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24 Apr 202409:42

TLDRThe video provides a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use Dolly 3, an AI image generation tool integrated within chat GPT. The speaker shares a six-part prompt formula to create detailed and accurate image prompts, emphasizing the importance of descriptive language, specifying image types, defining subjects and settings, highlighting key features, and optionally including a specific style or mood. The video also introduces a custom Dolly GPT interface that simplifies the process by offering predefined image styles and aspect ratios. The speaker encourages viewers to experiment with prompts and make revisions within chat GPT, a feature that sets it apart from other AI image generation platforms. The video concludes with a mention of a Dolly 3 Mastery course for further learning and resources.


  • πŸš€ **DALLE 3 Access**: To use DALLE 3, access to the paid version of chat GPT is required.
  • πŸ“ **Descriptive Prompts**: Being descriptive is crucial for DALLE 3 to generate images that match your vision.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ **Image Types**: Specify the type of image (photo, illustration, oil painting, sketch, etc.) as part of the prompt.
  • 🎭 **Setting the Scene**: Define the character and the specific setting they are in for a more contextual image.
  • πŸ” **Key Features**: Emphasize the critical aspects of the image to ensure they are included in the final output.
  • 🌈 **Color & Mood**: Include color descriptions and the desired mood to set the tone of the image.
  • βœ… **Primary Focus**: Indicate what should be the main focus of the image to draw attention to specific elements.
  • πŸ”„ **Revisions & Experimentation**: Chat GPT allows for back-and-forth revisions, making it easier to fine-tune the image.
  • πŸ–‹οΈ **Editing Images**: DALLE 3 now includes the ability to edit images directly, allowing for adjustments to existing creations.
  • πŸ“ **Aspect Ratio**: Consider including aspect ratio in your prompt for specific image dimensions, especially for platforms like YouTube.
  • πŸ“š **DALLE 3 Mastery Course**: For a deeper dive into DALLE 3, consider taking a dedicated course with tutorials and resources.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI tool discussed in the transcript?

    -The AI tool discussed in the transcript is Dolly 3, which is accessible through the paid version of chat GPT.

  • When did the user start using Dolly?

    -The user started using Dolly in April of 2022, beginning with Dolly 2.

  • What is the importance of being descriptive when using Dolly 3?

    -Being descriptive helps Dolly 3 to better understand and pick up on the details in the text, which leads to more accurate and useful image generation.

  • What are the different image types one can specify when using Dolly 3?

    -The image types that can be specified include photo, illustration, oil painting, sketch, and drawing.

  • How does setting the scene in Dolly 3's prompt help in image generation?

    -Setting the scene by defining the character and describing the specific setting helps Dolly 3 to generate images that are more contextually relevant and detailed.

  • What is the purpose of emphasizing key features in the prompt?

    -Emphasizing key features ensures that critical parts of the image are included and highlighted, as they might not always be captured without explicit instruction.

  • How can using analogies and comparisons in the prompt improve results?

    -Using analogies and comparisons can help Dolly 3 understand the desired style or concept better, especially if it is similar to something it already knows, leading to improved results.

  • What is the advantage of using Dolly 3 inside chat GPT?

    -Using Dolly 3 inside chat GPT allows for experimentations and revisions directly within the chat, enabling users to refine their prompts and get closer to the desired outcome through a back-and-forth process.

  • What is the significance of mentioning specific colors in the prompt?

    -Mentioning specific colors helps Dolly 3 to generate images with the desired color scheme, ensuring that the visual output matches the user's expectations.

  • How does the custom Dolly GPT differ from the regular chat GPT?

    -The custom Dolly GPT, created by chat GPT, offers additional features such as different image types and styles, and aspect ratio options, which can help users craft their prompts more effectively.

  • What additional resources are available for mastering Dolly 3?

    -There is a Dolly 3 Mastery course available, which is a 21-tutorial course with downloadable prompts and resources, accessible through Skill Leap.

  • What other tools and courses are mentioned for learning about creative AI tools?

    -Other tools and courses mentioned include Mid Journey, Canva Magic Studio, and an AI Power Design course specifically for entrepreneurs, all of which are part of a subscription offering various design and marketing tools.



🎨 Mastering Dolly 3 Image Generation

The speaker shares their experience using Dolly 3, an AI image generation tool integrated with the paid version of chat GPT. They explain that while Dolly has evolved to be more user-friendly and effective, crafting the right prompt is crucial for generating desired images. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being descriptive, specifying image types, setting the scene with character and environment, emphasizing key features, and optionally suggesting a style. They also mention the ability to experiment and revise within chat GPT, and the new feature of editing images directly within Dolly.


πŸ“ The Six-Part Prompt Formula for Dolly

The speaker outlines a six-part formula for creating effective prompts for Dolly, which includes specifying the image type, defining the subject, highlighting key features, describing the setting and mood, optionally suggesting a style, and emphasizing elements to stand out. They provide examples of how to apply this formula to generate various types of images, such as illustrations, photographs, and oil paintings. The speaker also introduces a custom Dolly GPT tool that offers additional options for image styles and aspect ratios, making it easier to craft prompts. They conclude by mentioning resources for further learning, including a Dolly 3 Mastery course and other creative tool courses.




DALLE 3 is an advanced AI tool used for generating images from text prompts. It represents a significant upgrade from its predecessors, offering more utility and responsiveness to detailed prompts. In the video, the speaker discusses how to effectively use DALLE 3 within chat GPT to create images that closely match the user's vision, emphasizing the importance of descriptive prompts.

πŸ’‘Descriptive Prompt

A descriptive prompt is a detailed text input provided to an AI, such as DALLE 3, to guide the generation of a specific image. The video emphasizes that being descriptive helps the AI to better understand and manifest the user's desired image, as opposed to vague or general prompts.

πŸ’‘Image Types

Image types refer to the specific styles or formats of images that can be generated, such as photos, illustrations, oil paintings, sketches, or drawings. The script mentions the importance of specifying the desired image type as part of the prompt to ensure the AI generates the correct style of image.

πŸ’‘Scene Setting

Scene setting involves defining both the character and the environment in which they are placed within the image. The video provides an example of a medieval knight standing guard outside a stone castle covered in ivy to illustrate how a well-defined scene setting can enhance the quality of the generated image.

πŸ’‘Key Features

Key features are the critical elements that the user wants to be prominently included or emphasized in the generated image. The script suggests that specifying these features within the prompt helps the AI to focus on including them, ensuring they are not overlooked.

πŸ’‘Analogies and Comparison

Analogies and comparisons are used to draw parallels with known styles or images to guide the AI's output. For instance, the video mentions a landscape reminiscent of Van Gogh's swirling style, which helps the AI to emulate a specific artistic approach in the generated image.

πŸ’‘Color Descriptions

Color descriptions involve specifying the colors or color schemes that the user wants to be dominant in the generated image. The script provides an example of a beach scene dominated by shades of turquoise, gold, and coral pink, demonstrating how color descriptions can influence the final image's mood and aesthetic.

πŸ’‘Experimentation and Revisions

Experimentation and revisions refer to the process of refining the AI-generated image through multiple prompts and adjustments. The video highlights the advantage of being able to iterate on prompts within chat GPT, allowing for a more interactive and precise outcome compared to other tools.

πŸ’‘Editing Images

Editing images within DALLE 3 allows users to make specific changes to an existing image by selecting parts of it and inputting a new prompt. This feature is showcased as a useful tool for fine-tuning images without starting from scratch.

πŸ’‘Custom DALLE GPT

Custom DALLE GPT is a specialized version of chat GPT that includes additional features to assist with crafting prompts for DALLE 3. The video describes how this custom interface can help users select different image types and styles, as well as aspect ratios, to streamline the image generation process.

πŸ’‘Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio determines the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image. The script discusses how specifying an aspect ratio as part of the prompt can be used to create images suited for different platforms, such as widescreen for YouTube thumbnails or vertical for social media content.


Dolly 3 is a more advanced version compared to Dolly 2, providing more useful outputs within chat GPT 4.

To generate an image with Dolly, a descriptive prompt is crucial for defining the image's details.

Specify the image type (photo, illustration, oil painting, sketch, drawing) as part of the prompt.

Setting the scene involves defining the character and the specific setting they are in.

Emphasize key features that are critical to the image to ensure they are included.

Use analogies and comparisons to reference styles that Dolly or chat GPT might recognize for better results.

Include color descriptions in the prompt if there's a specific color scheme in mind.

Experimentation and revisions can be done within chat GPT, allowing for iterative improvements.

Dolly 3 now allows for image editing, where parts of an image can be modified with new prompts.

The prompt formula consists of six parts: image type, subject, key features, setting, color/mood, and style.

The custom Dolly GPT provides options for different image types and styles, simplifying the prompt creation process.

Aspect ratio options are available for different types of content requirements, such as widescreen or vertical.

Dolly 3 Mastery course offers 21 tutorials with downloadable prompts and resources for mastering Dolly 3.

Skill Leap provides access to over 20 different courses, including those on creative tools and AI-powered design, for a monthly fee.

The video demonstrates how to use the six-part formula to create effective prompts for generating images with Dolly 3.

Examples of prompts are provided, illustrating how to combine the six parts of the formula for desired image outcomes.

The Dolly GPT tool is popular within the GPT store, offering assistance in crafting detailed prompts.

Entrepreneurs can benefit from AI-powered design courses that teach various tools for marketing and business asset creation.