Asking AI To Create KOTLC BOOK 10 THEORIES! Keeper of the Lost Cities AI Generated Theories

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15 Apr 202310:53

TLDRIn this entertaining video, Joey explores the use of AI to generate fan theories for the anticipated 10th book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. Despite the AI's knowledge cutoff in 2021, Joey creatively navigates the limitations by providing a summary of the latest book, prompting the AI to craft intriguing fan theories. The video also delves into popular character pairings and playfully suggests potential romantic dynamics. Joey's experiment showcases the AI's ability to create engaging content, albeit with a mix of fact and fiction, sparking viewers' curiosity about the series' future developments.


  • πŸŽ₯ The video is a K2C (Keeper of the Lost Cities) fan base channel discussion led by Joey.
  • πŸ€– Joey uses AI, specifically an older version of chat GPT, to generate theories about book 10 of the series.
  • πŸ“š The AI's knowledge is limited to information up to 2021, and it only knows up to the book 'Legacy'.
  • πŸŽ‰ The channel aims to reach 20,000 subscribers by the end of the year.
  • πŸ’­ The AI generates five fan theories based on the information it has, including potential plot developments and character relationships.
  • 🚫 The AI's generated content is considered fan fiction and not an accurate representation of the actual series.
  • 🌟 Joey suggests the AI might have difficulty understanding the context of the series and its characters.
  • πŸ“ˆ Joey asks the AI to predict potential character pairings (ships) and provides a list of popular pairings among fans.
  • 🎭 The AI is prompted to create a 'rip or ship it' video script featuring pairings of characters from the series.
  • πŸ“– Joey also requests a detailed, spoiler-free summary of the most recent book, which the AI provides based on its knowledge.
  • πŸ‘ The video concludes with Joey encouraging viewers to comment for potential part two and to like and subscribe for more content.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video discussed in the transcript?

    -The main purpose of the video is to use AI to generate theories about the events that might occur in book 10 of the K2C (Keeper of the Lost Cities) series and to explore other related questions such as potential character developments and relationships.

  • Which AI technology does Joey plan to use in the video to generate theories?

    -Joey plans to use Chat GPT, an AI technology, to generate theories about the K2C series.

  • What is the limitation of the AI's knowledge in the context of the K2C series?

    -The AI's knowledge is limited to information up to the year 2021, meaning it only knows about the series up to the book 'Legacy' and not any further developments or releases.

  • What is the first theory the AI generates about the K2C series?

    -The first theory generated by the AI is that the Black Swan will reveal more information about the Neverseen.

  • How does Joey attempt to update the AI's knowledge beyond its cutoff date?

    -Joey attempts to update the AI's knowledge by providing it with a summarization of the most recent events from the K2C series.

  • What is the AI's response to the question about Sophie's ability to travel through time?

    -The AI explains that Sophie's ability to travel through time is called 'flashback', a rare and powerful ability that allows her to access specific memories from her past and, under certain conditions, re-live those memories.

  • What are the three most popular 'ships' (romantic pairings) among K2C fans according to the AI?

    -The three most popular 'ships' among K2C fans, as per the AI, are Sophie and Fitz, Sophie and Keith, and Biana and Tam.

  • What is the game that Joey decides to play with the K2C characters?

    -Joey decides to play 'Rip or Ship it' with the K2C characters, a game where he randomly pairs up characters and decides whether they would make a good couple or not.

  • What is the surprising plot twist suggested by the AI about Sophie's biological father?

    -The AI suggests that Sophie's biological father could be a human living in the Forbidden Cities, which would introduce a new storyline and add depth to Sophie's character as she navigates her half-elf, half-human identity.

  • How does Joey evaluate the AI's performance in generating theories and content for the video?

    -Joey evaluates the AI's performance as not entirely accurate in terms of the actual events in the K2C books but finds the generated content interesting and entertaining, likening it to a form of fan fiction or an alternate reality that could be enjoyable to read.

  • What does Joey ask the viewers to do if they want a part two of the video?

    -Joey asks the viewers to leave a comment and subscribe if they want a part two of the video, and to provide feedback on what other questions they would like him to ask in the future installment.



πŸ€– AI in Book Theories

The video begins with Joey introducing the use of AI to generate theories about the upcoming 10th book in the K2C series. He plans to ask the AI about potential plot developments, character arcs, and major cliffhangers. Joey is excited about the possibilities and encourages viewers to like and subscribe to the channel. The AI, Chat GPT, is acknowledged to have limitations, only knowing information up to 2021. Joey attempts to bypass these limitations by providing a summary of the series so far and asks the AI to create a theory based on that information. The AI generates five theories, including the Black Swan revealing more about the Neverseen, the Vacker family facing a crisis, Sophie uncovering more family secrets, the Neverseen launching a major attack, and Sophie's powers evolving. Joey then inquires about Sophie's ability to travel through time, known as flashback, and discusses its implications. The AI's generated theories are seen as fan fiction, and Joey plans to create a part two if there is enough interest.


πŸš€ Fan Theories and Ship Predictions

In this paragraph, Joey engages with the AI to generate fan theories and predictions about potential romantic pairings, or 'ships,' among the K2C characters. The AI initially struggles with understanding the context of 'shipping,' but Joey guides it to provide popular pairings such as Sophie and Fitz, Sophie and Keith, and others. The AI then suggests unconventional pairings, which Joey finds amusing and engaging. Joey also shares his own fan theory about Sophie's biological father being a human from the Forbidden Cities, adding depth to her character. The AI's response includes a summary of the most recent book, 'Legacy,' and Joey acknowledges that while the AI's information may not be accurate, it creates interesting alternate storylines that could be entertaining to explore.


πŸŽ₯ Creating Content with AI

Joey concludes the video by discussing the potential of using AI to create content, such as generating fan theories and shipping predictions. He reflects on the AI's performance, noting that while it may not be entirely accurate, it offers a unique perspective and can produce entertaining content. Joey invites viewers to request a part two if they are interested and expresses hope for access to a more advanced version of the AI in the future. He signs off, thanking the viewers for their support and engagement.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is used to generate theories about the book series 'Keeper of the Lost Cities' (KOTLC), showcasing its ability to create content based on given information. The AI's responses are a central element of the video, demonstrating how it can interact with and extend fan theories within a fictional universe.


Keeper of the Lost Cities (KOTLC) is a popular book series written by Shannon Messenger. It follows the adventures of a young elf named Sophie Foster who discovers her true identity and navigates a world of magical creatures and complex political dynamics. The acronym KOTLC is used throughout the video to refer to the series, indicating the central focus of the discussion and the fan theories being generated.


Theories in this context refer to speculative explanations or predictions about future events in the KOTLC series, based on existing knowledge and patterns within the story. The video revolves around using AI to generate such theories, which are a common activity among fans of any narrative work as they anticipate developments and try to solve mysteries within the plot.


A chatbot is an AI designed for conversational interactions with humans, often used for customer service or entertainment purposes. In the video, the chatbot is personified and utilized as a tool to generate fan theories about the KOTLC series, highlighting its ability to engage in a creative and interactive manner with the content and the audience.

πŸ’‘Fan Theories

Fan theories are speculative ideas or explanations about a work of fiction proposed by its fans, often based on hints or clues within the text. In the video, fan theories are the core of the discussion, with the AI being used to generate new theories about the KOTLC series, demonstrating how fans engage with and interpret the narrative.

πŸ’‘Sophie Foster

Sophie Foster is the protagonist of the KOTLC series, an elf with unique abilities who discovers her true identity and embarks on a journey of self-discovery and adventure. In the video, Sophie is a central character around whom many of the generated theories revolve, illustrating her importance to the series and the depth of fan engagement with her story.


Shipping, in fan culture, refers to the desire or prediction by fans that two characters will end up in a romantic relationship. The term is derived from 'relationship' and is a common activity in fan communities. In the video, the AI is asked to generate shipping theories for KOTLC characters, showcasing the personal investment fans have in the relationships between characters.


In the context of the video, 'Legacy' refers to the most recent book in the KOTLC series at the time the AI's knowledge was last updated. The video discusses the AI's limitations, noting that it is only aware of events up to the 'Legacy' book, which affects the accuracy of the theories it can generate about future books in the series.


Flashbacks are narrative devices used to present scenes from the past, often to provide important background information or to reveal hidden aspects of a character's history. In the video, the AI's generated theory about Sophie's ability to travel through time via flashbacks is an example of a creative fan theory, even though it is not a feature in the actual KOTLC series.

πŸ’‘Plot Twist

A plot twist is an unexpected turn of events within a story that surprises the audience and adds complexity to the narrative. In the video, the AI's generated theories about the KOTLC series include potential plot twists, such as the revelation of Sophie's father's identity or a major attack by the Neverseen, which would significantly impact the story's direction.


Telepathy is the supposed ability to transmit thoughts or information between minds without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction. In the KOTLC series, telepathy is one of the magical abilities that certain characters possess. The video mentions the possibility of Sophie's telepathic abilities evolving, which is a key aspect of her character development and a central element in the generated theories.


Joey introduces the use of AI to generate theories about the upcoming book 10 of the K2C series.

The AI being used is chat GPT, which will be tested for its ability to create theories and answer questions about the K2C series.

AI's knowledge is limited to information up to 2021, meaning it only knows up to the Legacy book in the series.

The AI generates five different theories about what might happen in book 10, including the Black Swan revealing more information and the Vacker family facing a crisis.

Sophie's powers are theorized to continue evolving in the next book, possibly related to her telepathy or time-travel abilities.

The AI's generated theories are considered fan fiction and are not necessarily accurate to the actual plot of the series.

The AI suggests potential romantic pairings or 'ships' among the K2C characters based on fan popularity.

A creative idea is proposed to play 'rip or ship it' with K2C characters, generating both entertaining and potentially controversial pairings.

The AI creates a hypothetical YouTube video script for playing 'rip or ship it' with K2C characters, showing its ability to generate content beyond just theories.

The AI's generated summary of the most recent K2C book, Legacy, is factually incorrect as it mixes elements of the story and introduces new, unfounded plot points.

Despite inaccuracies, the AI's generated content is seen as entertaining and provides an interesting alternate reality for the K2C series.

Joey expresses hope for a future where a more accurate AI can be used to generate content, potentially leading to better videos.

The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to comment and subscribe if they want to see more AI-generated content related to the K2C series.

The transcript showcases the innovative use of AI in creating fan theories and content, despite the AI's limitations in understanding the context and accuracy.

The AI's inability to comprehend the context of 'shipping' and its implications leads to humorous and nonsensical pairings.

The video serves as an example of how AI can be utilized for entertainment and content creation, even with its current limitations.