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21 Jun 202304:19

TLDRThis video introduces ROM AI, an AI-powered design assistant that can transform creative ideas into reality. The host guides viewers through the process of using the application, starting with a Google search for AI and navigating to the ROM AI website. The features highlighted include sketching, rendering, erasing, replacing background, diffusion AI, and AI visual chalkboard. The focus then shifts to architecture design, where the user can upload reference images and select styles like modern or European to generate AI-rendered images. The video also provides a tip on how to download all generated images by using the inspect editor in a browser. Finally, it mentions using upscale.media to enhance and upscale the images for better quality. The video concludes by encouraging viewers to subscribe for more informative content.


  • 🌐 Visit Google and search for 'AI' to find the PromeAI website, which is an AI-powered design assistant.
  • 🎨 Explore various features on the PromeAI site, such as sketching, rendering, erasing, replacing background, diffusion AI, and AI visual chalkboard.
  • 🏒 For architecture design, navigate to 'Solutions' and select 'Architecture Design', then click 'Try Now' to access the application menu.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ Upload your renderings and reference images to start with architectural realistic sketches.
  • πŸ” You can change scenarios and styles, such as modern or European, to generate different AI renderings based on your sketch.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Hover over the AI-generated renderings to see the original sketch outline for comparison.
  • πŸ“‚ Use the 'Upload' option to upload your own reference sketches or create white line sketches using SketchUp.
  • βš™οΈ Select a style from the menu, such as 'modern' or 'European', and hit 'Generate' to create AI Arts.
  • πŸ”„ In the free version, you can only download one image out of the three AI-generated renderings in low resolution.
  • πŸ› οΈ To download all images, use browser development tools to inspect and select the desired image URL for download.
  • πŸ“ˆ Enhance and upscale your images using tools like upscale.media, which can upscale images to 2X or 4X and improve quality.
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Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The video discusses ROM AI, an AI-powered design assistant that aids in bringing creative ideas to life, particularly in the context of architecture design.

  • How does one access the ROM AI application?

    -To access the ROM AI application, one should go to Google.com, search for 'AI', and click on the first link that appears.

  • What features can be explored on the ROM AI website?

    -On the ROM AI website, users can explore features such as sketching, rendering, erasing, replacing background, diffusion AI outbanding, and AI visual chalkboard.

  • How does one start with architecture design in the ROM AI application?

    -To start with architecture design, one should go to 'Solutions', select 'architecture design', and then click on 'try now'.

  • What are the different styles available for architectural sketches?

    -The ROM AI application allows users to select from different styles such as modern, standard, and European for their architectural sketches.

  • How can users upload their own sketches to the application?

    -Users can upload their own sketches by going to the 'upload' option, locating the folder where their sketches are saved, and selecting the desired sketch to upload.

  • What is the limitation of the free version of the ROM AI application?

    -In the free version of the ROM AI application, users can only download one image out of the three generated AI renderings.

  • How can users download more than one image from the free version?

    -To download more than one image, users can right-click on the desired image, go to the inspect editor, and select the image URL to download it.

  • What is the purpose of the upscale.media tool mentioned in the video?

    -The upscale.media tool is used to enhance the quality and upscale the resolution of images, which can be particularly useful for improving the resolution of the downloaded AI renderings.

  • How can users create variations in their AI-generated renderings?

    -Users can create variations by changing the style or selecting different reference sketches to generate diverse AI renderings.

  • What is the process to upscale and enhance the quality of an AI-generated image?

    -To upscale and enhance the quality, one should open upscale.media, upload the image, choose to upscale it to 2X or 4X, and then download the enhanced image.

  • What is the final recommendation for viewers interested in similar content?

    -The video recommends that viewers subscribe to 'rtlab' for more content related to AI and design applications.



🎨 Introduction to ROM AI for Creative Design

The video begins with a welcome to the 'archilag' channel and an introduction to ROM AI, an AI-powered design assistant that aids in bringing creative ideas to fruition. The host quickly dives into the application process, instructing viewers to search for AI on Google and navigate to the AI's official website. The website's features are explored, including sketching, rendering, erasing, replacing backgrounds, diffusion AI, and AI visual chalkboard. The host then guides viewers on how to start with architecture design by selecting the appropriate solution and uploading reference images. Various styles such as modern and European are demonstrated, and the process of generating AI renderings from these sketches is shown. The video also covers how to create variations using different styles and how to upload and use real sketches from SketchUp. Finally, the host addresses the limitation of the free version, which allows downloading only one image, and provides a workaround using the inspect element in the browser. The video concludes with a recommendation to upscale the images using a tool like upscale.media for enhanced quality, and an encouragement to subscribe for more informative content.




ROM AI refers to an artificial intelligence-powered design assistant that is capable of assisting users in bringing their creative ideas to life. In the video, it is highlighted as a tool that can revolutionize the future of AI architecture by providing features like sketching, rendering, and background replacement.

πŸ’‘AI-generated renderings

AI-generated renderings are visual representations created by an artificial intelligence system using user inputs, such as sketches or reference images. The video demonstrates how ROM AI can produce three different renderings based on a user's sketch, showcasing the power of AI in generating creative outputs.


SketchUp is a 3D modeling computer program for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, film, and video game design. In the context of the video, it is used to create white line sketches that can be uploaded to ROM AI for generating AI Arts.

πŸ’‘Architecture design

Architecture design is the process of creating a plan for the construction of a building or structure. The video focuses on how ROM AI can aid in this process by providing various styles and scenarios for architectural design, allowing users to experiment with different aesthetics and concepts.

πŸ’‘European style

European style refers to a design aesthetic that is inspired by the architectural and artistic traditions of Europe. In the video, it is used as one of the selectable styles when generating AI Arts, indicating the versatility of ROM AI in producing designs that reflect different cultural and historical influences.

πŸ’‘Modern style

Modern style is a term that describes contemporary and up-to-date design trends, often characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and clean lines. The video script mentions selecting a 'modern' style to generate AI renderings, emphasizing the ability of ROM AI to cater to current design preferences.

πŸ’‘AI Arts

AI Arts is a term used in the video to describe the artistic outputs generated by the ROM AI system. These are not just simple renderings but are creative pieces that combine the user's input with the AI's design capabilities, resulting in unique and innovative designs.


Upscaling refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image or video. In the video, it is mentioned in the context of enhancing the quality of the AI-generated images using a tool like upscale.media. This process allows users to obtain higher resolution versions of their AI Arts for better visual quality.

πŸ’‘Inspect element

Inspect element is a feature in web browsers that allows users to explore and modify the HTML and CSS of a webpage. In the video, it is suggested as a method to download AI-generated images by right-clicking on the image, going to inspect element, and selecting the appropriate URL for download.

πŸ’‘Free version

The free version of a software or service typically offers basic functionalities for users to try out before deciding to upgrade to a paid version with more features. In the context of the video, the free version of ROM AI allows users to download one image out of the three AI-generated renderings, which encourages users to explore the tool's capabilities.


rTLAB appears to be the name of the channel or the creator of the video, which provides educational content about technology and design. The video concludes with an encouragement for viewers to subscribe to rTLAB for more informative and insightful videos on similar topics.


ROM AI is an AI-powered design assistant that can help bring creative ideas to life.

The application features include sketch, rendering, erase, replace background, diffusion AI outbanding, and AI visual chalkboard.

Users can explore ROM AI by visiting the website and trying out the architecture design feature.

The architecture design feature allows users to select different styles such as modern and European.

AI-generated renderings are created using the user's sketch, providing a visual outline of the design.

The application allows for the creation of variations in style, such as modern and European, within the same design.

Reference sketches can be uploaded directly into the application for AI rendering.

SketchUp can be used to create white line sketches for uploading into the application.

The application generates three AI Arts for each style selected, offering multiple options for the user.

In the free version, users can download one image out of the three generated.

The standard download is in low resolution, but users can download higher resolution images using a specific method.

AI image upscaling can be done using upscale.media to enhance image quality and increase resolution.

The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to use ROM AI for architecture design.

The video demonstrates how to navigate the application and utilize its features for design purposes.

The video showcases the practical applications of ROM AI in generating architectural sketches and renderings.

Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to the channel for more informative videos on AI applications.

The video provides a comprehensive look at the innovative methods and tools available within the ROM AI application.

The transcript highlights the ease of use and the innovative features that set ROM AI apart from other design tools.