28 AI Tools You'll Be Shocked Are Free

Matt Wolfe
13 Dec 202324:02

TLDRThe video script introduces a variety of free AI tools, emphasizing their utility and ease of access. It highlights popular platforms like Chat GPT and Google Bard, as well as lesser-known tools such as Claude from Anthropic and Character AI. The script also mentions Perplexity, a Chrome extension for information retrieval, and creative tools like Text Effects and HubSpot's AI for marketers course. Additionally, it covers AI image generation and editing tools, including Leonardo and Dolly 3, and AI-driven video and music creation platforms like Pika and mubert. The script concludes by promoting the speaker's website, Future Tools, as a curated resource for AI tools and news.


  • 🌟 The speaker runs a site called Future Tools, curating a collection of 2,431 AI tools with new ones added daily.
  • πŸ“ˆ Chat GPT is highlighted as a versatile free AI tool useful for advice, ideation, and copywriting, available at chat.open.com.
  • πŸ—£οΈ Google Bard, recently updated with Gemini Pro, is recommended for browsing the web and providing detailed breakdowns of information.
  • πŸ“„ Claude from Anthropic is praised for its ability to summarize long content with a 200,000 token context window, suitable for processing lengthy documents.
  • 🎭 Character AI is a free chatbot designed for entertaining conversations with fictional characters, popular among younger generations.
  • πŸ” Perplexity Chrome extension is a favorite for quickly finding information and summarizing web content.
  • 🎨 Text Effects, a collaboration between Google and Lupe Fiasco, helps with writer's block and creativity by generating words and acronyms.
  • 🏫 HubSpot Academy offers a free course called 'AI for Marketers' to enhance marketing strategies using AI tools.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Leonardo is a favorite free image generation tool that allows for daily image creation and upscaling, with a real-time canvas feature.
  • 🎨 Other free AI image editing tools mentioned include Dolly 3, idiogram, playground AI, and Magic Eraser for image manipulation.
  • 🎡 AI music generators like mubert and Voicmod allow for the creation of music with certain limitations when used for free, requiring attribution.

Q & A

  • What is the primary purpose of the website Future Tools?

    -The primary purpose of Future Tools is to curate and showcase a collection of the coolest AI tools that the creator comes across, making it easier for users to discover and utilize these tools.

  • How many AI tools are currently available on the Future Tools website?

    -As of the recording of the video, there are 2,431 AI tools available on the Future Tools website.

  • What are some of the best free AI tools mentioned in the video?

    -Some of the best free AI tools mentioned include Chat GPT, Google Bard, Claude from Anthropic, Character AI, and Perplexity Chrome extension.

  • What makes Google Bard stand out among other chatbots?

    -Google Bard stands out because it has the ability to browse the web, providing users with information and summaries about various topics, such as identifying the best burritos in San Diego.

  • What is unique about Claude's 200,000 token context window?

    -Claude's 200,000 token context window allows it to ingest and generate responses up to 150,000 words, making it ideal for summarizing long content like PDFs and articles.

  • How does Character AI differ from other chatbots mentioned in the video?

    -Character AI is designed for fun and entertainment, enabling users to have conversations with fictional characters, unlike other chatbots which are more focused on summarization, research, and advice.

  • What does the Perplexity Chrome extension do?

    -The Perplexity Chrome extension helps users find information from the website they are looking at and can also summarize articles quickly for users, providing a convenient tool for research and learning.

  • What is the main goal of HubSpot's AI for marketers course?

    -The main goal of HubSpot's AI for marketers course is to equip marketers with the knowledge and skills to effectively leverage AI tools in their marketing strategies, optimizing content creation, gaining predictive insights, and personalizing customer experiences.

  • What is Leonardo AI's real-time canvas feature?

    -Leonardo AI's real-time canvas feature allows users to generate images based on their prompts and make real-time adjustments to the image, such as changing the background color or adding elements like arms to a robot, with the image updating instantly as they type.

  • How does the AI text to video model Pika work?

    -Pika allows users to upload an image and animate it or create a video from a text prompt. It is currently in closed beta on their website but can be accessed for free through their Discord server.



πŸ€– Introduction to Free AI Tools

The speaker introduces their website, Future Tools, which curates a collection of AI tools. They discuss the overwhelming number of tools available and aim to highlight the best free AI tools. The paragraph emphasizes the utility of Chat GPT, Google Bard, and Claude from Anthropic for various tasks such as advice, summarization, and research. It also touches on Character AI for entertaining conversations with fictional characters.


πŸ“š AI Tools for Creativity and Writing

This paragraph focuses on AI tools that aid in creativity and writing. The speaker talks about the Perplexity Chrome extension and its ability to find information and summarize articles. They introduce Text Effects, a tool designed to help overcome writer's block by generating acronyms and providing creative word associations. The paragraph also mentions HubSpot's AI for marketers course, which is free and aims to enhance marketing strategies using AI.


🎨 AI Image Generation and Editing Tools

The speaker discusses various AI image generation and editing tools. They mention Leonardo, which offers a free tier with a significant number of free image generations and upscaling. They also talk about Dolly 3, idiogram, and playground AI, each with their unique features in image generation. The paragraph further explores AI image editing tools like Magic Eraser, which allows users to remove unwanted elements from images, and Lupix Converter, which turns 2D images into 3D animations.


πŸŽ₯ AI Tools for Video Creation and Enhancement

This paragraph covers AI tools that assist in video creation and enhancement. The speaker introduces Pika, an AI video generator currently in closed beta, and Plasma Punk, which creates videos that move to the beat of the music. They also mention playphrase.me, a search engine for finding video clips using text, and Adobe Speech Enhancer, a tool for cleaning up audio. The paragraph concludes with mentions of mubert and voicmod.net for generating music and songs, and vocalremover.org for separating music from vocals.


🎢 AI Tools for Audio and Sound Design

The speaker discusses AI tools for audio and sound design. They introduce Meta's Audio Box, which can generate speech, create sound effects, and enhance audio recordings. The paragraph also talks about Pinocchio, a browser that simplifies the installation and use of open-source AI tools. The speaker encourages viewers to explore these tools and provides links to them through their website, futur tools.



πŸ’‘AI tools

AI tools refer to artificial intelligence applications designed to assist with various tasks, such as chatbots, image generation, and text analysis. In the video, the creator discusses several AI tools they have found useful, such as chat GPT for advice and ideas, and Google Bard for web browsing assistance.


Chatbots are AI-powered conversational agents that can interact with humans through text or voice interfaces. In the context of the video, the creator mentions chatbots like Chat GPT and Google Bard, which can provide advice, generate ideas, and even browse the web to answer questions.


Summarization is the process of condensing a larger piece of text into a shorter, more concise version while retaining the main points. The video highlights AI tools like Claude that can summarize lengthy content, making it easier for users to understand and process information quickly.

πŸ’‘Character AI

Character AI refers to AI tools designed for entertainment, allowing users to have conversations with fictional characters. These tools provide a playful and engaging experience, different from the more practical AI tools mentioned earlier in the video.


Perplexity, in the context of the video, is a Chrome extension that aids in information retrieval and summarization. It can extract information from websites and provide summaries of articles, helping users to quickly find and understand relevant content.

πŸ’‘Text Effects

Text Effects is a tool designed to assist with creative writing by suggesting words or phrases that are similar to the ones provided by the user. This tool can help overcome writer's block and enhance creativity, particularly for poets, musicians, and writers.

πŸ’‘HubSpot Academy course

The HubSpot Academy course mentioned in the video is an educational resource focused on teaching marketing strategies using AI. It aims to equip learners with the knowledge and skills to leverage AI tools ethically and responsibly in their marketing efforts, covering predictive modeling, AI recommendation engines, and more.

πŸ’‘Image Generation

Image Generation refers to the process of creating visual content using AI algorithms. The video discusses various AI image generators like Leonardo and Dolly 3, which can produce images based on textual prompts, offering a range of creative possibilities for users.

πŸ’‘AI Image Editing

AI Image Editing involves the use of artificial intelligence to modify and enhance images. In the video, tools like Magic Eraser and Lupix Converter are mentioned, which allow users to remove elements from images or convert 2D images into 3D animations, respectively.

πŸ’‘AI Text to Video

AI Text to Video is a technology that converts textual descriptions into visual video content. The video introduces platforms like Pika and Plasma Punk, which enable users to generate videos by uploading images or providing text prompts, adding a dynamic visual element to various projects.

πŸ’‘AI Music Generation

AI Music Generation encompasses the creation of music through artificial intelligence, which can produce original songs or soundtracks based on user input. The video mentions platforms like mubert and Voicmod, where users can generate music for different purposes, such as video backgrounds or meme songs, without requiring prior musical knowledge.


The speaker runs a site called Future Tools, which curates a collection of the coolest AI tools.

There are currently 2,431 tools on Future Tools, with new ones being added every day.

Chat GPT is highlighted as an AI tool with both free and paid versions, useful for advice, ideation, and copywriting.

Google Bard is recommended for its ability to browse the web and provide summaries with color-coded confidence levels.

Claude from Anthropic is praised for its 200,000 token context window, allowing for the summarization of long content.

Character AI is introduced as a fun chatbot designed for entertaining conversations with fictional characters.

Perplexity is a Chrome extension that can find information from the website you're looking at and summarize articles.

Text Effects is a tool designed to help with writer's block and creativity by generating acronyms and other word-related tools.

HubSpot Academy offers a free course called 'AI for marketers' to help leverage AI in marketing strategies.

Leonardo is a favorite image generation tool that offers a free tier allowing for a significant number of image creations and edits.

Dolly 3, integrated with Microsoft Bing Image Creator, is noted for its prompt adherence and image generation quality.

Idiogram is recognized for its ability to add text to AI-generated images effectively.

Playground AI provides various models and filters for different styles in AI image generation.

Magic Eraser is an image editing tool that allows users to remove unwanted sections from images.

Lupix Converter turns 2D images into 3D animated images with customizable settings.

Autod Draw is likened to autocorrect for images, improving user-drawn sketches with AI.

Blockade Labs enables the creation of 360Β° worlds from text prompts in various styles.

3D Labs allows scanning real-world images into 3D objects and Genie, available on Discord, generates 3D objects from text prompts.

Pika is an AI text-to-video model that animates images or creates videos from text and is currently available for free on Discord.

Plasma Punk creates videos that move to the beat of the music, offering a unique style of video generation.