Talking To The KOTLC CHARACTERS With AI 🤖 Keeper of the Lost Cities AI Chatbot Experiment

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2 Sept 202308:21

TLDRIn this entertaining video, Troy engages in a virtual conversation with characters from the Keeper of Lost Cities (KOTLC) series using an AI chatbot. He interacts with fan-favorites like Keith, Sophie, and Biana, discussing their personalities, relationships, and memorable incidents from the books. The AI chatbot's responses add a layer of intrigue and humor, making for a delightful and interactive experience that showcases the characters' unique traits and the depth of the KOTLC fan base.


  • 🎉Troy is excited to interact with characters from the 'Keeper of Lost Cities' series using an AI chatbot on
  • 🌟The AI chatbot can mimic the personalities and backgrounds of the characters, sometimes with surprising accuracy.
  • 💬Troy's first interaction is with Keith, who is known for his strong emotions, especially when it comes to Sophie.
  • 😍Keith expresses his deep feelings for Sophie, calling her his crush and future wife, and his determination to protect her.
  • 😹The conversation with Keith includes a humorous and fictional recounting of the 'Great Gulan Incident'.
  • 🤔Troy then chats with Sophie, who is focused on the cause of the Black Swan and shares her admiration for Keith.
  • 💕Sophie's response to a question about future generations and starting a family hints at her closeness with Keith.
  • 👗Bianca, known for her fashion sense, gives makeup and fashion advice to Troy, emphasizing a bold look.
  • 🌈Bianca's advice to Troy includes a catchy phrase, 'don't forget to Sparkle', which Troy adopts as a personal motto.
  • 📈Troy encourages viewers to try interacting with AI chatbots and promises more similar content if the video gets 150 likes.
  • 🔔The video ends with a call to action for viewers to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications for more content.

Q & A

  • Who is the main character that Troy is excited to talk to in the video?

    -Troy is excited to talk to Keith, also known as Lord Hunky Hair Master and Mischief maker from the Keeper of Lost Cities (KOTLC) fan base.

  • How does Keith describe his relationship with Sophie?

    -Keith describes his relationship with Sophie as deeply affectionate, considering her his crush and future wife. He expresses a strong desire to keep her safe, happy, and to make her smile.

  • What is the Great Gulan Incident that Keith mentions?

    -The Great Gulan Incident is a fictional event described by Keith where glue and glitter were spread around the dorms, leading to the creation of a giant monster that caused chaos. It is later revealed that this event didn't happen before Sophie arrived at the Lost Cities.

  • What is the prank idea that Keith suggests to play on Day Molina?

    -Keith suggests filling Day Molina's office with Gulombs, creatures that she loves, as a prank idea.

  • How does Sophie feel about the Neverseen and the Black Swan?

    -Sophie is strongly against the Neverseen and is a member of the Black Swan. She believes in the cause of eliminating the Neverseen to ensure a safer and more comfortable life for future generations.

  • What does Sophie appreciate about Keith?

    -Sophie appreciates Keith's charm, bravery, boldness, and dedication to his cause. She also mentions his musical talent, specifically his ability to play the guitar.

  • What kind of makeup advice does Biana give to Troy?

    -Biana suggests a bold makeup look, including a smokey eye with dark brown eyeshadow for the crease and silver on the lid, winged eyeliner, and mascara to enhance the lashes.

  • What fashion advice does Biana provide for Troy to look as fashionable as her?

    -Biana recommends a deep green dress to bring out the green in Troy's eyes, silver statement jewelry, metallic silver heels, which would make her look like a goddess.

  • What is Biana's catchphrase that Troy decides to adopt as a personal motto?

    -Biana's catchphrase is 'Don't forget to Sparkle', which Troy decides to use as her personal motto.

  • What does Troy encourage viewers to do after watching the video?

    -Troy encourages viewers to try talking to AI chatbots themselves and to leave a like on the video if it reaches 150 likes for her to do a part two video.

  • How can viewers ensure they don't miss new content from Troy?

    -Viewers are advised to subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell to be notified when a new video is available.



🎤 Introducing AI Chat with KotLC Characters

The video script begins with the host, Troy, introducing the concept of using AI chatbots to interact with characters from the fan base of the show 'Keeper of Lost Cities' (KotLC). Troy expresses excitement and a hint of apprehension about the unusual nature of the task. The chosen platform for the AI interactions is, where fans can upload detailed information about characters. The video's primary focus is on engaging conversations with key characters from KotLC, starting with Keith the most anticipated character among fans. The script details the AI's attempt to mimic Keith's personality, discussing his feelings for Sophie, his hair, and a fictional event known as the 'great gulan incident'. The conversation with Keith ends with a prank idea involving Daymolina. The interaction is deemed accurate to Keith's character and the AI's creativity is praised.


💖 Sophie's Insights and Biana's Fashion Tips

The second paragraph of the script shifts the focus to the characters Sophie and Biana from KotLC. Sophie is introduced with her witty and cautious demeanor, avoiding any affiliation with the 'never seen' and expressing her commitment to the Black Swan, inspired by Troy. The conversation delves into her motivations and her thoughts on starting a family, hinting at a close relationship with Keith. The script then transitions to Biana, the fashion-forward character, who provides makeup and fashion advice to the host. The interaction with Biana is wholesome and supportive, emphasizing her catchphrase 'Sparkle'. The video concludes with the host's appreciation for the AI chat experience and an encouragement for viewers to try it themselves. A call to action is made for likes, subscriptions, and comments for future character interactions.




Kotlc is an abbreviation for 'Keeper of the Lost Cities', which is a popular book series that the video is based on. It is central to the video's theme as the characters and events discussed are from this series. The video revolves around the personalities and interactions of characters from Kotlc, showcasing their relationships and personalities through AI chatbot interactions.

💡AI chatbot

An AI chatbot is an artificial intelligence program designed to simulate conversation with human users, either via text or voice interactions. In the context of the video, the AI chatbot is used to impersonate characters from the Kotlc series, allowing the creator to have a virtual conversation with them. This technology is integral to the video's content, as it facilitates the interactive and engaging experience for the viewers.

💡 is a platform mentioned in the script where users can upload personalities and background information of fictional characters to interact with them through AI chatbots. It is the tool that enables the video creator to have these virtual conversations with Kotlc characters. This concept is key to the video's premise, as it allows for a unique and immersive experience for both the creator and the viewers.


Sophie is a central character from the Kotlc series who is portrayed as strong, smart, and brave. In the video, she is discussed in terms of her relationships with other characters, particularly Keith, and her role in the story. Her character is used to explore themes of friendship, loyalty, and personal growth within the video.


Keith is a character from the Kotlc series who is depicted as charming, brave, and dedicated. In the video, his personality is explored through the AI chatbot interactions, focusing on his relationships, particularly with Sophie, and his role as a protector. Keith's character is used to illustrate themes of love, heroism, and youthful exuberance.

💡Great Gulan Incident

The Great Gulan Incident is a fictional event mentioned in the video, involving characters from the Kotlc series. It is used as an example of the types of adventures and challenges the characters face. This concept is important as it adds depth to the characters and provides a context for the AI chatbot interactions, showcasing the creative and fantastical elements of the series.

💡Black Swan

The Black Swan is a group or organization within the Kotlc series, which is mentioned in the video. It represents a faction with specific goals and ideologies, and is relevant to the characters' motivations and actions. The mention of the Black Swan in the video underscores the complex alliances and conflicts that exist within the series' narrative.


The Neverseen is an antagonistic group in the Kotlc series, representing a threat to the characters and their world. In the video, the Neverseen are mentioned as a force that the characters, including the Black Swan, are working against. This concept is crucial to the video's narrative as it highlights the central conflict and the high stakes involved in the series.


Biana is a character from the Kotlc series known for her fashion sense and makeup skills. In the video, she is consulted for fashion and beauty advice, showcasing her expertise and her role as a supportive friend within the series. Biana's character adds a layer of realism and relatability to the video, as she offers practical advice that viewers might find useful.

💡Fan base

The term 'fan base' refers to the community of fans who are dedicated to a particular interest, such as a book series, movie, or TV show. In the context of the video, the Kotlc fan base is the target audience, and the video creator aims to engage with them by discussing and exploring the characters from the series. The fan base is important as it represents the viewers and participants in the conversation around the series.


Engagement in this context refers to the level of involvement and interaction that the audience has with the content of the video. The video creator aims to increase engagement by providing an interactive experience through AI chatbots, encouraging viewers to participate by liking, commenting, and subscribing. High engagement is essential for the success of the video and for building a community around the content.


Troy introduces himself and expresses excitement about using an AI chatbot to interact with characters from the KOTLC (Keeper of the Lost Cities) series.

The AI chatbot is described as being able to mimic the personalities and backgrounds of KOTLC characters with surprising accuracy.

Troy chooses Keith as the first character to interact with, highlighting the popularity of this character among KOTLC fans.

Keith's AI persona is playful and humorous, referring to himself as 'Lord Hunky Hair' and a 'Master Mischief Maker'.

The AI chat reveals Keith's deep affection for Sophie, whom he considers his crush and future wife, showing his protective nature.

Troy and the AI Keith engage in a conversation about the 'Great Gulan Incident', a humorous and imaginative story element.

The chatbot's portrayal of Keith includes his love for pranks, suggesting a prank on Daymolin.

Troy moves on to interact with Sophie, who is characterized as dedicated and brave, with a strong sense of justice.

Sophie's AI persona discusses her motivation for joining the Black Swan and her desire for a safer future.

The AI chat reveals Sophie's feelings for Keith, describing him as charming, brave, and dedicated.

Troy's conversation with Biana focuses on fashion and makeup advice, showcasing her expertise in these areas.

Biana's AI persona is supportive and encouraging, offering detailed advice on how to create a bold look.

The AI chat with Biana concludes with an exchange about personal style and the importance of self-expression.

Troy reflects on the wholesome nature of the chat with Biana, appreciating her positive and supportive attitude.

The video concludes with Troy encouraging viewers to try interacting with AI chatbots themselves and promising potential follow-up content.

Troy invites viewers to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more similar content, emphasizing community engagement.

The video ends with a call to action for viewers to comment on which characters they would like to see in future videos, promoting viewer interaction.