BlackBox AI Code Generator | Create your AI Bot in Minutes | Code 10X faster (2024)

15 Mar 202410:38

TLDRThis video from Skill Curb explores the capabilities of BlackBox AI, a tool that enables users to create custom AI agents for coding tasks without any cost as of now. It features integrations like WhatsApp, terminal, and a VS Code extension, offering functionalities such as code generation, explanation, and debugging. The demonstration includes creating a 'laptop expert' chatbot using a CSV dataset and showcasing the ease of generating, sharing, and debugging code directly within VS Code, all highlighting BlackBox AI's potential to revolutionize software development.


  • 🌐 BlackBox AI is a code generation tool that can significantly speed up coding processes.
  • πŸ“– The tool offers a variety of integrations, including a VS Code extension and WhatsApp integration for easy access.
  • πŸ’» Users can create custom agents with BlackBox AI, though there might be charges for this feature in the future.
  • πŸ†“ Currently, BlackBox AI is free to use, including all features shown in the video.
  • πŸ” The tool allows for the creation of custom chatbots with specific knowledge bases, such as a 'laptop expert' in the video example.
  • πŸ“š BlackBox AI can analyze and interact with data sets, providing insights based on the information provided.
  • πŸ› οΈ The VS Code extension enables developers to chat with BlackBox AI directly within their code environment, enhancing productivity.
  • πŸ” BlackBox AI can explain code, comment on it, find bugs, and even generate code snippets based on user queries.
  • πŸ›‘ The debugging feature of BlackBox AI is showcased, highlighting its ability to identify and correct errors in code.
  • βœ… The auto-completion feature provides an alternative to paid tools, offering code suggestions with a simple Tab press.
  • πŸ† BlackBox AI is positioned as superior to its competitors like Jity, with a strong community endorsement and high user ratings.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of BlackBox AI Code Generator?

    -The main purpose of BlackBox AI Code Generator is to enable users to create custom AI bots quickly, potentially increasing coding speed by 10 times.

  • Is BlackBox AI Code Generator currently free to use?

    -Yes, as of the time the video was made, BlackBox AI Code Generator is completely free to use, including its VS Code extension and services.

  • What is the process of creating a custom agent with BlackBox AI?

    -To create a custom agent with BlackBox AI, you need to provide a name, instructions for the agent, and a knowledge base, which can be in the form of URLs or files.

  • How can you integrate BlackBox AI with your command line environment?

    -BlackBox AI can be integrated into your command line environment by installing it into your con environment or any other command line interface.

  • What is the WhatsApp integration feature of BlackBox AI?

    -The WhatsApp integration feature allows users to ask multiple questions and interact with BlackBox AI directly within WhatsApp, without needing to install another app.

  • How does BlackBox AI perform in comparison to other AI coding tools like Jity?

    -According to the video, BlackBox AI is considered better at its job than Jity, as it is more proficient and has received higher ratings from users.

  • What is the role of the VS Code extension of BlackBox AI?

    -The VS Code extension of BlackBox AI allows users to integrate the AI's capabilities directly into their coding environment, enabling features like code chat, code explanation, commenting, and debugging.

  • Can BlackBox AI generate code based on user-provided data?

    -Yes, BlackBox AI can generate code based on user-provided data, such as a CSV file, and can perform tasks like generating a list of top items based on the data.

  • What is the significance of the auto-completion tool in BlackBox AI?

    -The auto-completion tool in BlackBox AI is significant as it allows users to quickly and efficiently write code without needing to pay for other auto-completion services.

  • How does BlackBox AI assist in debugging code?

    -BlackBox AI assists in debugging by analyzing the code, identifying errors, and providing a corrected version of the code, as demonstrated in the video.

  • What additional features does BlackBox AI offer for enhancing the coding experience?

    -BlackBox AI offers additional features such as code explanation, generating descriptive commands, and providing an auto-completion tool, all of which enhance the coding experience.



🌐 Introduction to Blackbox AI and its Features

This paragraph introduces the audience to Blackbox AI, a tool for creating custom agents without any cost as of the video's recording. The speaker shares their experience with Blackbox, highlighting its free availability and the variety of features it offers, such as the ability to create custom agents, share chatboards, and accept various file types for asking questions. The paragraph also mentions the tool's integration capabilities, including a WhatsApp integration and a Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extension, and asserts Blackbox AI's superiority over its competitors based on online reviews.


πŸ› οΈ Creating a Custom AI Assistant with Blackbox AI

The speaker demonstrates how to create a custom AI assistant using Blackbox AI. They guide the audience through the process of naming the assistant, providing instructions, and selecting a knowledge base from uploaded files. The example given involves creating a 'laptop expert' AI using a CSV dataset from Kaggle, which the assistant uses to answer questions about the best laptops. The paragraph also showcases the assistant's ability to generate Python scripts based on the data provided and emphasizes the ease of creating and sharing custom chatbots without subscription fees.


πŸ”§ Testing Blackbox AI's VS Code Extension and Features

The video script describes the process of installing and testing Blackbox AI's VS Code extension, which offers features like code chat, history review, and GitHub comments. The speaker explores the extension's capabilities, such as explaining code, commenting, finding bugs, and generating code snippets. They also discuss the convenience of having a chatbot integrated within VS Code, allowing for real-time discussions and debugging assistance. The paragraph concludes with an overview of additional features like auto-completion, which rivals paid alternatives, and the overall efficiency of Blackbox AI in enhancing coding productivity.

πŸ“’ Conclusion and Call to Action

In the concluding paragraph, the speaker summarizes the video's content, which includes an in-depth exploration of Blackbox AI's features, such as custom chatbot creation, WhatsApp and terminal integrations, and the VS Code extension. They encourage the audience to like, share, and subscribe for more content on emerging technologies, emphasizing the value added by the video. The speaker also reminds viewers to stay curious and continue exploring new developments in the tech field.



πŸ’‘BlackBox AI Code Generator

The BlackBox AI Code Generator is a tool designed to facilitate the creation of AI bots, allowing developers to code significantly faster. As mentioned in the video, it's a platform that can be used to generate code 10X faster, which is a substantial improvement in productivity for developers. The script highlights the tool's capability to create custom agents and integrate with various services like VS Code, indicating its comprehensive features for coding assistance.

πŸ’‘Custom Agents

Custom agents refer to personalized AI bots that users can create using the BlackBox AI platform. The script mentions that while there is a cost associated with creating custom agents ('JJ 4 to create custom jibbs'), the presenter has managed to create a 'laptop pricing agent' without any cost. This suggests that the platform offers flexibility in creating tailored AI solutions for specific needs.

πŸ’‘VS Code Extension

The VS Code Extension mentioned in the script is an integration of the BlackBox AI tool within the Visual Studio Code environment. This allows developers to access the AI's coding assistance features directly within their coding interface, enhancing the development experience by providing on-the-spot code explanations, debugging, and auto-completion without needing to switch contexts.


Integrations in the context of the video refer to the various platforms and environments that the BlackBox AI tool can be connected to. Examples given include terminal integration for Python or K environments, and a WhatsApp integration that allows users to interact with the AI bot directly within the WhatsApp application, demonstrating the versatility and accessibility of the tool.

πŸ’‘Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is the foundational data or information that the AI uses to generate responses or perform tasks. In the script, it's mentioned that when creating a custom AI assistant, users can add a knowledge base by uploading files or providing URLs, which the AI then uses to inform its responses, as demonstrated with the 'laptop expert' example using a CSV file.

πŸ’‘Laptop Pricing Agent

The 'laptop pricing agent' is an example of a custom AI bot created by the presenter without any cost. It is designed to provide information about laptop pricing, likely by analyzing data from a provided dataset. This showcases the practical application of the BlackBox AI tool in creating specialized AI solutions for specific domains like e-commerce or product pricing.


Auto-completion is a feature of the BlackBox AI tool that suggests code as the developer types, making the coding process more efficient. The script describes this feature as a powerful alternative to other paid auto-completion tools, highlighting its ability to generate code suggestions with just a Tab press, thus streamlining the coding workflow.


Debugging is the process of finding and resolving errors or bugs in code. The script illustrates the BlackBox AI's debugging capabilities by showing how it can analyze and correct code with an induced error, providing a corrected version and demonstrating its utility in ensuring code quality.

πŸ’‘Code Generation

Code generation is the act of creating code automatically, often based on certain inputs or requirements. The video script describes how BlackBox AI can generate code snippets, such as a React login scenario, by pulling from various online resources, showcasing its ability to compile and synthesize information into functional code.


A chatbot, as discussed in the script, is an AI-driven conversational agent that can interact with users in natural language. The BlackBox AI allows users to create their own chatbots, such as the 'laptop expert', which can then be tested and interacted with, providing information or answering queries based on the knowledge base it was trained on.


BlackBox AI allows you to create custom agents without paying any fees currently.

You can integrate BlackBox AI with Python terminals, WhatsApp, and VS Code.

BlackBox AI offers various features like code generation, code explanation, debugging, and auto-completion.

The tool supports adding attachments such as MP4, SVG, and JPG files for better interaction.

You can create custom chatbots using datasets from sources like Kaggle.

BlackBox AI provides a VS Code extension for seamless coding assistance.

The VS Code extension allows you to generate, explain, and debug code directly within the editor.

BlackBox AI is compared favorably to other tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot.

The tool allows for public or private publishing of created chatbots.

It can generate Python snippets based on provided datasets.

BlackBox AI supports code chatting, enabling discussions directly within your code.

The extension can auto-complete code, similar to GitHub Copilot, but for free.

You can debug code by selecting it and asking BlackBox AI to find errors.

The tool offers explanations and comments for code snippets, improving understanding.

BlackBox AI is highlighted as a powerful tool for transforming the way software is built.

The video provides a step-by-step guide on creating a custom chatbot using a laptop pricing dataset.