Can AI Beat Me In Cooking?

Joshua Weissman
22 Feb 202313:01

TLDRThe video script depicts a culinary showdown between a human chef and an AI named ChatGPT, focusing on three classic dishes: burgers, fried chicken, and chocolate chip cookies. The chef, dedicated to his craft, is pitted against the AI's rapid recipe generation. Despite some mishaps and the AI's lack of physical abilities, the competition unfolds with a series of taste tests. The human chef ultimately triumphs, but the AI's performance hints at a future where technology and culinary arts may blend more seamlessly.


  • πŸ€– The AI, referred to as 'chat gbt', is showcased for its intelligence, having passed the bar exam and being pitted against a human chef in a cooking challenge.
  • πŸ” A 'Battle of Man vs Machine' is set up where AI is asked to create its best burger recipe and is compared against the chef's own recipe.
  • πŸ₯– The script humorously highlights the difference in expectations for the AI's culinary creations, particularly in the realm of homemade burger buns.
  • 🧐 The AI's lack of physical presence is addressed, with a human, Willy, donning a robot costume to represent AI in the cooking process.
  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ The chef expresses concern about job security in the face of AI's rapid recipe generation capabilities.
  • πŸ— In the cooking challenge, the AI's fried chicken recipe is contrasted with the chef's Jollibee-inspired recipe, showcasing different approaches to seasoning and preparation.
  • πŸͺ The final round of the challenge involves chocolate chip cookies, with an unexpected mishap involving salted butter in the chef's recipe.
  • 🌟 The taste tests are conducted by blind taste testers, emphasizing a fair comparison between the AI's and the chef's dishes.
  • πŸ† The competition results show a close call, with the AI's dishes receiving mixed reviews, and the chef's culinary experience ultimately shining through.
  • 🌐 The script concludes with a nod to the potential of AI in the culinary world, while also celebrating human creativity and the value of experience in cooking.
  • πŸ“ˆ The narrative serves as a metaphor for the broader discussion on AI's role in society and its impact on various professions.

Q & A

  • What was the main challenge presented in the script?

    -The main challenge was a culinary battle between a human chef and an AI, with both creating three recipes to be judged by a panel of blind taste testers.

  • What were the three recipes that the AI and the human chef had to compete on?

    -The three recipes were for the best burger, fried chicken, and chocolate chip cookies.

  • How did the human chef feel about the AI's ability to create recipes quickly?

    -The human chef expressed concern and a bit of fear, as the AI can create recipes in seconds, which usually takes years of experience and practice for a human chef.

  • What was the human chef's reaction to the AI's burger recipe?

    -The human chef was initially skeptical and critical of the AI's burger recipe, finding it too dense and lacking in flavor, but acknowledged that it wasn't the worst burger they've ever eaten.

  • What was the issue with the AI's fried chicken recipe?

    -The AI's fried chicken recipe lacked seasoning and the seasoning that was present was in the dredge, not the marinade, which the human chef found unusual.

  • How did the human chef's chocolate chip cookie recipe differ from the AI's?

    -The human chef's chocolate chip cookie recipe included salted butter and dark and milk chocolate chunks, while the AI's recipe accidentally included salted butter and a smaller amount of chocolate chips.

  • What was the outcome of the culinary battle?

    -The human chef won the battle, but not unanimously, indicating that the AI's recipes were not without merit and that AI is advancing in the culinary field.

  • What was the human chef's final verdict on the AI's performance?

    -The human chef concluded that for now, humanity wins, acknowledging the AI's progress but asserting that human chefs still have the upper hand in the culinary world.

  • What was the human chef's secret ingredient in the burger recipe?

    -The human chef's secret ingredient was adding bacon directly into the ground beef mixture.

  • What mistake was made with the human chef's chocolate chip cookie recipe?

    -The mistake made with the human chef's chocolate chip cookie recipe was accidentally using salted butter, which could potentially make the cookies too salty.

  • How did the human chef handle the AI's lack of physical presence during the cooking process?

    -The human chef addressed the AI's lack of physical presence by having a person named Willy represent the AI and execute the cooking steps based on the AI's recipes.



πŸ” The Great AI vs Human Cooking Showdown: Burger Edition

The video script begins with a discussion on the capabilities of AI, particularly its ability to write recipes quickly and potentially challenge human expertise in the culinary world. The human chef expresses both excitement and concern, as AI's rapid recipe generation might threaten traditional culinary practices. A friendly competition is set up where AI is asked to create its best burger recipe, which will be compared against the chef's own recipe. The chef emphasizes the importance of years of dedication and experience in creating exceptional dishes. The segment ends with the preparation of homemade burger buns, highlighting the attention to detail and the personal touch that the human chef brings to the cooking process.


πŸ— AI's Culinary Challenge Continues: Fried Chicken Face-Off

In the second paragraph, the culinary competition moves on to fried chicken. The human chef is confident in their Jollibee-inspired recipe, while AI's approach is described as unconventional, lacking certain ingredients typically associated with fried chicken. The chef expresses skepticism about AI's method, particularly the lack of seasoning in the batter. The preparation and frying process is detailed, with the chef's technique contrasted against AI's instructions. The taste test reveals that despite the lack of seasoning, AI's chicken is surprisingly flavorful, leading to a close call in the competition. However, the human chef's seasoning ultimately wins over the taste testers, securing another round for humanity.


πŸͺ The Final Showdown: Chocolate Chip Cookies

The final round of the cooking competition involves creating chocolate chip cookies, a recipe that is particularly significant to the human chef as it is featured in their cookbook. The paragraph details the process of making the cookies, with the human chef and AI taking different approaches. An unexpected issue arises when salted butter is used in the human chef's recipe, potentially affecting the taste. The AI's method is criticized for its simplicity and lack of certain ingredients, such as baking powder. The taste test results are mixed, with the human chef's cookie being preferred for its texture and flavor, despite the initial concern about the salted butter. The video concludes with a reflection on the competition, acknowledging AI's progress but ultimately celebrating the human touch in cooking.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is portrayed as a competitor in a cooking challenge, showcasing its capability to generate recipes and participate in a culinary battle against a human chef.

πŸ’‘Culinary World

The culinary world refers to the industry and community involved in the preparation, presentation, and service of food and beverages. In the video, the human chef speaks of the culinary world with a sense of pride and dedication, emphasizing the years of experience and technique required to excel in this field.


A recipe is a set of instructions that describes how to prepare or make something, especially a culinary dish. In the video, recipes are central to the competition between the human chef and AI, with each being asked to provide their best versions of classic dishes like burgers, fried chicken, and chocolate chip cookies.


A burger is a dish consisting of a patty of ground meat, usually beef, placed inside a sliced bread roll or bun. In the video, the burger serves as the first challenge in the battle between the human chef and AI, with both parties creating their own versions of the classic dish.

πŸ’‘Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is a dish made from chicken pieces that have been seasoned, coated in flour or batter, and then deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. It is a popular comfort food in many cultures. In the video, fried chicken is the second challenge, where the human chef and AI compete to create the most flavorful and well-cooked dish.

πŸ’‘Chocolate Chip Cookie

A chocolate chip cookie is a sweet baked treat made from a dough that includes chocolate chips or chunks. It is a classic dessert item widely enjoyed around the world. In the video, the chocolate chip cookie represents a personal achievement for the human chef, as it is a recipe from their cookbook, and it becomes the final challenge in the competition against AI.

πŸ’‘Blind Taste Test

A blind taste test is a method of evaluating food or beverages without prior knowledge of what is being tasted, aiming to eliminate bias and provide an impartial assessment of the flavors and quality. In the video, blind taste tests are used to determine which dishes, made by the human chef or AI, are preferred by the taste testers.


Humanity refers to the human race, its characteristics, and the qualities that make us human. In the video, the concept of humanity is highlighted in the context of the culinary arts, where the human chef represents the human element against the technological advancement represented by AI.


Competition refers to a contest or rivalry between parties striving for the same goal or recognition. In the video, the competition is the central theme, as it showcases a battle between human culinary expertise and AI's capabilities in creating and cooking dishes.

πŸ’‘Technological Advancement

Technological advancement refers to the progress and development in technology that leads to new inventions, innovations, and improved methods. In the video, technological advancement is embodied by AI and its ability to create recipes, highlighting the growing role of technology in traditionally human-dominated fields.


AI's capability to write recipes in less than 10 seconds is showcased.

A culinary challenge between human and AI is set up, where AI is asked to create its best recipes.

The human chef expresses dedication and concern over the potential of AI replacing their job.

AI's response to the question of sentience is addressed, clarifying it is not foreign.

The human chef's homemade burger recipe is contrasted with AI's approach.

AI's recipe for burger buns is critiqued for being under-hydrated.

A humorous moment where the human chef questions AI's lack of physical abilities.

The preparation and rising process of the dough is described in detail.

AI's method of creating smash patties for the burger is highlighted.

The human chef's unique burger sauce recipe is shared, emphasizing personal touch.

Blind taste tests are conducted to determine the better burger, with a sudden death format.

The human chef's confidence in their fried chicken recipe is noted.

AI's fried chicken recipe is described as having an unfair advantage with the use of buttermilk and hot sauce.

The human chef's technique for frying chicken is detailed, emphasizing experience.

The taste test results for fried chicken show a preference for the human chef's recipe.

The human chef's famous chocolate chip cookie recipe faces a challenge from AI.

A mistake with salted butter in the human chef's cookie recipe creates a disadvantage.

The final taste test results for cookies show a mixed preference, with a slight edge to the human chef's recipe.

The human chef declares a win for humanity, despite some hesitation towards AI's capabilities.