living life like it's 2014

22 Apr 202405:07

TLDRIn this nostalgic video, the host takes viewers on a trip back to the year 2014, embracing the fashion, social media trends, and aesthetics of that time. Starting with a charm bracelet, a fashion statement from 2014, the host then visits a cafe in New York, Outro NYC, to enjoy a meal and capture photos of the food, a practice popular in the past. The video also explores the use of filters to recreate the Tumblr aesthetic of 2014, with the 'Dodger' and '1970' filters being highlighted for their ability to blend the past with the present. The host concludes by reflecting on the day's activities, which involved more photography and the use of nostalgic filters, and encourages viewers to subscribe for more content.


  • 🎡 The video is set to a nostalgic theme of living life as if it were 2014, inspired by a trend started by Addison Ray.
  • πŸ‘• The host plans to dress in a simple style reminiscent of 2014, including bringing back charm bracelets which were popular at the time.
  • πŸ“Έ A key part of the 2014 lifestyle is the habit of taking photos of food, which the host feels has become less common and wants to revive.
  • 🍽 The host visits a cafe called Outro NYC, emphasizing the importance of capturing the moment with the camera before eating.
  • β˜• The host enjoys a meal of pesto pasta with chicken and an iced vanilla soy latte, showcasing a typical cafe experience.
  • πŸ‘œ The video includes a creative moment where the host uses AI to replace a latte with an iconic black bag from 2014, adding a vintage touch to the scene.
  • πŸ“Έ The host discusses the use of filters to achieve a Tumblr aesthetic from 2014, mentioning the 'Dodger' and '1970' filters as favorites.
  • 🎨 The 'Dodger' filter is associated with a purple tint, which can be enhanced using curve tools to bring out the desired Tumblr vibe.
  • πŸ“… The '1970' filter is a personal favorite as it blends the aesthetics of 2014 with current trends, appealing to both nostalgia and modern sensibilities.
  • πŸ“· The host took more photos than usual, capturing a range of moments throughout the day to embody the spirit of 2014.
  • 🌟 The video concludes with the host reflecting on the experience and inviting viewers to subscribe for more content, highlighting the importance of social media in documenting daily life.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the video?

    -The main theme of the video is to recreate and experience life as it was in the year 2014, with a focus on fashion, photography, and aesthetics popular during that time.

  • Why does the speaker want to bring back charm bracelets?

    -The speaker believes that charm bracelets were a popular accessory in 2014 and wants to incorporate them into their outfit to capture the fashion style of that year.

  • What is the significance of taking pictures of food in the video?

    -Taking pictures of food is presented as a 'lost art' from 2014 that the speaker wants to revive. It symbolizes the trend of documenting experiences, especially dining out, through photography.

  • What is the name of the cafe visited in the video?

    -The cafe visited in the video is called Outro NYC.

  • What does the speaker do to enhance the 2014 aesthetic of their photos?

    -The speaker uses filters named Dodger and 1970 to give their photos a Tumblr aesthetic reminiscent of 2014. These filters add a specific color tint and mood that was popular on the platform during that time.

  • Why does the speaker replace a latte with a black bag in one of the photos?

    -The speaker does this to mimic the style of photos from Tumblr in 2014, where people would often include personal items like makeup and purses in their pictures to add a personal touch and aesthetic appeal.

  • What does the speaker mean by 'the camera has to eat first'?

    -This phrase refers to the habit of taking photos of food before eating it, which was a trend on social media platforms like Instagram and Tumblr in 2014.

  • What is the connection between the filters Dodger and 1970 and the aesthetic of 2014?

    -The Dodger filter is associated with the purple tint often found in Tumblr photos from 2014, while the 1970 filter blends the aesthetic of 2014 with current trends, creating a modern yet nostalgic look.

  • What was the speaker's favorite filter for achieving a general Tumblr vibe?

    -The speaker's favorite filter for achieving a general Tumblr vibe is Dodger, due to its purple tint that was characteristic of many photos on Tumblr during 2014.

  • How does the speaker feel about the resurgence of nostalgic filters?

    -The speaker is open and enthusiastic about the resurgence of nostalgic filters, even suggesting a collective agreement to bring them back if the audience is in favor.

  • What does the speaker suggest for the audience to do after watching the video?

    -The speaker encourages the audience to subscribe to their channel for new videos every Monday and to follow their social media accounts, which will be listed in the description box.



πŸŽ₯ Nostalgic 2014 Revival Vlog

The video script begins with the host welcoming viewers and expressing a desire to relive the year 2014, inspired by Addison Ray's revival of the Tumblr era. The host plans to dress in a simple, 2014-style outfit and bring back charm bracelets, which were popular at the time. They also reminisce about the habit of taking pictures of food, which they feel has become less common. The host takes viewers to their favorite cafe in New York, Outro NYC, where they discuss their meal and drinks. They also mention using AI to replace a latte with a black bag in a photo to capture the 2014 aesthetic. The video continues with the host applying 'Dodger' and '1970' filters to their photos to enhance the Tumblr 2014 vibe. The host concludes the vlog by editing photos in a nostalgic style and inviting viewers to subscribe for more content.


🎢 Background Music Interlude

This paragraph of the script simply indicates the presence of background music, serving as a transition or filler between sections of the video. There is no dialogue or content to summarize here, as it is a musical interlude.



πŸ’‘Tumblr era

The 'Tumblr era' refers to a period in the early 2010s when the social media platform Tumblr was particularly popular and influential in shaping online culture and aesthetics. In the video, the creator mentions reviving this era by adopting styles and behaviors characteristic of that time, such as using certain filters and posting pictures of everyday life.

πŸ’‘Charm bracelets

Charm bracelets are a type of jewelry that feature a chain or band, to which decorative charms are attached. They are often used to represent personal interests or significant events. In the video, the host brings back charm bracelets as a fashion statement, suggesting they were a popular accessory in 2014.

πŸ’‘Food photography

Food photography is the art of taking pictures of food, often for sharing on social media or for culinary presentation. The video script mentions that taking pictures of food was a common practice in 2014, which the host aims to revive as part of living life like it's 2014.

πŸ’‘Outro NYC

Outro NYC is a cafe in New York that the host visits in the video. It serves as a location where the host demonstrates the act of food photography and discusses the ambiance and offerings of the cafe, which contribute to the overall nostalgic theme of the video.

πŸ’‘QR codes

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned by smartphones to quickly access information. They are mentioned in the video as a contemporary feature in the cafe, contrasting with the nostalgic theme of living life like it's 2014.

πŸ’‘Pixar filter

A 'Pixar filter' refers to a type of image filter that gives photos a stylized, animated look reminiscent of Pixar animation. In the context of the video, the host uses such filters to enhance the Tumblr aesthetic of the photos taken.


A digicam, short for digital camera, is a camera that captures and stores images digitally. In the video, the host uses a digicam to take pictures that are meant to emulate the style of photos popular on Tumblr in 2014.


In the context of the video, 'aesthetic' refers to a visual style or sensory experience that is considered pleasing or in good taste. The host aims to create a 2014 Tumblr aesthetic by using specific filters and photography styles.

πŸ’‘Dodger and 1970 filters

These are specific filter names used in photo editing applications. 'Dodger' is chosen for its purple tint, which was popular on Tumblr, while '1970' is a more recent discovery that blends the past aesthetic with current trends. Both filters are used to create a cohesive visual theme in the video.


Nostalgia is a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. The entire video is centered around the concept of nostalgia, as the host attempts to recreate the feel of living in the year 2014.

πŸ’‘Social media trends

Social media trends refer to patterns of behavior, styles, or topics that gain popularity on social media platforms. The video discusses trends such as the revival of Tumblr-era aesthetics and the practice of photographing food, which were prominent in 2014.


The video is a nostalgic trip back to the year 2014, inspired by the recent revival of Tumblr era aesthetics.

The host aims to live life as if it's 2014 for the day, starting with dressing in a simple and charming manner reminiscent of the fashion from that year.

Charm bracelets are brought back as a fashion accessory, believed to be popular in 2014.

The practice of taking pictures of food, a trend from 2014, is being revived as the host visits their favorite cafe in New York.

Outro NYC is revealed as the host's favorite cafe, where they enjoy pesto pasta and an iced vanilla soy latte.

A playful moment occurs when the host forgets to let the 'phone eat first', a humorous reference to the food photography trend.

The host reminisces about an iconic black bag from Korea, symbolizing the 2014 aesthetic.

AI technology is used to replace a latte with a bag in a photo, creating a crisp and realistic image.

The video discusses a current revival of 2014's Tumblr aesthetic, kicked off by Addison Ray's posts.

The host uses a digicam to take pictures and applies Pixar filters to enhance the 2014 Tumblr aesthetic.

Dodger and 1970 are highlighted as favorite filters for achieving the desired aesthetic, with Dodger being a go-to for its purple tint.

The 1970 filter is praised for blending the 2014 aesthetic with current trends, creating a unique look.

The host reflects on the increased frequency of taking photos, a habit popularized during the rise of Instagram in the middle school years.

Nostalgic filters are used to bring back memories and the host expresses openness to reviving these styles if the audience agrees.

The video concludes with the host heading to campus for work, summarizing the day's activities.

The host's vlog ends in the bathroom, a quirky and casual setting that adds to the authenticity of the video.

A call to action is made for viewers to subscribe and follow on social media for more content.