BlackBox AI Code Generator New Features | Create Full-Stack App with AI Assistant | Code 10X faster

30 Apr 202412:32

TLDRThis video showcases the new features of BlackBox AI, a tool that accelerates coding by generating code with AI assistance. It highlights the Android app, chatboard creation for customized AI assistants, and advanced features like code optimization in 'Genius Mode'. The video also demonstrates creating a YouTube video summarizer, a Python password generator, and a quiz game, illustrating the tool's capability to produce functional code snippets. Additionally, it covers the front-end builder for creating apps similar to Twitter and the YouTube assistant for summarizing video content, emphasizing the efficiency and time-saving benefits of using BlackBox AI for developers and content creators.


  • 🌟 BlackBox AI has introduced new features that enhance its capabilities as a coding assistant.
  • πŸ“± An Android app for BlackBox AI has been released, allowing users to access its features on mobile devices.
  • πŸ—’οΈ Users can now create a 'chatboard' to interact with AI in a more structured manner, starting with naming the chatboard and defining its purpose.
  • πŸ› οΈ BlackBox AI offers an 'improve prompt' feature to refine the user's instructions into detailed prompts for better AI responses.
  • πŸ“š The platform allows users to create a knowledge base by providing URLs or uploading files, enhancing the AI's understanding and summarization capabilities.
  • πŸ” New features include viewing history and choosing between offline prompts, web search, and code-related functionalities.
  • πŸ’‘ 'Genius mode' optimizes code quality, acting as an intelligent coding assistant, and 'improve code' allows users to refine their code further.
  • πŸ“ Custom prompt modes can be created, offering personalized experiences for users with specific coding needs.
  • πŸ”— The 'plus' icon enables users to add or remove chat instances within the platform, streamlining the interaction process.
  • πŸ€– BlackBox AI's custom agents, such as Python Assistant, Front End Builder, and YouTube Assistant, provide specialized assistance in different areas of coding.
  • πŸ”‘ The Python Assistant can generate code for simple applications like a password generator and a quiz game, showcasing its versatility in creating basic scripts.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video transcript?

    -The main topic of the video transcript is the new features of BlackBox AI Code Generator, which is a tool that helps in creating full-stack applications faster with the assistance of AI.

  • What new feature has been introduced in BlackBox AI that allows users to create a chatboard?

    -BlackBox AI has introduced a new feature where users can create a chatboard by naming it and providing instructions for the AI to follow, which can then be used for specific tasks like summarizing YouTube videos.

  • How can users improve the prompt in the chatboard feature of BlackBox AI?

    -Users can improve the prompt in the chatboard feature by clicking on the 'improve prompt' option, which helps in building a more detailed and refined instruction set for the AI.

  • What is the purpose of the 'knowledge base' in BlackBox AI's chatboard feature?

    -The 'knowledge base' in BlackBox AI's chatboard feature is used to provide the AI with a source of information, such as a URL or files, to draw upon when performing tasks like summarizing videos.

  • What are the different modes available in BlackBox AI for handling prompts?

    -BlackBox AI offers different modes for handling prompts, including offline prompt, web search, command code, explain code, code accelerator, and genius mode, which optimizes the code and acts like a genius in generating responses.

  • How does the 'genius mode' in BlackBox AI work?

    -In 'genius mode', BlackBox AI optimizes the code better and acts more intelligently, providing responses and solutions that are more refined and efficient.

  • What is the functionality of the 'plus' icon in the new features of BlackBox AI?

    -The 'plus' icon in BlackBox AI allows users to add additional chatboards within the existing interface, enabling the creation of multiple AI assistants for different tasks.

  • What is the role of the 'Python Assistant' custom agent in BlackBox AI?

    -The 'Python Assistant' custom agent in BlackBox AI helps users create Python scripts for various applications, such as a password generator or a quiz game, by providing code snippets based on user prompts.

  • How does the 'Front End Builder Assistant' in BlackBox AI assist in creating a Twitter-like app?

    -The 'Front End Builder Assistant' in BlackBox AI provides code snippets that include both HTML and JavaScript, allowing users to create a basic template of a Twitter-like app with functionalities such as posting, liking, and retweeting.

  • What is the 'YouTube Assistant' in BlackBox AI used for?

    -The 'YouTube Assistant' in BlackBox AI is used for summarizing YouTube videos. Users can input the video link, and the assistant will provide a summary of the video's content, helping to save time and improve efficiency.

  • What is the time limit for the videos that can be summarized by the 'YouTube Assistant' in BlackBox AI?

    -The 'YouTube Assistant' in BlackBox AI has a time limit for the videos it can summarize; the videos should not be longer than one hour.



πŸš€ Introduction to Blackbox AI's New Features

The script introduces Blackbox AI as an emerging tool for coding AI models. The speaker has previously reviewed Blackbox AI and now revisits it to showcase its new features, such as an Android app and a chatboard creation tab. The chatboard allows for customizing prompts and leveraging AI to summarize YouTube videos. The script also mentions additional features like viewing history, offline prompts, web search integration, and code optimization modes.


πŸ”‘ Exploring Custom Agents: Python Assistant and Frontend Builder

The speaker demonstrates the capabilities of Blackbox AI's custom agents, starting with the Python assistant. They use it to generate a basic password generator and a quiz game, showing how the AI can provide code snippets that can be directly used or further customized. They also explore the frontend builder assistant, which is used to create a simplified Twitter-like app, including functionalities such as liking, retweeting, and timestamping posts.


πŸ“š Utilizing the YouTube Assistant for Efficient Learning

The final paragraph highlights the YouTube assistant, which is used for summarizing video content. The assistant is capable of providing concise summaries of videos up to one hour long, allowing users to quickly grasp the main points without watching the entire video. This feature is particularly useful for time-saving and efficient learning or research.



πŸ’‘BlackBox AI

BlackBox AI refers to an artificial intelligence-based code generation tool designed to accelerate the coding process. In the video, it is described as a 'rising star in the field of coding AI,' highlighting its innovative approach to software development. The script discusses new features and improvements, such as the Android app and enhanced custom agents, which demonstrate its evolving capabilities to assist developers.

πŸ’‘Full-Stack App

A full-stack application is a software application that includes both the client-side (front-end) and server-side (back-end) components. The video mentions the creation of a 'full-stack Twitter app,' showcasing the potential of BlackBox AI to generate comprehensive applications that can handle various functionalities from user interface to data management.

πŸ’‘AI Assistant

An AI Assistant in the context of the video is a feature within BlackBox AI that uses artificial intelligence to assist in coding tasks. The script describes how the AI Assistant can be customized to perform specific tasks, such as summarizing YouTube videos or generating code for applications, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency in the coding process.

πŸ’‘Code 10X faster

This phrase is used in the title to imply that the use of BlackBox AI can significantly increase the speed of coding by a factor of ten. The video script illustrates this by demonstrating how quickly and easily various applications and functionalities can be generated using the AI's assistance, emphasizing the tool's efficiency.

πŸ’‘Custom Agents

Custom Agents in BlackBox AI are specialized AI modules tailored for specific coding tasks. The video script introduces several custom agents, such as the Python Assistant, Front End Builder Assistant, and YouTube Assistant, each designed to handle different aspects of application development, from coding in Python to creating front-end interfaces and summarizing video content.

πŸ’‘Knowledge Base

In the context of the video, a knowledge base is a source of information that the AI can use to generate code or provide summaries. The script mentions leaving the knowledge base to the AI's capabilities, meaning that the AI can access and utilize information from various sources to perform its tasks, such as summarizing YouTube videos or generating code snippets.


A prompt in this video script refers to a set of instructions or a query given to the AI to guide its actions. The script describes how users can 'improve the prompt' to refine the AI's output, such as generating more detailed instructions for a YouTube expert summarizer or customizing the functionality of a quiz game.

πŸ’‘Genius Mode

Genius Mode is a feature within BlackBox AI that optimizes code generation to a higher standard, as if it were created by a 'genius.' The script highlights this feature as one of the presenter's favorites, suggesting that it can significantly enhance the quality of the generated code, making it more efficient and effective.

πŸ’‘Offline Prompt

An offline prompt is a feature that allows the AI to generate responses or code without accessing external resources. The video script mentions the option to select an offline prompt, indicating that BlackBox AI can function independently of internet connectivity, which can be beneficial for users working in environments without web access.

πŸ’‘Web Search

Web Search, as mentioned in the script, is a feature that enables the AI to access the internet to find information and provide answers to prompts. This feature is contrasted with the offline prompt, suggesting that BlackBox AI can leverage online resources when necessary to enhance its responses or code generation.

πŸ’‘Password Generator

A password generator is a tool that creates random passwords for user accounts to enhance security. In the video script, the Python Assistant is asked to create a password generator, demonstrating the AI's ability to generate functional code for practical applications. The script shows the AI providing two versions of the code, one simple and one with additional security features.


BlackBox AI is a rising star in the field of coding AI assistants, offering a new way to create code faster.

New features in BlackBox AI include an Android app and a chatboard creation feature for custom AI assistants.

The chatboard feature allows users to create detailed prompts for AI to generate more accurate responses.

BlackBox AI now enables users to create a knowledge base by providing URLs or uploading files for AI to utilize.

A YouTube expert summarizer chatboard is demonstrated, showcasing the ability to summarize video content.

The summarizer provides video titles, durations, tags, and highlights, offering a quick overview of video content.

BlackBox AI introduces a history viewing feature for users to review their previous interactions.

Users can choose between offline prompts and web search options for more comprehensive answers.

The 'Genius Mode' optimizes code generation, acting like a coding expert to produce high-quality code.

Custom prompt modes allow users to tailor the AI's responses to their specific needs and preferences.

The 'plus' icon feature enables users to add or remove chat instances within the BlackBox AI interface.

Custom agents in BlackBox AI have improved significantly, offering more efficient and accurate outputs.

The Python assistant is demonstrated, creating both a password generator and a quiz game with ease.

The front-end builder assistant is used to create a basic Twitter-like app, showcasing the platform's versatility.

The YouTube assistant provides quick summaries of video content, saving users time and increasing efficiency.

BlackBox AI's custom agents and features empower users to create full-stack applications with minimal coding knowledge.

The video concludes by emphasizing the potential of BlackBox AI to enhance coding productivity and efficiency.