AI로 이미지에서 원하는 부분만 동영상으로 만드는 방법 | GEN2 신기능 소개 | Motion Brush

29 Nov 202306:01

TLDRThe video script introduces a new feature in the AI playground called 'Inpaint' which allows users to selectively color parts of an image to create a video. The user demonstrates this by uploading a picture of a cat playing the piano and using the 'Motion Brush' to animate only the cat. After several attempts and adjustments to the settings, including the 'Proximity' and 'Camera Motion', the user successfully generates a video where the cat's upper body appears to play the piano keys. The video also highlights the updated features such as text-to-image, director mode for camera motion, and enhanced image quality. The user expresses excitement about the potential of AI advancements and recommends others to try out the new features.


  • 🎨 The AI playground has introduced a new feature called 'Inpaint', which allows users to selectively color parts of an image to create a video.
  • 🖌️ Users can upload an image and use the 'General Motion' and 'Camera Motion' features, which are still in beta, to animate specific parts of the image.
  • 🖥️ The 'Motion Brush' tool lets users define areas within the photo for animation, with the outcome varying based on the direction and weight settings.
  • 📸 An example given in the script is uploading a photo of a cat playing the piano and using the tool to animate only the cat's movement.
  • 🎥 The initial result showed the entire cat moving rather than just the desired piano-playing motion, indicating the need for adjustments.
  • 🔄 After refining the settings by increasing the 'Proximity' value and focusing on the cat's upper body, a more accurate animation of the cat 'playing' the piano was achieved.
  • 🎬 The script describes a process of trial and error in adjusting parameters to achieve a desired video outcome, highlighting the iterative nature of using the AI tool.
  • 🔧 The 'Camera Motion' feature was updated to allow for more dramatic effects, such as rapid zooms and rotations.
  • 🖼️ The 'Motion Brush' feature was also updated to enable the creation of higher quality images with more detailed animation.
  • 🌟 The script mentions that the AI's development is impressive and suggests a promising future for content creation using AI tools.
  • 📖 More detailed information about the update and new features can be found on the AI playground's research site.

Q & A

  • What new feature has been added to the AI playground that allows users to create videos?

    -The new feature added is called 'Inpaint', which enables users to selectively color or edit parts of an image to create a video.

  • How does the General Motion and Camera Motion in the Impaint feature work?

    -General Motion and Camera Motion are features that allow users to set specific areas of an image to move or adjust in the generated video. Users can paint over the areas they want to animate and adjust the direction and proximity settings to achieve the desired effect.

  • What was the initial result when the user tried to create a video of a cat playing the piano?

    -The initial result showed the entire cat ascending into the sky instead of just the cat playing the piano, as the user had intended.

  • How did the user refine the video to better represent the cat playing the piano?

    -The user added a more detailed description, specifying that they wanted to see a cat playing the piano. They also adjusted the Camera Motion and reduced the proximity value to focus on the cat's upper body movement.

  • What adjustments did the user make to achieve a more dramatic effect in the final video?

    -The user increased the camera motion speed, zoomed in more dramatically, and reduced the proximity value in the Motion Brush settings to create a more intense and focused animation.

  • What other updates were mentioned for the AI playground besides the Impaint feature?

    -Other updates include the ability to set styles for the Text to Image feature, the Director Mode for camera motion, and improvements for generating higher quality images.

  • What examples of videos were showcased at the end of the script?

    -A variety of example videos created using the updated features of the AI playground were showcased, demonstrating the potential for creating diverse and engaging content.

  • How does the AI playground's Impaint feature differ from traditional video editing tools?

    -The Impaint feature allows for the creation of videos from static images, enabling selective animation and editing of specific parts within the image without the need for original video footage.

  • What was the user's overall impression of the AI playground's new features?

    -The user was impressed by the capabilities of the new features, noting the potential for creating engaging content and expressing excitement for the future possibilities with AI technology.

  • What did the user plan to do with the AI playground's features in the future?

    -The user planned to use the AI playground's features to create short animations or advertisements, taking advantage of the updated capabilities.



🎨 Introducing the New Paint Feature in AI Playground

The video script introduces a new feature in the AI Playground called 'Paint'. This feature allows users to color specific parts of an image and turn it into a video, similar to an intro video. The user demonstrates how to use this feature by uploading a picture of a cat playing the piano and using the 'Motion Brush' to select and color only the cat. The user then adjusts the 'Proximity' value to add more motion to the cat's movement. However, the initial result shows the entire cat ascending instead of just the intended piano-playing motion. The user provides a more detailed description and adjusts the settings, resulting in a more satisfactory outcome where only the cat's upper body moves, as intended.


🚀 Excitement for Future of AI in Content Creation

The user expresses excitement for the future of AI in content creation, particularly after experiencing the new 'Motion Brush' feature. The script mentions that more details about the AI Playground update can be found on the official research site. It highlights the addition of a feature that allows users to set a style for 'Text to Image' creation and the update to the 'Director Mode' that was demonstrated earlier. The video also notes improvements in image quality and the addition of various example videos. The user concludes by recommending others to try out the updated AI Playground and shares their intention to use it for creating short animations or advertisements in the future.



💡AI 놀이터

AI 놀이터 refers to an AI playground, which in the context of the video, is a platform that allows users to create videos using AI technology. It is the main setting where the video's demonstrations and discussions take place.

💡텍스트 to 비디오

This phrase, '텍스트 to 비디오' (Text to Video), describes a feature that converts text input into a video format. In the video, this function is used to create content by starting with a textual description and generating a visual representation.

💡인페인트 기능

The '인페인트 기능' or 'paint feature' is a newly added function that allows users to selectively color or animate parts of an image or video. It enables creative control over specific elements within the visual content.

💡제너럴 모션

The term '제너럴 모션' translates to 'general motion' and refers to the overall movement or animation applied to an object or character in a video. This concept is crucial in the video as it affects how the painted areas move and interact within the generated video.

💡카메라 모션

카메라 모션 (Camera Motion) refers to the movement and positioning of the virtual camera within the video content. It is an important aspect of video creation that can enhance the storytelling and viewer engagement by adding dynamism to the scene.

💡모션 브러시

The '모션 브러시' or 'motion brush' is a tool that allows users to selectively apply motion to specific parts of an image or video. It is a key feature in the AI 놀이터 that enables precise control over the animation process.


The term '프록시미티' (Proximity) in the context of the video refers to the sensitivity or range of the motion effect applied by the motion brush. Adjusting proximity affects how the AI interprets and animates the selected areas.

💡디렉터 모드

The '디렉터 모드' or 'Director Mode' is a feature that provides users with more control over the camera motion and editing aspects of the video creation process. It allows for a more refined and professional outcome.


The term '고화질' (High Quality) refers to the clarity and resolution of the video content. In the context of the video, high-quality output is an important aspect of the AI 놀이터's capabilities, ensuring that the generated videos are visually appealing and detailed.

💡스타일 설정

The '스타일 설정' or 'Style Setting' feature allows users to define a specific visual style for the generated content. This could include color schemes, artistic filters, or other stylistic elements that give the video a unique look.


The term '업데이트' (Update) refers to the improvements and new features added to the AI 놀이터 platform. These updates enhance the user experience and expand the capabilities of the service.


Introduction to the new inpainting feature in AI playground, which allows selective coloring of desired parts of an image to create a video.

The user demonstrates how to use the 'Text to Video' feature with an image of a cat playing the piano.

Explaining the 'General Motion' and 'Camera Motion' features, which are still in beta version.

The emergence of a 'Motion Brush' button for more precise control over the movement in the generated video.

The user selects the cat as the area of interest and applies the brush to it.

Adjusting the 'Proximity' weight to influence the motion in the video.

The initial result shows the cat ascending into the sky instead of just playing the piano.

The user provides a more detailed description by adding 'Playing the piano' as a tag to refine the video generation.

The user experiments with 'Camera Motion' to add dynamic camera movements to the video.

The final video shows the cat's upper body moving as if playing the piano, with the rest of the body remaining still.

The user increases the 'Proximity' value and generates the video again for improved results.

The updated video reflects a more dramatic motion of the cat playing the piano.

The user's preference for the second version of the video over the first, despite some pixelation.

The user's final attempt at video generation with extreme adjustments results in a dramatic and visually appealing outcome.

The user expresses admiration for the AI's development and its potential for future applications.

Details about the AI playground's update, including the 'Text to Image' feature with style settings and the 'Director Mode' for camera motion.

The user recommends others to try creating videos with the updated AI playground for potential projects like animations or advertisements.

The user concludes the video with a call to action for likes and subscriptions.