The Spiritual Battle For Our Humanity: Transhumanism, DNA, AI & Our Forgotten Past | Gregg Braden

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16 Apr 2024141:25

TLDRGregg Braden delves into a thought-provoking discourse on the battle for our humanity amid the rise of transhumanism, which threatens to diminish our innate human qualities through advanced technologies. Braden explores the implications of DNA manipulation, AI integration, and our forgotten ancient past, emphasizing the inherent danger in relinquishing our biological essence for technological augmentation. He advocates for a deeper understanding of our true human potential and spiritual heritage before irreversibly merging with machines, urging us to reclaim and celebrate our divinity and the profound capacities of human consciousness.


  • 🌍 Gregg Braden discusses the 'battle for our humanness,' suggesting that a movement is underway to replace natural human bodies with artificial technology, thereby disconnecting us from a sacred inner power.
  • 🧬 The concept of evolution is supported, but Braden argues it falls short when explaining human development, proposing instead that something profound and unexplained altered our ancestors, making us distinctly human.
  • 🤖 The dialogue raises concerns about transhumanism—the merging of humans and technology—suggesting it might strip us of our ability to connect with our divine nature through biological means.
  • 🌌 Braden urges a deeper exploration of human potential before embracing technologies that could irreversibly alter our species, emphasizing the need to understand ourselves fully before integrating further with machines.
  • 👥 The discussion also touches on the importance of transcending perceived limitations through our innate divinity, a concept described as being more than religious but fundamentally about exceeding our constraints and fears.
  • 🔄 Historical cycles and ancient wisdom are cited, suggesting that humanity has experienced and forgotten advanced civilizations and knowledge through ages, hinting at periodic 'resets' in human understanding and society.
  • 📜 Various ancient texts and traditions are referenced, implying that our ancestors knew of these cycles and our more profound connections to the universe, which modern society has largely forgotten.
  • 🔬 Braden points out scientific discoveries that hint at deliberate changes in our DNA, suggesting that our evolution might have been influenced by external, possibly extraterrestrial, interventions.
  • 🧠 Discussions about the nature of reality and consciousness, suggesting that reality might be a simulation where understanding and harnessing our human potential could allow us to live more fully and freely.
  • 🌐 The potential impact of acknowledging a non-human influence on our development is discussed, suggesting it could revolutionize our understanding of ourselves and challenge the current paradigms of science and religion.

Q & A

  • What is transhumanism and how does it relate to humanity according to Gregg Braden?

    -Transhumanism, as discussed by Gregg Braden, refers to a movement aimed at enhancing human bodies through synthetic materials, chemicals, blood sensors, computer chips, and artificial intelligence. Braden expresses concern that this integration of technology may compromise our inherent human qualities and abilities, leading to a loss of connection to our 'divinity'—the innate power and potential within us.

  • What does Gregg Braden mean by 'human divinity'?

    -Gregg Braden refers to 'human divinity' as the intrinsic power within us to transcend perceived limitations, such as fear and societal constraints. This divinity is associated with our ability to innovate, create, and express love—capabilities that make humans unique. Braden emphasizes that this divine aspect of humanity is accessed through our biological bodies, which he believes are at risk due to the rise of transhumanism.

  • According to Gregg Braden, what major events distract humanity from realizing their true potential?

    -Gregg Braden suggests that significant global events like wars, pandemics, and economic collapses are orchestrated to distract humanity from their true power and potential. He believes that these events are used to prevent people from discovering the profound 'divinity' within themselves, which is capable of transforming their lives and society.

  • What role does fear play in controlling humanity, according to the script?

    -In the script, fear is depicted as a tool used to control humanity. By keeping people in a state of fear, they are easier to manipulate and manage. This fear undermines the power of human divinity, which thrives on love, creativity, and freedom, elements that are stifled when fear dominates.

  • How does Gregg Braden view the potential impact of artificial intelligence on humanity?

    -Gregg Braden views artificial intelligence as a double-edged sword. While it can provide significant advancements and conveniences, he warns that it also poses risks to our intrinsic human qualities. He fears that AI could eventually replace many aspects of human biology and by doing so, could hinder our ability to access our deeper, divine qualities.

  • What does Gregg Braden suggest we should do before embracing transhumanism?

    -Gregg Braden suggests that humanity should fully understand and explore what it means to be human before embracing transhumanism. He emphasizes the need to discover the full potential of human capabilities and the significance of our biological bodies before potentially compromising these through synthetic and technological enhancements.

  • What are the implications of the battle between 'good and evil' as described by Gregg Braden?

    -Gregg Braden interprets the battle between 'good and evil' as a metaphorical conflict over the essence of humanity. This battle influences every aspect of modern life and is central to understanding the forces that shape global events. According to Braden, recognizing and transcending this battle is crucial for achieving personal and collective evolution.

  • What does Gregg Braden mean by transcending perceived limitations?

    -Transcending perceived limitations refers to overcoming the mental and societal barriers that restrict our potential. Gregg Braden believes that our divine nature enables us to surpass these boundaries, thereby allowing us to achieve greater things than what we often believe are possible.

  • Why does Gregg Braden stress the importance of maintaining our biological bodies?

    -Gregg Braden stresses the importance of maintaining our biological bodies because they are the vehicle through which we access our divinity and transcend limitations. He warns that replacing our biological essence with synthetic alternatives might inhibit our connection to these profound aspects of humanity.

  • How does Gregg Braden suggest individuals should respond to the challenges of modern technology and transhumanism?

    -Gregg Braden suggests that individuals should critically assess the integration of modern technology and transhumanism in their lives. He advocates for a balance where technology enhances life without replacing the essential human qualities that define our spirituality and divinity.



🌍 The Battle for Humanity's Essence

This paragraph introduces a deep existential conflict described as a battle for humanity’s true essence, which is perceived as so valuable that nations engage in distraction and warfare to obscure its importance. The speaker describes a widespread movement to replace natural human elements with artificial ones, like synthetic chemicals and computer chips, positing that these efforts are intended to diminish our connection to our intrinsic human qualities and potential.


🔗 The Power of Human Divinity

The speaker explores the concept of human divinity, emphasizing its power and distinguishing it from religious interpretations. This divinity is defined as the capacity to transcend perceived limitations, a capacity deeply embedded in our biology through DNA and cellular structures. The speaker underscores the threats to this capacity, particularly from movements advocating for synthetic replacements of biological functions, which could limit our access to this intrinsic power.


⚔️ The Ancient Battle Over Humanness

Here, the speaker delves into the ongoing ancient battle over our humanity, presenting it as a dynamic struggle between different energies, rather than a moral conflict between good and evil. This battle is said to influence every global event, suggesting that external conflicts and societal disruptions are orchestrated to keep humanity distracted from understanding and accessing its profound potential and essence.


🌐 Technological Saviors and Human Identity

This section discusses how technological advancements are being positioned as saviors, intended to rectify perceived flaws in human nature, such as emotion and mortality. The narrative questions the wisdom of replacing human biological processes with technology, suggesting that these technological 'solutions' might undermine our innate capacities for empathy, creativity, and connection, and could lead to a loss of the essential qualities that define humanity.


🧬 Preserving the Human 'Temple'

The speaker warns that as technology increasingly merges with human biology, there is a risk of losing access to our 'Divinity'—our profound internal power. Emphasizing the importance of the biological 'temple'—our bodies—as the vessel through which we access our deepest potential, the narrative suggests that replacing biological components with artificial ones could veil or sever our connection to higher dimensions of existence and consciousness.


🕊️ The Philosophical and Moral Implications of Genetic Manipulation

Continuing from the previous discussions, the speaker reflects on the philosophical and moral ramifications of genetic manipulation. The focus is on how such changes could disrupt our fundamental connection to the 'field' of universal information, potentially diminishing our capacity for intuition, creativity, and communication with higher states of consciousness, effectively isolating us within a technologically dominated existence.


🌌 The Broader Impact of Technological Dominance on Humanity

This paragraph explores the broader societal and existential risks posed by the integration of advanced technologies into human biology. It emphasizes how these technologies, while providing certain benefits, may also lead to a homogenization of human experience, stripping away the unique and varied aspects of individual identity and reducing humanity to a series of programmable traits that lack the depth and richness of unaltered human existence.


🚀 Exploring the Origins and Implications of Our Engineered Existence

The speaker delves into the origins of humanity, suggesting that our species may be the result of an ancient and intentional genetic engineering event. This engineered aspect of our existence raises profound questions about our place in the universe and our relationships with unknown civilizations or entities that may have had a hand in shaping the human species as we know it today.




Transhumanism refers to the philosophical movement that advocates enhancing the human condition through the use of advanced technologies to enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. In the script, it is discussed as a force potentially alienating humans from their inherent 'Divinity' and humanity, by merging biological and artificial intelligence, leading to a loss of connection to our natural roots and capabilities.


Divinity in the context of this video implies a powerful, intrinsic quality of humanity that transcends perceived limitations, including fear, and empowers creative and loving actions. It is portrayed as being accessible only through the biological human form, which transhumanism threatens to dilute with technological enhancements.


Humanness is used in the script to describe the essential qualities and experiences that define being human, including emotional and spiritual capacities. The script poses a rhetorical battle for preserving 'humanness' against technological encroachment that risks devaluing or replacing these human attributes with artificial alternatives.

💡AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is technology that simulates human intelligence processes through machines, especially computer systems. In the transcript, AI is depicted as a dual-edged sword—while it can significantly improve functional efficiency, its integration into human biology is seen as a potential threat to the natural human faculties of intuition and emotional depth.

💡Human potential

Human potential refers to the unexplored or underutilized capacities within humans for intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth. The script emphasizes exploring and realizing this potential before allowing technology to possibly diminish it, by merging human and artificial systems.


Evolution is typically understood as the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. The speaker notes that while evolution is a fact, the concept breaks down when applied to humans due to unexplained rapid developments in human genetics that suggest an alternative intervention.


DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, carries genetic instructions for the development, functioning, growth, and reproduction of all known organisms. In the video, DNA is emphasized as a 'biological antenna' that connects humans with their spiritual and divine essence, which transhumanism risks disrupting.

💡Ancient civilizations

The script explores the idea that ancient civilizations might hold key insights into human origins and potentials that modern science is only beginning to grasp. These civilizations are mentioned as sources of 'forgotten past' knowledge that could inform contemporary understanding of what it means to be fully human.

💡Crisper technology

CRISPR technology refers to a simple yet powerful tool for editing genomes. It allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene function. Its implications for potential misuse, such as editing human embryos and the ethical dilemmas surrounding such technologies, are touched upon in the script.


The Singularity in the context of the video refers to a future point at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization. This includes the merging of human biological capabilities with artificial intelligence and other technologies, potentially leading to the loss of what is inherently human.


Gregg Braden introduces the concept of a battle for our humanity, centered on preserving our innate humanness against technological advancements.

The dialogue addresses transhumanism's implications on human biology and spirituality, questioning the merging of technology with human essence.

The podcast discusses the potential consequences of advanced technologies like AI and neural implants on our ability to access our inherent divinity.

Braden emphasizes the urgency to understand what it truly means to be human before we potentially lose our humanity to technological integration.

The conversation explores the idea that evolution does not fully account for human development, suggesting an unknown event or intervention in our past.

Braden highlights how global events are part of a larger, ancient battle influencing our perception and understanding of our own potential.

The importance of understanding and preserving the sacred and powerful aspects of human nature is emphasized, suggesting that global distractions aim to divert us from this knowledge.

Discussions delve into how technology is touted as a savior, potentially leading us away from realizing our true abilities and reliance on innate human functions.

Braden argues for the need to experience and understand our full human potential, which is fundamentally linked to our biological existence.

The podcast suggests that humanity is moving towards a crucial point of transformation or 'singularity', where the integration of technology could redefine our existence.

There is a call to action to recognize and resist efforts to homogenize human experiences through technology, preserving the diversity that defines us.

Braden reflects on the potential of genetic editing and artificial enhancements to alter human evolution in irreversible ways.

The discussion points out the risks of losing touch with our 'divinity'—our ability to transcend perceived limitations through our biological makeup.

Braden encourages embracing our intrinsic worth and capabilities, highlighting the importance of recognizing ourselves as 'divine' beings.

The necessity for individual and collective awakening to our true nature and potential is underscored as essential for facing future challenges.