DreamShaperで実写系画像を生成していく!(Stable Diffusion 実写系モデル紹介)

4 Aug 202306:03

TLDRThe video introduces the DreamShaper model, a popular choice in the world of deepfake models, used indirectly by many in various applications such as Childlike Mix and Bracing Evomix. It highlights the features of DreamShaper V7 and the newly released V8, emphasizing the model's evolution towards improved realism and versatility. The video also discusses the different aspects of various versions and encourages viewers to explore the model's capabilities for creating both realistic and anime-style images.


  • 🌟 The video introduces the DreamShaper model, a popular model in the real-image domain.
  • 🔍 Many people may have indirectly used DreamShaper as it is utilized in popular models like Childlike Mixes and Bracing Evomix.
  • 🎉 The video focuses on DreamShaper V7, but also mentions the release of an updated V8 version.
  • 👩 The DreamShaper model generates interesting and realistic female facial expressions, even across different versions.
  • 🆕 Version 7 of DreamShaper offers improvements in support for Lola and realism.
  • 🔥 The upcoming version 8 is expected to further refine the direction of V7, with a focus on realism.
  • 🎨 DreamShaper is versatile, capable of generating both realistic and anime-style images, making it a well-rounded model.
  • 🖼️ The model can produce high-quality, realistic images, suitable for applications like AI-generated gravure (a type of photography).
  • 🌐 Despite not specializing in Asian features, adding terms like 'Japanese' to prompts can generate images of Japanese women.
  • 📸 Comparison images in the video demonstrate how DreamShaper strikes a balance between realism and stylization compared to other models like Bracing Evomix.
  • 📈 The script also discusses improvements across different versions, highlighting the evolution and variety of DreamShaper's capabilities.

Q & A

  • What is DreamSharper, as mentioned in the script?

    -DreamSharper is a model known for its photorealistic capabilities, used in creating realistic images and as a merge model in famous models like ChildRemix and BlazingEvomix.

  • How is DreamSharper utilized in ChildRemix and BlazingEvomix?

    -In ChildRemix, DreamSharper's 5 Baked VAE is used, while in BlazingEvomix, both the 5 Baked VAE and 6 Baked VAE from DreamSharper are utilized as part of their merge models.

  • What version of DreamSharper is the script primarily discussing, and what has been released during the video's production?

    -The script initially focuses on DreamSharper version V7 but mentions that version V8 was released while the video was being made.

  • What improvements does version V7 of DreamSharper bring?

    -Version V7 of DreamSharper includes support for more realistic expressions and enhancements in realism, suggesting users try Absolute Reality for even more photorealistic expressions.

  • How does DreamSharper compare with other models in terms of realism?

    -While DreamSharper may not pursue realism to the extent of some other models, it is capable of generating realistic images depending on the prompts used, offering versatility between realistic and anime-style outputs.

  • What is recommended for generating images of Japanese women with DreamSharper?

    -To generate images of Japanese women with DreamSharper, it's recommended to include the word 'Japanese' in the prompt, as the model does not specialize in Asian features by default.

  • What are the notable features of DreamSharper's version V6?

    -Version V6 of DreamSharper saw the addition of more Lola support and general styles, alongside improvements in generating taller images at a resolution of 1024.

  • How does the script describe the evolution from version V7 to V8 of DreamSharper?

    -The script indicates that version V8 of DreamSharper aims to further improve on the direction taken in V7, focusing on enhancing photo realism and possibly anime expressions.

  • What does the script suggest about the difficulty of pursuing photorealism and anime styles?

    -It suggests that achieving higher levels of photorealism and refining anime styles are challenging endeavors for model developers.

  • What is the script's perspective on DreamSharper's ability to generate both realistic and anime-style images?

    -The script views DreamSharper as a versatile model capable of generating both photorealistic and anime-style images, making it a multifaceted tool for content creators.



🌟 Introduction to the DreamShaper Model

This paragraph introduces the DreamShaper, a realistic model that many may have indirectly used due to its popularity in photorealistic models. The DreamShaper is known for being utilized as a merge model in ChitLMix and Braxton EvoMix, specifically the 5Baked VAE in ChitLMix and both the 5Baked and 6Baked VAE in Braxton EvoMix. The video will explore the latest version, V7, with a mention of an updated V8 released during the video's production. The DreamShaper generates interesting and engaging facial features that bear resemblance to those produced by ChitLMix and Braxton EvoMix. The video promises to showcase the generated images later and encourages viewers to try it out themselves.


📈 Updates and Improvements in DreamShaper Versions

This paragraph delves into the improvements and features of different versions of the DreamShaper. Version 7 is highlighted for its support for Lola and increased realism. It also mentions that an upcoming video will cover the Absolute Reality model for those interested in more photorealistic expressions. The paragraph discusses the additions of more Lola support and general styles in version 6, as well as improvements in 1024 height generation. It notes that each version has its unique characteristics, such as version 4's improvements in animation expressions without Lola. The latest version 8 is said to continue refining the direction of V7, suggesting a focus on realism over versatility compared to other models. The paragraph concludes by encouraging viewers to explore different versions for an interesting experience.




DreamShaper is a model discussed in the video that is known for its use in the real-image domain. It is a term that refers to a specific type of AI model capable of generating images. The video mentions that many people might have indirectly used DreamShaper before, as it is utilized as a merge model in popular image processing techniques like Childlike Mixes and Bracing Evomix. The model's ability to generate realistic female faces that bear resemblance to those produced by Childlike Mixes and Bracing Evomix is highlighted, showcasing its versatility and widespread application in the field of AI-generated imagery.

💡V7 and V8

V7 and V8 refer to different versions of the DreamShaper model. The video discusses the V7 version initially but notes that a newer V8 version was released during the making of the video. These versions represent the evolution and improvement of the DreamShaper model, with V8 presumably carrying forward the advancements and refinements introduced in V7. The video suggests that the latest V8 version continues to build upon the direction set by V7, indicating a progressive development in the technology.

💡Childlike Mixes

Childlike Mixes is mentioned as a technique or method that utilizes the DreamShaper model. It is one of the platforms where the 5Baked VAE version of DreamShaper is employed. The term likely refers to a process or algorithm that blends or mixes images in a certain way, possibly to create new, unique visuals. The video implies that the use of DreamShaper in Childlike Mixes contributes to the generation of interesting and engaging images, showcasing the model's effectiveness in producing realistic and appealing visual content.

💡Bracing Evomix

Bracing Evomix is another technique or platform mentioned in the video that makes use of the DreamShaper model, specifically the 5Baked VAE and 6Baked VAE versions. Similar to Childlike Mixes, Bracing Evomix is likely a method for generating or processing images, and its use of DreamShaper indicates the model's adaptability and application across various image generation methods. The video suggests that the results produced by Bracing Evomix with DreamShaper are of high interest and generate faces with a distinctive style.

💡Absolute Realism

Absolute Realism is mentioned in the context of those who have an interest in more realistic expressions. It seems to be another model or technique related to AI-generated imagery that the video plans to cover in the future. The term suggests a focus on achieving the highest level of realism in generated images, which could be a significant aspect for audiences interested in the quality and believability of AI-generated content.

💡Lola Support

Lola Support is referenced as a feature that has been improved in version 7 of the DreamShaper model. While the exact nature of 'Lola Support' is not detailed in the script, it suggests an element or function within the model that has been enhanced to produce better results. This improvement could relate to the model's ability to generate images with more detail, accuracy, or a certain style, contributing to the overall quality of the output.

💡Anime Expression

Anime Expression is mentioned in the context of improvements made in version 4 of the DreamShaper model. It indicates a focus on or enhancement of the model's capabilities related to generating anime-style images or expressions. The term suggests that DreamShaper is versatile and can cater to different styles of visual content, not just realistic human images but also those in the anime domain.

💡Image Generation

Image Generation is a central theme of the video, as it revolves around the DreamShaper model's ability to create images. This term refers to the process by which AI models like DreamShaper produce visual content based on certain inputs or parameters. The video discusses the generation of realistic and anime-style images, highlighting the model's versatility and the quality of the images it can produce.

💡Comparison Images

Comparison Images are used in the video to illustrate the differences between the DreamShaper model and other models like Bracing Evomix. These images likely side-by-side comparisons that show the output of different models or techniques, allowing viewers to visually assess the variations in realism, style, or other qualities. The use of comparison images serves to demonstrate the unique features and strengths of the DreamShaper model in generating certain types of visual content.

💡Japanese Prompts

Japanese Prompts are mentioned in the context of generating images of Japanese women using the DreamShaper model. The term 'prompts' refers to the input or instructions given to the AI model to guide the type of image it generates. In this case, adding the word 'Japanese' to the prompts is suggested to influence the model to produce images that are more representative of Japanese women, indicating the importance of prompts in achieving specific outcomes in AI-generated imagery.

💡Asian Specialization

Asian Specialization is mentioned in relation to the DreamShaper model not being specifically specialized for Asian subjects. This suggests that the model is versatile and can generate images of various ethnicities and backgrounds without a predefined focus on a particular group. The term highlights the model's ability to cater to diverse visual content needs and its potential for global application.


Gravitation, in the context of the video, likely refers to the model's ability to attract or pull in certain features or styles when generating images. It could be a metaphor for the model's tendency to produce outputs that align with certain visual characteristics or styles, possibly influenced by the inputs or prompts given. The term suggests a subtle yet significant influence on the final output of the AI-generated images.