How to Create AI Images with a FACE 😎

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17 Apr 202406:01

TLDRDiscover the exciting world of AI-generated images with your own face! The video introduces 'Artflow,' an AI tool that transforms your photos into various character images. To start, sign up with a Google account and train the AI by uploading up to 20 photos of yourself with different backgrounds, angles, and expressions. After training, explore the generated character samples in Image Studio. To create a new image, select an image type, adjust the character's presence and angle, and provide a detailed description for the desired image. An AI tool can assist in generating the perfect description based on your ideas. Choose a trained AI character, paste the prompt, and customize the image style. The video demonstrates creating a 2D and 3D cartoon image, showcasing the versatility of Artflow. With a free account, users receive 100 credits monthly, which are used for image generation. For more credits, consider their paid plans. Get creative and start making your unique AI images today!


  • 😎 Use the AI tool 'Artflow' to create images with your face as a superhero or villain.
  • πŸ“Έ Sign up for Artflow using your Google account and start by training the AI with your photos.
  • πŸ‘€ Upload up to 20 photos with different backgrounds, angles, and expressions, avoiding covered faces.
  • ⏳ Training the AI may take a few hours, after which you can generate various sample images.
  • 🎭 In Image Studio, you can select different character styles like a movie character or a warrior.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Choose the image type (portrait or general) and use 'Director Mode' to adjust the character's presence in the frame.
  • πŸ” Select the angle and position of your character for the final image.
  • πŸ“ Provide a detailed description for the image, as more details lead to better results.
  • 🧠 Utilize an AI tool to generate a perfect description for your image by answering a few questions.
  • 🚫 Exclude any unwanted elements from the image by enabling the option and specifying them.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ Select an image style (like 3D cartoons) and generate your custom AI image.
  • πŸ“Š With the free version of Artflow, you get 100 credits per month, using one credit per four images generated.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI tool used to create AI images with your face?

    -The AI tool used to create AI images with your face is called Artflow.

  • How do you sign up for an account on Artflow?

    -You can sign up for an account on Artflow using your Google account by clicking the link provided in the description.

  • What is the first step to generate AI images of yourself on Artflow?

    -The first step is to train the AI by uploading your photos to it, which can be done by going to the character builder and clicking on 'Create your AI actor'.

  • How many characters can you create for free on Artflow?

    -You can create one character for free on Artflow.

  • What kind of photos should you upload for the AI training process?

    -You should upload a maximum of 20 photos with different backgrounds, angles, and facial expressions, avoiding photos where your face is covered.

  • How long does it take to complete the AI training process?

    -The AI training process takes a few hours to complete.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Director Mode' in Artflow's Image Studio?

    -The 'Director Mode' allows you to adjust how much of the character you want in the frame, such as a close-up, full shot, or medium shot, and to select the angle in which your character is facing.

  • How does the AI tool help in generating a description for the image?

    -The AI tool generates a perfect description for your image by asking you to provide an idea of what you want to include in the image and the art form you would like to use, then it creates content based on your input.

  • What is the process to generate a new image after the training is complete?

    -After the training is complete, you can generate a new image by clicking on 'Create New Image', selecting the image type, enabling 'Director Mode' if needed, giving a detailed description of the desired image, and then selecting a trained AI character and pasting the prompt.

  • How many credits do you get in the free version of Artflow and how are they used?

    -In the free version of Artflow, you get 100 credits every month, and every time you generate four images, one of those credits will be used.

  • What happens to the photos you upload for AI training after the training is over?

    -After the training is over, your photos will be automatically deleted, so you don't need to worry about them being stored.

  • How can you obtain more credits if you need them on Artflow?

    -If you need more credits, you can check out Artflow's paid plans.



πŸ–ΌοΈ Creating AI Images with Your Face

The video script introduces a new AI tool called Artflow that allows users to create AI images with their own face. The process begins with signing up using a Google account and training the AI by uploading photos of oneself. The tool can generate different sample images, such as movie characters or warriors. Users can then generate new images by selecting the image type and using a 'director mode' to adjust the character's presence in the frame. Detailed descriptions for the desired image are crucial for better results. An AI tool is also available to help generate a perfect description. Once the prompt is ready, users can select a trained AI character and generate images in various styles, such as 3D cartoons. The video concludes with a prompt to subscribe for more creative content.


🎨 Exploring Artflow's Features and Pricing

The second paragraph of the script provides additional information on using Artflow's features and its pricing model. It explains that with the free version of Artflow, users receive 100 credits every month, with each image generation consuming one credit. The video encourages viewers to explore the paid plans if they require more credits. The speaker also invites the audience to get creative and start making their own AI images, and to engage with the content by liking and subscribing to the channel. The video ends with a friendly farewell, promising to see the viewers in the next video.



πŸ’‘AI tool

An AI tool refers to software or a platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. In the context of the video, the AI tool named 'artflow' is used to create images with a person's face, transforming them into characters such as superheroes or villains. It does this by training on uploaded photos and generating images based on user-provided descriptions.


Uploading is the process of transferring digital data from a local system to a remote server or another computer. In the video script, uploading is a crucial step where users send their photos to the AI tool so that it can train and create personalized images.

πŸ’‘Character builder

A character builder is a feature within a software or tool that allows users to create and customize characters. In the video, the character builder in 'artflow' is used to create an AI actor by uploading photos and providing details such as gender, age, and name.

πŸ’‘Training AI

Training AI involves feeding an AI system with data so it can learn and improve its performance over time. In the script, training the AI means uploading a set of photos to help the AI learn the user's facial features, which it will later use to generate images.

πŸ’‘Image Studio

Image Studio is a part of the 'artflow' tool where users can view and manage the AI-generated images. It serves as a gallery for the different character samples and final images created by the AI based on the user's input.

πŸ’‘Director mode

Director mode is a feature that allows users to have more control over the composition of the generated image, such as deciding on the framing (close-up, full shot, medium shot) and the angle of the character. It is mentioned in the script as a way to adjust the character's presence in the final image.

πŸ’‘Detailed description

A detailed description is a thorough and comprehensive explanation or depiction of something. In the context of the video, providing a detailed description is essential for the AI to generate an image that closely matches the user's vision. The more details given, the better the AI can create the desired image.

πŸ’‘AI-generated description

An AI-generated description is a text created by an AI system based on user input. It is designed to assist users in formulating a detailed description for their image, which the AI tool can then use to generate the image. In the script, this tool is used to create prompts for the AI to generate images based on the user's ideas.


A prompt is a stimulus or cue that elicits a response. In the video, a prompt is a description or a set of instructions given to the AI tool to guide it in generating a specific type of image. The user copies this prompt and pastes it into the AI tool to create the desired image.

πŸ’‘Image style

Image style refers to the visual appearance or aesthetic of an image. The script mentions selecting an image style, such as 3D cartoons, to determine how the final AI-generated image will look. This choice affects the overall theme and presentation of the character in the image.


In the context of the 'artflow' tool, credits are a form of virtual currency used to generate images. The free version of the tool provides users with a certain number of credits per month, with each image generation consuming a credit. Users can purchase more credits or subscribe to paid plans for additional usage.


A new AI tool allows users to create images with their own face, transforming into a superhero or villain.

Upload your photo and describe your desired outcome to let AI create personalized images.

The AI tool used is called Artflow, accessible by signing up with a Google account.

Training the AI involves uploading your photos, which will be deleted automatically after training.

Artflow provides a character builder where users can create an AI actor with their uploaded photos.

Users can select the gender and age of the character and enter a name for personalization.

Up to 20 photos with different backgrounds, angles, and expressions can be uploaded for a more accurate representation.

The training process may take a few hours, after which users can generate sample images.

Image Studio showcases various character images generated by the AI, such as a movie character or a warrior.

Users can generate new images by selecting the image type and adjusting the character's presence in the frame.

Director mode allows for adjustments in the character's angle and position within the image.

A detailed description is required for the desired image outcome, with more details leading to better results.

An AI tool can generate a perfect description for the image based on user input and preferences.

The AI tool provides four different image prompts for users to choose from.

Unwanted elements in the image can be excluded by enabling a specific option and mentioning them.

Different image styles can be selected, such as 3D cartoons, for a unique look.

Artflow offers a free version with 100 credits per month, with paid plans available for additional credits.

The process is user-friendly, encouraging creativity and personalization in AI image generation.