use Luminar AI as a plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom.

The software is a time-saver for quick edits and adjustments.

Peter McKinnon is impressed with Luminar AI's capabilities and its potential impact on the future of photo editing.