KRITA 5 2.2 NEW features. UPDATE NOW!! in 2024

4 Jan 202418:01

TLDRThis video showcases the new features in Krita 5.2, a digital painting software. The update introduces an animation brush editor, new tools, and a color selector that works with both SDR and HDR images. The brush editor has been recoded for better interaction with UI and plugins. Users can now modify brush rotation in real-time and have an extended brush preset history. The eraser functionality has been improved with a new way to separate painting from erasing. Audio support has been added for animations, allowing synchronization with keyframes. The color selector has been enhanced with dynamic and static options, and a new sample screen color feature allows for easy color picking from external sources. The layer management has been updated with new blending mode information and a lock feature to prevent accidental color swaps in palettes. The video also mentions the ability to transform multiple layers simultaneously and new tablet settings that provide tilt information. The developers are working on supporting various languages and writing systems for future updates.


  • 🎨 **New Welcome Screen**: Krita 5.2 introduces a new welcome screen with easy access to news, community, and manual resources.
  • 🖌️ **Brush Editor Improvements**: The brush editor has been recoded for better interaction with UI and plugins, including a new rotation widget for brushes.
  • 🗑️ **Recent Images Management**: Users can now easily clear recent images from the interface for a cleaner start.
  • 🔄 **Brush Preset History**: An enhanced brush preset history allows for more efficient management and selection of brushes.
  • ✅ **Erasing Enhancements**: A new erasing mode separates painting from erasing, providing more control over the creative process.
  • 🎵 **Audio Support in Animation**: Krita now supports audio synchronization with keyframes, enhancing the animation workflow.
  • 📹 **FFMPEG Included**: FFMPEG is now included by default, simplifying the rendering of animations and time-lapse recordings.
  • 🔴 **Advanced Color Selector**: A new color selector is introduced, offering dynamic and static modes for different color viewing preferences.
  • 🖱️ **Screen Color Sampling**: A new feature allows users to sample colors from anywhere on the screen, even from other applications or monitors.
  • 🔒 **Palette Lock Feature**: A lock feature prevents accidental color swaps in the palette, improving workflow efficiency.
  • 🌀 **Layer Transformation**: Multiple layers can now be transformed simultaneously without the need to group them.
  • 📏 **Layer Info Display**: Layer information can now be customized for better clarity on blending modes and opacity levels.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video?

    -The video focuses on the new features introduced in Krita 5.2, including the animation brush, editor, color selector, and other tools.

  • How has the brush editor been improved in Krita 5.2?

    -The brush editor has been recoded with a new system called Lugger, which improves how parameters interact with the UI and plugins, and allows for real-time brush behavior modification.

  • What is the new feature that allows users to modify the rotation of the brush?

    -The new feature is a rotation widget that lets users modify the rotation for the brush tape directly, without needing to enter the brush editor or modify the angle through right-clicking.

  • How has the eraser functionality been enhanced in Krita 5.2?

    -Krita 5.2 introduces a new way of erasing that separates painting from erasing, allowing users to toggle between a painting brush and an eraser that respects the brush selected for erasing.

  • What new audio support feature has been added for animations?

    -Audio support has been added, allowing users to import audio files and synchronize their animations with keyframes. Users can also adjust volume, mute, and change the speed of the audio.

  • How has the color selector been improved in Krita 5.2?

    -The color selector now works with both SDR and HDR images, includes a diamond shape that many users requested, and offers dynamic and static views for color selection.

  • What is the new 'Edit Sample' feature for color selection?

    -The 'Edit Sample' feature allows users to sample colors from outside of Krita, such as from another monitor or application, and use those colors for painting within Krita.

  • How can users lock the colors within a palette to prevent accidental movement?

    -Krita 5.2 introduces a lock feature for palettes, preventing colors from being moved or swapped within the palette.

  • What new layer transformation feature has been added?

    -Users can now transform multiple layers simultaneously without needing to group them, using the Ctrl+T shortcut.

  • How has the layer information display been improved?

    -The layer information display now includes options for showing blending mode names and can be customized for tree indentation, opacity, and selection style.

  • What new feature allows for seamless landscape creation?

    -The 'Wrap Around' mode allows users to paint parts of an image that they want to modify and remove seams in either horizontal, vertical, or both directions.

  • How can users test the tablet settings in Krita 5.2?

    -The tablet tester feature provides information on tilt (TX and Ty), pressure, and speed, allowing users to verify and adjust their tablet settings for optimal use.



🎨 CR 5.2 Update Overview

This paragraph introduces the video, which is focused on detailing the new features of CR 5.2. The host outlines the topics to be covered, including the animation brush editor, new color selector, and various other enhancements. The video begins with a new welcome screen and discusses the ease of accessing community resources and the manual. It also touches on the ability to delete recent images, changes to the brush editor, and the introduction of a rotation widget for brush customization. The host emphasizes the improved UI and plugin interactions due to the recode with Lugger, and the potential for future developments.


🖌️ Brush Customization and Erasing Techniques

The host demonstrates the new brush customization options in CR 5.2, including real-time brush behavior modification without entering the brush editor. The paragraph also introduces a new eraser feature that separates the painting and erasing actions, allowing for more precise control over the erasing process. The video shows how to configure toolbars for erasing and how to use shortcuts for switching between painting and erasing modes. The host also discusses the audio support added for animations, the ease of rendering animations or time-lapses with the inclusion of FFM PC, and the new color selector's compatibility with both SDR and HDR images.


🔍 Advanced Color Selection and Layer Management

This section covers the new color selection feature that allows users to sample colors from external monitors or applications. The host explains how to configure keyboard shortcuts for this feature and introduces the lock feature to prevent accidental color swaps in the palette. The video also discusses the ability to transform multiple layers simultaneously, changes to layer information display, and the introduction of a new selection method based on pixel content. The host provides a trick for selecting layers using specific keyboard shortcuts and settings.


🌐 Seamless Texturing and Tablet Settings Enhancements

The host explores the wrap-around mode for creating seamless landscapes and the customization options for toolbars in CR 5.2. The paragraph also highlights the new tablet settings that provide additional information such as tilt (TX and Ty), pressure, and speed during tablet use. The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to support CR in its development of features for various languages and writing systems, including right-to-left scripts. The host encourages viewers to subscribe and activate notifications to stay updated with the latest features and developments.



💡Krita 5.2

Krita 5.2 is the latest version of Krita, a popular open-source digital painting program. It is the central theme of the video, showcasing the new features and improvements made in this release. The script provides a walkthrough of the new functionalities, emphasizing the enhancements for artists and illustrators.

💡Animation Brush Editor

The Animation Brush Editor is a new tool introduced in Krita 5.2 that allows users to create and edit brushes specifically for animation. It is mentioned in the script as one of the new features, highlighting Krita's commitment to improving its animation capabilities.

💡Color Selector

The Color Selector in Krita 5.2 has been updated to work seamlessly with both SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. It now includes a diamond shape selector and dynamic/static modes for adjusting color saturation and brightness. This tool is crucial for artists looking to select and apply colors accurately within their digital paintings.

💡Eraser Tool

The Eraser Tool in Krita 5.2 has been improved to separate the erasing action from the painting action, providing users with more control over their work. The script illustrates how users can toggle between erasing and painting with different brush presets, enhancing the precision and flexibility of the editing process.

💡Audio Support

Krita 5.2 now includes audio support for animations, allowing users to import and synchronize audio files with their keyframes. This feature is significant for creating multimedia projects where visual and audio elements are aligned, as demonstrated in the script by importing an audio file and aligning it with the animation timeline.


FFM PC, or Frame Forward Motion PC, is a feature that has been included by default in Krita 5.2. It facilitates the rendering of animations or recording of time-lapses, making the process more straightforward. The script mentions that this feature is now easily accessible from the 'File' menu, which is a boon for users working with animations.

💡Layer Transformation

In Krita 5.2, users can now transform multiple layers simultaneously without the need to group them. This feature is showcased in the script as a time-saving and efficient way to scale, rotate, or apply other transformations to multiple layers at once, which is particularly useful for complex projects.

💡Layer Information

The script discusses changes to how layer information is displayed in Krita 5.2, including options for showing blending mode names and layer opacity. This feature allows users to have more detailed and customizable information about each layer, which is essential for managing complex compositions.

💡Palette Lock Feature

The Palette Lock Feature is a new addition to Krita 5.2 that prevents colors from being accidentally moved within the palette. This is particularly useful for maintaining the organization of color palettes during a project, as highlighted in the script where the user can lock the palette to prevent accidental changes.

💡Sample Screen Color

The Sample Screen Color feature allows users to select colors from anywhere on their screen, even outside of Krita, and apply them to their artwork. This is demonstrated in the script where the user samples a color from another monitor or application and uses it in their Krita project, providing a convenient way to incorporate real-world colors into digital art.

💡Tablet Settings

Krita 5.2 introduces new tablet settings that provide users with more detailed information about their tablet's performance, such as tilt information (TX and Ty), pressure, and speed. This feature is significant for artists using tablets, as it allows them to fine-tune their input devices for a better drawing experience, as explained in the script.


Krita 5.2 introduces new features for detailed painting and animation.

New brush editor has been recoded for better parameter interaction.

Real-time brush rotation modification without entering the brush editor.

Increased brush preset history from 10 to up to 100.

New erasing feature separates painting and erasing actions.

Audio support added for synchronizing animations with keyframes.

FFM PC included by default for easier animation rendering and time-lapse recording.

New color selector works with both SDR and HDR images.

Dynamic and static color selector options for different user preferences.

Edit sample screen color for picking colors from external sources.

Palette lock feature prevents accidental color swapping.

Ability to transform multiple layers simultaneously.

Layer blending information displayed in the layers docker.

Selecting layers by pixel content with a new shortcut.

Wrap-around mode for creating seamless textures.

Tablet settings now include tilt information for more precise control.

Support for various writing systems including top-to-bottom and right-to-left scripts.

Crea is working on new features accessible through the SBG code Editor.