Can AI beat the FINAL WAVE of Dome Keeper?!

Luckless Lovelocks
30 Oct 202334:10

TLDRIn this video, the player embarks on an automation-only challenge in a game, aiming to defeat the final wave using only automated weapons. The strategy involves selecting a dome with high health, like a Tesla Dome, and focusing on upgrading defensive gadgets and automated weapons. The player opts for a medium map and decides against upgrading the keeper significantly, instead investing in automated defenses. Throughout the game, the player collects resources, upgrades the auto Cannon and other weapons, and utilizes various strategies to enhance their setup. Despite some mishaps and uncertainty about the final wave's requirements, the player remains determined and积极排紒 different tactics to achieve victory.


  • πŸ€– The challenge is to beat the final wave using only automated weapons in a game.
  • πŸ›‘οΈ A Tesla Dome with high health and a Shield gadget with the rebound ability are chosen for the attempt.
  • 🌍 The strategy involves focusing on automated defenses and upgrading weapons without using a main weapon.
  • πŸ”¨ The player opts for a medium map on brutal difficulty to test the automation-only run.
  • πŸ’§ Resources like water are crucial for upgrading automated defenses and maintaining the Dome's health.
  • πŸ”„ The use of a Mass Iron gadget is considered to speed up iron collection.
  • πŸš€ The player experiments with various upgrades like Auto Cannon, Stun Laser, and mining improvements.
  • 🎯 The goal is to complete the map quickly while maximizing automated defense capabilities.
  • πŸ€” The player acknowledges potential mistakes and is open to trying different strategies if the current one fails.
  • πŸ† Despite the challenges, the player successfully completes the game using only automated weapons.

Q & A

  • What is the main objective of the challenge described in the transcript?

    -The main objective of the challenge is to attempt an automation-only run to beat the final wave using only automated weapons in the game.

  • Which type of Dome does the player initially consider for the challenge and why?

    -The player considers a Tesla Dome initially because it has the most health, which is crucial for surviving the final wave with automated defenses.

  • What gadget does the player decide to use and why?

    -The player decides to use the Shield gadget because of its rebound ability, which could potentially be beneficial in the challenge.

  • What is the player's strategy for the map?

    -The player's strategy is to complete the map as quickly as possible while upgrading the weapons as much as possible to enhance the automated defenses.

  • How does the player plan to gather resources more efficiently?

    -The player plans to use Mass Iron to get more iron faster and considers getting a condenser and resource converter for better resource management.

  • What type of probe does the player regret choosing during the challenge?

    -The player regrets choosing the probe because it requires going back to reload it, which slows down the resource gathering process.

  • What is the player's approach to upgrading the automated weapons?

    -The player focuses on upgrading the auto Cannon first and then considers upgrading other weapons like the stun laser and shotgun, prioritizing area damage and efficiency.

  • How does the player address the issue of not having enough water for upgrades?

    -The player realizes the need for more water and considers using an efficient water conversion upgrade to address the shortage.

  • What is the player's strategy for dealing with the final wave?

    -The player acknowledges that they might not be able to defeat the final wave with the current setup and considers trying a more difficult map after proving the challenge is possible.

  • What does the player suggest at the end of the transcript for future challenges?

    -The player suggests trying the challenge on a more difficult map and invites viewers to share their thoughts or other challenge ideas in the comments section.



πŸ€– Automation Challenge Introduction

The speaker introduces an automation-only challenge in a game, aiming to defeat the final wave using only automated weapons. They consider using a dome with high health and various defensive gadgets, such as the Tesla Dome and the Shield, to maximize damage against enemies. The strategy involves completing the map quickly while upgrading weapons and avoiding direct engagement with the enemy. The speaker expresses excitement and curiosity about the challenge, acknowledging that it may require multiple attempts to succeed.


πŸš€ Initial Gameplay and Upgrades

The speaker begins the game by focusing on mining and upgrading their equipment. They discuss the importance of finding resources quickly and make various upgrades to their autocannon and other automated defenses. The speaker also reflects on their choice of gadgets and strategies, admitting to some mistakes and considering alternative approaches. They emphasize the need for speed and efficiency in both gameplay and resource management.


πŸ’‘ Strategy Adjustments and Resource Management

As the game progresses, the speaker continues to adjust their strategy, focusing on resource gathering and weapon upgrades. They discuss the potential benefits of different upgrades and gadgets, such as the split sphere and the reflection. The speaker also expresses concern about their progress, questioning whether their current strategy will be sufficient to defeat the final wave. They consider the need for more efficient resource conversion and the potential impact of their choices on the game's outcome.


πŸ› οΈ Further Upgrades and Tactical Considerations

The speaker dives deeper into the game, making further upgrades to their equipment and defenses. They discuss the trade-offs of different upgrades, such as the shotgun and the spire, and the importance of balancing offense and defense. The speaker also reflects on their resource management, acknowledging potential mistakes and considering adjustments. They express a desire to test their strategy against more difficult challenges, showing a willingness to learn and adapt.


🎯 Final Preparations and Execution

In the final stages of the game, the speaker prepares for the final wave, making last-minute upgrades and adjustments. They discuss the limitations of their current strategy and the need for more efficient resource management. The speaker also expresses uncertainty about their chances of success, but remains determined to see the challenge through. They highlight the importance of healing and resurrection abilities in their strategy, hoping these will be enough to overcome the final wave.


πŸ† Challenge Completion and Future Plans

The speaker successfully completes the challenge, reflecting on their experience and the lessons learned. They discuss the possibility of attempting the challenge at a higher difficulty and invite viewers to suggest new challenges. The speaker expresses gratitude and love for their audience, showing a strong connection with their viewers and a desire to continue engaging with them through future content.




Automation refers to the use of technology to control and operate processes without the need for human intervention. In the context of the video, it is the primary strategy employed to overcome challenges, specifically by relying on automated weapons and defenses to beat the final wave of the game. The narrator expresses a desire to test the limits of automation in the game, which is a central theme of the video.


A challenge in this context is a difficult task or a problem that the narrator sets out to solve or overcome within the game. The main theme of the video revolves around taking on a challenge to beat the final wave using only automated systems. This keyword encapsulates the core objective and the sense of adventure in the gaming experience.


Defense in gaming refers to the strategies and mechanisms used to protect the player's base or character from enemy attacks. In the video, the focus on automated defense indicates a specific approach to the game where the narrator relies on in-game structures and gadgets to fend off opponents rather than direct combat.


An upgrade in the context of the video game refers to the process of improving the attributes or capabilities of a weapon, gadget, or the player's character. Upgrades typically enhance the effectiveness and performance of these elements. The narrator's goal is to upgrade their automated defenses to a level sufficient to beat the final wave, emphasizing the importance of progression and strategic planning in gameplay.


Strategy in gaming involves the planning and execution of actions to achieve a specific goal or overcome obstacles. The video is centered around the narrator's strategy to rely solely on automated systems to win the game. This keyword highlights the intellectual aspect of gameplay and the importance of tactical thinking.


Resources in a video game are the materials or elements that players collect and use to build, upgrade, or perform various actions within the game environment. The narrator's frequent mentions of needing water and iron illustrate the importance of resource management as a core gameplay mechanic and how it influences the player's ability to upgrade and defend.


A speedrun is an attempt to complete a video game or a specific challenge within the shortest possible time. The narrator's intention to complete the map quickly while maximizing automated defenses indicates a speedrun approach, where efficiency and time management are crucial.


Gadgets in gaming are special tools or devices that players can use to gain an advantage or access additional abilities. The video discusses the selection and use of various gadgets, such as the shield and its rebound ability, to support the automation-focused strategy.


In the context of the video, a 'Dome' refers to a type of automated defense structure that the player can deploy and upgrade. The Tesla Dome is mentioned as a high-health option, which is crucial for surviving the final wave. The Dome represents a key component of the player's defensive architecture.


Reflection in the video game context likely refers to a defensive mechanism or ability that can redirect or bounce back enemy attacks. The narrator discusses upgrading the shield's reflection capability, which is part of the strategic use of defensive gadgets to enhance the automated defense system.


Resurrection in this context refers to a game mechanic that allows the player to revive or restore a structure or ability that has been lost or depleted. The narrator mentions having two Dome resurrections, which underscores the importance of having backup strategies and second chances in gameplay.


The main challenge is to beat the final wave with only automated weapons.

A Tesla Dome with high health is chosen for its defensive capabilities.

The strategy involves using a Shield gadget with the rebound ability for damage over time.

The game is played on a medium map with a focus on speed and upgrading automated defenses.

Mass iron is chosen as the starting gadget to quickly gather resources.

The importance of water for upgrading automated weapons is recognized.

Auto repair is considered crucial for maintaining the dome's health.

The decision to not upgrade the keeper much and focus on automated defenses.

The exploration of mining upgrades like compression mining and split sphere for efficiency.

The realization that the final wave's difficulty is underestimated.

The use of resurrection Dome supplements as a last line of defense.

The strategy of converting iron to water for weapon upgrades.

The recognition that the probe may not have been the best choice for resource gathering.

The excitement of completing the challenge and the possibility of increasing difficulty.

The conclusion that more focus on keeper upgrades might have been beneficial.

The idea of trying the challenge on a more difficult level after success.